The Secret Lives Of Children – June 28, 2022


Train up a child in the way he should go, AND WHEN HE IS OLD HE WILL NOT DEPART FROM IT. – (Proverbs 22:6)

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge I will also reject you as My priests. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I will also forget your children. – (Hosea 4:6)

*This prophecy relates to children from age 13 all the way to upper 20s and lower 30s. Those still at home as ‘minors’, emancipated minors, young adults away at college, who’ve moved out on their own for work and further education AND YES – The working generation of the 30s. Please be sure to watch the video of this prophecy for the full details of the many visions I saw in this.

The boys are taking pills and are drug addicts. They are functional rapists, forcing girls to have sex to the point where girls are afraid of them, afraid of certain boys and their reputations. This is at middle school and high school level, not yet at elementary.

The boys smoke drugs, hard stuff they get from drug dealers. They know where to get them. They’re drug addicts and mix pills and prescriptions to cover up their addictions, they know how to balance drugs to keep themselves looking normal.  Prescription drugs and weed can be mixed to mimic “calm” and balance out the hard drugs; these children know how to do this.

Boys who rape girls. They seduce girls to make the girls trust them, they even offer themselves as “boyfriends” to legitimize things then apply non-stop mental and physical pressure to the girl until she caves in to sex. Or they create compromising situations and say to her later “But you wanted it”.

Girls are shamed into silence and often agree to continue the sexual abuse thinking it is how a relationship is supposed to be. There is endless pressure to do things they are not comfortable with, narcissistic manipulation and lies, accusation when the girl wants to pull away, all in an endless cycle. “But he says he loves me” is the hook and so the girls keep coming back for more and the boys laugh with other boys when they are not present. 

The Lord stands in the counsel of the idolatrous. He hears the words. He sees the deeds. I am the Lord, He says. I will repay. These deeds will not go unpunished. Prepare to bury these sons. 

Boys share naked and compromising photos of girls gotten under duress, deception and trades and other means. Girls do the same to boys. Boys and girls are naked and don’t mind being naked on their private pages of social media and to their significant others. They can have multiple “significant others” in a single year – full sexual relationships not just friendships – during those dating periods they reveal nakedness to each other in unsecured cellphone and computer messages without qualms.

Therefore the multiplying of naked images of young people can reach an unbelievable peak in a single year as children share images of their nudity IN THEIR PERSONAL CIRCLE to multiple partners. But these photos don’t only circulate within the ‘circle of trust’- they’re soon passed on like wildfire to others. This nakedness does not include the millions of porn images children have access to and share in addition to styling themselves as homemade porn stars. Hear the indictment of the Lord against the children who are innocent in your eyes. Hear the words of the Lord.

Suicide is rampant among the young, the most prevalent emotions among them are SHAME, PRIDE, FEAR, LONELINESS, GALL (BITTERNESS), HATRED, SPIRIT OF COMPETITION, LOW SELF ESTEEM, SELF HATE, SELF HARM.

The spirit of Death runs rampant among them picking every opportunity to cut them down. The doors to their souls are wide open and for many of them there is no-one protecting them even from a young age. This is too is wickedness but it is happening every day.

Boys who drug girls to rape them. DRUGS are used as a means to obtain sex. Drugs are used to control and punish, to secure virgins, to bring down those who “think they are better than everybody else.” Drugs are planted, drugs are administered, drugs are used as a weapon and an escape.

Children have access to hard drugs and often rape and abuse their peers through the use of drugs and alcohol. The running train. A running train is where boys isolate girls- it can be one or a few girls, it can be at a big party or a smaller location (private home) under the pretense of a private party or get together. Girls are isolated, enticed and drugged, then boys line up and have sex with them one after another without a break. It is often recorded and the footage shared far and wide as a mark of accomplishment and victory. When asked nobody will confess to this due to fear, threats and peer pressure and so this activity has become something of a ‘mythical unicorn’ among young people. 

“It happened but it didn’t happen.” This is the running train.

I learned the name of this activity from Yah today when I saw a vision of boys who got three girls over to a house telling them Come over a few of us want to hang out. They were nice and friendly on the phone but drugged the girls in punch until they all passed out, all three being varsity letter girls, one being very young, too young to be there, probably only 15.

They put them in different bedrooms then lined up to sleep with them one after another, watching each other committing rape and going from room to room to assault these passed-out girls. It was more than ten boys who did this and none of them refused to participate. The running train.

Girls will wake up sore, disoriented, ashamed, devastated. God says what the girls of the world go through- God said THE SITUATIONS GIRLS OF THE WORLD PUT THEMSELVES IN by the time they are women they are world-weary and have been through so much. They rarely if ever tell their own mothers what once happened to them.

What hardened criminals don’t do, what hardened criminals won’t do, today’s “children” do.

Boys who commit crimes yet their parents use money, influence, power, family ties, business connections, donations, threats, private property or call in favors to make sure their sons do not pay a penalty for their sins. Boys even do things where people sometimes end up dead but their parents cover it up.

Parents defend their little angels vigorously, they won’t hear a word against them. They use power, money, influence and denial to make every difficult situation ‘go away’. Under the umbrella of this type of thinking girls freely have abortions and do live sex acts but even if the whole town tells their mother the truth, once her daughter says “No mom I would never” –  the mother is incapable of further thought, action or investigation of the matter. These parents do not believe their children capable of anything other than good. God will expose these children.

They are GENOCIDAL. I had a cartoon vision of a girl grinning while holding a bloody coat hanger, the symbol of abortion. The coat hanger somehow ran blood continuously even though it was not attached to or touching anything. “They have lost the ability to value life at all.” Genocide is the act of eliminating a specific group of people by deliberate, planned action, usually those too weak to defend themselves from their attackers.

They are false believers. I saw a naked Christian girl on top of a naked boy, having sex in the girl’s bedroom when her parents aren’t home. Both wore crosses on their necks. 

They are adulterers. These children can destroy a marriage. They focus on a married man and get him to become corrupted by patient application of their exposed young flesh until he caves in. They know men can be easily led astray by the possibility of sex and they like the power it gives them to see married men especially risking everything for a few minutes with them. The Lord said they are children, they have no idea of the sanctity of marriage and do it just for fun.

Vision of a girl between 14- 16 yr old girl cornering a male teacher in the adult bathroom of her school. She’s too short to be an older teenager. The man is not a Christian, he just works at the school. She walks in confidently and the man is easily seduced by her and the pair soon go into a bathroom stall. The girl is not interested in a relationship, she simply wants to win a bet with her friends. She finishes with the man and walks out triumphant while the man sits on the toilet, dazed and terrified of losing his job.

This is a terrible situation ripe for BLACKMAIL and there are many of them. If they are discovered later the child will cry wolf, but she is a seductress. The man will plead no contest and be sacrificed to the mob but the ROOT OF IT ALL says the Lord, the origin of all of it is the wench and prostitute spirit inside the child. WHOREDOMS. This is what they have says the Lord, the spirit of whoredoms, this is who they really are. Jezebels, Delilahs and whores. 

Their souls are calloused, these are calloused branches that will go to fire.

Children run drug and other business empires without their parents consent or knowledge. Vision of an underage boy running his own books for several years, keeping track of operations and earnings from illegal activities his parents know nothing about. He is self sufficient financially but is not even 18 or 21 years old. He is wise and accurate in bookkeeping and tax but is not yet a major who can trade without parental consent. So he runs his business and keeps his own books til then.

Children pilfer their parents narcotics and sell them to addict other children at school. They are a snare to others. They have gotten their best friend addicted to drugs stolen from home until the friend killed himself from it, then the one who got him addicted stays quiet and guilty about it.

Children mercilessly torture other children at school and then cry when the tortured one get tired and kills themselves. These same children will light candles in memorials for those they’ve killed – killed with (1) words, (2) emotional torture, (3) social ostracization, (4) mockery, (5) incessant cruelty and taunting, (6) rejection and sometimes (7) actual physical harm. They have no reverence for life. They are socially unaware and even shocked when their evil, thoughtless actions lead to someone’s actual death. They are full of wickedness yet most of them haven’t reached the cusp of adulthood where their twisted psychological behavior will be able to run free in society.

I will cut them off before that time comes, says the Lord.

They are SOCIAL NAZIS. Violent. Adamant. Greatly socialized and radicalized to ideals that have no basis in fact but sound good on a propaganda sheet. Their parents have allowed them to hold views that are good on paper but destructive in practice, as one man both parents and children have greatly departed from My law. Where they have not departed fully they have compromised the word of God to where it is no earthly good. They are Nazis to their cause and the result of the choices today will be evident in the Beast kingdom of tomorrow. It is these children who will greatly hurt and betray their parents in the final years of the end times.

Grandchildren will become a thing of the past. This current generation is so selfish, so self-centered and twisted, they are more interested in pleasure and sexual gratification than they are in understanding the responsibilities of future adult life. They make choices that have NO LOGICAL CONCLUSION, more concerned with self validation than truth and foreseeable future. There will be less and less babies, less little ones, another generation will be fewer and harder to see. 

Genetic defects will also be seen more and more, the after effects of a young population vaccinated to the maximum possible levels. (This refers in part to the growing numbers of those who say they are gay, lesbian and transgender, there will be no generation of any significance coming from this group. After all someone has to have the children they say they will adopt.)

Sterility. Barreness. The curse of adulterous wombs. The curse of those who have aborted 2 and 3 and 4 babies, now longing for children when they come to maturity but absolutely forbidden to have them. I will shut the womb and no seed will bring life from them again. A curse, says the Lord of Hosts.

These are some, just some of the images I saw concerning the prophecy:


Perhaps now it is easier to understand why.

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  1. I appreciate your obedience and as a vessel used by God

    1. Dan Born says:

      “They are social nazis. Violent. Adamant. Greatly socialized and radicalized to ideals that have no basis in fact but sound good on a propaganda sheet”. This prophecy is not hyperbole, it is fact. Operation Paperclip, MKULTRA, Project Monarch. We brought the scientists from Nazi Germany into the U.S. government. Now, the generation of children raised on smartphones and television designed by these satanic actors is coming to roost. Lt. Col. Michael Aquino was an out in the open satanist working in the psychological warfare division of the U.S. Army and his work, Mind War, details methods of mind control deployed by our military- and this was in the 80s.

      The satanic actors in our government promote sexual degeneracy in the youth because it reduces population and violence towards unjust regimes. This is why in many former soviet states like Estonia you will see pornographic images openly displayed in the subways and on the streets. Lust provocation is meant to lower the violence among young and purposely disenfranchised people (who are the most likely to rebel against an unjust regime), and to cheapen sex from an act ordained by God in marriage for the creation of children, to no-consequences pleasure seeking. While it may sound counter-intuitive, governments love to promote sexual degeneracy because it rewires the brain to associate sex with personal gratification/objectification instead of the commandment God gave us from the beginning: to be fruitful and multiply on the Earth, and subdue it- within the confines of marriage.

  2. Iyanna says:

    I randomly woke up at 3AM (EST) and was confused to why and checked my email and received this notification. I needed to read this. Thank you sis for sharing.

    Peace be to you.

  3. Angelica says:

    It´s heartbreaking to see how the children behave and the words they speak. How far many of them have removed themselves from the word of God as they have never been taught it.

    The familyunit has been under attack for decades, with the goal of breaking the familyties, creating toxic feminism and their own will to pursue their own life and career and time away from their family and children.

    Men who put their career first spending most of their time at work, not only to provide for their family but for their own empowerment, and children held hostage by the society in form of school from the young and formative years and endless activities away from home. It´s more complex than this, but it is a factor of the breakdown of a society and family.

    The schools and colleges have been a toxic place to be for many youngsters with brainwashing and implementing of ideas that is satanic. It is shocking to see- and hear – the result of it all. And I have come to the realization that this generation is lost, and as you wrote Celestial – will inherit nothing. There is a price to pay for this ungodly upbrought children and their vile behaviour.

    I have been watching a lady called Kristan Hawkin on Youtube. She is a Christian lady, an anti-abortionist talking to students in collages around the country. There is sample of how young ones act and speak. To have the wombs closed and cursed is what they with their own words and way of thinking is selfinflicting. These kinds of women (and men) don´t deserve to bring forth sacred life.

    To witness God´s creation He lovingly created in His image to be so badly corrupted and compromized is heartwrenching. There can be no other solution than to remove what is rotten. There will be a deep cleansing ahead. The total implosion of morality on all levels is what signifies the endtimes as nothing that is rotten can uphold any structure.

    May God´s will be done in heaven as on earth. His judgement is righteous and fair.

  4. amandachristine814 says:

    How can teachers that are unbelievers work in a Christian school? I say that more rhetorically because I encountered the same. I went to a Catholic high school and some of the teachers really lead us astray. I still remember the teacher that told us to wear a condom in our health class. It kind of makes me really angry. I know the decisions made from us are our own choices, but it makes it much easier to make those choices when adults are going along with the behavior instead of speaking the truth even if it makes them unpopular with the students. The priests in my school also molested many children before my time there. I can’t imagine what evil
    still lurks there in the halls and tunnels of the school. This is the same high school Joe Biden and his children went to. It kind of explains a lot.

  5. Christine says:

    “For the living know that they will die; But the dead know nothing. And they have no more reward, For the memory of them is forgotten. Also their love, their hatred, and their envy have now perished; Nevermore will they have a share in anything done under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 9:5-6
    These evil youth are already dead zombies inside. Sister Celestial, you speak God’s truth. Come Lord Jesus Come!

  6. elfmom55 says:

    I’m 68 and a lot of this was going on when I was growing up. Drugs and sex rampant in Jr. High school in CA. The CIA installed and controlled rock and roll industry started in Laurel Canyon not far from where I grew up. A very good book to read about that is “Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon” by David McGowan. Myself and so many others were so heavily influenced by all this. I ended up getting saved on acid so Praise Jesus for His Mercy. I’ve gone off the narrow road a couple times but in His Mercy He has brought me back. Thank you Jesus and thank you Celestial for your faithful diligence to do our Father’s work in these very disturbing last days.

    1. Every Knee Shall Bow says:

      Brethren… if you are a parent and this word spoke to YOU… Don’t panic. It is out of mercy the Lord gives a chance to run to Him for forgiveness, guidance, and restoration. Call things like they are, see them through His Word and take the steps now. He’ll help you and see you through. Amen.

    2. Scarlett says: You were looking for this link on a WordPress blog post of TMV. Tried to send this to your werdpress page, but didn’t seem to work. (This is from Scarlett)

      1. elfmom55 says:

        Thank you SO much Scarlett!!!

        1. Scarlett says:

          Your welcome!

  7. Holly says:

    So sorry to have to agree with this word. I have seen and heard too much to pretend it’s not true, or too ‘over-the-top’. Yah help us! May we turn from our sin before it is too late. May I stand as a righteous witness to the many young people in my life, giving glory to You.

  8. Kanard says:

    Hello celestial, the part about birth defects because of the harm sounds like a good reason not to get into relationships with those who took it, even if they are Christians. Is this a wise decision to you?
    I’m single and looking for a wife but almost every one I meet has had the harm.

    1. Annemarie says:

      I think you know the answer to that question. Sadly these people have already signed their death warrants. Even if they do survive, would you want to risk having children with defects? Look at the story that just came out today in the EU. They’re reporting a huge uptick of SIDS and babies born with NO IMMUNE SYSTEMS who are dying en masse. Of course “no one knows why” but anyone with two firing synapses knows it’s because their mothers took that poison into their bodies, throwing caution to the wind while they were pregnant. It’s really unbelievable so many pregnant women won’t eat this or that but have no problem getting injected with an unknown, untested, unapproved poison.
      Also, the other obvious question is: why would you want to hook your wagon to someone without critical thinking skills, someone who would get injected and proudly display it on their social media?
      Sorry to tell you the number of “fish in the sea” have diminished severely. Don’t waste your time on someone who will be dead in 5 years (or less).

      1. Kanard says:

        Thanks for the reply and confirmation about this topic to the both of you.

        1. Annemarie says:

          You’re welcome. I agree with the other person. If God sees it fit for you to have a wife, He will provide one, one who worships God and respects her temple where The Holy Spirit lives. I know plenty of people who haven’t taken the poison. My husband’s uncle died today. He had the poison and boosters and had a massive heart attack in the air and died. They had to turn the flight around to offload his body. Like many pilots who took this fake vaccine, he dropped dead. You don’t want that kind of worry on your heart anyways should you marry someone who bowed to the alter of Fauchi instead of God.
          Bless you brother, and think about this too… with all that is coming, you may be blessed to only have to look after yourself, opposed to having to fend for a family too.

    2. VanBrux says:

      Annemarie is 100% correct. Do not involve yourself with someone who took the harm. There are physical consequences for those who are in contact with them, too. The closer the contact, the harsher the consequences. I am sure that if you regularly pray for this, God will have you meet someone that hasn’t taken the harm! I know quite a lot of people who have NOT taken it! So, you will meet a like-minded woman if you ask the Lord! Be patient, and trust God’s timing!

  9. O wretched man 81 says:

    You can sense the demonic among teens and even children today.

    1. Sarah Jackson says:


  10. Pentica Fairlynn Fermin-Bayne says:

    Thank you for writing this! These are perilous times for the young people and social media has really contributed a lot to their downfall.

    We must not cease to pray for the children because the adversary is after them.

    May THE MOST HIGH ALMIGHTY CREATOR ANCESTOR kept you safe and secure always!


  11. Sarah Jackson says:

    Thank you for sharing this is the truth and nothing but the truth..I’m seeing this take place in my own family..not my kids it family member kids even grown adults…We can’t forget God because he said if you forget me I’ll forget your children..I praise God I haven’t forgotten him, so He won’t forget my children..

  12. Ciarri says:

    Every word true. A sociopathic and pyschopaths dreamworld. The result of no proper punishment. I can think of several legal cases right off about the topics mentioned. The British girl in Cyprus who went to meet her Israeli boyfriend and sleep with him then accosted and raped by the entire group ‘the running train’. I don’t think they bothered to drug her.

    There is NO respect for women and girls and these boys are sickening. Many MEN are exactly the same.

    The Paedophile filth are disgusting and sickening.

  13. Rose says:

    The Almighty Loving Father and HIS Son Our Savior Messiah Jesus Christ loves me and wants to encourage me by finding this website to let me know that HE has equipped a few others to do HIS work just like I have for 20+ years. HE is letting me know that I’m not alone and to persevere. even as I grow older and slower. HE knows how it hurts to watch “programmed” and “blinded” family members and relatives who are just “reacting” to the “chaos” of these End Times and, have not heeded my early warnings of the evil that has been increasing especially since 9/11 because they still attend “Christian” cults that do not stress the study of GOD’s WORD but have them reading religious “booklets” in order to keep them under mind and money control. Keep up the good work and reach out if Our Almighty Creator leads you.

  14. Flourish&Thrive says:

    I remembered this prophecy when I was watching this video just now:

    This would be a good watch for parents out there. Basic practical parenting expectations

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