The Survivors – January 7, 2021


“The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone. This was the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.” – (Psalm 118:22-23)

This dream is exactly a month after – same day –  as the red dragon dream. They have similar themes.

Last night I dreamed that the earth was devoid of people. There were so few people that it was depressing. I don’t know how or why the number of people was depleted to such a degree > I just saw that it was and my heart 💔 broke to see it. The earth was stormy-looking and grey, dark. It looked like the set of those Viking movies where nothing good ever happens except wars and winter. I saw something like a living stone coming up out of the ground and my hand was on it, and other people were standing around with their hand on it as well. The people around me touching the stone were people I did not know. Then others were around us in a ring with a hand on our shoulders (not on the stone), and others around them in a third ring with a hand on their shoulder and others around them (4th ring) with a hand on their shoulder and so on. It was a web of humanity connected by touch to a large white stone coming up out of the earth.

This stone was alive, it looked like a brown tree stump all around except for the top part which was flat and glowed with luminescent white light under the hands of those of us touching it. To give an idea of how rare continuity in human recognition had become, by which i mean, to give an example of how empty the earth was that you couldn’t even see anyone you personally knew anymore- out of all the people gathered in that place I only recognized ONE person, a young lady I’ve mentored in the past. One face I knew. That’s it. We stood against the backdrop of that ugly, ruined earth with determined faces looking forward- a ‘movie poster’ of people with hands on shoulders until you got to the middle where people stood touching that stone. I saw all this through a lens but somehow I was also there in the middle of them, as one of those able to touch the glowing stone.

I totally forgot this dream as I slept. Satan will do this sometimes, attempt to literally suck my dreams out of me and leave me with the vague memory that I saw something but unsure what. But when I woke up and went about my day this movie poster image came back to me and I said Lord… what is this? Who are they?

God did not answer me. But the word SURVIVORS came to my heart. That is the first dream. 

The scriptures that came to me about this dream were as follows:

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth. (Rev 21:1)

The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone. God did this and it is marvelous in our eyes (Psalm 118:22-23)

Last but not least: “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him who overcomes I will give some of the hidden manna to eat. And I will give him a white stone, and on the stone a new name written which no one knows except him who receives it.” 

In the second dream I saw two sets of people on Earth doing strange things, ‘strange’ positive and negative. The 1st set were like that Amazon series “The Boys”. I didn’t watch it because it’s full of profanity but I saw the trailer. In it people with superpowers are shown in a different light, they’re shown as selfish, careless and uncaring of how their special abilities impact human beings. If they’re running with super-speed to catch a villain and bump into someone at such high speeds that that person’s heart explodes in their chest- Oh well- sorry! I have to catch that bank robber! If they have kinetic eyes and are holding up a bridge with fire from their eyes but a nice lady walks by and they think wow she’s pretty and look at her without their protective goggles on, she’ll burst into flames from their gaze. Then the hero goes “Oops!” but that’s it. There’s no repercussions for the hero. 


thor 2

From the trailer I understood that slowly the wrapping is being taken off the true nature of the Nephilim who will come to this world. Movies have always shown superheroes as saviors and lovers of humanity, as the highly gifted, moral and conscientious saviours of a weaker race who need them to catch criminals like the Joker and put them in jail. But remember I said on this blog- the work of America’s smoke machine is to present facts as fiction with a soothing caveat: 

“This isn’t real. Nobody’s saying it is. If it were we as the moral gatekeepers of society would put that little sticker at the start of this movie saying ‘Based On A True Story’. That sticker isn’t on this one so this isn’t real. We’re just showing you scenarios of ‘what if’. RELAX.”

Because of this caveat we take cleverly disguised facts as fiction. We relax. Heroes like Superman have raised us from infancy: Batman saves our banks and Superman saves our solar system. Catwoman saves our city streets and Green Lantern prevents the bad aliens from invading us from outer space. We need saving, says the TV, and we’re in luck because here’s the perfect team to do it! These creatures have been hardwired as ‘good gods’ into our psyches but God knows who they really are – He shows them for what they are to at least one person who is willing to share that information with others. 

Back to My Dream


I dreamt today Jan 7, 2020 that a group of people with superior ‘powers’ or abilities were running around this world causing carnage and havoc amidst humanity. Believe me or not, I saw people swooping, flying around and doing all types of TV stuff in my dream, all with malevolent origin and malevolent intent and I thought What on earth is this? Who are they? And why are they here Lord? The scene I saw in my dream was basically me standing in casual clothes at a busy intersection on a city street, watching dumbfounded as people flew overhead of buildings blasting beams left and right and having running battles in the streets with law enforcement (who weren’t doing too shabby if I’m honest, the human cops and special forces were sort of holding their own, not at all as useless as they look in the movies).

I saw tall buildings in the background with a backdrop of a swirling grey sky [which we should be no stranger to by now given how many times I’ve spoken about the sky turning into a funnel], with humanity running around in utter panic on the ground. It was total chaos unfolding in a single frame and I stood watching it all like Why is it always me God? 

Then I saw another group of people arise on the earth with similar abilities but from God. These people were certainly of God, they had a star on the forehead, a mark that glowed white when they were upset or thinking or otherwise excited. They did not control this mark, it was just placed on them by the Lord in their forehead. I saw one girl slowing down time – the frame of the dream became s-l-o-w and people walked slowly until they stopped; she alone walked in real time. I saw another person (male or female I don’t know) bending elements in their hands- first dirt that they made to swirl in a circle, then water swirled between their hands in a circle, then air (which can’t even be seen but I saw it), swirled in a circle between their hands like a small and contained hurricane. I saw human people, not Nephilim, endowed of God to do things which make no sense- as a team they went after the other non-human destructive people who were flying and breaking up Earth. 

I saw giants come on the earth- huge, massive, taller-than-the-buildings giants – physical Nephilim as Enoch and Noah saw in their days- but even as they arrived the special humans ran towards them as a team and fought them. They cast what looked like nets (fishing nets like Peter and John had in the Bible) over these giants, they cast nets high into the air over the giants and pulled HARD, and the giants fell to the earth and became still. I don’t know if they died or were just conquered but I saw God’s people ‘netted’ them and pulled them down, and *they fell crashing to the ground and smashed up things in the process. (*Haven’t we seen these scenes a thousand times in superhero movies, shown innocently as if the movie-makers had no idea what they were programming us for?) 


My dream ended with the Lord showing me a balance. A scale. It looked like a movie poster again with two groups of people in the scales: One group I’ll call The Boys- destructive, irreverent and wicked ‘superheroes’ living among men with no regard or care for their souls, modernized Nephilim with many times greater the abilities and powers of human beings. The other group I saw was God’s elect and End Times first fruits, the 144,000, the final fighting forces of the Lord Jesus Christ who shall have a mark in their forehead and do other extraordinary things He has told me about but not told me to write of here. With the two groups in the scales- The Boys on the left and the 144,000 in ordinary clothes on the right: t shirts, hoodies, jeans and sneakers – the right side of the scale slowly moved down and outweighed those on the left. The balance tilted to the right and as I was looking at it I woke up from the dream. 

What I know of the 144,000: They are chosen only by God. God alone shall select them from the tribes of Israel and the selection is so tight and pure that not even every tribe is represented. (See Revelation 7). They have a mark in the forehead whom many have taught is the word of God, yes it might be I don’t know. It’s just that God has shown me (not only here) that it’s also a literal mark, a glowing thing right in the middle of the forehead which can be seen by others. I don’t know what they will tell people if such a thing lights up on their head at the office but… that’s what I saw. I saw they were natural, ordinary people who were endowed by God with all the gifts Jesus had. In fact the one who manipulated water, air and dirt immediately reminded me of the Lord who walked on water, used dirt on the blind man’s eyes, and rebuked the wind and waves during that terrible storm. I thought of that straightaway when I woke up – Wow. Jesus did that!

For me, no matter how different some may find this blog it makes perfect sense because everything can be found one way or another in the Bible if you know how to read it properly. I didn’t see that person manipulating the elements and think of The Last Airbender movie, my brain didn’t think to give glory to some bald headed, fictional Asian child in gold robes. I thought instantly of my Saviour strolling across a stormy sea, telling the wind to drop, ordering waves to behave and rising again from the dirt of the earth after His death on the Cross. MY MIGHTY JESUS DID ALL THIS, AND DOES ANYONE REMEMBER HE SAID “GREATER THINGS THAN THIS SHALL YE DO”?

He said it and He was serious about that too. 

That is all for now- I give all glory, honour and praise to the God who would share such things with me, that I can share them with others. In Jesus name I pray, amen. 


7 Comments Add yours

  1. says:

    The Lord keep on working with you Celeste. Thank you.


    1. Celestial says:

      Thank you also for taking time to visit TMV. You are welcome


  2. CIK says:

    My absorbency is high but my Scripture needs to catch up. Thank you and God bless you.


  3. CIK says:

    The white stone refers to the church of Pergamos and their overcoming worldliness and the errors of Balaam and the Nicolatians right? Are you able to talk more about this? Maybe not on this blog but on Youtube, if God allows?


    1. Celestial says:

      Hi CIK. The only place that white stone appears is Rev. 2:17, it is one of several gifts the Lord gives overcomers of Tribulation. We must endure to the end to get those. It’s found in Rev 2 along with Balaam, Balak, sexual immorality and the Nicolaitans. I can’t really riff on these dreams and their meanings sister, I do pray over them but I have mt own understanding and I can’t teach that in videos as doctrine. Most of these dreams & visions are quite blunt, to me they’re God showing that scripture is real and will be fulfilled line by line. I hope that helps.


  4. diego says:

    Remember, David and his champions killed many Nephilim long ago.
    Maybe one day some of our brethren will, too.

    The Two Olive Trees can control the weather (Elijah), transmute water (Moses/Jesus), bring forth plagues (Moses). They are anointed, they are unkillable, and they breath fire (Leviathan). And they rise from the dead and ascend into the Heavens.
    One time I did something wrong to a friend, and she cried to God that it might rain on me. And rain it did.

    The power of God is real, folks.

    Because: When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him. [Isaiah 59:19]


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