The Russians Will Take America – June 27, 2021

Therefore the Lord shall set up the adversaries of Rezin against him, and join his enemies together. – (Isaiah 9:11 )

Before expressing the prophecy for today I need to say a few things.

First- I get this verse a lot. I really do. As in all the time, every week, anytime and for no reason at all. God speaks Isaiah 9:10-12 or some portion of it constantly (He gave v11 today), with it He reminds me of what He will do to the United States. He brings it up even when it isn’t related to anything I’m doing at a particular moment. I’ve said before that if I had to make a post every time I hear this passage as a benchmark for the coming judgement of America I’d have to post on TMV several times a day (and definitely several times a week) because of how often I hear it.

Isaiah 9:10-12 is the most consistent passage I’ve received in all my years of prophecy with God; it is always about America and usually comes with a reminder that the judgement against the USA is not forgotten and will not change. It’s like a cup filling itself in the background, waiting for the day when God will pour out His fury on this country as an answer for the sins of the nation past and present. If anyone has not yet read those verses despite how many times I’ve posted, explained them and divided them rightly on this blog and on camera, I think it’s time to read them.

Secondly- I do not know the timing of these things. People keep demanding I give a timeline or “Put some order to this, tell us how it’s supposed to go!” but this attitude amazes me. It really does. No person in the Bible EVER shouted after a prophetic message: “Tell us when these things shall be!” but today’s people not only disregard warnings of the Lord, they insist on a sell-by date so they can shout ‘Liar!’ if the Lord takes time in fulfilling it.

I admit, the longer I do this the more I see why God has kept His harshest punishments for America. He has been waiting SO LONG for this nation to repent but its only grown harder with time. God has called America to seek Him with her whole heart as she heard judgements proclaimed, instead from what I can see most people are still unbelieving, still uninterested, or simply impatient to know ‘How long is it going to take’. Men have prophesied here until they died and still America does not repent, honour God or change. Hard heartedness is one thing but arrogance even in the face of disaster for one of the greatest empires of modern times? Well that’s a new one, even for me. 

Having no timeline to share publicly doesn’t mean I’ve not invested many hours learning from God about these things- it just means I can’t do that for anyone else. No prophet in the Bible ever said “It’ll be next month for sure”- in fact things like that should be one of the clearest ways to identify the many liars people are following today but strangely, giving timelines only makes people follow them more so…. what do I know? I am content to live my life on the time I am allotted, working on my own salvation and in my fields until the day God tells me to stop.

In prayer and worship today [June 27, 2021, about 1pm] as He often does the Lord came to speak to me but what He had to say had nothing to do with me or my songs. It was 100% about America falling to Russia, the reasons why God will strengthen the Russians to take over America and why He will not help the USA at all. He said to make it very plain what the future of America is and to warn that none of His judgements will fail. He said HE will strengthen Russia, HE will bring Russia here after building them up with other enemies of America until they fall on her and destroy her.

America, I have told you all these things from the mouth of the Lord countless times but you do not want to listen. You want to bicker, criticise, scoff and debate. Yet God has said this nation will be like Atlantis.

Who are the students of history? Who knows the story of Atlantis? Not me, not very well anyway. Atlantis is a sought-after treasure of modern archaeologists, the prize they all want for their trophy wall. The only thing that interests me about Atlantis is not where she is but why God says America will be like her. Why did God destroy Atlantis so harshly, and what does it mean when a modern nation is said to be like her? What did Atlantis do?

Atlantis welcomed the gods. The sky dwellers, the sea kings. She had exceptional technology and progressive ways for an ancient civilization and the reason for that was because she served the fallen. They gave her everything she had.

Atlantis’s sin was mixing herself with what are basically demons: gods of the sea, sky and other realms, living with them, worshiping them, sleeping with them making hyrbid babies and doing every abomination with mind and body that God said not to do. For this in one day the sea rose up and wiped the Atlanteans from the map; they disappeared into the water, not a single one of them got on a boat or ran somewhere to safety, and that was the end of it.

God said (and it’s on this blog)- America will be wiped from the map. She will cease to be a nation, she will become “a footnote in history that will not be remembered anymore.” People will ask if she really existed- if anyone reading this right now can even imagine a nation as powerful and influential as this one being LOST TO TIME, such that future generations have to ask their parents, ‘Come on, did this place really exist?!’– then I think you can appreciate the gravity of what I’m saying here.

America will not exist in the future- it will be physically attacked by enemies and geographically destroyed by natural disasters to the point where nothing remains to identify it as the mighty subject of endless books, movies, conversation and countless people’s dreams. IT WILL NOT BE, ANYMORE. I will make the video for this message soon so, until then here it is.


The Russians are coming and they will take up the territory of America. They will take up the land, the sea and the air, in that they will take control of the land mass, the sea channels and the airways of the United States. They will be lord and master over America with complete and total control over EVERYTHING, especially telecommunications and all forms of media. They will take over broadcasting across the nation and speak their own things to America, and this nation will be desolate. A coup from within says the Lord, an insurrection, then America topples and becomes a slave to her enemy. This is the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Russia will come with multiple allies to besiege this place. America is not prepared for a ground war and she cannot compete with the training and dedication of other nations in terms of ground forces. Arrogance does not win ground wars; skill and selflessness in times of combat is how glory is won. The other nations are cohesive in their training and will outwit America with size of forces, speed, cunning and superior weaponry of the end times. Multiple allies will contribute to ground forces and their footprints will cover the country from one end to another. They will OVERRUN America- this is the word of the Lord. This nation shall become a colony; it will be run by Russian rules, Russian mandates, Russian way of life. Anyone who will not obey will be eliminated with efficiency. Russian language, Russian values, Russian way of life. If you do not agree you will be removed.

Americans will speak Russian by force or lose their lives trying. They will speak it by force or die trying. I will strengthen the Russians, I will also strengthen their God-ordained leader. I will make his hand to reach out and pluck America like one picks a ripe fruit and it will be his for the taking. Nothing will be denied him, he will gaze over the whole of the land and select the best of it for his people and himself. 

Russian soldiers will converge on America from all sides in a PINCER MOVE, meaning they will arise on the East and West coasts simultaneously and take the country in a choking, iron grip.

(As the Lord said this I saw a BIG red crab run up on America, it came up quickly on the USA map, raised its pincers on both sides and squeezed. I saw little symbols like lightning bolts on the map, electric shocks to indicate pain and surprise as the nation was squeezed between the strong claws of this fast red crab.)

Their soldiers will settle here taking the best of the land, homes, assets and everything else for themselves. America will become OCCUPIED TERRITORY just like France and Hungary in World War 2. Even Europe will fall to the power of Russia in the last days, the bear will sweep over her own continent like a broom and recover much ground that she lost.

The former Soviet Union will rise again but this time it will be bigger than before. Many more countries will join it willingly as well as those who were in it before. Russia will also have MUCH new territory she never had before, meaning countries that have never historically been Russian at all. This is the word of the Lord. 

The Lord said: “No one holds power in any capacity without the Lord knowing, without the Lord allowing it. Look and see how long one man has ruled Russia, ask yourselves if he could have lasted so long as sole leader if the Lord had not strengthened him?”

I will strengthen the bear says the Lord, it will sit up with three ribs in its mouth and consume much flesh. Arise says God, consume much flesh. Consume to the east and the west and all that is before you- I set before you a table Russia and the meal you shall eat is America. Come with your armoury, come with your tanks, come with your war planes to subdue the land of the free. Come with your moral code to separate moral from immoral in America. Come set the foundation stones alight, set them on fire, I the Lord command it. Light this nation up from the length and breadth of it and take everything as the spoil. Spoil, spoil. Take it all. Even the people. 

Number them, catalogue them.

Capture them, lead them away as captives to the four corners of the world to work in brick and mortar as they made My people work. They were not merciful to My people therefore no mercy shall be shown to them, for the generations who sinned before them so the land is captured now. Even the iniquity of the current inhabitants I the Lord will now repay; the sins they commit are overflowing before Me. They are loveless, selfish, cowardly and unmerciful. They are scheming and have no love for their neighbour, therefore I will destroy them out of the land I gave them and drive them out to be servants and slaves in other lands. The survivors will lament and constantly tell their story- they will have no rest from being asked- “What happened to your country? What did you do for the Lord to strike you people so?”

List out their sins before them:

Murder, capital punishment.

Abortion, capital punishment.

Abandonment and abuse of minors, capital punishment. There will be no reprieve or forgiveness for this; you who have committed it the millstone will be put around your neck and cast into the sea.

Same sex perversions, captivity, rape, capital punishment. All who have committed this sin without repentance a yoke shall be placed around your neck and you shall be taken where you don’t want to go, to serve masters you don’t want to serve. A drunken cup will be served to you and with the same energy you defiled yourselves you shall be defiled. This is the word of the Lord.

Human sacrifice, capital punishment.

Eating the flesh of men, DEATH, capital punishment. All who eat the flesh of men and drink their blood know that you have defiled the temple of the ever-living God, you have desecrated your own temple and defiled what My hands made. To all who eat people in cannibalism and occultism I am the Lord, I will repay you to your bosom and the bosom of your seed for this sin.

Man to man, woman to woman. I will not forgive this sin in the day of My judgement. Even if you scream and cry your repentance in that day you shall not be forgiven, you will be repaid in full for this sin you committed even in your youth or your old age. If you have not said sorry and laid aside this abomination in the day My judgement comes to America, you will bear the penalty for this sin in your flesh in full. All this is the word of the Lord.

Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice. I have nothing further to add. The video is below where I was able to expand on these things, however they’ve all been said many times. If anyone is new to the blog I advise you to use the search box below- type Russia and all prophecies about Russia will come up. God’s heart is to warn and prepare, warn and prepare. However if someone is still not taking His words seriously there is nothing more I can do about that. Below are some links especially for newer visitors who may not have seen them yet.

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  1. kimkim76 says:

    All through the Old Testament the Lord either raised up a leader to be a tool of judgement in His hands, strengthened a current leader for His judgement , or confused enemies for His people. I do NOT understand why anyone believes that America is not mystery Babylon and deserve anything less than what she will receive. This nation is absolutely evil and out of control. We earned it. I pray the Lord will have mercy on His people. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Anonymous says:


  2. jcmt222 says:

    Isaiah 13, in one hour she will be desolate, she will be as sodom.

    1. Celestial says:

      Isaiah 13 is another passage I’ve received many times. Have been instructed to read and teach the whole of it several times on this platform and the videos are on YouTube. All these refer to the coming fall of the USA. God bless you jcmt222, thanks for visiting TMV.

  3. Justin says:

    This nation is absolutely mystery Babylon or Babylon the great and it will be destroyed within one hour as God’s word warns. I have been shown a single dream a few years ago of a nuclear explosion happening here where I live in San Jose, California or near here. I was looking out a window at my friends house that overlooked downtown San Jose and the airport when I see this massive mushroom cloud in the distance. I immediately knew it was a nuclear explosion. So I turn around and try warning all those within the home who came to gather together. All those in the home including my own wife and daughter ignored my warnings. Maybe one or two looked up at me but didn’t move. So I went to look back out the window as I knew there would be a blast wave coming and I didn’t know how close it was. As I was looking out the window I heard a deep but calm voice behind me tell me “Yes. It’s Russia.” Then suddenly the wall of fire hit the house and came through the window. The heat from the flames was so intense that I woke up instantly. I was drenched in sweat and it seemed like I had jumped into a swimming pool my shirt was that soaked. But nothing else was wet from this intense and beyond realistic dream.

    Soon after I fully surrendered to the Lord Jesus as I was living a lukewarm Christian life up until that point. But even after the dream it took me some time to come to the end of myself and fall on my knees before the Lord and tell him I was done pursuing the things I wanted in this world. I was soon after called to be a watchman one morning while spending time in prayer and in God’s word. The first thing he started revealing to me was that Russia would attack the USA and that God would judge this wicked evil nation for all the unrepentant sins. He would make the cities desolate and much more.

    As a watchman I share only what I am given to share and recently this is the message. War is coming. Time is up. The door is closing and could well be closed soon. Jesus is coming for his watchful and ready bride. Many will. It be leaving with Jesus because they refuse to separate themselves from this world. Their heart is not fully surrendered to the Lord and they trust mankind and love this world more.

    Thanks for always being obedient to the Holy Spirit and sharing.

    -Justin Adkinson
    A watchman until I am called home

    1. Joe D says:

      No one is leaving. All have to face these chastisements.

  4. rudymoorejr says:

    Praise God sister Celestial, thank you for being faithful to the Lord’s work. The Lord showed me exactly what the Lord is telling you to say back in 2019 in a dream; it was frightening and I had nowhere safe to run and hide, all there was to do was to trust in the Lord and prepare to meet Him.

    I say to those who do not like the message on this blog, are we reading the same Bible and trusting in the word from the same Lord? Why would we not trust the Red Letters of the New Testament where Jesus have said in numerous places Matt 24:13 He who endures to the end will be saved, to continue to be ready for His return; Matt 25 the Five Wise Virgins; not to prepare an answer, but in Luke 12:12 The Holy Spirit will give you the words to say at the moment when you need them. Let us then believe and understand that the time we’ve been praying for is near, when we won’t have to run this race any longer, that our time of rest draws near, that we will finally look upon the face of Jesus, this is our hope. And brothers and sisters, if you are not yet ready to be with the Lord, then repent and ask the Lord for strength to carry you over to His bosom, instead of fretting yourselves over what is spoken by God’s messenger. Reacquaint yourselves with Matthew chapters 24 and 25, if you are unsure how to live, then visit Matthew chapter 5, it will clearly explain to you how you ought to live. However, brothers and sisters, constantly battling with God’s chosen messenger, will only prove one thing from scripture: 2 Timothy 4:4-5 4 They will turn away from listening to the truth and give their attention to legends. 5 But you must keep control of yourself in all circumstances; endure suffering, do the work of a preacher of the Good News, and perform your whole duty as a servant of God.

    God bless you all and let us agree to be ready for the day of the Lord; however, we shall meet Him.

  5. Joe D says:

    So Sad reading all this and all this coming can be Halted……..just repent but repentances are few. Sad .

    For the Last two years I in my own way have been trying to get this message on social media and yes some have accepted and others have even complemented me at my style in getting that individual to repent. Its the fear not so much of the Russians taking over but of folks dying unrepentant and going to hell. Sad as I was once walking on the broad road and luckily thanks to a chance meeting with Lady preacher from Greece and I repented and since by and large lived in the Lords commandments and now Pray to Jesus to save others in a similar manner

    Hence keep on Praying and working for the lost. Jesus has given hope in the Greater Tribulation when the 144k will be preaching with the two witnesses and will save huge numbers. satan and his demons will not be able to do much to thwart these evangelists.

    Jesus have mercy on me a sinner.

  6. Dave says:

    Since America’s beginnings it was doomed, most of the founding fathers were Freemasons who when they get to the last few degrees learn that it is Lucifer who they worship. America to the Freemasons is considered as “The New Atlantis” and their dream is for a world of utopia.
    Another very sinful one is the Roman church of the Vatican, they too have a lot of sins upon them on top of being a counterfeit form of Christianity.

  7. Johannes Platz says:

    If the people of a nation repent and turn from their wicked ways, Yehovah can and does withdraw His judgement on a nation. Read the book of Jonah and the repentance of Ninevah. The rising majority of Americans are against the murder of unborn babies and the LGBxyz-ism of the Democratic Party.

    1. Dave says:

      I think that time may have come and gone for the last time when Trump was somewhat in charge. In other words, he was a reprieve from God for the very scripture you are quoting from.
      When Israel got back into the land back in 1948, that move set the end times in motion, and there is no turning back. Over the last 73 years many people have come to accept and believe in the Lord Jesus. But in the end, prophecy has to come to it’s fruition. And eventually God will run out of patience, which looks like He already has with the way things are going throughout the world, but especially in the States.

      ” Do not love the world nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life, is not from the Father, but is from the world. The world is passing away and also its lusts; but the one who does the will of God continues to live forever.” 1 John 2:15-17

    2. Joe moore says:

      Judgement is set. God will not change it now. Celestial says if you pray for God to turn from the judgement he has portioned for us He will not hear you. Pray for the lost. That God will soften their hearts and repent. There will be huge loss of life. God showed me … me am here to go thru it and seen the complete destruction. But in a big way I wish i was taken early. I think He needs me to help some people and build faith in them. He has done supernatural things for me in dreams and visions… pray that the lost will repent.. all they need is mustard seed faith.

    3. Celestial says:

      Many think they can keep quoting verses to eternity: “If this and that, if people repent.” The crux is “IF”, which makes Repentance conditional upon people NOT the Lord. It is bald-as-stones evident that America has never repented no matter who God sent to warn her. Furthermore it’s a fallacy that any “rising number” is against the sins of this nation- SIN overflows the bounds of the USA, even the children are sinning! How can we cling to some fantasy that “most people” are against sin, are we blind to life outside the window or just living in denial? Let God be true and every man be the liar. God has seen America’s sin AND JUDGED IT. Even Nineveh had conviction to repent (if only for a season) but America continues to rush headlong to her own destruction and those who truly serve God here KNOW IT. These prophecies will stand AS THEY ARE- not “Celestial says”. It is GOD who says judgement is set and won’t be turned no matter what. Intercession is for souls to be saved like potatoes plucked out of a boiling pot but America is under God’s judgement and that’s all I have to say.

  8. Rhonda says:

    Sis Celestial, I don’t really watch TV, but this article popped up on my phone about how Germany is reluctant to join NATO in coming against Russia overtaking Ukraine. I immediately thought of how you said God told you that the US wouldn’t have allies.

    Here is the article below:

    1. Chege says:

      The people made to work without mercy where the slaves which are African Americans. Yet Yah tells you this are his people. We now know who the true decedants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are in USA. Praise Yah

  9. MountainZoon says:

    Yes, I have seen Russia here as well.

  10. Ala says:

    I know there is no certainty regarding the timing of fulfillment for these things, but Benjamin Baruch has thoughts on the timing if you are interested:

    1. Joe D says:

      Thanks ! Interesting this viewpoint………….

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