Zombies In America – July 17, 2021

For if we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s. – (Romans 14:8)

“If a man dies, shall he live again?” (Job 14:14 (a)

Pre-Note: It’s not my normal approach to tell readers what to focus on as they read TMV. I think everything’s worth reading at least once but I tend to read this blog as part of my Bible study. I want to build a ‘tree’ of understanding as to where we are and where we’re going and I encourage readers to do the same. It might also be my personal flow but I’m drawn to the supernatural prophecies. I know American readers especially are interested in vaccine prophecies or Russia- China ones but…

It’s the fallen angels for me. It’s the Nephilim, it’s the dreams of the ground opening up and alien ships ripping through it to levitate over everything that interest me. The way I see it the Russians are people. I’ve seen people before. A vaccine is something I can do everything possible to avoid. But a fallen angel? An alien? Where from the beginning to end of my salvation have I interacted with such things, that I would naturally know how to outwit, escape and avoid them?

If you ask me the supernatural is where 99% of Christians need the most work, because the irony is even though we’re the people with the greatest supernatural book in the world we are also the people who don’t really believe the Bible is REAL. Christianity is widely taught as an allegory or as a book where the God who did things like part seas, throw rock-sized hail from the sky or raise the dead is no longer capable of doing those things.

It’s sad but it seems we have the lowest levels of active faith of any religion in the world now, that’s why the church is dying from the limbs inward like an old, rotten tree. The only ‘miracles’ we expect are prosperity ones but I bet if Leviathan (whom God describes in Job 41) were to explode out of the sea right now and start smashing things with his tail, the truthers would be taking selfies with him while the CHRISTIANS would be on heart medication from shock that he actually exists. You ask most people if that massive sea  dragon with the scales of iron is real and they’ll tell you ‘Of course not’. A few might say ‘Well it’s a spirit.’ But I would say ‘Leviathan is practicing his end times solo underwater right now, getting ready to prove to us all by smashing ships and other forms of high-tech sonar that he indeed is REAL’.

But I digress. I was talking about things like nephilim, aliens and zombies.  

The more I dream of them the more I understand what Jesus meant when He said men’s hearts will fail them in the end. (Luke 21:26). There are things a person can survive ONLY IF THEY HAVE RESILIENT FAITH- meaning they might never have seen them before but if they’ve stored up the oil of FAITH like flowing honeycombs inside them, then at least they won’t lose their mind at first sight. They may have zero experience of such things but AN ACTIVE FAITH doesn’t need the details; FAITH is guaranteed to pulse out some kind of power response to any demonic entity- “Get thee behind me Satan!” That’s what I’m committed to, understanding the supernatural aspects of the times to come and getting deeply prepared for them the best I can, in Jesus name.

So this topic people keep asking- is it the vaccines. Is it the vaccines. I’ve seen zombies since mid- 2010, I couldn’t even tell my pastor what I saw because where would I start. There are no Bible studies for zombies. I knew the dream was from God but how to make sense of it? Where to file it? In the end I kept quiet; I knew if God wanted to tell me why I was seeing zombies He would tell me.

While writing the prophecy “The Fig, Seeds & the Vaccines” God did speak about them. He said Reanimé will arise from those who take the vaccines. Those who know my desire to be exact in writing know I strongly urge us to read words as they are written. When something arises “from among” something else it means A SUBSET, A PART OF THAT THING is what creates the new thing. So not every vaccinated person will turn to reanimé.

In some dreams I’ve seen people get really sick with fever and mutate to zombies, I saw them wake up roaring like a beast with so much strength! They could hear over incredible distances and track living people like lions. These dreams are on the blog. I didn’t know back then why people turned but the pieces made sense after the Lord said, the undead will arise from those who have taken the vaccine. I’ve seen dreams where some who took vaccines had no reaction at all; they did not turn, but the majority of the zombies came from something that affected people, made them sick and made them turn into reanimé.

It seems they’ll have overwhelming numbers and I guess it makes sense because the vaccine category is so large already. People can’t seem to line up fast enough for it. Therefore from among that large category comes a SUBSET- that number will also be very large. Now let us go to what God showed me in mid-July 2021.

In the later half of July I kept seeing human teeth. Many random images of human teeth, teeth teeth teeth and also bitten flesh. Thighs, calves, breasts, upper arms- all the fleshy parts of the body ripped up, full of the imprints of human teeth. It was most distressing and made me think twice about our smiles. They’re nice to see but part of me was wondering whose smiles will commit mass murder in the end times. With that intro here is my last post of the “In America” series. 

[Taken from my journal]

I am writing here the exact experiences of today July 17, 2021. After I dreamt of Pogroms in America I realised it was still early. I was still tired so after writing that prophecy I went back to sleep. I dreamt and this time instead of seeing Beast System America God took me to Dystopia America which, if you ask me, may as well be the same place. This dream was so real that it wasn’t ’til I opened my eyes an hour and a half later that I knew I wasn’t there. I knew the pogrom dream was a dream but this one I absolutely did NOT. My dreams are getting so real that I’ve been asking myself if it’s because of spiritual changes in me or spiritual changes in the atmosphere (which I’m noticing very much lately) that are giving me these vivid, movie-quality dreams.

I’ve told several people recently that New York feels like stardust is in the air. The city is very hot, tense and supercharged with an ozone-like energy that has nothing to do with the many storms we’re having. Outside feels negative electricity crawling over the skin, like something is about to happen any second.  Maybe it’s just me but this feeling is so strong it even comes inside the walls of the buildings and I feel it. 

Also New York is filled and I do mean absolutely 💯 percent filled with demons and demonized people. The number of obvious (and non-obvious) possessed people in New York City is now at unprecedented levels; it’s gotten to where I’ve never seen it. The signs are everywhere: 

The non-obvious people wear suits or normal clothes, you can see they’re not homeless. When they walk by they look fine like they’re going somewhere (and I’m sure they are). But when you’re close to them you can see by their face all is not well- the eyes are empty, looking at nothing. The body is there but the occupant is either suppressed or not there at all. Only the demon is home.

The obvious people are much easier to spot:

  • Lurching instead of walking, unsteadiness that may also be caused by substance abuse
  • Wild actions and sudden moves that scare people
  • Talking to unseen people on the right, or if the demon is on the left, talking to unseen people on the left, or, if there are many demons, turning in many directions to talk to them all while pointing to each one in turn.
  • Pointing at crowds or passing individuals and telling them total gibberish
  • Vacant eyes, vacant face
  • Looking very hunted, looking in five directions all the time for safety yet no one is approaching them 

This city is home to a growing, silent army that will one day be the first candidates to be filled with the spirits of whatever arrives first that’s not of God. Because the government and the church are not paying attention to these people I feel satan is infiltrating a lot of warm bodies to use against humanity later. Spiritual madness makes the veil between reality and the unseen realm so THIN that anyone who has a demon is extremely sensitive to increases in negative energy around us; they are the first to notice things because the spirits in them alert them to shifts in the unseen atmosphere.

Meanwhile ordinary people walk around without feeling anything but that’s not the case with spiritually alert people and certainly not the case with the homeless demonized population of New York. Not only are they so many now but they’re more on edge than I’ve ever seen them. I feel it’s worth noting down here, New York is ignoring this army and I feel we’re going to pay for it heavily later on. Anyway let me record my dream.

I dreamt I was in pre-zombie America at a time when no one was sure what was going on. Zombies existed but we didn’t know it yet. They killed people but just like in other dreams I’ve had there was a lag period in the beginning where nobody was sure what was doing the killing. There were different theories but no real evidence except the mangled bodies that were turning up everywhere.

People went missing at an alarming rate, I mean murders at an alarming rate yet nobody knew for sure why. The official story for the spikes in death and violent crime was such total NONSENSE that nobody gave it any credence. Even those who usually swallow what the news says didn’t believe that story. We had no choice but to try to figure things out for ourselves and doing that made all of us, all of us in all fifty states, nervous as hell. Literally. There was this jittery feeling much like what I described earlier, people were scared and on edge; as a result home alarm systems and other protective measures became the norm everywhere.

Then the dream changed and I was living in full zombie dystopia. There was a clear difference between pre-zombie time and zombie-ruled time. In zombie-ruled time we knew exactly what was killing people, we knew why people died or disappeared and no one was under any illusions why there were so many deaths. There had been too many sightings, too many open viewings of zombies for anyone to be in any doubt or confusion what was happening in America. 

There was no police force or anyone to enforce the law, as a result crime soared. In addition to zombie attacks people were so LAWLESS AND WICKED– committing horrible acts because there was no security framework anymore. Zombies kill for food but the things humanity was doing came from a surge of spiritual wickedness in the population. There was so much rape, murder, gangs and pillaging that added another layer of lawlessness to the general ruin of America. I’ve said many times that I don’t watch scary movies so I’ve never seen movies like ‘The Purge’ or ‘Purge Anarchy’, but those who’ve seen them know what I’m talking about. Those movies show what life is like when law enforcement is removed for one night, well in this dream law enforcement was removed permanently and America was truly dangerous. 

Like other dystopia dreams God showed me human nature. Character or rather, the lack of it. I constantly advise on TMV that we must let the Holy Spirit work on us because we won’t have control over who we end up with when things change. God adds life saving tips in these dreams and I for one pay attention to them.

I can say with some authority (sadly) that poor character will kill a great number of people in the end times. It’s something I’m convinced of by my dreams. There will be terrible things happening yes it’s true but the way people react, think and the choices they make because of arrogance, ignorance and pride will be so detrimental to longevity that I can’t say every death will be satan’s fault. God tells us that righteous living, integrity, kindness, and respect for others goes a long way (“Do unto others as you want them to do unto you”), but in our community and in the world such values are becoming heavily redacted and hard to find. Christians are more concerned with online fights over scripture than they are about allowing the Holy Ghost to mold them into the character of the King of Kings and I think that is going to cost some of us in the end.

All I can say is, to the bullies out there who think height or strength or a loud voice is what makes the world your footstool. To loud women who act as if no one else matters, the intimidating, aggressive “momma bear” types ready to steamroll over you if you request common courtesy… I believe you will get the shock of your lives in the end times.

That’s because you will have NO SAY OVER THE ACTIONS OF OTHERS in those days. From what I’ve seen the most unbelievable responses will come out of people (good and bad), such that if you try that bad character bully nonsense with a bunch of smaller, quieter, stressed-out people and think because they’re smaller than you or less mama bear than you, you’re going to control them- my guess is someone will simply split your skull with a rock as you’re in the middle of a speech one day, and not one person is going to say “Oh you shouldn’t have done that.”

No one will scream. No one will call the police. There won’t be police. Everyone will look at you bleeding out in some unnamed patch of Middle America which is where we always seem to be going, away from the cities, and maybe after 40 seconds of looking at your dead body your killer will throw the rock away and say quietly “She was annoying”. Someone else will say “Yeah. She was.” And that will be the end of the matter. If anyone thinks I’m joking about what I share here all I can say is… wait until we get there. You may send me a letter by homing pigeon and say Celestial, you didn’t tell us the half. You should have prepared us better and told us more.

From what I can see there is absolutely no rhyme or reason to who you end up with in the end times. I believe God puts me with many different people to show me multiple angles of life during those days. I’ve been seeing these dreams a long time and I’ve never been in the same group twice. I’m always with people I don’t know, living a wilderness life I have to adapt to quickly because of how many physical and emotional demands it places on me all of a sudden.

In this dream I was with two men called Ralph and Christian who I don’t know if they were saved or not but they were very,  very good at surviving. Ralph was an older guy with long white hair under a baseball cap, grey khakis, genuine leather loafers, faded red t-shirt and the deepest tan I’ve ever seen on a human being. He was wiry and strong and knew how to get along with people. Christian was bigger, brunette with a beard and a kind, thoughtful face. He was an excellent driver and didn’t say much. He was smart, good at navigation and even though he was heavy-set he ate surprisingly little. These two people are as real to me writing this as if I know them, in my dream I thought it was real life, I thought “This is my life now” so the details of them are stuck for now as if they were real.

Personal note without prejudice: ‘Without prejudice’ means this is just me speaking my truth.

It is my preference to be with as few women as possible if my life depends on it because in most end times dreams I have with them in it they are the source of noise, conflict, hysteria, bad decisions and refusal to listen to leadership. I’ve seen excellent women helpers and even leaders in my dreams – women who rose to the occasion of a destroyed world like true military generals. These women were instrumental in saving entire groups from death but unfortunately, they were not the majority. The most common women God constantly shows me are modern women from real life- just how we see them in stores, social groups and traffic where they have “rights” and can call the manager etc- that’s the same unbelievable behavior a lot of them carry into the days where you can get your throat ripped out for making too much noise or not listening. In fact some men displayed this behavior too and I shared about it in A Dream Of The End Of America.” I saw men and women who behaved SO BADLY in that dream that their ability to work as teams or live a long time was unfortunately very low.

However here I’m speaking to women. I’m a woman too and I will be honest about what God shows me. The fact that most women do not want to listen even when they’re 900 miles deep in the bush where they’re completely out of their element just amazes me, yet this is what I keep seeing. I’ve seen them cause so many problems that whenever I dream myself in a team of mostly men I’m thankful. Those teams are more peaceful, more silent, better organized and tend to live longer. With more guys we sit by ourselves and none of us asks the other one anything or feels any need for endless talking. In the end times there’s just too much on a person’s mind for chatter. In my end times dreams I like to be quiet and think about God and a few other things, I like things to run smoothly and what I’ve seen is men are literal geniuses at making the best of it when there is no ‘best’ to be had. 

These men in my dream did so much. They drove the van. They seemed to have radar for where to find food, especially Ralph the older man. We’d be driving down some pointless road when he’d say “Stop”- we stopped, he hopped out and came back a while later with food, cans, wet wipes, water, soda, all kinds of magical things that made me want to cry with thankfulness. Christian drove the van and navigated and I sat and was quiet and prayed for us with all my strength. Whenever we had to forage long term Christian stayed in the van and kept it running while Ralph and I went to look for whatever we could then brought it back to the van. That was ‘the system’, that was our life, we shared whatever we had and I believe the strength and resilience of these two men kept me alive as much as they believed my prayers kept them alive. That’s all I have to say. That’s the dream I had. 

P.S. May no women be hurt or offended by this post. I’m sharing as much for myself as for others who have observed this behavior I’m describing. As a woman God has changed many things in me in preparation for the world ahead of us and I’m grateful to Him for it. It is my regular prayer that whatever the changes ahead we will be able to live together in communities of renewed Spirit-filled men and women who give honour to God by the way we come together to triumph over trying times.

I do believe in the end days powerful spirits will sweep in (especially through the political system in America), spirits that will make many women very… aggressive and militant. Vicious. LOUD. Contentious. Controlling. Hard to get along with. We’re seeing it right now if we’re honest but no one wants to say anything about it. All I know is, if these traits are not recognized or dealt with through energetic prayer and submission to the Heavenly Father AND to husbands where they exist, those ladies will find themselves at a distinct disadvantage when it’s time to make communities with total strangers. They will compromise others by their actions and that’s what God showed me. Men and women will pay a hard price for poor character traits when we’re in a world with no law and order so, I thought it was worth mentioning. God bless everyone, blessings from Celestial 🙏🏽

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  1. Anonymous says:

    scary times

  2. Bee says:

    I get what you mean about opinionated women finding it hard to live amongst men or others.

    Being submissive in spirit can be a godly thing.

    But however, with the number of rapes through the roof (I already scarcely know a women who hasn’t been raped and we haven’t even reached this state of no law and order yet)… I’m just wondering how easy it will be to trust men/a group of men to stay alive. Especially without the expectation of prostituting oneself.

    1. Celestial says:

      Hi Bee… I’m speaking less about females not getting along and more about how high working jezebel and other spirits will cause many women to forfeit their lives in the end days, along with putting countless others at risk by their actions. I did my best to convey that when supernatural creatures that eat flesh are wandering around people will be focused on using their last ounce of effort to stay alive rather than having to babysit spoiled people (male and female). The last days environment will require every iota of strength for day to day survival and God is showing simply that if many women do not change they’re not going to make it.

      1. Leihua says:

        I have witnessed so many over the last few years it is quite apparent to me there is a new level of wickedness and takeovers than I have ever experienced in my life. I agree with you sister-as a female I appreciate your sentiments EXACTLY….high ranking Jbells walking all around us!

        1. Joe D says:

          True ! We have to keep them in strong prayer, I for one will continue to do so till the end as Jesus suffered His unbelievable passion on the cross for them so at least some repent and be saved.
          Some do get a deathbed repentance !

          Jesus have mercy on us sinners !

  3. Jobob says:

    6 yrs ago God gave me a very powerful and prophetic vision in detail in three parts. The first part me an older couple and a girl were helping each other thru the rubble of a destroyed town. Nothing standing. It seemed we were the only ones left. This destruction seemed to be from a earthquake. All across the horizon were tornadoes moving toward us.. about 50 of them… we came to a half brick wall and I stopped and turned toward the tornados and held my hand up for them to stop also. We weren’t even a little afraid as if we knew we were safe. Just before the first tornado got to us a rectangle hole opened up in the sky ad sucked up the tornado like a vacuum cleaner.. we just smiled smugly. And about 3 more did the same thing… sucked up right in front of us… then I was materialized from there (only way I can describe it) to a small town… me and about 3 other people walked into a townhouse near the downtown and sat down to play a board game. I began to hear a loud low pitch sound coming from outside.. everyone there with me sat still and I ran outside to see what it was… I ran to the edge of town and came to a vacant lot.. on this lot was a three story tall jet black pyramid vibrating and moving around the lot in right angles. Then it stopped. There was an eyeball at the top just like on the back of our dollar bill. It was darting around really fast like it could see everything at once. Then the panels just below it folded down and that same loud low pitch sound started again coming from the panels. It was pure evil so I ran toward the downtown area. When I got to this downtown courtyard I stopped and looked around. I saw about 6 people wandering around aimlessly. They’re mouth and eyes wide open.. like zombies. That sound was doing it to them. They weren’t coming after me.. just walking aimlessly.. so I ran from there toward the countryside by myself. Then I went from there to the last part… I was in what seemed like a small basement but now I think it was a burrowed container. At the very beginning a large scroll floated down the right side of the scene with the name hicks on it…. and it faded away. I was on my knees with a baby beside me. I was looking after this baby… the rest is kinda personal… but I was also shown a guy and a woman I think was his mom…. a few other things… I think of this vision often. I know all of what God shows has meaning. He doesnt waste his time. The pyramid represented cell phone towers.. and now I believe it affected all those who took the jab. I hope this vision helps someone make the right decision. Love u in the lord… brother joe

    1. Wildfl0w3r says:

      Blessings to All my Brothers and Sisters in Christ throughout The Four Corners of The World,

      Writing as I am lead in the Spirit to write. Sister Celestial, I understand your writings as it relates to woman in the end of times. God is the same Today as he was yesterday. His word is everlasting. The Jezebel Spirit that you speak of, is running rampid in Today’s times especially, in the Church! Sisters hear us well. We must allow the Lord to tame our character and be obedient to his order in AUTHORITY. Woman is not the head. Man is the HEAD and he is subjected to GOD ALMIGHTY.

      LET US NOT REPEAT THE SAME MISTAKE AS EVE IN THE GARDEN. May we take head and respect the authority of the Lord which was given to Men.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is where we are.

    1. Celestial says:

      Yes, it seems so. Also the prophecy of the vaccine pass was fulfilled today, just 4 short months after I gave it.


      The rule now is you have to show proof of at least one vaccine dose to enter indoor dining and other “fun” public spaces, just as I saw in the dream.


      See also:


      1. Scarlett says:

        This is happening in any state run by rabid liberal governors. Here in the southern most reaches of the waste howling wilderness where I live, I will not be able to get life saving medical, dental, and trips to the grocery store unless v’d. I am having to order everything sent to the house. And….more restrictions about crossing state lines to visit loved ones.

        1. Joe D says:

          Yes, Sad ! Its going to be terribly inconvenient.
          However Jesus says that in these extenuating circumstances He will provide. So Just Trust God.

          I am in a daze seeing how He does it !
          Incredible !

          Fear not ! Note Prayer and Repentance of one’s sins with will control not to sin again is essential to face the coming apocalyptic events.

  5. Jobob says:

    I been wondering celestial. Do the people you work with know how God talks to you and shows you so much? Or do you leave it up to God to bring people to your writings and videos? It’s been my experience that people receive it better if they read my dreams and visions verses me telling them in person. I’ve been debating whether or not to put them on utube… God hasn’t led me to do it yet. But I do tell of them in a few places like this.. I’d like to share more of my dreams. I will do so on the articles you write that fit my dreams from now on… people should see more witnesses to the same subject.

    1. Davide says:

      Do you have a blog?

  6. Besala says:

    David’s confrontation with Goliath in 1 Samuel left quite an impression on me the first time I read it. Nothing but trust and confidence in God, and he spoke with great authority.

    “…but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.” Daniel 11:32 NKJV

  7. Greg says:

    There is a series on netflix called “Black summer” which comes close to your prophecy

  8. diego says:

    “When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell.” [Psalm 27]

    Warfare against flesh-eating zombies.

  9. lorq says:

    It is my humble opinion that people are already being changed into “zombies” as we speak. Too many vaxxed individuals are reporting severe brain fog, severe anxiety, severe agitation and other symptoms that are impairing their ability to think critically, reason logically and act normally. Last night, I was accosted by a young woman I helped a few months ago. She relayed to me last night that she took the vax (both jabs) and that she is now suffering from SEVERE anxiety that she cannot shake, get rid of or have a few seconds of peace from. She did end up in the hospital for a week and a half – the only thing she said worked was being heavily sedated in the hospital. She further stated that she could not take the constant anxiety and needed relief right now. Her behavior and demeanor was odd – belligerent, bellicose – not the kind, young woman I met a few months ago. She started to spook me and I began to feel uncomfortable around her. After our conversation ended, I prayed for her and asked God to assist her. It is my gut feeling, when speaking with her, that a seething, underbelly of violence lay within her. This underbelly, I believe, seems to have been ignited as she did relay to me that speaking with any person now made her angry. I don’t say this lightly, and I truly hope that I am wrong. Continue to pray to Our Lord, Continue to Stay Close to Him.

    (By the way, I suffer from severe anxiety since I was a small child. I know what anxiety looks like, the treatments, behavioral modifications, signs, symptoms, etc.. She presented a hyper-anxiety, something I have not seen before – like a super strain that impairs the ability to regulate one’s civility, one’s humanity and only leave a base shell of our human self. Our soul is compromised, lost even. Just very odd and concerning.)

  10. lservey says:

    The answer is Salt. I was given an IQ question in a psychology class years ago. What do water and salt have in common? The answer is life. Both are required to sustain life. As the water is lost from the body, the salt inside the cells will crystallize. Those that turn once belonged to the Lord and have lost their saltiness. Only He will be able to reverse it. To all who read this, pray Psalms 91 over your vaccinated loved ones and churches daily. We must fight for them because this world just wants them dead.

  11. Александра says:

    “The way I see it the Russians are people”…….Yes, we are also People from Russia. Quite friendly 🙂 And we also read your blog 🙂 Shalom sister. Blessings to all.

    1. Celestial says:

      HELLO! Alexandra.🦋 It’s nice to meet you. I get comments from all over but never one from Russia. You’re welcome to TMV, Shalom to you and God bless you. Thank you for reading and you are welcome in your visits. From Celestial.

  12. l29v15 says:

    Oh my, I have repeatedly heard about zombies, but didn’t realize that they would be a part of the human race soon. Lord prepare our hearts and minds for all that we will endure!
    Thank You once again Celestial for your truth, honesty and frankness. Preparation is KEY! Thanks!

    1. Maria says:

      I heard a report that they were already strange deaths and killings in the mountains of Colorado, USA. Hikers and forest rangers that had been killed (savagely I think the report said) or were missing. It was stated that these were unknown “entities” that were doing the killings and that the government had been brought in.
      I do not recall where I heard this, so I don’t like even having to say this without giving a source. It was from a YT channel that I do not subscribe to or regularly watch. One of those channels that report the news that the mainstream media does not.

  13. Anonymous says:

    And how are we, as Christians, to defend ourselves from them…kill them?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Are you able to back your dream with scriptures?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hi Celestial. Since the vaccine is forced upon mankind all over the world, will zombies appear globally or just in America?

    Thank you and God bless.

    1. Anita Berghofer says:

      Vaccinated people are all around the world aren’t they?
      -so I personally think that would be your answer.
      I myself also live outside US. In Germany, NRW. I have no idea how to prepare for this except praying 😔.

  16. kdchewning says:

    CONFIRMATION from brother in Christ on YT, Many Fish, reg. AMAZON TERMS OF AGREEMENT- unbelievable

  17. sissyky says:

    Yes, I agree with the assessment of the “modern woman” and have found much comfort and strength in casting aside these qualities that I’ve been taught by society in favor of God’s order and becoming a handmaiden of the Lord.

  18. Predictictivemedia777 says:

    I wanted to bring up some things related to predictive programming and it convinced me that this was staged to begin with. Anyways, here we go… I’m a gamer and there are two(I do not play them anymore) are bioshock and spiderman ps4.

    In bioshock, you start off as a dude who survives a plane crash in the atlantic ocea. Upon swimming thru the debris, you come across a lighthouse that contains this submarine that takes you to an underwater city called “Rapture”. A city that used to be a utopia but descended into chaos later on but there’s alot more to the story that I don’t feel like getting into. In this city, there are these inhabitants, referred to as “Splicers” that abused this drug called “adam” that changed their dna from using. They were addicted to it and became extremely violent. Well, at the beginning of the game, you come across this vending machine called “Gatherers garden” that contains adam and you inject yourself to gain these superpowers. It rewrites your dna from taking it and your veins starts to glow. This was back in 2007.

    Spider man PS4, released in 2018/2019. It shows people wearing masks later in the game after a bioweapon called GR-27, an ai crispr grna based technology that was ment to cure genetic disorders but in its imperfect form, causes havoc to the person. The techs in this game nicknamed it Devils breath. There was a chinese gang called “The demons” who had a leader with the intent on releasing it. They had warehouses scattered across manhattan.

  19. The Last 7 says:

    Hi, my friend from China had a dream. 2021.11.25 :

    I was with a group of people (Christians and Non-Christians) walking in a strange and dusky street. There were many people looked like zombies, trying to attack us. We were trying to run and hide somewhere.

    Unfortunately we were locked in a very big room. A non-Christian couple were called out of the room to be questioned, because they spoke out the truth. Sometimes the false policemen would come in the room and try to tempt people, but all of us in the room knew their traps.
    We used the secret language to communicate with each other.

    In the dream the truth were totally hidden!

    In this dream, the Lord is saying that we will face persecution from the vaccinated and government very soon. The false policemen will use their worldly authority to treat us badly ( cannot take public transport, cannot went out buying / selling or working etc.)
    During the time of persecution, the false policemen will use fear, threatening & deception to trap & lie to every people. But praise God, HE already showed us His truth & has given us the Spirit of discernment to discern all lies.
    The victory always belongs to our Mighty Lord Jesus, HE already won!

    Please seek the Lord and cry out for His Truth and Wisdom to prepare what we need to prepare for this coming winter!

  20. burton baptiste says:

    Such an insightful piece, I don’t know how to thank Ahayah, our incomparable Creator and God, and you, our dearest sister, whom he has used as a ‘voice crying in the wilderness’ showing how the way might be prepared.

  21. Jamie says:

    https://www.bitchute.com/video/4ajhXs6ykjhs/ in reference to Zombies, Fema camps, DNA changes. Thank you for your dedication

  22. Jamie says:

    More information backing The Masters Voice.

  23. Immer says:

    Look on youtube: Message from the Anunnaki spaceship | Zhanna answers questions from earthlings

  24. Linh Chi says:

    Since this prophecy is starting to come true, I will be leaving a link for you guys to keep an eye on. It’s only December 3rd, 2022 but we’re moving in HOT with headlines like these. I hope you’ll find it helpful. And thank you, Celestial for all of your amazing prophecies! Thank God for you!


  25. Ruth says:

    It has been twice now that I have heart about a new drug being mixed with Fentanol, that is causing rotteness in the flesh. Here is one of the articles

    1. elfmom55 says:

      This MAY be a cover story for the real culprit just like they are blaming all these heart attacks on a myriad of other things instead of the “vaccines”. They need to cover themselves. I don’t know if this is the case here but just a thought.

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