“In One Hour” – February 26, 2021

The coming N.W.O and Beast system are this, reborn.


Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire; for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her. – (Revelation 18:8)

This is a direct, real-time prophetic word, it is given to me by the Lord now and released now.

Video for this prophecy is now available HERE.

The American continent shall be burned with fire. FIRE WILL HIT THE STATES. Let the South Americans beware and Canadians take heed, for strong is the Lord God who judges the continental United States. For her hard-heartedness against Yeshua and her refusal to bear His standard, God has said the following against America and no man, no mortal human being though he seeks for the remission of these things with tears, shall turn back the judgement of the Lord. Therefore hear what the Spirit of God is saying to the United States of America. 

Fire, mourning and darkness will come upon this country and her sins will be repaid into her bosom. God’s judgements will strike at the heart. Every sin is weighed and accounted for, every word spoken amiss and every curse uttered from foul and filthy lips- you who likes using swear words and filthy language, your words will be measured back to you as punishments with EXACTITUDE (perfectly weighed and measured balances so that not one measure more or less is repaid).

Fire, plagues and deep darkness shall fall upon the land of the United States and the earth shall be burned up with fire. The government will collapse in the end days and the land will fall into war and chaos and abomination. Rocks will come from the sky, huge rocks the size of planetary bodies will strike this country and break the landscape into flaming debris. There are massive land-mass sized rocks coming to the whole earth and many of them will land on America. The Lord says the leaders know about this and are hiding it from the people.

(Revelation 18:21- ‘And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone and cast it into the sea, saying: Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.’)

The nation will be broken to pieces and fires will rage in every corner of this land. Much of the country will slide underwater, see- the land- it tilts- it slides- it goes like a dinner plate under the water to rise no more. The picture I saw was exactly like this, except a much bigger piece was sliding under the water:

cali drown

San Francisco will be completely underwater; I do not see this city listed among the cities of the nations anymore. This city will be wiped out and annihilated and her survivors will be as few as sticks in the wind. America will tilt in many places and go under the sea, greedy waters will rush inland and people who have never been to the beach before will see raging waters entering the dryness of their habitations like an ocean rushing in where there was none. There will be flood and water disasters that no weather channel can cover; no helicopters will rise above this nation as they do in their arrogant disaster movies, giving “wide shot coverage and breaking news” as the fake tsunamis they make with their movie computers rush inward to cover the land. This will be water for real, a devastating wall of water higher than the tops of buildings will strike the cities and wash the nation clean. I am the Lord.

YOU. WILL. RUN. FOR. YOUR. LIVES. And run though you may many of you will not make it, “for strong is the Lord who judges her” – (Rev. 18:8). MYSTERY BABYLON- YOUR TIME HAS COME. YOUR ONE HOUR IS UPON YOU, IN ONE HOUR, A SINGLE HOUR OF TIME, YOU WILL BE DESTROYED. HEAR THE WORD OF THE LORD.

The population of America will go down. Down. Down, dwindled, less, reduced, brought down to nothing. How, you ask. Through drought. Through famine. Through covid-related diseases, rare diseases, new diseases, man-made diseases, health complications, culling and through VACCINES. Yes, you will vaccinate yourselves to death. Many will perish with latent diseases complicit in these vaccines and many will commit SUICIDE by reason of the life-altering damages they will suffer through offering themselves as guinea pigs to the new world order. Old age will kill some and abortion will kill some, but mostly My vengeance will wipe this land clean. It was given to him to continue for 42 months, and he had power over nations and tongues and tribes and peoples, and the Beast raged sorely against them (Rev. 13). It was given to him to kill with DEATH, and Hades (Hell) followed after him (Rev. 6:8). What does it mean “to kill with death?” It means you can die from anything at any time – a random car accident, a snowplow runs into your living room and kills you as you nap in your chair, you fall from your roof and break your neck, you get electrocuted while hanging up your so-called Christmas lights. Death is coming to America and Hades (Hell) is coming with him. Population decline, a sharp drop in statistics. The birth rate will go down but the death rate will SPIKE. This is the word of the Lord.

I will do signs and wonders here, terrible signs and miracles that awe people and bring them to their knees. Signs in the heavens, wonders in the earth beneath. Since you will not worship Me I will terrify you with my judgements until your hearts begin to fail, this is the word of the Lord. All these things and more I will do – America your time has come.

Joe Biden will be erased from public view. He will be shoved in a nursing home and you will have a new ruler. “RETIRED FROM PUBLIC LIFE”, that’s what you’ll be told, but he has been REMOVED. Your precious president will be snatched from before your eyes and thrust out of sight, and a new type of leader will come. You will have the face of a woman who is run by a man, a new puppet. An unseen hand controls her. She will break your Constitution to pieces and trample your human rights like a dancer. She will dance on the flag and your precious freedoms will be eaten up like bread as she and other architects of devastation work to raise a new flag, a new world order. HEIL NEW WORLD ORDER. HEIL DESTRUCTION. HEIL DEATH. AMERICA. YOUR HOUR HAS COME.

The kings of the earth mourned and wept, they wailed to see their trading partner and global big brother fall (Rev. 18:9-10). They stayed far away from her however. THEY STAYED AWAY. Everyone, hear Me. Nations together, hear the Lord. Keep your distance from Mystery Babylon. Come out of her abominable practices and REPENT. Stay far away that you share not in her fornications. If you come close Germany, if you dare to cross me France, if you try to prevent me in My judgements NATO, if you gather together and try to oppose me when I judge her- you will be swept away like toothpicks before the twin horns of RUSSIA AND CHINA. My avengers will trample you like tender wheat in the field, and though it is not written for you to be destroyed by My rage, any who stands with Mystery Babylon or defends her in her hour of judgement shall share her punishments IN EQUAL MEASURE. As she is destroyed, so you will be also. This is the word of the Lord. The avengers are coming, they will vent My fury here in full before I am satisfied. I will satisfy my wrath on America and no more will My name be made a blasphemy in her streets. “Jesus Christ!” you say, when you have an accident with your coffee. CHRIST! You say in your movies.


Indeed I AM.

I will vent my rage on you until the bowl is empty, you will drink it to the dregs, to the very lees, until the cup of wrath is empty. You fornicators, adulterers. You who lie men with men, women with women, DEFYING ME IN MY CREATION. AM I NOT PERFECT AND DO I NOT KNOW AND UNDERSTAND THE PERFECT USE FOR WHAT I HAVE MADE? WHO FORMED FLESH? WHO MADE MAN? Yet you defy Me and test me in the name of “love”, a hotbed of perversion against MY PERFECT NAME AND NATURE. I AM LOVE, I AM GOD, yet you lift up your endless fornications with all manner of bird and beast, wrong kind with kind, even with spirits, and call it “love”. Did I not say, “If you love Me you will obey my commandments?” Love is Obedience. I WILL REPAY, I WILL GREATLY REPAY, AMERICA YOU WILL STAGGER WITH THE BLOWS OF MY PUNISHMENTS.

This is the word of God. This is all.

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  1. Tina Mark says:

    Thanks for the word prophetess. May GOD have mercy on the faithful few, and show us a way of escape. May the hand of GOD continue to be with you prophetess.

  2. Con artist says:

    Yet another prophet con artist. All over the place nowadays

    1. sheepdogwarrior says:

      There’s a reason why this godly knowledge, is all around in these days…. mercy and grace.
      Those who mock truths, face many hurdles in this life…during these days coming down.
      The fact your here reading this message is good, if you remember later on and repent…as you see what was said happening.

    2. sheepdogwarrior says:

      Con…….When you see Biden gone soon from power, like this woman of the Lord, has said….in the near past…..read VP remarks.
      And the destruction of our rights.
      Will you awake???

    3. Anonymous says:

      Can you tell me why you think this I would like to know.

  3. spiderweb921 says:

    Thank you for the truth from God. This is His Truth and has been His Truth. It is still His Truth. Old Testament and New Testament truth. Let those that can see and hear understand the word of the Lord that you tell us. May God bless you.

  4. Every Knee Shall Bow says:

    God bless you Celestial. I have seen the asteroid coming in 2 dreams. I have seen the waters enter around houses that are not by the beach and in my last dream regarding the asteroid, I was in the middle of the ocean looking up and all around me and all the way up a tunnel of water rising. I did not know what it was and thought of a tsunami. Days later I realized I was inside the tunnel the asteroid made when it hit the ocean. I live on an Island. I have also been rounded up (collected) by military in dreams, I have been sent to areas where they are placing people in super tiny living spaces (concentration camps) and above all God has been telling me that I must teach His word (I now do Zoom Bible Study classes for Youth and upload then on a channel) because time is of the essence. And bless HIS HOLY NAME… I’m only one of so many. Why is it so hard for people to understand that the love of our Lord is warning us for our own good? May the Lord help us stay under His shadow and honor HIS HOLY NAME.

  5. diegoalonsocortez says:

    What about all the Christians who are getting vaccinated with these DNA-changing, Luciferase-stuffed vaccines that have 666 and DEATH written all over them? The churches aren’t listening. The entire church I grew up in is getting vaccinated. The pastors. Their wives. The leaders. Everyone. Everyone. Lord Jesus, wake up the sleeping Bride!!!!!

  6. Douglas Gray says:

    There is increasing talk behind the scenes in Washington D.C. about President Biden’s mental capacity deteriorating quickly, and about the need to replace hi fairly soon. Whatever is coming, and whenever it arrives, expect it to accelerate when he is put aside, and the VP takes over.

  7. Marty says:

    The water level rising reminds me of a map that John Moore was told about from a high level US Navy briefing years ago. He never saw the map with his own eyes but recreated it based on his naval sources who were a part of the meeting. Here is a link to the map.
    God bless Celestial. I know you have a heavy burden but I also know that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. 🙏

    1. Celestial says:

      Thank you, the link isn’t here though. Please-re-edit and add it.

  8. zeek says:

    GBY Celeste.You are either mastermind of comparative prophecies and world politics or a real gods prophet.I can see that every word is correct to the bone.I’d like to hear more about Balkan area.Many beleivers here will be tricked into vaccines by little horn from Vatican.

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello Zeek. Thank you for visiting TMV. I’ve never received a word for the Balkans. Whatever is on the blog is what the Lord has given me, but He has many vessels He uses. Perhaps there is one out there closer to home He has commissioned to bring His truth for that area. God bless you.

  9. Patrice M Roussell says:

    on 444 prophecy news. com many posted prophecies are shared blessed by the Lord maybe this is where yours can be shared. I have to separate it because the internet won t let me post it as it is together. Thank you for all you do.

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