I Will Bruise Their Bruise – May 3, 2019



In the late hours of May 3rd, 2019, The Lord God said to me: “There will be a ‘devastating event’ in America, ‘greater to or comparable to the devastating event that came before’.

This is one of many times I’ve received this word, and as I do each time I make a note now that there has been only one devastating event in modern US history. Now apparently, a twin to this event is coming. When I asked if it will be ‘greater than’ OR ‘comparable to’ that well-known past event the Spirit of the Lord answered me: 

Does it need to be greater than? Isn’t it enough if it will only be comparable [equal] to it? Do you remember what that last event did? 

Yes, I do. It changed America (and the world) forever. It heightened the sense of fear felt globally, and turned the world from a global marketplace to a tiny handkerchief that powerful governments were shaking so that an enemy (real or imagined) would fall out of it and make the ugly boogeyman go away. It changed everybody’s life whether they had anything to do with it or not, and turned America into a clamshell where nothing could come in or go out for quite a while. I remember.

God said the same thing will happen again, except this next event will shut America and their old way of doing things down for good. Nothing will be the same after it- the old life will end and a new way (with its own power structure) will arise. Everyone will be mandatorily held here, nobody will be allowed to go out (not immediately anyway).

EVERY SOUL in this nation will be required at some point to report to a processing centre for registration. Every- soul. If you have a soul and live in the USA, that includes you. Everyone will be given mandatory registration. It’s to keep track of people, with a focus on “skilled persons” or “useful persons”. Everyone will be asked what they do, because everyone will be assigned work [of some kind].

The Lord specifically mentioned that the attack to come will be “a sore spot to New Yorkers”, so I’m assuming the catastrophe will be in New York City, because He said it will be a particular trauma for them, like a bruise hit again. He will bruise their bruise.

Prophecy: I am hereby declaring by the spoken word of God that there will be a second attack on New York City, an event that will have a ripple effect on the following in the continental Unites States: (1) population movement, freedom of movement and border control, (2) graphic social changes that affect immigration protocols, forcing the need for (3) mandatory registration of some kind for all persons living in New York City and eventually, the entire USA. (4) There will also arise a new power structure in the wake of this attack; the old way of doing life in the USA will be discarded. (5) There will be either an absolute ban on travel for a period of time, or movement will be heavily restricted for a period of time (I do not know how long). (6) There will be a new focus on labour divisions people will be given clear classifications of work to do based on whether they are skilled, semi-skilled, low skilled, and unskilled. Last but most important of all, this attack will be big enough to reopen old wounds for Americans and New Yorkers in particular, because it is an event either of the same magnitude or greater than a previous event in New York that caused New York to be “bruised”.


“For thus says the Lord, Your bruise cannot be cured, and your wound is very severe. There is no one to plead your case so you can be healed: you have no healing medicines. All your lovers have forgotten you; they do not look for you: for I have wounded you as if you were my enemy, with a cruel punishment. Your wickedness is a multitude, and your sins are very great. Why do you cry because you are suffering? Your sorrow is incurable because of the greatness of your wickedness. It is because of your multitude of sins that I have done these things to you.(Jeremiah 30:12- 15)

I pray for whoever reads this, to believe the words of Jesus Christ. Instead of fear I hope this causes us to PAUSE. Search online to see who else has said this- on Youtube, Facebook or anywhere else. I pray ears will be open and hearts moved to leave whatever is occupying your time, get on your knees and seek God for His mercy. Or if you already believe in Him, seek what He has planned for your escape and safety. Visit the Basics page soon for materials on how to repent, get born again, and walk closely with the Lord.

To New Yorkers, do not sit idly by. Do not rest on your laurels. Buy canned food, dry food, extra water, candles, etc- emergency supplies for if you cannot leave home for a few days. SEEK GOD; TURN ASIDE SO AS NOT TO BE COUNTED AMONG THOSE WHO GOD CALLS, “Those who hate Me and continually slap my face”. (This prophecy is now uploaded, see: ‘Mene, Mene, Tekel Upharsin’.)

Please if you are reading this: Repent of your sins now and turn to Jesus.

May the Lord protect all who trust Him and seek to be part of his family and Kingdom.




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  1. Scarlett says:

    Frankly, this is a very creepy and disturbing post because of the content. You are simply posting what the Lord has given you for America, However, it sounds as if America will become like the old brutal Stalinist Soviet Union, where all personal freedoms are taken away. I feel so sorry for young people, children and babies who took no part in creating this terrible condition. We must surely pray that God will have mercy on these and deliver them out of Satan’s grip, somehow, someway.

  2. Debbie says:

    This is happening now and not only in America but in the whole world. May our ears and hearts be opened to God’s warnings and instructions and may God renew our obedience to Him always.

  3. LoriQ says:

    Dmitru Duduman, AA Allen and David Wilkerson come to mind when asked who else has prophesied regarding America’s downfall. Steve Quayle also has a page of dreams and visions that he has received from the Lord starting in 1987. Michael Boldea, Dmitru Dudman’s grandson, also receives visions and dreams just like his grandfather did.

    Absolutely, God has had his Watchmen (and women) in the USA, ringing the bell for all to hear.

    “But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.” Matthew 18:16

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