The Sodomy Ritual Pt 3: The Dirt Of Hollywood – July 4, 2022


“And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, BUT RATHER EXPOSE THEM. For it is shameful even to speak of those things which are done by them in secret. But all things that are exposed are made manifest by the light, for whatever makes manifest is light.” – (Ephesians 5:11-13)

“The way of faith is to leap. Always leap and trust the Lord to catch you. Amen.” – Celestial

This prophecy is a continuation of ‘The Sodomy Ritual’ and centers around celebrities, including one God says will lose her life. It describes the sin of homosexuality (sodomy) as a  ‘gatekeeper ritual’ to fame and fortune in America. Some may wonder if this topic is godly – ‘Can this truly be the Lord? Would God talk about this so openly or be this interested in musicians, stars and all that?- but the same God who condemned Sodom is the one who condemns America. These are the words of the Lord.

God does speak about these things. He does reveal, He does expose. The Lord is tired of seeing Satan take so many blinded fish into destruction, He sees how people won’t go to church but they will worship satan with raised hands at many of these occult rituals that pass for concerts. Yes, Yah will rightly divide.

He knows what they don’t know. He sees their beloved singers cursing and mocking them openly in rituals in which they (the people) blindly participate. People are killing themselves with who they follow and bow down to but God says this will not continue. Whether in politics, religion, entertainment, sports, the professional or sporting world or any other area of life- wickedness shall not continue.

The sword is unleashed among these people and the ones guilty of fighting against the cross [i.e. open, shameless, UNREPENTED occult/ satanic activity] will be surely judged. This is a promise God has made and it has been spoken very clearly here in the last few months. Every idol will fall and everyone will see it and know it is the judgement of the Lord. 

For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil. – (Ecclesiastes 12:14)

Satan is targeting us in ways that are hard to trace and even harder to stop – all the “studies” can show at the end of the day is how successful he’s gotten at using our own toys to destroy us yet nobody has any useful ideas of what to do about it.

Social media, smartphones, algorithms, anonymous bravado, the dark web, pornography, a flood of sexualized advertising and media, even online bullying that leads kids into heavy depression, shame, loss of self-worth and suicide – all these are things the church never heard of 30 years ago and still isn’t prepared to solve now. It is our predatory reality and the results are way worse than what ‘studies’ are willing to admit, but the church of Jesus Christ is the very last place these matters are being addressed. That’s mostly because we are still ignorant of the problems that exist, and THAT is why Yah is speaking on these things.

If Satan has a million ways to reach us yet nobody can trace the roots of the poison, then the results we see in society today make sense. This generation is bright-eyed with worship of WHAT IS NOT GOD. They love stars and want to be stars. Adults are the same- sports, money, news, day-time TV, music, movies- all have birthed stars to the point that people are obsessed with fame, celebrity and deep-rooted desire to be seen. I never said these things are destruction in and of themselves. I said “In them Satan has found a way to DESTROY.”

Therein lies the snare – the devil is using the culture to greatly lure, influence, poison and destroy people who have grown internally sick on the culture.

PROPHECY IS THE VOICE ABOVE THE CULTURE. It is the voice of God assessing where culture falls short, showing where Satan gets in, chastising when people leave the narrow road and bow down to other gods. They don’t know those gods hate them. They don’t know their gods curse them, mock them and use them for rituals. But Yah does. Yah is pointing at them. Yah is naming them. Here are the ones I was shown who sin and do the sodomy ritual. May they all repent.

[Please see The Sodomy Ritual Pt 1  and Part 2 to understand this message.]

Yah spoke to me this morning (July 4, 2022) about some things and to be honest my heart turned away sideways, being that these are things I didn’t want to hear. I’ve never stopped God from saying anything He wants to say but today’s discussion is proving to me this line of prophecy is getting harder and harder to hear. I’m still writing these things down but I can already tell the tone is – Not Good. Yah said I’ll see even more now because His eye is “roving”. He’s ready to show me things. It could also be because I was sleeping when He first spoke to me, I didn’t have the drain of low emotion I’m having now. I don’t like hearing about people’s sin, it’s all I hear about and sometimes it is so graphic and gross I just get… tired. 

God said a lot, here is what I remember. 

Beyonce will die. All the people I named to you will die and be taken away. Tony Evans, TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar, Joyce Meyer. Benny Hinn and them, they will all pass away. They will no longer be a snare to the world or a trap for people. Even the church follows them blindly yet they are in witchcraft and occultic brotherhoods, sacrificing people to their demon gods. I will strike them and remove them all, all of them will die. Write down what I say.

Whoever sacrifices people will be punished. That one is an idolater and a murderer, they shall be taken away. This habit of sacrificing a living human being for a ritual must stop, it is a diabolical way to receive occultic power and the result is the destruction and removal of a whole human life I made. Kanye West has done this, he will be punished for it.

Write the things I told you about Beyoncé. Write that she bleeds from the buttocks. That blood is sacrifice blood, it is the evidence of her sacrifice to the baphomet god and many of them have poured it on his feet male and female. Kevin Hart poured it. Many of them make that sacrifice.

They are sodomized until they bleed. The presence of the blood is the sign of her [Beyoncé] loyalty and fidelity to her god. She is a high class witch of no repentance and no remorse whatsoever. She has not repented of her sorceries though I gave her ample time to do so. She will be destroyed for the destruction of My people which she brazenly does, knowing her witchcraft destroys so many but still persisting in it. She will fall down as a broken idol and be destroyed.

Beyonce has been sodomized by many men. Her husband handed her over for rituals and she was abused by several men. This happens to young women all the time in the music industry, power industries like marketing and banking where women want to rise quickly, and Hollywood. That place is a sodomite town. That is what they do there, sex in the butt, almost all of them have done it. They line women up and sleep with them in a running train, there is blood on the penises of the men when they finish and the women are usually broken and ashamed, shivering and in so much pain by the time it’s done. 

As their backsides burn and clench in pain they are told – “We’ll be in touch.” And the word is true, the studios do get in touch giving them starring roles in which their status is cemented and their careers take off. The pain bears fruit but they don’t know, they have entered an endless cycle where the blood they put on the altar needs constant refreshing. They will be told to perform rituals over and over, especially women. Only when they become megastars do the predators leave them alone, but there is absolutely no guarantee even to a star that the sex request won’t come back. Jennifer Lawrence has done this.

Beyoncé was abused in her backside until she bled, and by several men. She has been as frequently abused as the young woman Cassie, who also paid a high price for fame. The higher a woman goes the more she has to pay. If Cassie was abused then Beyoncé was abused more, she is a higher icon so the men greatly enjoy bringing her down. They enjoy humbling her so they abuse her with her husband’s consent, that is why her eyes look like that. Dead. Her husband allows it and is present when his wife is put into a mind-controlled state, but often she is left in her right mind so she can know what is happening to her. This is the cruelty of extreme fame, it comes at extreme cost. This is the sacrifice of women and minors that famous husbands make to cement their megastar status. 

If a woman is pure in Hollywood she is likely to be targeted and destroyed, if she is not it is because she strongly refuses or her husband is a lion-heart who greatly fights for her and refuses to turn her over for a ritual. I told you they are predators, they prowl constantly looking for whose wife, daughter or son can be compromised and used to trade as flesh for the many favors they can offer.

[See prophecy “What You Never Heard Before Pt 1” revealing “sale and rent” of wives and children of wives & children of men in politics who want to climb the ladder. Be sure to read this, it’s identical to this post except it describes how it’s done in political circles.]

They keep their eye out for new breed, they have spotters who watch among young stars and new recruits [male and female] to alert them when a new one is ripe for the picking. 

THIS IS MY WARNING: Anal sex produces a slave. It breaks down walls of the soul and produces someone who is internally weak and tied to the one who sodomizes them. This is why you see massive feminization of males when they enter into sodomy, it changes their internal makeup and makes them act and appear as what they are not. This is not by ‘chance’, this is the work of internal spiritual breakdown and the entry of the spirit controlling homosexuality.

There is a culture of sodomy among the rich and famous. It is their favorite occult ritual and pastime. Men take pleasure in it more than real sex, this is why the scripture says “forsaking the natural use of the woman”. They often lose all interest in normal sex after performing this ritual, they become more interested in males and the desire for men stirs up even among those who first hate it or loathe being part of a ritual.

The reason multiple men to do it multiple times to multiple women, men and children is to produce fractured mind-slaves who are easy to alter, abuse and control with spells and rituals. This is a favored tool to humble people and break them during kidnapping, molestation, rape, child abuse and human trafficking. It is also a gatekeeper ritual that gives rights to entry and ascension into power centers where one wants to rise quickly.

Anal sex bonds people in sin, whether it is in a heterosexual marriage or any other type of sexual practice. It cements an evil bond between the abuser and the abused that is why those in power do it to destroy and control others. They do it on tape so the victim can never rebel or try to get out from their control, otherwise the tape will be released. Especially it’s a man his life will be over, his career will be destroyed. Even if he tries to defend himself or say “No, it was under duress!”, his voice will be overruled and his life will be functionally over no matter what he says, so nobody ever risks talking for fear of the evidence that is being held against them.

Now you know why so many people are into anal sex. It is the result of the spirits that attach to them, because of what they allow into their spirits by what they’re watching and listening to. SPIRITUAL THINGS ARE TRANSFERRED SPIRITUALLY. Hollywood is one of the arms of the Illuminati satanic Beast system and it is defiling the general population by showing them things that invite LUST and demonic spirits of sexual immorality into their lives. It is also a place where many cannot cope and cannot escape. They are prisoners in there. I will come to their rescue in the time of My justice, to free the ones who are captives of their own making who can no longer can get free.  

Will Smith turned his whole family over, even the children, and look at who they are today. Charlize Theron, Sandra Bullock and others, these people transgender their children as a sacrifice to the gods that control Hollywood. They sell flesh in that place,  it is a flesh market. You need to know these things Celestial. 

People who have been sodomized on tape, people who’ve done these rituals for their career include Kevin Hart with several men. Britney Spears. Madonna. Members of boy bands like NSync and Backstreet Boys. Multiple black boys bands also, especially when the children were very young when they started out. The Jacksons were subject to this, it was abuse that shattered Michael Jackson, the kind of ongoing abuse he could not come back from. It shattered his whole persona and made him the tortured person everyone has become familiar with. 

Michael Jackson sacrificed people for fame and that is why no one should not listen to or follow or buy his music. That concert in Bucharest contained human sacrifice. He made sacrifices of blood to get to where he was and many of them do this for rapid acceleration to fame. Do not have anything to do with those who sacrifice people.

Beyoncé is a harlot involved in dark magic. Deep witchcraft and occultic spell-casting at another level. She sleeps with whoever her husband tells her to and those studio executives have had a good time sleeping with “the most famous woman in the world.” Men and women have slept with her and she has become a high-priced occult whore. Powerful people have had their fill of her and gotten over the excitement of it, if they do it now it’s to humble her, to remind her who is in charge. Her husband presides over all of it, he is never absent when things are done to her. He is an accessory to the harm they have caused his wife, he is there when she is abused. 

Beyoncé  sleeps with men and women. She is not heterosexual she is bisexual. 

Beyoncé inspires art. She inspires worship. There is a church in her honor. Here are some examples of the worship by her fans.

EXODUS 20:3 “Thou shalt have no other god before me.”

During this prophecy I saw a line of women in a room where men were naked, smoking cigars. They were made to line up in front of the men’s comfortable armchairs in a very dim and smoky room, I cannot remember any decor of the room because the lens of God was only on scared, naked flesh. Many in that room regretted their decision deeply but there was nothing to be done at that point. It’s not like you can say it is a misunderstanding and politely ask to go home.

They bend down in a long line, maybe 6 or 7. Men stand behind them and use them roughly, they interchange while doing this, it is the running train. This type of sexual exchange is so dangerous, so wicked spiritually. Satan knows intimate contact is to be one man, one woman, for life. If you mingle it like that you create endless soul ties in a matter of minutes, you can make the soul of someone crazy by doing that. You can totally smash inner gates of the spirit and make a mind-slave just as Jesus said, a person will become shockingly mentally unstable if you do this to them repeatedly.

Perhaps this is why stars are always in ‘detox centers’ or constantly abusing drugs and alcohol, those are readily accessible ways to stop your soul from feeling all the pain of what’s happening inside and force the inner world to go away.

These acts are deliberately rough with no care as to pain, sorrow or regret. These women bleed. I saw them bleed, I saw no-one’s face but I saw the ones who were abused bleeding while others awaiting their turn wished deeply they had never in their lives said yes to this. Women are raped continually in the world of the famous, in Hollywood, this is the truth of the matter.

In Hollywood they call for people. By name. Yah has said this innumerable times. THEY CALL FOR YOU BY NAME and that is when you need a champion. That is when you need a man of steel as your covering or they will persecute you in your career. Many are persecuted in show business. Gatekeepers will try to shut you down the best they can to make sure you never prosper and grow.

But people do grow. God told me about ‘audience-led participation’, ‘audience-led growth’; there is a prophecy yet to be uploaded where He named people who are so loved by the public that it was impossible to stop their growth. They grew organically by giving their gift direct to the public.

Yah speaks often of public-led growth, basically where a person with talent markets their talent direct to the world (without the middleman) on newer public platforms like Youtube, Spotify, Tiktok, Netflix and such newer alternate platforms rather than through known movies and music studios. For instance the growth of Youtube, Tiktok and Instagram celebrities is still a very new thing – you never heard of this 10 years ago, people becoming big stars and millionaires through social media.

Because these public media services are accessible people can be famous direct to someone’s living room without having to do rituals. Viewers see the person, like them, support them and eventually they grow so big they have real careers and options, they do not need to be built up through the gatekeeper doors. It is hard but it can be done and many people are doing it now and bypassing the doors, but many people are still choosing those doors for accelerated progress to the so-called top.

I saw Will Smith seated at a gambling table like Las Vegas. He was playing a gambling game and losing, he put his chin in his hand as if thinking about his next move then eventually he nodded to the.. the gambling assistant person with the stick who pushes chips around. I’m unsure what that person is called, will fix it later. He nodded and the assistant pushed all his chips in the center of the table as his bet. The chips were his wife Jada Smith and his son and daughter Willow and Jaden Smith. They sat with legs bunched up to their knees on the table, Will nodded and they became his bet in the gambling game.

I saw many rappers crying. Sobbing. They had done the sodomy ritual and they hated the outcome. They hated themselves with all their heart. ALL their heart. There are men who cannot recover from this thing and there are those who acclimate to it and go into “the life.”

I saw the ‘cracked heart’ 💔  emoji in many of them, also rivers of tears flowing inside them. These men could not accept what had been done to them and what they had done. Some of them had been tricked and raped, some had performed willing sodomy acts on executives for a leg up and an unfortunate number had had the sodomy done to them. As a result they experienced SCHISM [i.e. a devastating mental split that causes severe imbalance in people], and some people killed themselves because of it.

Others became gay and entered a life of loving men and denying it in public. Famous men are kissing and fornicating greatly in all walks of life. I am talking of bankers, I am talking of high-ranking people at the Federal Reserve. I am speaking of men on the 37th floor with a sky view, a portfolio of several million or several hundred million, a wife, 2 kids and an expensive dog, who also have men they love and buy very expensive gifts for. It is not just men who are open about their gay lifestyle doing this, there is a massive sub-culture of men doing it and hiding it for the fact that their very lives, careers and sometimes their female fan following depends on it.

I saw many male musicians are controlled by a piece of paper other powerful men wave around, it says “You agreed to do this and this and if you speak about this or break the oath or stop coming when called, your sex tape will be released to the public. Try explaining that to your fans.”

I saw Beyoncé on stage in a very big concert. She was at the apex of performing, storming around, the crowd was very ALIVE. The sound was off in this vision, she whirled and pointed her finger at the camera (where I was looking from) and started saying things. It sounded like lyrics to the fans but I saw gold numbers, symbols and alphabet letters coming out of her mouth in a spiral. She was cursing the people and releasing hexes of witchcraft on them as they stomped, clapped, shouted and worshipped her onstage. The Lord said, This woman curses the church of Jesus Christ. She hates and curses My name and for this I will have no mercy on her. She will not repent.

I cannot soften these prophecies. They are as they have been said to me, and there is yet more to say. It is time to open secrets so people can either know the truth and be free or continue bowing down to the gods of this world and be judged for it. Every one has free will but Truth must come first to guide their decisions, after that comes the judgement.

P. S. If you happen to know of another person who may be guilty of what is written here, please do not ask me “But why didn’t God mention so and so?” I say what the Lord says to me, I am not an exhaustive encyclopedia of other people’s sins. God is the one who dictates, He says what He wants to say. 

Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.

Top link is for BITCHUTE, bottom link is for RUMBLE. 

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  1. Celestial says:

    I have not finished posting everything the Lord has said. Yah is speaking greatly and MUCH on these topics, saying strongly I should publish them all and “leave nothing out.” For my own peace of mind I will publish these words as soon as I can that the burden and responsibility of them can be relieved. For where I spoke of these things back in 2020, see:

    1. Roni says:

      And here i was thinking Beyonce had over powered J even laughed like it’s cute😢 help JESUS… And same wit that witch jada..
      The girl Allyson Carter aka Tori outlaw who is allegedly Tupac’s trafficked daughter spoke of tying up beating and many things even something about things will smith did to his children. on YouTube said Mike was Egyptian royalty in exile. I believe the LORD told me the man had family connections to the occult and also studied but got info from the LORD by way of the Spirit as well.. He actually
      said those same things in A video from his channel which seems to be long gone . a hidden one like others who left social media years ago knowing we are being monitored and put on list to be killed.
      In any case he said that Mike and his brothers were lined up and raped backstage in front of people before their critically acclaimed TV show where the Jackson were the first blacks on the variety show whose name i forget

      1. Nita A Renfrow says:

        Beyond saddness. So sad people gave up their soul for fame and fortune. No wonder they are so unhappy. Breaks my heart. Thankyou for your dedication to our Lord. You play an important role to bring salvation to souls seeking God. A very difficult job you have undertaken. I pray that Jesus takes you aside with love and understanding to refresh you. I read often the diary of St Faustina such a pure soul. Life was better years gone by. This world is horrible. Evil. I hope you get a chance to go to the woods, forset nature to replinsh. Wish you could take a vacation to an isolated beach. Thinking of you, praying for you. Nita/Ohio.

    2. Jeanette Datiano says:

      Hi Celestial! May the Lord bless you for your obedience in bringing the truths He’s giving you! Here is something I found … celebrities are coming out and exposing their abuse/abusers (Harley Pasternak)! Have you heard of him?

  2. Elma Zanamwe says:

    ‘Truth must come first….then the judgement’. Thank you sister Celestial for opening my eyes to the secret/hidden things through these messages. Your work, though at times be heavy, is not in vain. In this too may God receive all the glory. Shalom. 🥀

  3. Chinea says:

    This is so sad. I was shown lil Nas X in a dream. I was asking him why was he sending the children to hell with him and why was he doing that to the Hebrew Israelite children, why was he sending them to hell, and his whole accountance changed and he looked like a demon but it was in human form and I was made aware that it was too late for him, that he was already dead but he was a clone

  4. amandachristine814 says:

    Honestly, not one of those names you listed surprised me. I remember when spirit cooking was revealed to the public and how Lady Gaga is involved with that. I saw so many famous faces flash before me when reading this Celestial. It kind of brings a second meaning when the Bible says the ‘stars’ will be darkened.

  5. Scarlett says:

    After reading this, I’m hoping and praying parents will set more strict boundaries for their children, and not allow them to just roam freely in Satan’s pasture of spiritual nettles.
    I watched as much of Michael Jackson’s Bucarest concert as I could stand. He came on stage and adopted a god like pose while the crowd went absolutely berzerker crazy. Grown men and women, not just the young girls and boys were screaming hysterically. I jumped through various portions of the video…it’s a long one. Many, and I mean a LOT of these hysterical people had to be carried off on stretchers, still clawing at their faces and screaming. I’ve never seen anything like it. Meanwhile Jackson is performing on stage and seemed to be unable to stop grabbing his crotch in his costume that appeared to be designed to draw attention to that part of his anatomy. Now all this went on in Bucarest Hungary, not the United States, which leads me to believe this witchcraft fueled idolatry is a world wide phenomenon.
    We appear to be entering into a time when the world has become a place not fit to live in; at least for folks who want to live apart from spiritual filth.
    Thanks for posting these warnings Celestial, because that’s what they are, and a remember of what not to turn our attention and devotion to.

  6. All I can say is “Come Lord Jesus!”.Execute Your righteous judgements. I feel contaminated even reading about the vile things that are done in darkness. Thank you Father for the cleansing Blood of the Lamb. The guarding of our eye and ear gates is becoming ever more important as the darkness deepens.

  7. Shawna K says:

    Tony Evans?! The southern Baptist preacher?

    1. Scarlett says:

      Tony Evans is not a Southern Baptist preacher…he was mistakenly allowed to preach at one of their conferences. He is a flat out heretic, and fox in the henhouse or, if you will, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Go to Protestia,com and check it out. These liars, heretics, false prophets and ravening wolves are gathering like flies on raw meat.

  8. Robin says:

    I had a very disturbing dream several months back that had the actor Garrett Dillahunt in it; the guy who plays Burt on the show ‘Raising Hope’.
    I was observing and unseen from above, in a small bedroom of a small house.
    In the room, there was a young woman, on her knees on the floor with her face in her hands, crying. She was in a bra and jean skirt.
    She was surrounded by many, many bloody dismembered body parts. There were so many on the floor, the floor couldn’t be seen. Only the bed had nothing on it.
    There was no sound, but he was talking to her very casually like nothing was wrong.
    She never looked up and he went into the bathroom, attached to the bedroom, closed the door and that was the end of it.

  9. Tracey says:

    This is absolutely dreadful. Absolutely dreadful. One of the worst posts the Lord has given. Just when we think we are at the capacity of knowing the contents of the filthy cup- the Lord downloads another one.

    Wickedness of the highest order. There is a former African entertainer who gave this kind of testimony before about how he made a deal with satan to basically have money, fame in exchange for leading astray, casting spells on people during his performances with skimpy lady background dancers and also sending out spirits of lust etc on audience members everytime he sways his hands. So basically a married man could go to his show one day and catch that spirit next thing he’s promiscuous, has a mistress and eventually getting divorced. He talks about it in this video: (there’s a part 2 after it)

    Erika Musika also gives a testimony about how she was led into deep satanism from an African entertainer who also does the same sacrifices of people for his fame.

    I’m not shocked about Beyoncé because when I used to listen to all their unreasonable music- I remember her husband Jayz the warlock saying so proudly about even Rihanna that he turns a good girl bad and she will never turn back again. Wickedness. So crazy that I thought about it the other day how lifeless Beyoncé looks like no one is home. Literally looking at her alone, you can see that things are not ok. What a tragic ending to a life that could have been given to God. What does it profit to gain the whole world yet one day the One who gave you breath demands it & none of your fans or fame can answer or stand for you- even the wicked husband who is encouraging her in all these atrocities. Hopeless. What is the profit to lose your soul for cheap fame & burn terribly in eternity for rebellion against your creator. She accepts & expects & demands worship from her misguided fans- called the beyhive or beehive whichever. Her music is filth. Her performances are filth and I pray that her fans & even general bystanders will come out from her occultic spells and run to the Lord Jesus to be washed clean of whatever hopeless spirits attached to them from her wicked enchantments. Imagine paying money to be maimed spiritually. We are truly in a silent spiritual war and most don’t know or care. Come out from among them & be separate is a command from the Lord not a suggestion.

    Now I think I understand better the strange dynamic between Will Smith & his wife. Everyone keeps saying that woman hates him & I did observe the resentment- but now- reading What you never heard before post again- I’m thinking that might be why. The Lord said there that some of the women are filled with rage for what they have to do with other men “for their husbands” promotion etc. That might be what’s going on- especially if she knows the high price of his fame was her and her babies. My goodness. Not that she is innocent- oh what a tangled web people weave when they practice first to deceive. A mess. We truly live in the midst of mess and deceit. May the living God have mercy on us & continue to reveal so we can repent if still entangled & have everything of the world washed from us. Its terrible!

    When God tells us to stay away from the acts of the world- who would have thought this is all what they do and suffer. On what planet can it be worth 500 million people screaming your name if you are bleeding from your butt as a way of life while your husband who was meant to love & protect you not only gives you to them but stands to supervise your defiling?!?!?! This is a real life horror story. But of course satan the master snake doesn’t tell them all this before they sign their oaths. He just flashes mansions, bugatti, diamonds, private plane, 1 billion YouTube views etc never telling you that you will forever be on call for demons & their human hosts as the cost for all those things satan gave you. These people rarely have a goodnight sleep. You saw Michael Jackson had to take propofol like orange juice to just sleep. Why? Because the evil they do haunts them sometimes even in waking hours & they have terrible nightmares & often have to travel astrally and sometimes be raped here and there. Plus God gives sleep to those He loves.

    “I WILL GIVE YOU ALL THESE THINGS IF YOU WILL BOW DOWN AND WORSHIP ME” God forbid. ONLY THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY SHOULD WE SERVE. The best part is: JEHOVAH GIVES HIS OWN GOOD & PERFECT GIFTS AND ADDS NO SORROW TO IT. NONE at all. Yet they choose death, sorrow, human sacrifice, wickedness, harm, killing, cruelty, pretense, deceit & eventually the lake of fire. Very sad & very bad.

    And of course they never tell the other ones they recruit that this is what they’re going through. How can one even go on daily living carrying such a heavy load. Of course that is why despite all we know about the easy path to death from cocaine, heroin & heavy prescription drugs, copious alcohol consumption… they take them like candy. Shattered souls. Shattered spirits. Shattered minds… and instead of people to be crying for them everytime they see them- they’re putting them on pedestals & as heroes to worship. Upside down world. May God have mercy & deliver His people who are deceived from the snare of the fowler. Amennn.

    1. Celestial says:

      This is a sermon in itself. God bless.

    2. Scarlett says:

      Anything that Satan offers is going to be chump change in the long haul.

    3. Bee Gee says:

      Sister, not much to add to this comment. I think you just about said it all. I do remember a video circulating on YT several years ago with Beyoncé attending a basketball game seemingly in a trance state. She was swaying back and forth like a wounded child. Also, the video with her sister attacking her husband…

  10. Ashley says:

    Thank you Celestial as I can’t even imagine how you feel to see what God shows you, nevertheless, I am grateful. Thank you for your obedience anyhow. I do have a question, in the prophesy you mentioned that the Lord will put down there lives to rid people of the great and detrimental enfluence. While I see a trend of every celebrity death with honoring them in church services and a mass sale of albums and many other things, how will the celebrity be rid of if there death does not cause the fans to stop but makes the fans worship them more?

  11. Shari says:

    Hello Celestial,

    I believe the word that you are looking for is “croupier”. God bless.

  12. Maria says:

    Yah Have mercy. This is truly a sight to behold! The Most High God is truly exposing EVERYTHING in the last days. The way you described what goes on behind the curtain in the Entertainment Industry makes Your Normal Escort/Prostitute look like a Saint! It seems being an Independent Artist is the only way to go if you don’t want to be swept up in this disgusting satanic web of Wickedness! I Pray That some of these so called “Entertainers” Repent because the Judgement of the Most High God of Israel is definitely going to Hit them hard!

  13. Carey Lynn says:

    This prophecy is dreadful but your prayer is beautiful, refreshing and true!!!

  14. Roni says:

    Thinking of the time i spent the night at JC Chazes house in bowie Maryland . his sister kristen was on the cheer team with me. He mom wanted to recruit me. They had a good squad she coached . jc came to complement my voice during a recital. His sister was also a voice major like me at our school for performing arts near landover. He was on Mickey mouse club then. I wanted to speak with him hoping to get on disney or have a career.. Later he of course was in Nsync . that might i was warned not to go to his room . i was told he had a temper if i remember correct. Being a Baptist pastors child was enough to make me say yeah stay away considering he was playing what sounded to me like heavy metal .
    He came to his sister room and found me. I was fast asleep. I think he was upset but the girls from the team who all stayed down in the basement thought it was funny.. Oh that’s just Jerome. He’s harmless he’s a cheer leader like us….
    I used to think wow i could have gone to his room maybe hed like me and i”d j
    have a career and be financially set. Welp THANK GOD for HIS protection.. Or else id be one of those boys in a corner underground waiting my turn to be destroyed 😢
    Now think of the lyrics tearing up my heart when im with you.. No matter what .. I feel the pain..when im without you.. Imagine.. Hearts shattered emotional pain long after 😩

  15. Kakou elsé says:

    Hello Sister and servant of Heavenly God I knew this truth, thanks to your sincere message. I still see myself in my youth 18- 20 listening to their music, when I discovered the truth about Beyoncé God witness I threw all her discs of destiny child, even her solo CDs. Especially when I saw her transform during the superbowl, I cried to Jesus Christ I hid my eyes. Afterwards there was a story with one of her former dancers who complained about her, she accused her of witchcraft and was afraid for her life because Beyoncé threatened to cast a spell on her. She haunted me for a long time in my dreams to the point of forcing me in dreams to listen to her music, but thank you Jésus Christ who delivered me of the music of the world. Pictures speaks about her, it is enough to look and see she is diabolical 😔 There are rumours that she is a cloné when truth died Just like many music artists like movies frankly when they saw it before after their debut and now many are hybrids their eyes that change into lizards I saw the videos of my own eyes it’s not a montage

  16. lenoraloupe says:

    Hello Celestial,
    Thank you for obedience to the lord. I have seen other youtube videos from other christians who both didn’t know anything about Beyonce or were former fans before they became born again. They can also confirm your prophetic dream you had from the lord about her. I was a fan until 2009 when I realized her music was not going to gain any substance and I became worse. Then years later when I found out about “conspiracy facts”… and read and listened to accounts from people who used to work in the entertainment industry I realized what was actually happening behind all the smoke and mirrors. I pray more of her fans wake up repent to Jesus for worshipping her and have the scales fall from their eyes as they gain wisdom and discernment regarding society especially hellyweird. But anyways here are the two other christian ladies who I have seen who received dreams about her and what she is actually doing through her music to her fans.

    Back in the day when I was still world(was not born again Christian… just Christian by heritage) and didn’t know how evil some secular music.. I notcied something was weird with her music and if gave me a bad oppressive feeling.. with the lemonade album. God was already calling me back and he honestly used the revelation about hellyweird and the wickedness there to show I needed to repent as well and submit completely to the lord. i am grateful but still fear the lord and try to discipline myself and learn from the lord everyday. But I always noticed the hold she had on her fans anf it turned me off evenmore especially when the music sucked.

    And I’m disturbed the hold she has on black women…. if you are a black woman/african descent and I critique her or her music you will be ostracized by many. Especially if you are Christian and pointing out the truth. The witchcraft isnvery obvious and became more blatant after lemonade whereas before it was hidden to the majority. I just pray that her children can at least repent, come to the Lord and be saved since they are still innocent. Sane for Rihanna, Nicki Manaj and their children. Hopefully they will repent and have the fear of the Lord, just leave the industry and turn to Jesus. It will not be easy but they need to live for Jesus not the devil. We all do.

    The Lord has given me dreams over the years about the future and related to the sins some celebrities are dealing with as well. But I always have to confirm if it’s from Him or the enemy. But He gave me a dream related to your dream about the evil superhero nephillim baby/super soldiers and china and russia. I’ll add a comment to that post. Anyways here the video’s I mentioned God bless you sister. ^_^ <3

    Camille Hendrick's dream

  17. Pamela Albright says:

    Dear Celestial, Thanks Be To THE LORD for You, Your life and family. I first found Your prophecy ministry this past December, and FULL ON Hebrews 4:12 or ‘WHAT??!’ No one can deny You are a prophetess of The Mist HIGH LORD JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth KING Of kings and LORD Of lords…ThankYou for taking the time and Your honesty… & being obedient to HIM, HE WHO Calls You HIS Friend…You are truly storing Your treasure in heaven where neither rust nor mildew can destroy…it’s hard to listen to/or read …I cant imagine, therefore the TALENT You are putting to The Kingdom’s use…where no one else would
    ThankYou! That You are HIS Friend He can count ON.
    i’m always praying ‘strength For The WISDOM’ for You.

    1. lenoraloupe says:

      Sorry Celestial… I just saw your video about Kerry-Ann Giddens. I had no idea she was a false prophet… I wish I could delete that link I posted from her youtube as I don’t want to lead people astray due to my ignorance. I’m just going to be weary of the prophetic people now and just double-check with the holy spirit. Usually I don’t follow most youtube prophets because alot of them are probably frauds unfortunately. I didn’t know she was lifting from blog uggh…. plagiarism is so lazy and wrong.

      1. Natasha says:

        Hi – Can you provide the link to video about Kerry-Ann?

        1. lenoraloupe says:

          Yes, it’s on The Master’s Voice youtube channel:

  18. LaToya says:

    This was extremely hard to read but the truth must be told, so I thank you for posting it.
    While reading what you (by God’s leading) wrote about Kanye, the person that came to mind was his mother. Could he really have done that to her?? The person who meant the most to him??
    If there is still a chance for him and others to be saved, I hope that they will truly repent and receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
    May God continually bless you Celestial.

  19. Andrea Barrett says:

    This video from an independent artist exposes some truths about the music industry and what is happening in that system.

  20. Edith says:

    Hi Celestial. Sorry this is totally off the topic, but I was wondering what was your opinion on the Black Roots Science, and the Holy Megillah Nazarite Scrolls?

  21. Jessica says:

    this brought tears to my eyes. i was abused at a young age. from age 2/3 until 8/9 i was abused by 4 men, each one more than once, 2 of them were relatives. one was my cousin on my mothers side who out of the goodness of her heart allowed him to live with us whiles he goes to high school. he abused me for over a year i think. in all this i could never tell anyone, i don’t even remember why. i am now 34, unmarried and i had struggled with masturbation for over 14 years. i have been studying the word and praying for over a year now since the Lord snatched me from the act. my testimony is that though i do remember that i went through sexual abuse, God blurred my memory of the acts. i have prayed prayers geared towards deliverance from whatever entered my life through these men. when you have a divine destiny the enemy tries to defile you so you’ll become a vessel God wouldn’t use, but whatever is written about you will come true in His time.

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