The Cockfight – June 30, 2019


Prophecy: The United States and Iran are going to fight. ‘Squabbles’. ‘Quarrels’. First- I saw each one bring a bullhorn to the battlefield and plug it in, then a war of words making louder and louder threats against each other. I didn’t see who struck a blow but suddenly they were scratching, clawing and fighting each other in a brief but intense ‘war’. They were shown as two large roosters fighting and leaping, trying to gain the upper hand over each other by striking, clawing, and pecking one another in a physical fight (i.e. Things moved from words to physical contact). Both of these roosters could leap pretty high so no rooster had a clear win. Just as quick as it started, it stopped.

Revelation: The feeling I had is this will be a conflict of the sea, a water fight. God said blood will flow on both sides, but the true cost will be the lack of fear in America’s enemy. When America was untouchable no one would dare strike her, but now her hedge of protection is removed and more and more countries will begin to trouble her. I see leaders of the Middle East watching this fight with INTEREST. China paying close attention, Russia trying to act like they don’t care what’s going on. However after the fight Putin will be one of the first to call Iran and congratulate her on her effort. 

From the Persians I see a fierce determination- not to be beaten, not to be sidelined or disrespected any longer. But for America I see shock behind the bravado. She didn’t think Iran would fight, she didn’t think they would actually lay a hand on her, but they did and drew blood too. There’s no clear outcome in battle, but in terms of POINTS GAINED Iran is the clear winner. The Persians are about to enter the international stage; they’re going to be a major player in the END TIMES. They’ve been banned from the game a long time because of America but now- they’re about to grab a racket and get on the court for real.

Pick a team all you nations, the final games are about to begin. 

Video for this prophecy is now available HERE.

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  1. JCsaves777 says:

    Iran is attacking now. The cockfight has begun.

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