“The Sex Industry Flophouse” – July 31, 2022


The end of lies in america is near. God will bring every false edifice crashing down and expose who is behind it. Not one stone will be left unturned.

I dreamt of a very horrible double or triple storey ‘house’. These houses exist all over the world, some of them are entire high-rises that look like normal buildings. When I woke from this dim and grungy dream I was worn out thinking about it but the Lord told me you have to speak of these things because people think they dont exist. They are so proud and hard-hearted they think their present reality is the real reality and that’s why you have to keep speaking. People would rather believe the government than the truth but they will be judged for it. Romans 1:32 Celestial.

They know God’s decree, that those who practice such things deserve to die — yet they not only do them but even applaud others who practice them.”

I will fix all typing errors and do proper type-setting of this prophecy later. Here it is as it is. Everything in this post I saw it and the knowledge was put in my spirit what it is, what it is like.

i dreamt of a horrible house where they abuse and rape men women and children. A great big post- or pre-war era house, either way an old house with a sweeping grand staircase in the middle, from which the madams paraded people naked and clothed down that staircase to visitors so they can see the merchandise and pick what they wanted to have sex with. I lived in that house as an observer. I could not leave. I was forced to live there. In this dream I worked with all my heart to leave that place. I was tasked to gather all my possessions which for some reason were scattered throughout the house. I was forced to go around the house trying to ‘collect’ my stuff and as a result i saw a lot, lot, LOT of horrific things going on in there. this place is the industry flophouse, or sex industry flophouse.

In industry flophouses there are hierarchies. There are obvious hierarchies like those in charge who rule over prisoners, that’s an obvious dynamic based on who’s free and who’s not. But there are other subtle inequities even among the captives. Who is bigger vs who’s smaller, who has favor with the staff and who doesn’t. it’s like inmates in prison where you need loyalties to survive.

I saw that showers are open plan with no privacy and that boys who are captives will rape another boy just for fun. Just because they can, because they are bigger boys and they don’t like him or mostly because they are filled with unhealed rage that politicians come and ask for them by name because they are handsome and well built, these men suck their private parts and demand that straight boys do sodomy on them because they like large, well built and handsome young men.

I saw boys grab another thinner teenager and molest him in the shower, they were all naked and inside them was GREAT RAGE because older men kept coming to the flophouse and asking for them by name. They were handsome young men but inside they had all the blackness of hatred because they were made to perform gay acts against their will. These boys also slept with female captives if they had an opportunity, they took comfort in the girls who were their same age because to them it meant they weren’t gay, they were not what those wealthy men who kept coming back and asking for them and stroking their faces made them feel like they were.

I saw small children hopeless and crying in the closet. Just sitting there hopeless and crying, like when orphans are not being adopted and they wonder why nobody wants them when other kids keep getting taken to good homes. I had something in many of these rooms- a sock, a shoe, a t-shirt- so I had to go into those rooms to get my item and that’s how I saw things going on. 

Married women come to this place and do oral sex on young men, the same age boys as their sons. Working women, political women and even their aides go there to have sex. They tip generously to have their fantasies played out by people [male and female] who should be in high school. 

A flophouse is not like prostitution. Prostitutes have apartments, day jobs and children sometimes. Prostitutes now use instagram and have followers and are free to move around despite having a pimp. A flophouse is a tightly monitored, secure, guarded sex industry house sitting right in the middle of the neighbourhood and nobody knows about it because of how well insulated it is from the outside world. The chances of an escape from a high-level flophouse is 0.000000000001% of half an inch. Or close to that.

I saw a woman meticulously keeping track of the money. I came into her room to get my scarf and stood watching her do math on a calculator and write down the results in a big book. She didn’t see me but I was right there looking in the book to see what she was writing. I don’t know why the people in this dream looked like they were Victorian era people. It was not the Victorian era. It was right now in 2022 but patrons kept strolling around with penguin suits [tuxedos] and gold pocket-watches. The woman keeping the ledger had on a high neck maroon dress with puffy long sleeves. She was using a gas lamp in her room, not real lights, most of these rooms had gas lamps and old stuff. She was writing all the patrons names, who they ask for, what they paid, what acts they do to victims, how frequently they come back and who they recommended to visit the flophouse. This was a great big ledger in front of her and she kept meticulous notes.
These paying men and women didn’t know that everything they tell flophouse sex slaves is passed on to the madams. Captives are debriefed after every encounter and asked “What did he tell you? Who did she talk about, did they mention anything worthwhile?”
Flophouse madams know more than the president of America knows because the president doesn’t have access to countless favorites who are encouraged to listen well and tell what they know in exchange for better treatment and privileges. Flophouse madams know what the House and Senate are voting on before they vote on it, they know the governors secret preferences and who is not really gay but pretends to be as a political platform to gain support for a “sexual minority”. Madams have information that can put powerful people in prison and it all goes in the ledger. Which I guess stands for ” heavily encrypted hard drive” if I relate this dream to modern-day 2022.
God told me since orphanages were invented, since the very first time somebody said “Hey let’s take these poor children, put them all together and feed them, care for the poor dears, and hopefully find them new families”- since before that time to now people have been sexually abusing and raping children, that’s why the dream I was in looked old. The things in this dream aren’t new, they are as old as civilized modern societies. The only difference is technology and the severe wickedness of our times have turned a flophouse of the Victorian era (which were usually voluntary and with adults only) into a multi-billion dollar interconnected human trafficking empire that uses anyone who can be caught as a sex slave. This empire can be found everywhere from Singapore to Saratoga, USA.
I saw cooks, scullery maids, and people doing a heap of linen [laundry] because soiled and sometimes bloody bed-sheets need to be changed round the clock. Food is made, food is served, wine is served, sometimes for the very well-paying guests dinner is served. You can have dinner by yourself, you can have dinner in the room and share it with your favorite, you can have dinner in the big ballroom and talk politics and money with the other people who are doing this because you’re all friends and you all know you do this so there’s no reason to hide or eat alone.
Portland Oregon Maine Washington DC Tampa Bay and other parts of Florida [all over Florida] New York Oakland City Des Moine Iowa Milwaukee Tennessee Indiana it is in all the border states especially where America has a border to the south. People are trafficked over the South American border to fuel this trade. It is known as the ‘skin trade’ . It is a flourishing trade in America and you have to be bitterly tough to work there. You are not paid to show empathy or sympathy and as soon as they see you heading in that direction they will fire you or more likely kill you because it is not a business that can afford loose ends. 
People are kept against their will until they are killed against their will, in the meantime between capture and death they provide sex services against their will for patrons who come looking for all their needs, desires and sick fantasises to come true. It is a place where sex can be provided at low cost or no cost if you are heavily connected in goverment. You don’t always have to pay if you are a government official – a senator or governor- you can pay by trade through your voting rights or use your influence for the people who own the flophouse. You can make the zoning headaches of running a prostitution center right in the middle of a suburban area go away. You can make sure the cops never go there a single day to say “Open up, this is police, we have a warrant to search the premises!” You can make any lawsuit go away as a judge, magistrate or lawyer.
You don’t have to pay money if you can provide a favor or some other long range influence or service the flophouse needs at that moment or may be in need of in the future. If you are powerful enough you can sleep for free. You also don’t have to come there, the girl or boy you want will be sent to you by armed patrol and when you’re finished they- the merchandise- will be sent back to the house. The girls who take “joy” in what they are doing- pride in their work so to speak – are often the ones who get privileges like this. I saw girls willingly having sex with men because it came with perks like leaving for nice hotels, meals, presents, going to mansions to ‘spend the night’, etc. All this is by special request- they are asked for by name and these men even take them on trips and have fun with them outside in the real world before returning them to the flophouse. 
an industry flophouse is a large house for rape, sodomy, sexual abuse, drugs trafficking, human trafficking, bestiality, violence (beating people to get aroused for instance, patrons punching people because they are angry or emotionally unstable or because they are sick and like hurting others). flophouses are where you get the kind of sex you want, where you tie people up and act fantasies with them, among other things.
There is murder of staff workers who don’t comply, this operation requires a ton of people to keep it going and there are bound to be people who mess up eventually because of what they see and the pressure of staying quiet. If they start having ethical battles in their heads like should this be going on, should I be doing this, these poor kids, I have to tell the cops etc, it rarely or rarely-to-never ends well for such people. If it did the news would be constantly full of massive breaking stories where these flophouses are raided, “discovered”, exposed and all the victims rescued and sent back to their families. However that never happens and that’s why you’re reading about it here. They kill people who break their NDA contracts or grow a conscience and want to talk. You are free to quit but you are monitored as a ‘hostile outsider’, if you break your NDA you will pay with your life.
These places require huge investment of staff such as visible front-people and a ton of invisible backers, bankers, benefactors, “friends in high places” and things like that to keep them operational and undiscovered. Within the house there is pyramid staff- meaning power moves in a very visible and well-obeyed pyramid shape that cannot be broken without consequences. At the top are owners and investors, then people like madams (prostitution heads who interact with girls/ men/ boys/ women), then security, then caretakers for the captives (especially women to look after smaller children). It needs doctors to deal with diseases, sickness, injury and abortion, it needs lawyers to handle the inevitable amounts of underhanded work involved in such things. There are 24hrs on-site people and there are those who only come when needed, like an abortion doctor or those who remove dead bodies.
One of the things lawyers handle is secret birth and death certificates. People are born without any trace of it in this world. I have seen this. People are being born and nobody knows they exist. They write down something like a serial number and that is the baby’s name. Many children are born into this trade and they don’t have real birth certificates or even names, they are given code number names and anything can happen to them because nobody knows they’re alive. They can be sold, abused, even trafficked to people who want children and can’t have them. Black market babies. People are buying code-number children out there and naming them for the first time when they bring them home, yes even older children who are 3 and 4 and don’t have a name.
These children can be killed especially if they have some complication or disease that will make them difficult to care for in the long run. They can be aborted in which case there is no dilemma of what to do with them when their mothers conceive. Also they survive and “go away somewhere”, especially if they are a famous or powerful person’s baby. You can’t just go killing powerful people’s children without permission, if they don’t give permission when they are informed then you can’t harm the pregnant girl or child, the man will make arrangements and some people leave the flophouse this way. But for the most part the staff and set-up of what God calls “the sex industry flophouse” is a relentless meat-grinder machine that chews up and spits out dead, diseased and extremely abused human flesh. people usually don’t leave it alive unless there is powerful mercy involved or a very good reason. 
there were guards in the flophouse I was in and they did not look at me. They did not look at anybody. They are there to guard, they keep to themselves and do not make eye contact for the same reason the care-givers do not. They do not want to see things too closely, feel sorry for anyone, or start having ethical thoughts. They are hired to give security and they give the security. As I would walk around this place i wondered how a person’s heart can take knowing where they work, knowing what goes on and doing nothing, but these men simply do their job of checking and rechecking security cameras and footage, monitoring the grounds and every inch of this huge house which kept coming to my mind as ‘ante-bellum’. it sat on a very large lot with shady trees in the front and a huge wide property at the back that children would have loved to play in, except nobody in the house ever went outside unless it was a girl [or boy] who was favoured by somebody rich in the area that wanted them to come over. 
I wish to limit my exposure in remembering this part of the dream. I am not describing anything in depth I will only list it. God put me at the foot of the large staircase which ran from the front door right up to the top floor. All around the staircase He put rooms with no doors that I could see into (please try to stay with what I’m saying here). A large staircase right in at the front door, me at the foot of it, all around in a 1 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock position around the staircase were open rooms with people being sexually abused in them. I saw in these rooms:
people tied up and anally raped by sodomy, male and female. they are chained in cuffs to the bed or to a metal thing that comes out of the wall and the patron is free to sodomize them for the time period they’ve paid for. it does not matter if the person is crying or tired, the patron can sodomize them for the time period they paid for.
people dressed up in make-believe like faeries, or doctor and nurse, or a naked woman in an apron feeding a man like his mother used to do then beating him with a wooden baking spoon
a man who beat the flophouse boy then sodomised him like his father (the patron’s father) used to do to him
another man who made the flophouse male beat him and then sodomise him like his father (the patron’s father) used to do to him
men and women making love happily with their favourite regular customers who brought them food, clothes, gifts and money, even books they requested. these people stayed hours afterward talking in bed and paid high amounts for the time and attention of their favorites. most of these people were married and therfore not interested in the flophouse resident being “freed” to run away with them, they were fine with them living in the house and were engaging in some type of fantasy of “being in love” but with no strings of real life attached. They were in love for a few hours each week and could treasure the experience without getting divorced or having a real life lover who has rights to demand this and that from them, and it was perfect for them. In return the flophouse people got things that made life very decent and tolerable and so they were content in a manner of speaking
i saw an animal (a black dog) sodomizing a boy. The dog had been trained to do this and a man was smoking in an armchair watching it
i saw little girls and little boys forced to touch each other and have sex and adults watched it. some of these children never had sex before and this was interesting to the adult. sometimes one was more experienced and would show the other what to do, meanwhile the patron simply wanted the experience of watching virgins in real life rather than through porn. They paid and left after the children were finished and would come back asking for the same pair or new ones to the sexual experience. this requires a high turnover of children to be found because obviously you run out of ones who have never had sex. Children are being ruined at impossibly young ages in America.
There were men and women tied up and beaten quite harshly, quite badly til they hung bloody and limp in handcuffs on metal rivets on the wall. They bled greatly and cried as the man beating them would rest his arm awhile and beat them more. Sometimes security came in and said ‘that’s enough’. Then the patron would leave angry and the security would take the man or woman off the wall, help them to the bed, and a caretaker and doctor will be called for them. You are not supposed to kill the residents. Occasionally things happen- somebody chokes them too much or something- but that is added on the bill as ‘unforeseen expenses’ and damages that must be paid for.
these are the words of the Lord: They are going to rape children and animals in the future. animals will be sodomized by men as satan brings the same wave of sex to this earth that he brought in the beginning. the people of noah’s day were some of the worst and most sexually twisted forms of humanity that had ever lived on the earth at that time but this last generation is going to far exceed them in wickedness. the only desire of their heart will be to do extreme evil all the time. children and animals will be great victims of the devil, men and women will perform bestiality with animals on tape and this form of pornography and also sexual request will skyrocket. women will lie with beasts for money. Men will lie with animals for pleasure, for “a different experience”. This is the word of the Lord: I will burn this world with fire for what they have done to my creation. I will not relent in my judgement because man does not relent in his harlotry, he only imagines darkness in himself and conjures up more and more depraved things to do. The more I give time to repent, the worse the world becomes. I will judge this world for its iniquity and my judgement shall be by fire.
while writing this message I became seriously depressed. Just… a whoosh of energy depleted from me and heaviness replacing it. I was thinking, Lord how long will I see this? how can this be going on to this extent. The Lord said to me my child do not be distressed. this is real. I am not showing you the full nature of these things. there is worse than this. In portland there are many of these houses, many many so many of them. the politicians know them and go there frequently, they ease their desires on men woman and children that are held against their will then go on TV promising budget cutbacks and a better life for all. this happens all over America. That is why when the truth comes out, very young people can name high level politicans and actors, doctors judges and police chiefs and other law enforcement, they can name them and know them by their faces yet people refuse to believe them. These victims can name them because they saw them in the flophouse. They can name them bevause it was that well-known person who had sex with them and abused them. but when they give their testimony they are hunted down and killed, they are laughed at and ridiculed, they are silenced and rejected by the population at large who say things like do you know this is a married man. a pillar in our community? do you know he recently gave back by doing this and that for our city? you dare to accuse this man who has everything, of wanting to sleep with you?
i will judge the people of America as accomplices to the murder of all these who died silently with no advocate, with no mom or dad coalition that rose up to find missing persons and help the voice of victims be heard. for their silent agreement to this wickedness and their willingness to DISBELIEVE A SURVIVOR AND CHOOSE THE POLITICIAN OR GOLDEN-HAIRED BOY, i will judge this nation. this is a nation that mocks justice. her elite cannot do it alone, if they were held accountable their heads would have rolled in bygone eras and they would tread carefully. but america loves a star, her attention is captured by a talker and a winsome smile. I will judge all the accomplices who did not believe the little ones- male and female- when they confessed what had been done to them. They never took things further, never looked beneath the rug so the evil has festered to this day. my recompense [judgement] is perfect and complete, I am the Lord your God.
this last aspect the Lord showed me cannot be left out. I have seen it too many times and it is the most disgusting and dehumanizing thing. it was almost the title of this prophecy, it was going to be called ‘To Cover Their Faces’ but the Lord changed it to simply reflect the entirety of evil.
I have seen in other visions but a lot in this one that there is a practice among men to have sex and then put their semen on people’s faces. I say often that the devil is sick but people really don’t know how deliberate and targeted that sickness is. the face is our identity. it is our calling card and who we are. it is the face of our creator looking at one another and back at him, this is what men are now covering with their personal discharge as a new trend. this is happening everywhere not only in sex houses, it is happening in locker rooms and private homes too. I had a feeling of sports teams doing this to people they have raped, fraternities doing to it to people they haze, college people doing it to those they’ve  sexually humiliated and people doing it sex workers they pay for sex.
in this flophouse i saw again and again that in addition to all the wicked things they did to people a lot of patrons eased themselves on a person’s face. This is a horrible thing to see and a HORRIBLE THING TO DO TO PEOPLE. And the victim is not allowed to wipe it off! They must stay with it on their face whether it is one man or multiple men who’ve done this to them, they surround someone and do it all over them but most of them aim for the face.
This world is sicker than I ever knew, than I could ever possibly know had the Lord not called me to show me what really goes on around us. In the dream, after I had seen all these things and my heart was so, so despondent, a guard in black (they always wore all black with lots of cuffs, straps and buckles on their uniforms) came to me and handed me my suitcases. He said “you’ve been cleared to leave. you’ve seen everything, you are released. you are free to go.” He put the cases on the sidewalk and walked back to the house, and I was so happy. I was happy until I woke up and realized that only I was out of it, everybody else i saw is still all over the world living in that nightmare.
This blog is here to speak the truth and reveal the hidden things. The Bible says there will be no secrets before the coming of the Lord. LIGHT WILL SHINE EVERYWHERE as rot and cockroaches scatter into the open. All falsehood, satanic works and pretense will bow to the name of Jesus.
“For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.” (Luke 8:17).
God will force this world- Christians FIRST- to accept and confront the things they have avoided, denied and pretended didn’t exist. People will be forced to look at it and shame will be rightly deserved when they see the truth of what many Christians (along with this world) were laughingly calling “conspiracy theories.” God will give the “theories” a platform and a very loud voice- a trumpet – and that voice will indict believers along with the rest as having been part of the ‘prison system’ that kept people from being rescued, being believed, and getting the justice and help they deserved.
Every person will be held accountable for what they said and did concerning these horrible situations, and God will reveal whether they lived an authentic life or not as a believer. 
“For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.” – (Ecclesiastes 12:14)
So to anyone struggling to understand why these awful things are suddenly making a grand appearance on The Master’s Voice, why has the narrative taken such a sharp and shocking twist- it’s because I always told readers that GOD is the One speaking here. These are His revelations and the very real burdens of the Holy Spirit. God can’t be light-years ahead hearing the sobs of broken teen boys all night long, then expected to play patty-cake with people who are like ‘God is a good God, this is a good world, I don’t believe the devil has that kind of power.’ 
The magnitude of the wickedness the Lord is exposing me to, it’s as if He doesn’t even see my face when I have some of these experiences. Recount the vision. Write down that dream. Then I tell people the truth and they write “Fear monger. Liar.” under the videos. “It’s a conspiracy theory.”
What if the Holy Spirit had many more people who decided to put away childish things, fortified themselves in prayer and said “Lord I won’t set the agenda. YOU lead the way, show me what to pray for and let my prayer arrows pierce those demons out there destroying people caught in the snare.”
What type of impact might we be having if born-again believers decided to get rid of the sin that so easily hinders us and takes us out of the race, and started praying for, fighting for and standing up for others the best we know how in our own communities? What might the power of God be able to accomplish if we once again remember how to be our brothers’ keepers?
“Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, FIXING OUR EYES ON JESUS who is the author and finisher of our faith…” – (Hebrews 12:1-2a)
There is child abuse, human trafficking, gay rape of minors and people forced to sleep with dogs, yet Christians are out there looking for rapture dates prophecy and videos about election results.
I will leave that right there for us to think about. Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.
P.S. This type of sex house is exactly what I’ve been speaking about for years, that the Chinese will keep American men woman and children in after carrying them away in judgement. That sex trade will be called “The Jade Trade.” I have been saying it for years that the punishment Yah will send for all the crimes, sexual immorality and sins of America – is Americans drugged in foreign sex houses and made to sleep with men all the time. The title of that prophecy is Flesh: The Role Of China“.
SHARE THESE PROPHECIES WITH OTHER PEOPLE. Send it to their email and their phone. Send it to your adult children and tell them to wake up and realize what real reality is. Thank you.

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  1. Celestial says:

    This world has extremely deep EVIL taking place in it. God warns me CONSTANTLY to be mindful & not misdiagnose the world outside. It’s not about living in fear it’s about waking up to reality, not taking a childish or deliberately ignorant view of the bitter realities around us. Imagine survivors speaking & the stupid things people say to them: “Something doesn’t add up here” and the other cruel stones the internet is always willing to cast at people who stand up to share their story. Think of the pain and INSULT they endure because people prefer to believe the mainstream narrative over those who were eyewitnesses. Many of them never live to talk and millions more will never talk because they’re scared and disrespected. It’s time WE respect what God is saying. He is not interested in these boring, selfish, sanitized prayers of a blinded Church that doesn’t even know what real needs are. Jesus said the fields are white for harvest but REAL LABORERS ARE SO FEW. This blog is a watchman’s warning- time to wake up, see the truth and target the work of satan with real, relevant Christianity. “The fervent prayers of the righteous avails MUCH.”

  2. amandachristine814 says:

    I have come to know about these atrocities about 2 years ago. I keep telling people about them but most don’t believe me. I don’t know what else to do but pray and keep speaking the truth. I feel like it’s never enough though.

  3. Kim Ironside says:

    Thank you Celestial. We need to know, be made aware of what is taking place and not pretend it doesn’t happen, in order to pray and intercede on behalf of all victims involved. So many are in denial, sadly.

  4. Sheri Leyva says:

    Sister Celestial, I thank you for your bravery to speak undiluted truth. I cannot even imagine having to live through the dreams you see. The strength that you have to continue your own aspects of life after so frequently having these visions and dreams is mind blowing. God tells me many of the the things He tells you, however not in dreams in visions just in a form of downloaded knowledge I guess you would call it. To me that is hard enough for one’s spirit. While reading this prophecy, my heart is hurting for these tortured souls. I work first hand with mothers who’s children have been taken by CPS. I have heard first hand accounts of some of these abuses going on in Foster homes. I know CPS is an organization with a heirarchy similar to the one in the flop houses you mentioned and they play a HUGE part in providing the children God allowed you to see. He has revealed many things to me regarding what goes on in this system. It’s heartbreaking. I completely understand the weariness and depression upon getting these revelations. I want to also thank you because you’re ministry helps me to not feel so alone regarding this type of knowledge. I try and try to tell others, however either I’m just not a very good speaker at all, or God seems to have just sealed everyone’s minds shut to receive it. God bless you and give you strength needed to continue. You are one of the only ones I’ve seen who seem to be speaking absolute truth.

    1. There’s a large number of people who have tried to get this information out to others for years, but it is exactly as the Lord Jesus said, nobody wants to believe it 😓🙏 Many victims who have tried to step forward with their stories of the ritual abuse, sex trafficking, etc- young adults with no identity of who they are- oh the absolute horror that many of these victims endure is 😭🙏 And the majority of Americans wanted to hear nothing about it- even my own family- I would try to share some of the interviews of the victims with them and they absolutely refused to listen or believe what these poor innocent people, were brave enough to share with society. I’m not sure if you all remember #pizzagate- #pedogate- #save the children- people tried to spread awareness under different names- but all of that was true information but was high jacked/censored by a satanic “Q”agenda, it corrupted alot of the truths that people were trying to share about what really goes on in this country- oh just so many horrible horrible secret evils that exist in this world 😓😭🙏 This blog is such a blessing but 😭😭 I often times am in tears and my stomach/throat in knots when reading 😓🙏 Thank you for sharing the Lord’s words/visions Celestial- you are always such a blessing- 💞- also for reminding us about the absolute true power of prayer, I know I need to be better about this myself 🙏

      1. Roni says:

        Q is likely russia. They spread misinformation here as well. They are big in flop houses they hate americans traffick survivor know when they go there they won’t make it back.. They usually die. It’s as if GOD chose a nation as wicked as we are in terms of violence more so maybe ?? Maybe not..

    2. abbysolutilyfree says:

      Matt 5: 11, 12

    3. Roni says:

      I have to stay in prayer for repentance from times i view things i know are wicked in the sight of GOD. Desperately desiring to be free of the sins from my past and the personal trauma family witchcraft incest and masonry which added to the power of the enemy over my life. The constant words spoken and actions taken by adults and children my age. People and spirits which hated and stalked and harassed me as they do now. NONE of this is an excuse for the sinful life i chose to live as i got older nor even the curious behavior when young because grandma taught me well ( rip) dad is good preacher and mom knows decorum and protocol ..
      I hate knowing that the very people who called me faggot daily as early as pre kindergarten were indeed the ones with lust in them i could feel. Like i could feel the demons on a property that burned down or in front of comet pizza knowing i could be kidnapped. I KNEW the fraternity were gay cause i heard the Voice tell me what they would try to do.. I knew the tough boys who mocked me were wicked because I’ve been groped in the lunch line and playing football and experience to much in life as well as learned from movies. Movies where there is. NO WAY they are that creative. They put synthetic in the ex machina and flop houses in the movie dark crimes for a reason . so many movies but they say it’s a joke. They say its a lie a conspiracy
      I share the blog i share the videos i share TUPAC SHAKUR DAUGHTER ALYSON LAILANI CARTER whose real name is TORI OUTLAW and people ignore how she was trafficked and escaped from the getty museum and has been abused by the CURRENT president and others like OPRAH who she saw while out on a job with someone at Oprah’s house( from what i remember) i have video of joe biden in my Instagram i have seen court documents of Trump. I have been with a man who basically admitted and asked me to bring him children and another who said a group of men in Virginia own him and he’s been with a dog ( shows how disgusting i am that i was still with him. Now his profile pops up in people you may know on Facebook and i and overcome with shame and regret and i pray for all my social media the people in my past and myself) and another, a lobbyist who worked on 5g and the major phone company merger who told me of the impeachment before it happened.. Needless to say my words shut him out making him think twice about who he talks to because you never know who is who. He doesn’t know my relation to someone from SEE. EYE… A .. (that’s why i said last time on the Rwanda post some of us worry for safety. That person is still in INTEL for another agency and is waking up now as i speak preparing to live out while i wonder how long before the invasions considering the old job wit the alphabet boys said they will take us to safety if somethin bad happens. This is back when they tapped my grandma phone and recorded my face with butterfly)..
      Point is wether my life , the movies, the dreams from childhood i woke in a sweat from begging GOD to never let me dream anything ever because its always horrifying running on 4 legs not able to walk normal . fighting , chaos , hidding , a witch with a needle of some medicine or shot i refused to take or darkness.and or a red sky that bathed everything in red.. Always fear and dread or even being awake not remembering the dreams until i get a horrid feeling about aliens and begged GOD don’t let them ever come near me. .. My mind now skips back to a house i was in reality inside with some guys id met and the guy on the couch i think was out of his body. There were seperate rooms the black guy wasn’t allowed to let me in his room which was well lit and clean. The room i was in was dirty and i couldn’t understand what was going on but something felt off and as usual when information is being allowed to be maintained in my spirit people want me out before i discover the hidden things they don’t want me to know .. Never the less here i am in this moment off track from what i was saying cause i now realize i was in a flop house. A low grade one here near China town in my home city Washington DC which i call the beast belly…
      I KNOW celestial is real cause i KNOW of the things she speaks and i am CONSTANTLY sharing but no one cares. They say in their heart oh boy another ” prophet” you know jerome liked T B Joshua now he says he’s false all cause of this celestial whoever she is.. Im Sure they say all kinds of things and belittle because that same devil that followed paul works in the heart of Christians persecuting and criticizing and following the diviners and the wicked while hating anyone trying to help, trying to change… They want smooth things.
      As i said before my own heart is desperately wicked above all things and i just pray GOD purify and cleanse and sanctify and deliver and fix and change me then take me out of this world. I know he has use of us all and i pray he be glorified and that have His own way in our lives.
      CELESTIAL we love tou and thank GOD for you. Keep the conviction coming . i need it. I may kick scream and rebel a bit sometime saying noo i won’t watch another one but i do and i talk with GOD and i share. Thanks for the confirmation as well.. And the correction in doctrine tho when i police social media saying no aliens are creatures the fallen made they are not fallen angels and no barak is the beast but not the anti Christ it’s not the same no one listens. Or people come here and argue with people who ought to be glad i respect this blog because i have quite the mouth. GOD is working on me but its insulting how those who don’t know me try and say i don’t know anything about the hebrew israelite community .. As if im a white man when i am from GAD and Judah and know who i am but also know those communities are religious and are the same as the pre trib rapture folk and the revival is coming folk…. Thinking we will escape to Israel. I hope so but what i know is china is making threats NOW Marburg is in Ghana NOW Beyonce has sampled the clark sister’s song in the center if thy will and made it a twerk song NOW!!!!
      In the words of job and Jeremiah curse be the day i was born and they said a man child is born ( paraphrase) i thank GOD for life . i have not yet apprehended but press toward the mark of the high call of GOD which is in CHRIST JESUS.. I just pray i make it and that we all be ready to face our maker and our GOD. May the LORD bless and keep you. May we be counted worthy to survive all that IS coming. May death have no sting and the grave no victory. May we be cleansed from our sin and may the will of YAH be done on earth as it is in heaven for the earth is the LORD and the fullness thereof so may Christ receive the reward of HIs suffering and may the bride of CHRIST be with out spot or wrinkle in JESUS most precious and Holy name AMEN

      1. gmataylor says:

        Roni, I’d like to introduce you to a website of prayer warriors who can teach you how to effectively battle and defeat this enemy. If you’d like I will send you a link. Please let me know. I promise you will not be disappointed.

        1. Roni says:

          GMATAYLOR yes thank you

      2. gmataylor says:

        Here is link: bit.ly/furious-prayers-a22 sorry to have taken so long.

        1. Roni says:

          Thanks. GOD bless

        2. gmataylor says:

          You may need to type it in to your browser. Let me know if it works for you and if not I will send you another,

  5. Kakou elsé says:

    Good evening my sister Céleste I just took note of the sex industry I pray that the Church awakens to its realities and prays for its men/women children who are in great suffering and unknown to all there was a man RUSS DIZDAR a servant of God who worked in this environment to confront satanists to save the victims of ritual abuse among others and the victims mk ultra it was a warrior in spiritual combat prayer, he is rentré at home retourné towards the Celestial FATHER by chance of car https://www.shatterthedarkness.net/ https://us15.campaign-archive.com/?u=012a44d6e7986cf7f82de120fid=45e5eac537 her work deserves to be known because many women, children and men have by the grace of God been saved, that the Lord keeps you and strengthens you my sister. Shalom

  6. Brenda says:

    This is happening , the Lord does not lie. This is a 3 part documentary of what the Lord is speaking about through His servant.

    1. Celestial says:

      This video is chilling. It clarifies what the Lord meant when He said “Celestial I’m not showing you all of it.” This is indeed more than I expected. God bless you for sharing. I hope others will watch it & see there is JUST CAUSE for what I write on this blog, it is all true & worse than we know or expect.

      1. Sherna says:

        Good evening Celestial,

        There is definitely “JUST CAUSE” for what you have written on this blog.

        While watching the video shared by Brenda, I could see your dream come alive in the conversations on the video. To God be the glory for allowing you to expose these evils and for Brenda to share with us.

        It was very difficult and troubling to my spirit, hearing about these wickedness that our children are exposed to. The Blog was hard, but hearing the mother having no attachment or care for their unborn child was really heartbroken. The children moving to adult brothel when they are too old… this is hard to take in.

        The situation with missing kids etc., is really all true and worse than we know or expect as you have stated. Thank you for being obedient to YAH. God bless you Sister!

      2. Roni says:

        Tupac daughter(allegedly) is a traffick survivor. ( tori outlaw know alyson leilani Carter)They cut of limbs and put on animal parts. Im pretty sure she said that. Cps and foster care is totally complicit. Kamala harris sister was trafficked to trump she is rapper nba youngboy mom also if what she says is true. I do know the photo she shows can’t be who others say is in the photo simply due to age AND kamala father was a professor in Wisconsin when he divorced kamala mother. The lady tweet says that’s where she was when trump molested ” them” whoever them is..
        I believe melania is a trafficked woman who trump purchased at a high price. (That’s my belief.) She actually got to marry him bare a son get US citizenship and a prenuptial agreement ..

    2. Sherna says:

      Hi Brenda. Thank you for sharing. It was very difficult to watch and listen to. But it is very important for people to be aware of these demonic things and pray for exposure of these evil organisations, wherever they are. May God mercies be with these children who are kidnapped and dehumanized against their will. And those who are born in this evil system and used as sex slaves.

  7. Cblackwood says:

    There were people warning in the 80’s, 90’s etc. such asnTed Gunderson FBI chief they killed him, Black Child former ex-rapper in hiding, etc. Warning of all these wickedness in American few listened, few cared. We love to think of America as apple pie, christian, baseball etc nation. But it is rotten to the core. This is nothing new I have heard from the 80’s, 90’s. I believed especially the victims….no way those people could be acting or pretending. I plan to leave this country soon for good because I can’t stand this over the top wicked nation.

  8. Bridgette Setshedi says:

    Hi, Celestial and fellow subscribers.

    Firstly I’d like to thank you for the work you do for our Lord. I am so grateful to have discovered your channel through my sister. Below is a dream she encouraged me to share with you on this platform after I shared it with her. Please note I’ve never had a similar dream before so I do not regard myself as a prophet. And I did not under which post to put this under but thought this one would be fitting. I will share exactly what I send her. The dream was Saturday night, 30/07/2022

    I had a very interesting dream. Before I tell you about it I also want to share the events of the night before.
    We were watching Superbook and As I was switching off the TV to prepare for bed, the last scene that played out was God commanding Moses to go and free his people from the Egyptians through the burning Bush. Moses said to God, “What if they do not believe me or listen to me and say, ‘The Lord did not appear to you?” Then the Lord said to him, “What is that in your hand?” “A staff,” he replied. The Lord said, “Throw it on the ground.” Moses threw it on the ground and it became a snake..”
    So as I was switching off the TV, I thought to myself, the Lord is a great and loving God Who is even willing to show His people signs to aid in their beliefs.
    Before I slept I read Deut 31:8 “It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you. He will not fail you or abandon you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”
    I read this scripture over and over then I slept.
    Now, the dream. I dreamt I was with Jesus in a car and other people. We stopped by the side of the road and He said to us, He will prove that the things Celestial says about the end times are true. He told us to look into the countryside where the cat was packed. The area before us went low and now we had to pick inside to see what was there. Then appears a very large elephant, which was not a normal one. As I was very excited to see that these things really exist. Then I saw a white boy, he didn’t look older than 13 but was very tall. He was sitting washing his legs in a stream. For some reason, I smiled at him to show compassion, even tho I knew what he was. And I knew I shouldn’t have. After that, ‘people’ came to attack us. As they got closer, I said to myself ” surely the presence of Jesus will keep them away.” But they came closer and closer until we had to fight them. When I started fighting them, I didn’t even look at Jesus, not only was I fighting with my hands, I was fighting with my mouth, quoting scriptures. Especially the one I read last night. I was so fearless because I knew Jesus was right there with me.
    Then the dream changed and now I was fighting a lion, even then I had the same strength in the Lord, and still quoting scripture. Even as the lion came for me, somehow I would dodge it and be unharmed.

  9. Rachel says:

    This is horrific and I just…I just had no idea. I know that there is evil in the world, I guess I just didn’t realize HOW evil it is. I have been so sheltered, and frankly concerned and praying about/for the needs of my own family/friends/neighbors/missionaries that I just didn’t know about this. Now that I do know that things like this happen and places like this exist, I will be praying for the people involved and what to do about them. Thank you for bringing this to light. I haven’t heard this anywhere else, and yet I do believe that these terrible things are happening and it is beyond heartbreaking.

  10. Anna says:

    The dream takes on a convicting depth when one understands the “Victorian era” named after Queen Victoria, Ruler of England. Victoria, and so England, ruled much of the world longer then any other English Royal (until now) 1837 – 1901. For 63 years; 3 generations were born and died during her 63 years. Ask why. As Ruler she instilled the oppression of death; publicly grieving the death of her husband
    for 40 years!

    It is stunning that Our Lord God has represented the Victorian era in His uncovering of Truth and the sheer scope of what has been hidden. Please consider these links. The first is evidential of what has not been exposed, uncovered, regarding the populace. The dream evidences God is speaking *parallels* (not Parables) of an ongoing period of time; a Queen, Your Ways are not My Ways, nations participating in a sub-culture ruled by men, the early deaths, Children without a childhood, obsession with self – following the Queen’s fashions to “be like” royalty.

    Behaviors hidden from history books while the Queen was exhaled in wealth, power, grandeur, authority. Consider photo no. 7 of the children. John and Charles Wesley’s (founders – the Methodist Church) encounters in England during the “Victorian era” most interesting detailed accounts of that society’s accepted disturbing 18th – 19th century behaviors.

    I am nearly numb that Our God presented the “Victorian era” and it’s wonton parallel of disregard for life, lives, and God, to the “era” we live today! Read + click ‘View Gallery’. This is well done and will connect many dots without shock.


    This 2nd link is a synopsis of a biographical movie of Queen Victoria; the dichotomy of her life inside her palace and her disconnect with the people she had authority over is gaping. The dream showcases our (the Church, the Bride) disconnect in a current stage of the “Victorian era” continuing to devolve over 250 years. Better, is any historical accounting of England under Victoria’s rule; if the history moves beyond the vanity of the Queens court with planks in their eyes.


    Dear God in Heaven, You alone are the God of Truth and there is no lie in You; how grateful we are that You love Your Children with Your power to reveal the Truth. Speak Lord.

  11. Suri Izaka says:

    Such horrific horrors happening to innocent people and children. Am just so dumbfounded. The world is evil….. thanks for accepting to be used by the Most High. May you be strengthened sister Celestial. Praying for the victims. Ih this really hurts.

  12. Clouds says:

    Praying and fasting now. As I read Daniel 10 says “do not be afraid. Peace be with you; take courage and be courageous!” praying for you as well as those who’re listening to these messages that we receive strength and be a faithful watchman of the almighty God. Thank you and may God comfort you and provide you!

  13. batach7 says:

    speechless. tho some of this i knew or suspected. to steal, kill and destroy….the enemy’s motives have not, nor will change…until he comes face to face w/ the lake of fire. he hates man and the image it reminds him of. Lord, teach us how to pray, how to endure, how to yield to your Voice and Will–regardless of the cost.

  14. Louis Williams says:

    Danny Owens had a Flophouse right here in Memphis, Tennessee!!! You mentioned that the Lord revealed to you that they were in Tennessee and several other states. I had heard stories about him some years back from an older friend (I was a child/teen when these things were happening), and from what he described to me (women, drugged, beaten and chained up in cages) coupled with the fact that he owned several Strip Clubs here in the area?!? It all makes sense now. He was running a flophouse on top of smuggling drugs, guns and prostitues through his strip clubs! I just found out that he died two months ago on a Reddit thread after doing a google search on his name just now after reading this last blog entry. Your accuracy in the Spirt is very sharp.
    After being made aware of this, I gotta start binding the strongman and take his goods away from him in prayer, fasting and intercession. We have to petition God to expose these things and remove these people from their strongholds! Thank you for posting and thank you for yielding to God the way that you do Celestial. I think God has more to show you. Now that I think about it, CPS and Foster Care might be complicit in ushering these children into these flophouses.

    1. Roni says:

      Cps is certainly complicit

  15. JCLawrence says:

    I believe these are the words of the Lord but the Bible also says “ This is what you are to do to them: Break down their altars, smash their sacred stones, cut down their Asherah poles and burn their idols in the fire.”
    ‭‭Deuteronomy‬ ‭7:5‬ ‭NIV‬‬
    Let’s fight for these children! Aren’t we suppose to be the hands and feet of Jesus. If God shows you these places let’s smash these evil places and set these children free

  16. Evelyn says:

    Just as I think everything that needs to be said or exposed has been said, this comes up. I really thought I knew about the Fallen Angels, and wars and rumors of wars etc. And now I come to find out about the gay pastors and the sex trafficking, it really is an eye opener. My family already thinks I am crazy and extreme but, seeing that God is really talking I a starting to be more bold. Thank you Celeste and I pray that God gives you strength to endure these hard dreams, you’re so blessed even your name!

  17. Praise Belong to YAH says:

    While reading this i wanted to scream. My tears kept flowing as i could en vision as i read. The sad thing is I’ve heard about these things,i believe the victims but after a while,we just go back to normal lives. Two weeks ago my husband and i went to a baby shower in a very rich neighborhood. And it was called sugar loaf in Atlanta. Sister Celestial i kid u not they were telling us the stories of this madam who kept names of these high powered men who came for favors and were married with a family, Then they said the rich women who take their children trick or treat and it was 3 levels to the home so the children would be downstairs while the women go up and have sex. Its so disgusting. Exactly how u said it, they that were telling us the story did. I saw the house it was over a pond looking like an island and it was huge. Let YAHUAH be true and every man a liar. You are in no way false or fear monger. O how i weap for those that go through these things. Its so hard. But almighty YWHW will judge this. This is sick 😫. Families put kids to bed,and give good night kissses,they buy all this stuff and spoil their kids,but we never stop to think of those who have never been given a chance to see these things. O my God,my God ,my God. If anyone read this and wasn’t moved deeply and is disturbed then i dont know. One girl a few months back exposed these ppl saying first lady is a man. Called names, showed that they moved them underground in tunnels i shared with so many. Yet they brushed it off. Surly YAH must judge this wicked wicked wicked generation that is perversed. Im angry,heart broken so many emotions. Be blessed sister Celestial that you for never withholding the words of YAHUAH.

  18. diego says:

    Anneke Lucas.

  19. Flourish&Thrive says:

    Having read these prophecies before punched me in the gut and let me to intercede for these victims. To now get recounts of their experiences from one who lived through it from the age of 4 was something else.

    I call her the face and voice of child sex trafficking. Only got to know about her last night and here’s one of her videos. There’s plenty you can follow from here.

    Are we doing enough in our own little corners? Seek God in prayer as to what you MUST do to help! This is in addition to daily intercession for these victims.



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