Out Of The North – Oct. 3, 2020


Thus says the Lord:

And a great nation will be raised from the farthest parts of the earth.
They will lay hold on bow and spear;
They are cruel and have no mercy;
Their voice roars like the sea;
And they ride on horses,
As men of war set in array against you, O daughter of Zion.”

We have heard the report of it;
Our hands grow feeble.
Anguish has taken hold of us,
Pain as of a woman in labor. 

Do not go out into the field,
Nor walk by the way.
Because of the sword of the enemy,
Fear is on every side.

O daughter of my people,
Dress in sackcloth
And roll about in ashes!
Make mourning as for an only son, most bitter lamentation;
For the plunderer will suddenly come upon us. – (Jeremiah 6:22- 26)


A very great shaking is coming, a foundational shaking, an upheaval that brings widespread confusion, fear, sorrow, terror and uncertainty even for day to day living. Her inhabitants will wonder constantly “What will become of me?!” but there will be no answer. I will send collapse to her economy, her social and political structures, even her schools. Many will exit the school system and seek alternate means to educate their children. Little ones will be kept close as skeptical parents observe the downfall of rulership and opt to keep small children home “for safety’s sake.”

I will change how they are used to living, some changes for My glory and some for their utter destruction. Things they trusted in like money, power, fame, possessions, and social influence, all these things will be abandoned like confetti on the ground after a party. After the moment of surprise everyone walks all over it and it is made filthy and forgotten. So shall America be.

Stores will close, stocks will plummet when America receives her true punishment. She will be like a once beautiful woman who caught a terrible disease- once all her hair falls out, once her teeth come loose and she loses weight to the point she is no longer recognisable as the beauty she once was… won’t her many lovers flee from her? Won’t they twist their faces in pity and disgust and say “No, No. I don’t love you anymore. What happened? What has become of you?”

“Lift up your eyes to the desolate heights and see:
Where have you not laid [slept] with men?
By the road you have sat for them
Like an Arabian in the wilderness;
And you have polluted the land
With your harlotries and your wickedness.

Therefore the showers have been withheld,
And there has been no latter rain.
You have had a harlot’s forehead;
You refuse to be ashamed. – (Jeremiah 3:2- 3)

As a man rejects an unclean woman so will you be rejected by the very ones you conducted your whoredoms with, and I will supervise your fall. America will not only fall but will be UTTERLY DESCRATED, BURNED WITH FIRE, AND DESTROYED. You shall no more be a nation. You will be scattered to the wind and die in captivity, in bitter servitude to those you disdain and hate so much.

“And you [plundered one], when you are made desolate, what will you do? Though you clothe yourself with scarlet, though you deck yourself with ornaments of gold, though you paint your eyelids and make them look farther apart, in vain do you beautify yourself. Your lovers (allies) despise you; instead they seek your life.” – (Jeremiah 4:30)

So much PRIDE. SO MUCH ARROGANCE OF SPIRIT! How Americans HATE to hear of anyone better than them! How they hate to be gracious and concede when someone is better at anything than they are. As a nation America feels personally attacked to hear that another nation has done well. She is compelled to put that nation down, to plunder and rob them, to take what they have and quickly say “My might has won me this victory.” The hatred America has for Russia is amusing, says the Lord, for indeed Russia shall be your master and your lord. Because you have rejected Me I will give you a foreign master who will trample your faces into the dust. You hate to hear the word ‘Russia’ but I say to you: “Learn Russian so you can use it to plead and bargain for your life.”

Out of the north I call a people! Like snow upon a great mountain is how they will fall on you, like ants devouring a feast! Out of the north I said, how many times have I spoken it by My prophets? OUT OF THE NORTH COMES MY VENGEANCE, THE WEAPONS OF MY GREAT DESTRUCTION. THEY WILL DEVOUR WITH AN OPEN MOUTH, YET MY HAND IS STILL STRETCHED OUT AGAINST YOU FOR MORE AND CERTAIN DESTRUCTION.

And the word of the Lord came to me the second time saying “What do you see?” And I said “I see a boiling pot and it is facing away from the north.” 

Then the Lord said to me:

“Out of the north calamity shall break forth
On all the inhabitants of the land.
For behold, I am calling
All the families of the kingdoms of the north,” says the Lord;
“They shall come and each one set his throne
At the entrance of the gates of Jerusalem,
Against all its walls all around,
And against all the cities of Judah.
I will utter My judgments
Against them concerning all their wickedness,
Because they have forsaken Me,
Burned incense to other gods,
And worshiped the works of their own hands.

– (Jeremiah 1:13-16)

Such neat and disciplined people, they come in formation. Every one keeps his rank, each one knows his location. You imagine yourselves so secure, so well protected. You imagine an espionage work of immense “cyber security breach” will have to occur before you can be penetrated by an enemy. I say to you, YOUR ENEMY IS ALREADY HERE. Your enemy is present with you, your enemy is INSIDE YOUR GATES, YOUR CITIES AND WALLS. When they manifest before you you will faint!

They have lived among you for decades, they know your secrets, they are masters of disguise and you wouldn’t even recognise them because they are MORE AMERICAN THAN YOU. All- American, track stars and movie stars and luminaries among you privy to the highest levels of information, and you do not know it. They are blonder than you, cunning, masters of the game, and you shall perish on the day it is revealed to you how long they sat in the harbours of New York City and other major ports, listening easily to your communications and smoking, talking among themselves to pass the time. They have penetrated your air space hundreds of times on test runs and departed and you were none the wiser for it.

Hear the Word of the Lord. In the day it is revealed to you WHO Russia is among you, WHERE they came from, HOW LONG they have lived among you, indeed America you will tear yourself with grief for your arrogance of spirit and for how you rejected the Lord. You shall rip your garments and they shall be ripped for you. Many of you will be violated against your will, you will have sex with your masters whether you want to or not, it will be taken forcibly from you and you will hate your life because of it. You will be taken captive to foreign lands as were My people Israel, your eyes will flow with tears as you despair of ever seeing your homeland again. If this is not so, I have not spoken.

The prophecy will continue. However I Celestial wish to share a few thoughts. To me, in fact to any sane person, this is a very grave prophecy. This is so much more than “Let’s read some words on a page and move on.” God is telling the United States secret things which, if I were a security officer of any relevance in any organization in this nation, I would launch a probe into it deeper than all the episodes of CSI we’ve seen so far.

To be told that people have penetrated your weapons systems, are watching you on your own soil while you imagine yourself unwatchable, is to me one of the worst prophecies I’ve ever had to share here (and indeed- this is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve been given this same prophecy). God even gives exact details: Russia is watching from the water and air, and America is not aware they can do it without triggering any defense shields or warnings. That’s like taking a shower with one whole wall of your bathroom missing, with all your neighbors sitting on their front porches eating popcorn and watching you but nobody comes over to tell you about it.

God said: (1) America’s defences are nowhere near as impenetrable as she thinks; (2) enemies are already in our armpit yet we believe we’ll have “more than enough time” to see via cyber security if a foreign enemy was trying anything, and (3) it is both pitiable and amusing to Heaven to witness the multiple ironies of thinking America is safe and unbeatable when actually it is a nation squarely marked for destruction. So let me Celestial throw in the two cents of wisdom I’ve picked up in the many years I’ve wandered the wilderness of life with God as a friend:

When God says something it is so. Let me repeat that for emphasis: When God says something IT IS SO. It does not matter if you (meaning you reading this) do not feel, think, believe or agree it is so. Those limited human vectors of “how you feel” and “what you think” are so immaterial when placed next to the IMMUTABILITY OF GOD that, I truly can’t go into explaining how deeply it doesn’t matter what you (or I) think about what God has said.

Once He said it – IT IS SO.

That means if God takes you to the most wretched piece of land you’ve ever seen: the grass is brown, the cows are suicidal, the birds are depressed and all the trees look like extras from Game of Thrones, even if there is a horrible howling wind over that land and nobody else lives there…

Yet GOD HIMSELF takes you there, pats you on the back and says “Dig, for there is treasure in this land.” Then despite everything I just described what you need to do is go over to the bank, withdraw your life savings and buy that land. You need to gain its title deed immediately, buy a tractor, hoe, pick and shovel, and devote your life to digging up that wretched land for the gift that lies beneath. It may be one month or ten years, you may wonder many times – “Did God REALLY say that? Will it ever happen?”

But one day, as sure as He sits in heights of glory on His celestial throne, your shovel will crack a rock that splits open to reveal a diamond big as your head. Your pick will puncture an underground artery that spurts more liters of oil than they make in Qatar. You will see the treasure just as He promised and that’s because BEFORE HE SPOKE TO YOU HE PUT IT THERE.

What am I saying? I am saying that the word of God is IMMUTABLE because HE IS IMMUTABLE. He cannot lie, He cannot fail, He cannot change and HE DOES NOT MISSPEAK. Therefore if you hear the word of the Lord but imagine He does not mean it, He is not right, He is not talking to you, or His words are false… If you read prophecy and laugh or say “Not here! It can never happen!” then… what a great and perishing thing are you. PERISHING, before your own eyes you are perishing in stagnant unbelief and can’t even see it. You pains will be greater than those who believe. WOE UNTO YOU.

That’s all. ❤️

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P.S. It may help to remember this. Russians are Slavs, and Slavs are Nords, and Nords are Vikings, and Vikings are a bloodline that never forgets, never backs down, and always repays. We devour countless documentaries and Netflix movies about these people, but what have we learned from them? Have you seen the man in the banner image? That is the great great great grand something of the people who live at the north of the map today. If you in your couch potato life feel qualified to fight that man, well… okay. But if you KNOW that a Viking is not much different from a Viking descendant, if you know a Viking descendant is a Russian, if you know hardship, sacrifices and snow are nothing to them, and if you know that Russia’s retreating army once burned all their fields, blocked all their wells, and trekked across snowy tundra for who knows how many miles as a way to starve Napoleon and the mighty French army to death, and it WORKED. Then perhaps it is better to pray to God for protection, mercy and invisibility on the day this series of prophecies comes due for fulfillment, because the man in that photo still lives on all the hills and sides of the North. Alright, the rest of the prophecy will continue, God bless. 


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  1. Scarlett says:

    The Russians are formidable people. Americans, including most of American Christendom have grown fat, spoiled and lazy. This is what happens when people have too much leisure time, money and safety. Unlike the primitive church, which had to struggle day to day in doubt of the next one.
    My son here, apparently wants to debate with God’s intentions. As I was trying to share part of this word with him about Russia, he said he was more concerned about China at the present time. I’ve learned not to get lured into a debate with him because he already has his mind made up after watching Bongino, Hannity, and Tucker Carlson, etc. I hope and pray he makes it out alive and repentant from what’s coming, but I am frustrated knowing that the human inclination toward stubborness, and dreadful snare of “making up one’s own mind”, leads people straight into the fire of their own destruction. Oh, how painful and awful that is to contemplate! I just keep praying………..
    Thank you dear sister, and God bless you, and God bless all your work here on this blog. We need it, and we appreciate it!

    1. Celestial says:

      I believe that sometimes when our loved ones won’t listen to us they are doing it to rebel against the vessel more than the information. It can be disheartening, even infuriating esp. when the issues are are grave as these, but I hope he will soon have more than enough reason to come back humbled to the conversation when certain things are proved by scripture matching the events we will see unfold. Til then there is nothing like HEARTFELT PRAYER for stubborn family members- remember the goal satan has for them is not losing arguments but losing their lives and going to hell. They need prayer more than they know, and God is counting on us to provide it until the day they turn. Keep the faith sister, God will vindicate you.

  2. CIK says:

    I believe every word. What the comment above me said… how we’ve grown fat and lazy pierces me as well. God has been preparing many. I see many eating healthier and less meals; exercising…
    Just praying for mercy.

    1. Scarlett says:

      Hello ClK….Although eating healthier and more frugally wouldn’t hurt any of us, I was speaking more of being spiritually fat, and not in a wholesome way. However, I dare say that in the days ahead, many who have never missed a meal in their entire lives are going to be tested in this and find what it’s like to have scarcity, and be grateful for having one meal a day, (if they can manage).
      Yes, indeed, we’d better be praying for mercy

    2. Celestial says:

      Hello again CIK. I think laziness of the heart is vividly displayed in real life. Sometimes I wonder, how many can respond to the PHYSICAL demands of the end times? When we read “Flee to the hills, don’t go back for a bag or anything else!”- what do we think it means? Does it really pierce our consciousness that flee means “run, beat a hasty retreat, with all dexterity get out of the area?” Can we go with diminished food and water, or no food for a time? All these things cross my mind, unprepared people (spiritually and physically) must be honest that they are simply not ready for the changes the times demand.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I too know they are awaiting among us. i have had confirmations in my spirit of a previous boss of mine who was Russian. I had many a dream of who he was, a general in the Russian army in pretense a normal American civilian. If it was not revealed to me by the Spirit I would be none the wiser, but I had a knowing in my spirit he is more cunning than what meets the eye. One day I was bold and said to him “I know who you are.” He said in reply “Good you know your time is short.” I replied, “Yes, I do” and I put my head down in sadness knowing we soon will be invaded by them. Once I had a dream that we were invaded and taken over by the Russians (at this time I lived in Portland, OR). Their troops were everywhere. We were occupied by them. One of my previous bosses was oblivious to the fact that life as normal was gone and the Russians took over every part of civilian life. Scenes would change and in one scene I was in a huge group of people and the Russians fired at all of us to kill us all and everyone of us perished except for me. I fell down to pretend I too was dead and I was in a shallow pit and I was so scared they would come to find me breathing still. It was really scary. Next scene I am in the grocery store and they were allowing us to get food but there were soldiers with guns watching us, and I was scared that one of them would notice me. I’ve also felt in my spirit I was to learn Russian for such a time as we are invaded I would be able to understand what they were saying. Once I was watching a movie and an actor began to speak in Russian, and I could hear him in English. I had to rewind the movie just to see if he spoke in English or Russian and indeed he spoke Russian. I believe when the time comes Abba will allow us to understand their tongue if we ask for it.


  4. NaTasha says:

    My jaw dropped reading this prophecy because just last week out of no where I had the strongest overwhelming urge to learn Russian. So I downloaded a language app and have been learning it ever since. My name is NaTasha…my name is Russian. Celestial you are true speaker of the Lord.

  5. Vee says:

    I want to first say I fully believe in the words you have stated here. It has been partly known to me for a couple of years that something was coming but, I didn’t really understand so I pushed it off and just before 2019 I felt like God was telling me now is the time to start preparing yourself for what is to come. I know this post is referring to Russia but, I have felt the need to learn Mandarin Chinese since I was a child. I was always told it was pointless but, I’m beginning to think it was a directive for me. I must begin and pray to the Most High that he will allow my learning to be swift. Thank you…I am brand new to your blog and YT as of today.


    I am very happy to know you Dear Celestial. You are a blessing to a lot of people . I am Haitian . I was living in the US for 15 years , suddenly YAHWEH started to tell me to leave this country with my 4 children and go back to Haiti . He sent me many messages from one of my sisters (same mother and father ) Marie Carolle for me to read ISAIAH CHAPTER 60. He let us know that HAITI will be the new JERUSALEM . I couldn’t believe it because we are one of poorest country in the world . But YAHWRH kept revealing to us more about why is going to happen to AMERICA . HE will use his enemies Russia And China to destroy the so-called SUPER POWER COUNTRY . America has destroyed our country, they have a long story with us HAITIANS . GOD teach us a lot about who we are , what they have done to us and how we will be THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD. WE are all brothers and sisters , we shall get ready to fight with pride against persecutions , famine , wars etc that are coming our way . I left USA in September the 7th 2021 with my children, husband didn’t believe me and he left me before we left America . Now my kids who gave me a lot trouble when they first came to Haiti embrace the Gospel and they are helping others in America to come to Haiti for safety . I invite you as well all of you who received any dream about what I said to come to Haiti because time is running out for America. Here is my email address:starrzahara@gmail.com
    Mrs ZEHARA

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