Adam, My Adam – February 25, 2020

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Likewise the men abandoned natural relations with women and burned with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error. – (Romans 1:27)

If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them. – (Leviticus 20:13)

“Sodomy is on the rise in the United States.”

The Lord says this to me as I sit on the couch right now (12:13 a.m) doing my nightly reading.

SODOMY. HOMOSEXUALITY. “BUGGERY.” says the Spirit of the Lord. 

*Buggery is a very old, very outdated word for the act of one man’s anus being penetrated by another man’s penis. (*I apologise to all ladies, sensitive people, and children under 15 who happen to use this blog. This is what the Lord has said.)

I am seeing people in a vision doing this act now, men bending before other men who hold them by the hips and have anal sex (sodomy). It is not pleasant for me to see or say because I also am a lady, though I am neither sensitive or under 15. This is exactly what I see.

Homosexuality is a rising tide in this nation, and I will cut them off who practice it. If this practice is not eradicated from among you I will cut off the head and the tail who practice it. I will cut off the rich and the poor who do it, and expose their deeds done in secret. There are government officials doing this act to children, and young men selling themselves to wealthy donors to fund a particular type of lifestyle. You want cars and money so you bend to let a man destroy the temple I have made? I will strike you in the jawbone and erase your name from My book. Many times I have spoken: “TURN.” Turn and sin no more against Me. My pulpits judge this evil. True pastors speak My commandments, TURN AND SIN NO MORE. Yet you continue to sin, continue to mock and continue to practice this wickedness.

Therefore in the day of My judgement I shall judge harshly, with no room for mercy or forgiveness. I will stem that tide in blood, in premature death, in solemn and devastating diseases that your doctors can’t fix. I will bring this evil to a close which is practiced in the open and in secret, even among My own people. I gave you women to delight your hearts, I gave you maidens to make into wives, women to appease your desires and their design is perfect for you. Yet you persist in doing this thing that dishonours Me? You continue to mock Me, and say I made a mistake?

I see a foamy sea with very agitated water, the sea is very wild and the water at the crest of it where the waves are rolling is all bloody. All the water of the sea isn’t bloody but the highest part, where the waters spin into waves and create foam is churning and turning red. That high, foamy part is extremely bloody and frothy like when sharks have a feeding frenzy, and I am told this represents the overflow of this sin among men in the nation of America and around the world. The Lord says this sin is a fundamental evil against the beauty of His design in humanity. He says though women who practice lesbianism will also be judged, men who sleep with other men whether in their natural form as males, or in an altered form as ‘Transgender’ or any other label will be judged the harshest. They will receive twice the harshness of judgement because God says MAN IS HIS PINNACLE CREATION. Man is the reflected glory of God; Man is the best thing God made on earth.

For truly a man ought not to cover the head, being the image and glory of God; but the woman is the glory of man. – (1 Corinthians 11:7)

Behold I will strike you down in your prime and your youth, I will terrify you in your old age. Suddenly and without warning you will fall. Young and old who do this deed, YOU DISHONOUR ME. You mock Me and embitter my heart Adam. My Adam, My Men, you make me lament and curse the day of your creation. 

Have I not said it is an abomination for the male to lie with another male as with a woman? Have I not given you enough to enjoy, HAVE I NOT DONE ENOUGH?

Therefore I will strike and your doctor will not know what to do. I will strike and you will get sick and not recover. I will strike and your family will lose you, because I said “Return to Me” but you would not. I will tear you down from your place at the crown of creation where I placed you, My Beloved. ADAM – MAN- MY BELOVED, you will enter darkness from which there is no escape. Torment of your mind, madness, torment of your flesh, sickness, and if you persist in this evil…. CERTAIN DEATH.

This is the word of the Lord.

I have nothing to say. Nothing.

There are not 30 “genders” as they’ve said by law here in New York City. There are only two. God existed before New York City, He made the rules- THERE IS ONLY MALE AND FEMALE. As you walk the streets in your town, village and city you’ll only see TWO SHAPES, male and female. That should tell you something. A duck in a dress and high heels is still a duck, it’s a confused one with ideas of human-ness but a duck it remains.

Stop sinning against God. He is bigger than you, He made you as men for better things. Stop it or He will strike you a blow you can’t recover from, and your misguided family that ‘supported’ you as you mutilated your body in an attempt at femininity, or your evil friends who kept silent and refused to tell you the truth when you started dating men, will have to watch as you grow weaker and weaker until they bury you. If you’re struggling do as He says turn to HIM, confess and repent. Surrender that struggle to God; He’s more than up to it. He’s the only one with power to break the stranglehold of misguided desire that’s caught and trapped countless people in this lifestyle, a lifestyle that’s not even seen as a trap anymore but a badge of honour to be proud of.

If this is the word of Celestial, then pass over it and ignore it. But if this is the word of the God that has sent me, the God who has no problem showing me what I didn’t ask to see, then pay attention and tell someone who does this to stop and consider their ways. God is not playing games. We are nearing the end of all things, why should you lose your soul over a lie?

REPENT says the Lord. Return to Me, and I will heal your backsliding. (Hosea 14:4)

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    Precious beloved sister in the Lord Yahushua Hamachiach Celestial may God keep helping you and giving you these very strong prophecies to help the body of Christ they are very hard to take however very truth indeed I know it by my personal experiences thank GOD he has rescue me since I was 29 years old God delivered me I had 76 evil spirits that controled my mind and my stomach area but The Ruach Hakodesh HOLY SPIRIT delivered me from ALL those evil spirits that were inside me thank God for his mercy and grace towards me alleluyah amen shabbat shalom maranatha may GOD BLESS YOU and keep you safe always sincerelly always your brother in CHRIST JESUS RICARDO DE LA CONCHA DUPRAT

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