The Grapes Of Wrath – August 2, 2021

Give back to her as she also has rendered; and pay back double to her, twofold according to her works. In the cup which she has mixed, mix double to her. – (Revelation 18:6)

Do to her as she has done to others. Double her penalty for all her evil deeds. She brewed a cup of terror for others, so brew twice as much for her. – (Revelation 18:6)

It has been many years of bringing, declaring and repeating the same prophetic words, so I will not make an introduction for this prophecy. The word is always the same- God will neither forget or change what has gone out of His mouth, and that is the sum of it. The record I made is below:

When I woke up at 6:18 a.m. today (August 2nd) the Lord said: Isaiah 9:12-13 and Jeremiah 9:12. 

I read them then lay down again thinking- It is always the same scripture. The Lord does not change.

Then God said to me “Tell them the word of the Lord is like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces. The Word of the Lord is like grappling hooks that hold the siege wall fast, it will surely bring it down. The Word of the Lord does not fail, it will surely accomplish the purpose for which I sent it, and not one word will fail of all I have said to you.”

He also said:

This is the time of abomination and grief Celestial, the time that people will regret all that they have done. All their sins, all their iniquities, even the way they have turned aside from following me, they will regret it. Even more than that they will regret all that they have left undone. All the seeking after righteousness, all the submission to repentance that brings My mercy, even the good deeds that would have built up stores of righteousness and won them compassion and forgiveness of the Lord, they shall regret leaving these things undone. All the OPPORTUNITIES man had to turn from his wicked ways and set his heart again on the Lord- they will regret in the day I visit them to *requite them (*repay them) of their transgression.

It is not because I have not spoken to them that my words fail to move them; I have said enough and still they test my spirit. Therefore I will pour out all my fury upon Babylon- I will make her deception SO GREAT that she will be taken in a net of snares and fall in among thieves. Babylon is no longer My cup; she can no longer hold the wine of God which is the purity and newness of my everlasting creative Spirit. She is a filthy cup, an *abominable (*cursed, hateful) vessel.

All she is fit for is WRATH. All she will receive is my WRATH. Therefore let her, as an abominable, abandoned, cast down and filthy cup, hold the wine of the grapes of wrath.

There will be great slaughter here. There will be greater punishment here than all the kingdoms of antiquity who transgressed the will of the Lord. Whatever kingdoms of ancient times that hated the Lord, that followed after iniquity and practiced what I hate, America has surpassed their sin and shall receive greater punishment than any ancient people ever did.

There will be desolation and blindness, their eyes will fail hoping to see good from my hands but they shall receive only their justified punishment which is evil upon evil upon evil. Just as they have served bitter wine at my table with their abominations- their hateful practices which do not need introduction (for they are without number)- in the same way I return their sin blow for blow back to them. The back of the stallion will be broken; America you shall finish out your last few rounds with a broken back yet you shall not withdraw from this race. You will finish your race.

You shall not declare and forfeit. You shall not walk away from your event. You shall not make an excuse. You shall not forfeit. You will compete against the Lord and finish your event. What you started you will be compelled to finish, you will complete your race as Mystery Babylon and afterwards receive her punishment, for strong is the Lord who judges you.

You will finish what you started. If any try to withdraw, if any try to forfeit he will be brought back to the starter blocks and made to run a new race before the Lord. The Lord will *judge [*the use of this word here means ‘assess’]- the Lord will judge his sincerity and progress to see if his heart is genuine and if he has truly repented and will serve the Lord. If a man withdraws he will be judged [thoroughly assessed by God]; the Lord will determine if his repentance is just and if he has truly turned away from his sin. But the United States of America shall not withdraw from her competition, she will not forfeit, she will not claim an injury but will be made to run her race to the full until the time of deception that leads to destruction is upon her. 

This is the word of the Lord.

As the Lord was speaking of the immutable power of His word, His prophetic word which will accomplish what He said, I saw a city wall with the battlements up. It was an old city but I saw new technology come against it- two massive steel arms of an unseen machine extended out of the sky and took the siege wall clean off. The arms stretched out, grabbed the main protective gate of the city and ripped it away. I then saw those same mechanical arms descend from the sky and rip the New York City Verrazano bridge away. It came right off its foundation and was ripped off  and cast into the water.

I also saw a very filthy, decayed metal cup. It was a dull blackish grey with large red rust sores inside it. When metal decays it is dangerous- decayed metal is corrupted and not safe to drink from because any liquid in the vessel picks up the corruption and enters the body of the one who drinks from it. I saw the same decayed filthy cheap metal cup I’ve spoken of many times, this time instead of pouring out filthy liquid to others it received a scalding, destructive brew of hot red grapes. The grapes of wrath poured from the sky into Babylon’s cup and I saw not just smoke but chemical ‘steam’ rising as the liquid ate away and destroyed the cup, which was no match for the heavenly fury of God poured out.

I saw a traveling man who fell among thieves. It was broad daylight and he should have been safe but highway robbers threw a net over him, robbed him and beat him so severely that he was absolutely bludgeoned and bloody in the net. They took everything he had and left him for dead and nobody came to help.

I saw a horse with a jockey running the racetrack but they fell behind because suddenly the stallion’s back broke. One minute they were in the race then without warning the horse’s back suffered an irreparable injury, a huge ‘crack!’ and it thudded to the ground. However it was still trying to run, the brain kept sending signals “run, run!” and the jockey also kept urging the horse with his heels- run, run! It was as if stubborn ambition or pride or total lack of situational awareness made both of them determined to run their race even though it was physically impossible.

Last I saw an athlete step away from their event, in the heart of competition I saw an athlete fold their arms and refuse to compete but seated high above- so high- was a panel of judges; they looked down to the athlete and pointed to the event as if to say “You WILL compete. You will not cop out. You WILL complete what you started. You WILL finish these games and do all you have done up to this moment.” The athlete was angry and frustrated but the one of the panel rapped a big gavel; all three of them pointed sternly to the event and said “COMPETE!” The athlete could not bow out, they walked reluctantly to the starting point to participate and finish the event they had registered to do. These are the visions I saw as the Lord delivered his word against the United States of America.

These warnings are for the people of America to turn their feet back to God, they are also for other nations to know there is a God who judges the deeds of men. I know the majority aren’t really reading these things, only a few are. Many are browsing and categorizing the information into “What I believe”, “What I don’t like” and “What I don’t agree with”. They claim that’s testing the spirits but really it’s their personal filters organizing truth according to levels of what they can live with. What they don’t know is God always reminds me that none of His words will fail, so the irony is I write these things and feel like Jeremiah 9 where he said “Oh that my head was like a fountain, how endlessly do my tears run for the dead among my people!”

People are reading these posts like a story yet here is the real background-  

Before I published these posts I wrote them down, for years. I kept a record as the Lord told me and the record is true. Even if I’d kept silence all my life they would remain true, meaning when they start happening I with my record will know what I’m looking at while others are terrified to see certain things afflicting the nation and the world all at once. 

God said: “I have spoken enough and still they test me”, and I bear witness that this is true. This is the exact HEART of the American people as shown to me in Ezekiel 2 & 3, years ago when the Lord said to me: “Son of man this is the people I am sending you to; these are the ones you will speak to.” There could not be a more accurate description of what I deal with than that. All those years ago when He made me read it over and over, over and over, He was preparing me for what is now my meat and daily bread.

God is intensely merciful. He is making America aware of the extent of her fornication, the extent of her betrayal against God who made her great, God who gave her power, influence, money and so many other things that nations need to live. God gave this nation everything but if we are honest and look at her trajectory over the last 50 years can we really say she gave God His rightful harvest for the grace, mercy, anointing and other things He invested in her? Can we really say that? When the children He sent to make the nation strong are ending up in waste buckets or for sale in secret auctions can we really say that? When the men insist they are women and put on lipstick, breasts and heels instead of what pertains to a man, then insist other nations must follow suit are we going to say the powerful flame of CHRISTIANITY that once burned here is still going strong?

God set the flag of America higher than the Roman flag, the Romans did a great job as a civilization and even Britain did their best at conquest- but no-one has captured this planet so completely through war, diplomacy, skill, threats, media and technology like America. She sits at the pinnacle of nations but instead of keeping her cup clean and her brew pure so that she can disperse the spiritual treasure God gave her, she pours murder, gender confusion, human trafficking and the sexual love of minors into the law books while demanding that everyone else do the same.

How can such a nation stand? Shall such a lawbreaker continue before the throne of God? 

The only questions left to us now are the basic ones. Are your garments dipped in the blood of the Lord Jesus? Are your hands clean? Are your sins confessed and your feet glued to righteousness and holiness, without which no one will see God? People make God so cheap nowadays, a buddy who understands any personal darkness we won’t confront on a cellular level. “God knows my heart” is the new grace. Yet the standard is ‘SEPARATE FROM BABYLON, WITHDRAW FROM HER RACE’. That means it’s time to jump out of your patriot skin or false church skin and into your ‘I want to make it to Heaven’ skin, because one day the flags of all nations and doctrines of all churches will be shredded with the coming of the Son Of God, Jesus Christ.

“You watched while a stone was cut out without hands, which struck the image on its feet of iron and clay and broke them in pieces. Then the iron, the clay, the bronze, the silver, and the gold were crushed together, and became like chaff from the summer threshing floors; the wind carried them away so that no trace of them was found. And the stone that struck the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth.” – (Daniel 2:34-35)

ALL KINGDOMS from the Garden of Eden ones to the modern ‘last man standing’ will be crushed to powder by a stone that becomes the holy mountain of the Lord. So anyone who remains running the race of Mystery Babylon with her, will encounter that falling stone with her. Amen.

“As it is written, Behold, I lay in Zion a stone of stumbling and rock of offense: and whosoever believes on Him shall not be ashamed.” – (Romans 9:33)

Hearing the truth of God may offend people who are still full of their nation’s innocence (or their own) but I say to you what GOD SAYS: America is not innocent by any means. Her sins are flowing out of the cracks, written all over these pages and God has not even told me all of them. God will visit this nation at the appointed time and pour out boiling grapes of wrath to destroy whatever is left of the decayed cup she has become. That’s what I’m sent to say and I have said it.

Repent and call on the name of the Lord, the Basics page has more information about that. If you do not understand what the work of this platform is, visit the About and Prophecy pages. If you have not read the chapters I regularly mention as I deliver these prophecies please do and seek the Lord for deeper understanding: Jeremiah 50, Jer. 51, Jer. 9, Jer. 23, Isaiah 9, Isa. 23, Isa. 1, Rev. 16, Rev. 17, Rev. 18, Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21. Thank you for visiting, may the peace of the Lord be with you. Amen.

Note: The prophecy from April 1,2021 is fulfilled. New York City has mandated vaccines for all government workers, healthcare workers, schools and all in the restaurant industry (i.e. workers and business owners). Proof of at least one vaccine is now required for everyone using indoor dining, indoor activites such as movies, plays, gyms and things like that. This initiative is called the ‘Key to NYC Pass’ and will operate through the existing Excelsior Pass and other phone apps. City officials said “If you want to participate in our society fully you have to be vaccinated”. I bless God for his true revelations, the word of the Lord is completed just as He showed it to me a few months ago. Prophecy can be read –> Here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    One day soon people will flock to TMV, as things progresses. They will want to know!!!! Actually be desperate to attain the knowledge,. God bless you for your obedience. I appreciate every word.

  2. diego says:

    Another prophecy that is near fulfillment is Home Invasions Imminent. White House press secretary Jen Psaki recently announced a door to door strike force to “promote” the vaccine. According to Government insiders (and common sense), that will turn into Gestapo-style visitations by armed soldiers and food/gun confiscations. Mike Adams (aka. the Health Range Report) covers a lot of this stuff.

    1. Scarlett says:

      The term “Strike force”, sounds more ominous than to “promote” the faux vax.

  3. Jobob says:

    Repent and prepare.. put on the full armor of god and know you have authority in Jesus name… we are powerful spiritual beings. Angels serve us. Come out of this world… pick up your cross n follow him. God is showing this prophet what will be. Be courageous and be a light to the weak. I’m talking to myself too…

  4. Bye Felicia says:

    I thought of you Celestial as soon as I heard the mandate in NYC was being implemented. I asked the Lord if he planned to get you and your family out of there soon. I told Him that he should bring you to Texas and that you can be an attorney here. I have read your posts and watched your videos so I am aware that it will be mandated everywhere. It was if He said, you know what I told Celestial. My reply was yes Lord but Texas is massive and will be one of the last. I told him to bring you and your family here and I will help. It didn’t take me long to figure out I was arguing with the Lord and I said…I hear you Lord and the offer stands if you see fit to bring her here. 🙂
    I’m praying for you and your family Celestial but there is no doubt in my spirit that you will be taken care of. Thank you for your devotion and obedience. Your work is preparing people and hopefully saving them. May the heavenly Father bless you and keep you.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What is so amazing as a US Citizen is what I am noticing more lately on Americans part- lack of concern or unwillingness to find out what is going on in the rest of the world or even caring when they do. There are major protests going on in UK, Australia, and among others concerning NWO, shot, virus, shut downs, not being able to enter establishments because of not having getting the pokey stick, and the like. They are in the streets in the UK. How irresponsible is it to rely on the US News you receive from those famous stations where people are glued to and not question anything. In regular old English class, we were always told when we research to find the pros and cons. That was when real journalism existed. I have noticed the same with many healthcare workers. They pass off something as safe because the govt says so then they famously start using the word debunk. Just for common health care, why not research? Why ignore the astronomical number of people who have died and seriously injured, the fluctuating numbers that is yelling out that something nefarious is going on, the little subtle admittances of the ineffectiveness and test fallacies. They ignore all that and walk around like blind sheep. They google anything else but won’t google the other perspective that is being hidden. Even people who invented the jab and some former employees of those vax companies are speaking out. My heart broke when I found out they not letting people attend unless they can show proof of you know what. I apologize for this long message. Talking to people or even showing them the videos of truth that is not on the news, they simply don’t care and despite things crumbling around us they think they are going to be here forever.

    1. Celestial says:

      Your comment is excellent, don’t apologize. Lack of interest to question anything or research coupled with blind acceptance of whatever comes from the top is why we are where we are. The apathy in America is stunning while the French are burning things to defend their human right to bodily integrity. It is very dark times for the USA when rights can be bulldozed like this, while the majority even welcome the measures. God bless you for your observations. 🙏🏽

      1. Anonymous says:

        Celestial, I know of two churches that are not letting members attend without proof of vaccination. One is making them sign something and is saying if they come down with covid they know who spreaded it. I am grieved at the number of vac centers in churches.

      2. Rover Radar says:

        Hi Celestial,
        Have you read / seen THIS (from yesterday [Thursday, August 05, 2021])?

        • This Speaks Volumes . . .

        Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has canceled his expected visit to Israel after it turned out he has not been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

        Let that sink in a minute:  The CEO of Pfizer has not taken his own company’s vaccine.
        What does that tell you about the so-called Vaccine?

        Bourla, as well as members of the delegation that was meant to accompany him during his visit were not vaccinated. 

        As a result, it was decided to delay the visit. 
        Bourla said in December that he had not yet received the vaccine yet because he does not want to “cut in line,” and would wait until his age group is next in line for getting vaccinated.

        Hal Turner Remark —  “Yea. Right.”

  6. Jobob says:

    There is no example of boyfriend/girlfriend in God’s word… so I think I’ll just come there and begat you. Load up you and your stuff and bring you home.

  7. Rover Radar says:

    I lived in Manhattan for 7 1/2 years. One early afternoon coming back from work (between 2002 and 2003), I heard muffled screams, like something happened (I was a block away from the apartment building) – not sure if it was in my head, or in my spirit. When I closed my eyes, it got louder. I don’t remember if it was just that day, or if it kept on for a while. At that time, I did not know what to make of this (if it’s regarding New York, or America). It’s always been with me, since that day.

  8. Hkelso says:

    I read your posts, but I am confused between babylon the great and the scarlet beast that carries her.
    Any comments?

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