A Nation Under Siege – December 9, 2019

destroyed city

(This is Pt. 2 of a prophecy series.)

Speak to the city that lies by the sea, the harlot of Revelation, America by name. You have come to the end of the era. The end of your good days are here. You have ended your run America. Like your “Broadway shows” end their run, so for you the curtain is falling and the performance is over. 2020 is a bad year for you- for thus begins the decade of your torment, sadness, distresses and WOES. Woe to the harlot who sits in the midst of her blood, woe to the “Bartender”, the mixer of the cup of defiled wine. With your filthy cup you defiled the nations, and now My hand will strike you a bloody blow for your sins. Woe to the nation that will not repent of her sins. I the Lord will mount up a siege against you; I will block you up on all sides and NO GOOD THING will come in to you anymore.

As Ezekiel did I will set up my instruments of warfare against you and wage war on you from Heaven- I cast away your crown and utter your demotion and destruction from the Heavenly place. My wrath is stirred up against you America, and on you my fury will be poured out. Idolaters and winebibbers, vapour-lovers. I will descrecate you on your own high hills, the high hills where you set up your altars shall be ground down to powder by enemy war boots and your heart will stop at the things your eyes will see. As a man has not expected something and then suddenly sees it, so it shall be with you. 

I WILL MOUNT UP A SIEGE AGAINST YOU AND DESTROY YOU WITH FOREIGN ARMIES.   All your battlements here and abroad will be destroyed. Foreign armies will invade you and ransack you. Your women will be raped and carried off for slaughter elsewhere, and your children will be sold or put to the sword. Great GRIEF will arise in Babylon, weeping and gnashing of teeth. Your sorrow will be untenable, unsustainable, yet you will bear it.

You will become a thing of loathing and horror, people will stare at you in utter disbelief because of what has happened to you. Your allies will speak among themselves with anguished spirits as they watch your total destruction, but they shall not help you- indeed you will be alone on that day. SUDDEN DESTRUCTION FROM THE NORTH. You will be destroyed from within, betrayed by your own, then armies will enter you at your weakest point and put the ‘useless life’ to death. The weak, the tender, those who have no visible value to the conquerors, you will be unceremoniously put to death.

But the strong life, the strong inhabitant, hear your judgement: you will be made to bow down and carry bricks, mortar, snow, water, ice, trees, as if you were a pack animal. You will be mix snow and dirt for cement, and build encampments for the enemy in your own nation. They will cover your land like locusts and flies, settling on EVERYTHING and taking it as their possession. Fields, people, cattle, male and female captives and slaves, money, gold, silver- America hear the word of the Lord. The foreigner and invader will “shop” among your finest treasures and you shall be SPOILED. UTTERLY BANKRUPT AND BROKE, YOU SHALL BE A POOR NATION WHERE NOTHING OF VALUE CAN BE FOUND ANYMORE. 

This is the word of the Lord. 


I make the following notes below because I know not everyone is a Bible scholar; not everyone who finds this blog is even a Christian. So after reading maybe someone doesn’t understand and needs clarity of what the message really is. I hope these notes are helpful.

*Harlot of Revelation: The U.S.A. has been named by God as Mystery Babylon in the Book of Revelation. This harlot will be utterly ruined. Please see Rev. 17:1, Rev. 17:3-6, Rev. 17:16.

*…sits in the midst of her blood: (See an upcoming prophecy). Refers directly to abortion, murder and other blood crimes of which the USA and especially New York City are guilty.

*”Bartender”; cup of defiled wine: America is the prostitute nation of the end times that makes every nation to follow her lead. See this prophecy: America O America! for more. Rev. 14:8 – “And another angel followed saying, “Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she has made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.” Jeremiah 51:7“Babylon was a golden cup in the LORD’s hand; she has made the whole earth drunk. The nations drank her wine; therefore they have now gone mad.” Rev. 17:4“And the woman (the harlot) was dressed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls. She held in her hand a golden cup full of abominations and the impurities of her sexual immorality.”

*Ezekiel: was a prophet of no good news. He was told by God to mount a symbolic siege as a sign that God would allow Israel’s enemies to surround and blockade her until she fell. The same will happen to the USA- her enemies who will do this have already been named multiple times on this blog. See Ezekiel 4:1-3.

*I cast away your crown —–> see this prophecy: Dark Days Ahead.

*Winebibbers: literally drunkards, those who love alcohol/ liquid substances to get high

*Vapour lovers: Referring to smoking, especially e-cigarettes and marijuana, but also normal smoking. Also any substance abuse that forms vapours [crack, meth, etc.]

*High hills: In the Bible false worship occurred on any high ground that was not the designated Temple of Solomon where everyone was to worship several times a year. “High hills” were sacred groves where all sorts of idols, prostitution, human sacrifice, orgies and other things took place to false gods. God will judge all false worship including atheism (denying God exists), self worship (rebellion against the real God in favour of yourself), evolution, idolatry (all false religions), false temples (fake versions of Christianity like Catholicism, Jesuits, Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witness, cults, etc) and many more. High hills were torn down and burned in the Bible.

*Allies will speak: Nobody is going to help this country when this happens. No matter how many emergency talks are held not a single NATO plane will get off the ground. Russia especially will be master of Europe like we’ve never imagined possible. No one will even cough on America’s behalf (let alone rescue her). Israel will also face peril because she trusts America to protect her, but America will be utterly alone. Traditional allies in Europe and elsewhere will watch her destruction without being able to help. People of all nationalities will flee the USA, abandoning her to her fate. Jeremiah 51:9“We would have healed Babylon but she is not healed: forsake her, and let us go every one into his own country: for her judgment reaches to the heavens and is lifted up even to the skies.”

*The useless life, the strong life: (From the point of view of the invading armies) Those who are sickly, weak, very young, very old will be seen as useless and disposable as opposed to those who are strong and can work for them.

*Snow; mix snow and dirt for cement: These are my own thoughts —-> This sounds like a winter invasion. As a student of history we know it’s easier to lose wars in winter and to hide ambushes in winter. People are slow, bundled up in their homes. They’re sluggish. Also, it gets dark early, and you can do a lot under cover of darkness. Just my thoughts. 

Hope the notes are helpful for understanding the prophecy. God bless, more will be posted.

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  1. Eric says:

    Thank you Celestial for bringing forth faithfully the word of the Lord. I have deeply felt in my spirit that 2019 is the last “good” year for this country. Blackness is shrouding the days to come, and yet so many are drunk or passed out as destruction beats the drums of war and chants the war cry just outside our gates. May God help His remnant in the days to come!

    1. Ralph Tyrrell says:

      Celestial Thank you so much Four taking the time to teach us about the Lord I know with a job it’s hard to find the time but you manage to do so Sure thank you Thank you for bringing me closer to God May God-bless you And Love you which I’m sure he does!!

  2. Rover Radar says:

    This CONFIRMS Glynda Lomax ‘s podcast from last October 11th, with the same title (Vision – America Under Seige [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWSopc7AO-A]), and content.

    I also had 2 dreams last year (between February and March 2018):
    it didn’t look like my current work place, but that’s where I sensed I was – protesters outside, I saw one of the 2 entrances blocked – was looking from that angle. I was going to call for reinforcement (help), but the phone was dead when I picked it up. I was going to do Warfare Prayers, but couldn’t even say the name of Jesus (distortion of my mouth [try so hard, but can’t] – like when I used to have night terror / sleep paralysis [even during daytime naps] before). I was going to try again, but then the scene changes – I am somewhere elevated. And in the process (of coming up to see what’s ahead), I am now overlooking a body of water, and see a war ship with 2 smaller ones ([escorts / reinforcement?] 1 on the left, and another on the right) – did not see what flag was on it. Then I woke up.

    In another dream (forgot when – probably about the same time frame [February and March]), I was in this room observing. Suddenly, out from the left and right corners, Leaders from China and North Korea (that’s who I sensed / thought they were) appear. And I just wanted to run out from there. I think in my fear, I woke up from that dream.

    I read somewhere, that China is proxy for North Korea.

    Confirmation (Thursday, June 20, 2019):
    China’s Xi holds talks with Kim Jong Un in North Korea

  3. Anonymous says:

    Does thus begins the decade meaning now it will be another decade while this stuff happens?

    1. Hélène says:

      I very much think we are only at the beg of the end. A decade or longer would be needed for some of these things she prophesies. It’s disheartening but then again, we should have been living all the decades of our lives absolutely yearning for Him to come, not just now when we are in trouble.
      Was she ever right about 2020 being a bad year!
      But I thank haShem for it as it kicked my butt into gear even in the midst of my great grief over what I now realized – America is dead as is the rest of the world. History is lies lies and more lies, science is worse than even I thought. I wept as I drove America in 2020. As I watched friends n those I just knew bow to insanity – I wept for my naïveté in spite of my deep cynicism.
      I can believe anything now. ANYthing. Incl that we have a long time when it looks like daily we are at the abyss’ precipice.
      A decade may be just the start of several decades of the end.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Celestial, your notes are indeed very helpful. I have family members living in USA. My prayer is that when all this begin to happen, God will protect them and they will realise and come back home safely. God bless you and protect you always.

  5. Lynn says:

    Do you speak of these things as happening before the rapture? This is identical to Jerusalem and Babylon

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