Hovercrafts & “Abominable Weapons Of War” Pt. 2 – October 15, 2021


This is the conclusion of the previous prophetic word- it is all one word but for those who have read the first part here is the rest of the message. The first part can be found here. 

On October 15, 2021 in the early morning hours the Lord spoke to me about many topics. One of them is how America will experience severe losses in population as people die from the covid 19 vaccines. It will be like the ‘lost cities’ and civilizations we always see scholars wondering about on History Channel, where they look at why entire populations died out. Sometimes those societies all caught some disease, or something happened causing forced migration to survive. Scientists still wonder what cut down those early cultures and that’s the feeling I had about how it will be in America. God has often told me how few the people of America will be in the future.

I saw an old lady standing on the steps of a nice house, holding a young child’s hand. God said some households will lose everyone in between except for “the very wise grandma who refused to take it and the young child who has not offended against Me.” Unlikely survivors- the wise older people who have refused vaccines despite how hard it was pushed to their age group, and those God in His mercy said He will preserve some of, “the young child who has not offended against Me.”*

*It may mean a child who remains (by God’s mercy) unvaccinated during this stage where people are still rushing to offer their kids on the altar of ‘science’, or it may be a child who was given it but not harmed. I do not know for sure, I am sharing what I saw and what the Lord said.

So I saw this old lady holding her grandchild’s hand on the step of a house; I saw a “for sale” sign appeared on the lawn of the home. The Lord said many homes will go on the market in the years to come, because all the people who used to live in them will die and the home will have to be sold. The parents of the small child died and the grandma came and took the child to her house while her deceased son or daughter’s house was sold. Many, many cases of this will happen, the Lord said. 

When I woke from these things I thought of the case studies I’ve had to do in my life. All the global health studies courses that included looking at countries that experienced unnatural destruction of their population, mass deaths that had terrible effects on the economy. I remembered case studies from Africa where nations were deliberately seeded with the AIDS virus, how over time some of them experienced steep losses of their working populations. These were hard things to study, looking at nations like South Africa, Botswana Zimbabwe and Uganda.

I learned of “ghost cities” and “ghost villages”- places were the population was severely eaten away by AIDS and HIV. The assignment for my college class was to consider losing a chunk of the working class- whether skilled and unskilled labour- what effect does it have on the economy of a nation over a ten year period?

In that study we learned how certain countries lost tons of people of working age- married, single people, even older teens who were sexually active- they all died of AIDS or HIV related complications. Their population pyramids had this creepy indented look like a chewed apple, lots of kids and babies at the bottom, lots of old people at the top, and huge gnawed areas on the sides where all the young adult and adult population died. They showed us clips of villages where only little children and old people could be found, almost all the people who usually fill out the 18-65 demographic of a population, were gone. Either because they worked in cities and had city sexual partners, picked it up there and brought it to the towns and villages, or received contaminated blood at city hospitals and spread it. It was a horrible case study but that’s what I thought about when God showed me an old lady smiling a sad smile at a little child while a realtor hung a “for sale” sign on a dead person’s lawn. 

Empty homes. Empty houses. Empty businesses. Empty nation. DEPOPULATION. The vaccines have many aspects to them but this is one of the most obvious and graphic. I’ve said this before, all of it being God’s message from the beginning. “The vaccines will kill them. They will kill themselves with these vaccines.”

Read Survival Of The Fittest– it is one of the oldest prophecies I received on the vaccines. It was the first time I really understood what the result of this wicked agenda would be. God has said many times that America will be weakened until she doesn’t have enough people to fight anybody and win. Depopulation is one of the main ways it will happen. Abominable weapons of war. 

Russia was the last topic I heard that morning: 

America will be sleeping on the day Russia comes here.

The revelation I received, the images are below.

America will be sleeping on the day Russia comes here. They will not be anticipating anything, up to the day of invasion there will be no double agent, nobody who is playing two sides that could share secrets to warn the U.S.A. There will be no data leak, no secrets coming out of Russia that could serve as a warning to America. There will be nothing to give any indication that this is the day of defeat. America will be literally and figuratively sleeping, in bed, covered up on the day the first pilots bring their planes over American skies.

She will not hear anything because Russian planes do not make noise. Also they have ‘cloaking technology’– something that masks the approach of the plane from detection by military defense systems. You will not know about a Russian plane until the Russian pilot wants you to know about it.

Russia keeps these planes in the mountains; there are hangars built into the sides of mountains in Russia to host a lot of advancements and technology, including these planes. Even America for all its spying cannot penetrate the side of a mountain with any device to know what is inside it. There are sliding doors in those mountains and you can enter with a jeep and drive all through to see planes and other weapons in there. Russia has an entire arsenal in the mountains and the only day America will know about it is the day it is used on her.

The planes are ‘hovercraft technology’- they can fly, swoop, do maneuvers and everything a normal plane can do, but they also hang motionless in the air just like UFO spaceships. They can HOVER. These planes are kept under wraps and even when you use satellites to zoom in on enemy territory and spy out military bases to see what they have available, you cannot see into a mountain to know that these planes take off and land back at the mountains. Therefore America does not know what’s being kept in there. She will not be prepared for the attack or assault on her territory that is coming against her in the end days, she will believe to the very last that she has the upper hand and that is why she will be surprised, slaughtered and taken captive by Russia. 

As God was telling me this in a way I can understand I saw a man in bed sleeping, as planes flew over him. That’s the first thing, a man comfortably in bed and blended with that image a sky full of planes coming into America. You can read more on this witness: The Heart Attack.

Next I saw a black plane holding its position. I can’t say the shape of the plane because it wasn’t clear, I see some things as “impressions” rather than crisp images. What I know is the plane is black and can hold place above cloud cover without falling out of the sky. It can also fly very close to a U.S. ‘no fly zone’ and not ping the radar; the people I saw sitting with chunky headsets watching the radar screen did not detect any blip that means ‘A moving object has approached, a moving object is coming close to the line we said not to cross.’

These planes can fly right overhead a city and not make sound or be detected by anything that says “A plane is moving around here”.

These planes are inside the mountains of Russia. Russia has mountains that are dug out, that open by sliding the rock door aside. I saw Russian military came to a mountain- the door slid aside as people saluted men in a jeep, they saluted back then drove into the mountain. There are fully equipped hangars inside some mountains in Russia, holding planes and weapons they don’t want seen or known about. God called them tactical weapons. I went to the Internet later and found the following:

Tactical weapons system is a system integrating tactical weapons with electronic equipment for target acquisition, aiming, or fire control or a combination of such purposes. Tactical weapons are designed for offensive or defensive use at relatively short range with relatively immediate consequences. They include weapons used for antitank assault, antiaircraft defense, battlefield support, aerial combat, or naval combat. They are generally classified according to their point of launching (surface or air) and their target location (also surface or air). – (Brittanica.com)

Merriam-Webster (1.a.2): “Using or being weapons or forces employed at the battlefront”.  

A tactical nuclear weapon (TNW) or non-strategic nuclear weapon is a nuclear weapon designed to be used on a battlefield in military situations mostly with forces in proximity. Generally smaller in explosive power. Designed to be used against close up forces. Tactical nuclear weapons include gravity bombs, short-range missiles, artillery shells, land mines, depth charges, and torpedoes which are equipped with nuclear warheads. Also in this category are nuclear armed ground-based or shipborne surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) and air-to-air missiles. Small, two-man portable or truck-portable, tactical weapons (sometimes misleadingly referred to as “suitcase nukes”(!!!), have been developed, but the difficulty of combining sufficient yield with portability could limit their military utility. In wartime, such explosives could be used for demolishing “chokepoints” to enemy offensives, such as at tunnels, narrow mountain passes, and long viaducts. – (Wikipedia)

While the above does not mean much to me I know it makes perfect sense to ex-military, military, government people, mercenaries and criminals.

Tactical weapons are weapons used by people you intend to fight close up, not from far away from your country. Russia intends to use short-range weapons on opponents they will fight at close range, that’s why they hide them until the day they bring them here. These are the realities ahead.

I saw that America uses something like picture enlargement. From the sky they select a picture on the ground and enlarge, enlarge, enlarge until they can see the grass and whatever is on the ground. This is what God means by “For all their spying they do not know”, because that sky picture cannot look inside a mountain. It will only see the mountain- ‘Here is a mountain’- but it cannot look through rock and see what’s INSIDE. Russia takes assurance from that limitation and puts their secret weapons in their mountains. Therefore whatever America thinks Russia has, Russia has far more than that. These are the revelations of the Lord to his servant, and now this is shared with you.

In all things let us remember the reason for these things. For sin, for giving the land over to depravity, for not training up the children in God’s ways, for allowing the very worst things to become a protected reality here, these are only some of the reasons why God will allow these punishments to come. The antidote is not simplistic, it is not something that happens by gathering at Christian festivals for a few hours then heading home saying “Oh the Spirit was there wasn’t He?”

It does not work like that, please read part one to this prophecy if you have forgotten the reasons and assertions the Lord is making to America as His reasons for sending and allowing these judgements.

There is a systemic refusal in America to accept indictment for sin, a deep-rooted refusal to accept that the things God hates are even a sin. The things that God strongly condemns are not called sin anymore in America, they’re called RIGHTS. These RIGHTS have already strangled and replaced morality, God-fearing, and God obedience. Even Christian children aren’t sure if someone changing their gender is really “sin”; the constant controversial messaging is deceiving them that it’s okay and that people should love who they want and do what they want.

Perverse propaganda is at a national high and even adults can’t distinguish God’s morality from their own. Where should youth and children put their feet then, if the foundations are so destroyed that no adult can rightly affirm to them what is good or evil according to the Lord’s standards? There is shock and outrage if a person even suggests that this nation has fallen away from God and needs to repent, yet when bad things happen in America people never look to national conduct as the reason, they look to God and accuse Him!

“How could You allow this to happen to YOUR NATION GOD?! Where are you!”


God is on the back burner where America put Him. He is in the process of selecting His remnant to Himself in preparation to close every chapter of global human history. God is making all things ready to finish the reign of men and usher in the eternal kingdom of His beautiful Son Jesus Christ.

When bad things happen here hardly anybody realizes it is the payment for sin. When bad things happen here people get hardened against the Lord instead of being softened to repentance. Bad things cause shock and outrage yet people completely forget this firm, unchanging truth: SATAN HAS THE RIGHT TO STRIKE, UNDERMINE, REPROACH, DRAG, HURT AND ULTIMATELY DESTROY ANY PERSON OR REGION OR SOCIETY OR NATION THAT LOVES AND CELEBRATES SIN.

“Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people.” – Proverbs 14:34

That verse simply means- the practice of wholesome, godly values and virtues creates hedges of God’s love, protection, peace and prosperity to any territory, but the practice of immoral, wicked, selfish and godless acts tears down the walls, invites spiritual attack and destruction, and BRINGS SHAME.

Reproach is a special type of shame. It is shame that clings like mud, that brings deep regret and pain because it is something that STUBBORNLY CLINGS TO A PERSON. Reproach is shame that attacks,  it’s a sharp accusation; a finger-pointing rebuke that is hard to answer, deny or turn aside from. It’s like a woman walking down the street after a man yelling to everyone that he doesn’t pay child support. SIN ALSO HAS A VOICE, AN ACCUSING VOICE THAT LIFTS LOUD AGAINST THOSE WHO PRACTICE IT, AND THEY ARE LEFT WITH NO DEFENSE TO ITS SHAMING, BITTER CRY.

America insists she is God’s nation but if we are honest with ourselves today we know this is not so. This is not God’s nation. America took the road away from God long ago. Now all her books, laws, entertainment and pleasures point to a nation long tired of God, a nation looking for the next big thrill to keep it occupied for the next 15 minutes. The solid, true American values were knowingly and gradually destroyed and for whatever reason the remnant were too few or too blinded or too weak to fight back, that is why we’re here. That is why I’m here. That is why so many trials are coming, judgement in the form of enemies that take advantage of a weakened population due to covid vaccines. May the Lord remember those who love Him and look for His face every day, not in fear but for the assurance of His mercy to them and their households. The Lord, He is God.

Below are a few supporting prophecies for what is shared here.

Enemy At The Gates

The Heart Attack

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  1. sheepdogwarrior says:

    Those who refuse the jab….. the awake one’s.
    Will be rewarded…..with health stability.
    But will need to hide, watch, wait patiently.
    Thru the process of culling….in cities.
    The vast majority want the jab, demand it, and will surely force the weakest, the fearful, the sick, the happiest progressive, the unsaved to comply…
    That said pray to stay the course, avoid being forced, avoid hit team’s, police enforcement.
    Pray God lead’s you to safe work, enough to get by, if possible retirement is best.
    Or pray to greatly downsize your needs, and what you’re spending to live on..
    In all cases prepare to help others…..for the sword, famine, pestilence is coming.
    Blessings to all here….in Christ.

    1. Anonymous says:

      My brother & his wife are both double-jabbed and unsaved.TThey have a 3yr old daughter and a son on the way. My 78 yr old mother got jabbed, and is a Catholic.
      I am saved and un-jabbed, but so sad for my family & country.

      1. sheepdogwarrior says:

        Yes it’s so hard, when the family is put voluntarily into dangerous paths.
        We must stand for Truth… still.
        My wife is telling me she wants the jab, I refuse to help, enable, drive, do anything that would help that dreadful action, become a reality.
        Praying for God’s hand to pressure her to reject that choice.
        Blessings to you, remain strong in Christ.

        1. Kim Ironside says:

          My husband took it secretly without me knowing. He already had Covid-19 back in January. I only found out he’d had it a few weeks ago. Such hard times. 🙁

  2. kchatsmo says:

    Trying again
    My friend and i watched part one
    Im ok with it
    She wasnt
    She asked where was GOD HEALING AND LOVE IN IT.
    I couldnt answer

    Could you ?

    1. Lord's Sheep says:

      I will try to answer this! God’s healing is still there for those who take refuge in Him and “repent”. Believers who have taken the v don’t think they did anything wrong. They all feel it’s okay to do it and are stubborn in their hearts. They refused the warnings of fellow brothers/sisters (whom God used) and the promptings of the Holy Spirit. That is disobedience and I myself warned so many but they said there is nothing wrong in taking part as it is not the “mark”. I believe God can still heal and restore if those who have taken it genuinely with “sincere” hearts repent and seek God’s mercy….but, I don’t see it happening. Most believe that the jab is a “gift” from God to end the pandemic.

      1. Besala says:

        I’ve noticed the same thing. Many don’t believe they even did anything wrong by receiving the v. God clearly feels differently. The Word is a witness to what the Spirit is saying. The fruit of the v already is death and destruction–further proving the word of the Lord. It will be even more obvious in the future that it caused nothing but corruption to the human temple.

        1. EndDays says:

          My mother and her husband took the booster, so 3 shots each. PLUS the flu shot for this season! 4 shots total thus far!!! They will voluntarily take whatever shots that are foisted upon them. Have asked her to consider not taking them and why. This fell on deaf ears as they believe in the “science”. Don’t want to sound cavalier and say, “so be it”.

          Yet, I can’t help but notice her arrogance. I am the dumb one, misinformed and quite stupid for questioning their decision. Sometimes, we can’t stop people from their own destructive behaviors and actions.

          We can pray for them. Ask God to open their eyes and ears. In the end people have Free Will. Hard to handle, hard to watch. Stay close to God.

  3. Arizona says:

    OUR FATHER,is going to wipe the NORTH AMERICAN CONTINENT OFF THE MAP…it’ll just be a group of Islands when peace returns to this world,and a very small population left on it…

  4. Immer says:

    I would like you to clarify something for me. In another article I read that Russia would not need a war to invade the US, because it already had personnel in Canada and other places to enter the US, but now you say that Russia will use planes and other vehicles of war to enter? I don’t understand, can you clarify? Thank you

    1. Celestial says:

      Is it possible for a nation stationed anywhere, no matter how close to its target- to enter that nation without weapons? Is it possible to say- “We had troops in Canada and were well prepared so we didn’t need planes, tanks, guns or anything to take over?” The messages of Russia are right above on the menu- now is when all have the luxury to read them for they will not always be uncensored as I’m constantly saying. I’ve spent years writing things down but I can’t read for anyone, nor am I available to reply every time someone doesn’t understand. If anyone wants to understand, please read the prophecies. Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.

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