“FLESH!”: The Role of Russia – June 27, 2019

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“For indeed brothers- during the time we spent with you we kept telling you about the future, that we were going to suffer affliction; and so it came to pass as you know.” – (1 Thessalonians 3:7)

Video for this prophecy is now up and can be found HERE. Please also read it though, the videos don’t cover everything.

This continues the visions of the June 27, 2019 where RUSSIA, CHINA, UKRAINE and several other nations were having a secret meeting with open flow of ideas, deciding what to do about a labour- workforce problem. It was announced “Send for their flesh!” and the nation whose flesh was sold into slavery to meet the labour demand was the Unites States of America. I continue aspects of the vision below.

Russia is the mastermind of what will take place against this nation (USA).

If China is a tactical partner, a partner who brings things to fruition, RUSSIA is a strategic partner, the one thinking up the schemes and implementing them step by step.

The leader of Russia is like a leopard in craftiness, slow and stealthy in his approach, able to take time observing his prey before he makes a move. He is a decisive actor and can strike swiftly when the time is right. The man has an obsession with perfection and having things done “right”. He also has a “military genius” brain; if he was born during the times when people annexed territories freely like the Romans, he would have won a lot of territory for Russia. The man can think up fifty different schemes at once, like tiny spiders webs that weave perfectly together at the right time. I see his thinking splintered into many veins in his head, seeming unrelated but they all weave together into just one thread at the end.

This man spends a LOT of time at conference tables talking to people (an orator), he is eloquent, charming, quite witty and people like him even against their own judgement (disarming)– an asset he uses frequently. I also see he spends a LOT more time in meditation, in sitting quietly, and in inspecting his own plans from endless angles to make sure they have no holes (meticulous). He likes to study MAPS. He is a map aficionado and collects them from eras when he wasn’t even born yet: Old maps that shows countries how they were long ago, what land they used to have, what land they lost in treaties or that was stolen from them; this is his spare time ‘entertainment’. The leader of Russia is multi-faceted and very difficult to discern– the word I hear is CLOAKED– unless the Lord gives wisdom to approach him you cannot approach him and win. RUSSIA is STRATEGIC (making plans), CHINA is TACTICAL (running operations). Keep it in mind.

America in Slavery: The rich people will save themselves but not all of them. Primarily they will save themselves through early departures from the country, but again, not all. People with money will try to make friends with their captors. I see rich people at the Vanderbilt and Hilton levels as well as ordinary rich below them (a few million or so) try to be friendly, conversational and ‘convivial’ with their captors. But these men are like stone, especially the Russians. “Their eye will not spare”, says the Lord “nor will they offer any mercy”.

Scripture: “Their bows [weapons] also shall crush the young men to pieces; and they shall have no pity on the fruit of the womb; their eye shall not spare children.” – (Isaiah 13:18)

Revelation by the Spirit of God: I say to you Americans, respectfully, you do not know Russia. You DO NOT KNOW these people that you have mocked, underestimated and sorely provoked for so many years. As I saw the revelations from God and He gave me understanding, I was afraid when I saw how easily America has overlooked this nation which is more crafty and long-suffering than her. ‘Long-suffering’ in a country is DANGEROUS- it means a nation can wait a long time to hit back or repay a wound, a nation can bear many hardships without looking like they are hard! One should never underestimate an opponent like that. Let me tell you, since the years of something called ‘Space Race’ and also something called ‘Arms Race’ (long before I was born), ever since the efforts of Russia were not properly appreciated in the international space due to America’s high jealousy and spirit of competition, there has been a burning in the heart of Russia.

Vision 1: I see a bear seated quietly in a zoo while a trainer in an Uncle Sam uniform feeds it a fish, and the crowd of American and international visitors claps with joy. The bear is obediently doing tricks and it seems all is well. But just as I saw in another vision which will be posted soon, pride like a BRIGHT SUN burns in the heart of this bear (who also represents a nation). A fierce pride that also wants to be applauded, recognised, and brought in and celebrated as a brother. But this has not happened.

Vision 2: I see Russia given the position of ‘Cain’ in a childhood production of ‘Cain and Abel’. Two children are playing, a blonde girl and brunette boy. The blonde one with blue eyes tells the one with dark hair and dark eyes, ‘No! You are bad! You’re the baddie, so you wear THIS costume.’ – and hands him the one that says “Cain” while she (America) puts on the one that says ‘Abel’. Another game, the blonde child tells the dark one- “HERE!”, and gives him the costume of an American Indian while she plays the cowboy. She pretends to shoot the Indian and the Indian has to fall and play dead. I see many games, in all the games America blonde child is good and Russia dark child is evil. I even see them growing up together, male and female, Russia and America, and the blonde one always wins, is always good, and always saves the day.

One day America hands Russia the Cain costume for a game and he takes it- but when he looks up at her all I see is RAGE. A DEEP BURNING RAGE, just for a moment, then it’s gone as he nods and puts it on. But in his heart is the same bright burning sun I saw in the bear, that “tame” bear performing for the USA trainer and the crowds. This bear is not tame at all; it has a sun in its chest and at the right time that fish and ‘tricks-for-the-crowd’ storyline will be ended with one powerful slap that breaks the trainer’s neck.

United States, you have been warned. You have done a LOT to this nation that the Lord has revealed to me. You have accused them, labeled them, told lies publicly on them to others many times, and written on them many names they did not earn. They are not blameless or innocent, not at all; Russia is wicked in her own right. But the Lord is saying you have dealt UNFAIRLY with your brother, and for this he will strike you blows from which there is no recovery. I hear the Angel of God speaking as a doctor in the waiting room while everyone waits anxiously to see if the blonde woman will wake up after the bear slapped her- he comes out and does the famous doctor head shake- “No Recovery”. This stage is set, actors are ready, no-one can leave their role now. China is a willing participant in this exercise that will come. They will take their cue from Russia and their combined attack will be BRUTAL.

Vision 3: I see a dinner party and all the nations who “matter” are there: France is there with light blue cummerbund, handsome and happy. America is host, dazzling and beautiful in a gown with sparkly gloves. I see Austria wearing a red sash sideways across the chest, Germany wearing the same- so many nations as everyone mingles. Everyone except two outcasts, drinking at the bar and watching everything with eagle eyes- CHINA and RUSSIA. One of them is irritated, he wants to get drunk and make a scene, but the other one is perfectly calm. He puts a hand on his partner and says: Wait. WAIT. So the other one calms down and slows down on his drinking- He has faith in this calm one. He knows he will get his chance. The two men are quiet and unobtrusive- as a result nobody even notices if they came to the party, and to be honest nobody really cares. It doesn’t matter if they came or not, so everyone thinks. It doesn’t matter if they’re happy or not- after all the stars of the party came, and the stars of the party are happy! Therefore China and Russia can drink all they like in the background and be still. May the Lord truly show mercy to every country that has backhanded or aggravated these two, they have a long memory and will extract revenge to the full for their grievances of the past. 

The last part of this vision is about to be posted, thank you. 

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    Recent article (https://www.businessinsider.com.au/china-xi-and-russia-putin-snubbing-cop26-2021-10) very much related to this prophecy, vision 3.

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