A Food Crisis Is Coming – September 22, 2021


Now in these days prophets came down from Jerusalem to Antioch. And one of them named Agabus stood up and foretold by the Spirit that there would be a great famine over all the world (this took place in the days of Claudius). So the disciples determined, everyone according to his ability, to send relief to the brothers living in Judea. And they did so, sending it to the elders by the hand of Barnabas and Saul. – Acts 11:27- 30

“Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?” – Matthew 6:25- 27)

Dreams can be so real at times that we can’t tell the difference. The emotions I go through with some of mine is overwhelming- I don’t even know I’m sleeping. Many times I wake up with shock, see my room and sigh in relief that I made it. This is one of those.

This dream reminded me how truly dangerous America is, how there’s a whole WORLD of murder, spying, threats and intimidation behind the scenes, ordinary people in a cat-and-mouse game for their lives. There is a sharp divide between those who know the truth and those who live under the net of lies formed by the media and powerful people- this dream showed me the very powerful interests out there that think nothing of erasing anyone who might expose or reveal their end times plans.


This prophecy is of food insecurity and famine. I’ve spoken of warning signs like the disappearance of basic foods, growing dependence on the government support, and the rise of homelessness in every state. I saw people lose the ability to sustain a home, a family, a mortgage and even a living wage. These things could not be fixed by the government and many families fell through the cracks. 

Certain foods will first be less and less affordable, then will be luxuries, until they are no longer available: MEAT, fresh vegetables, butter, OIL, SUGAR and BREAD. Many items will only be found if you know someone with an inside lane to getting them (i.e. This type of scarcity is known as a black market economy, where goods and services are no longer accessible to everyone and are provided privately for extremely high sums of money OUTSIDE of the government’s ability to give them to everyone.)

As items disappear from circulation the initial response the Lord showed me was irritation and complaining: “Why have they stopped selling this?”; “Why have they stopped making that?” People didn’t even recognize the danger of watching food dry up the way water drains away before a tsunami- I saw a major lack of recognition of what was really happening.

Many will think it’s only a phase, a “logistical delay” where meat is stuck at factories or retail goods are a few weeks behind. But as it takes longer and longer between supermarket restocks and as less items come back to shelves people will finally realize they’re watching the decline of an economy that is no longer able to feed itself, and the natural reaction to that will be PANIC.

The Lord gave me this striking dream on September 22, 2021, with a disturbing lesson about food insecurity. At one point the Holy Spirit kept saying “aphids, aphids, aphids”, and I knew that pests that eat harvests and afflicts crops are going to be one of many factors affecting the food supply. This means low yields because these pests can gobble large tracts of land in no time. Locusts and other types of afflicting insects that destroy crops will also be a big problem despite the tons of chemicals that are poured on the food supply every year in America, to protect it and keep it free from pests.

I dreamt that I discovered millions of hectares of land seeded with GMO food. I don’t know how I found it but as I was walking in the countryside I suddenly found myself in front of  millions and millions of miles of farmed land growing extremely toxic food. I was shocked. When I stuck my hand out to investigate a part of the crop came out of the ground, into my hand. It’s a food called cassava, or yucca. That’s a heavy root tuber but this one that came obediently to my hand weighed nothing, literally nothing.

As soon as that yucca touched my hand I was surrounded by  ten very well-dressed, assassin-type men of all races who started chasing me. These men were so fast and menacing, like wild dogs! Dressed in designer suits- grey, navy, black- but with the literal faces of wolves or dogs, hairy and fast; their savagery gave me wings of speed to escape. I cried to the Lord to help me and He did.

I ran all over the world- please hear me– I went to Italy, Peru, parts of the U.S. and many nations. I hid in hotels when I could, clinging to this yucca. Everywhere I went I was hunted- I feared for my life in this dream. Always I had to cry out, actually CRY OUT TO GOD as the Bible says, in order to be saved from these men who seemed able to track me anywhere. I just wanted ten seconds alone to examine this root God pulled up from the ground for me but these men were determined to kill me and take that evidence away from me.

At last I ran to Africa and mingled with everybody else, that’s where they grew confused. I looked like the people there and they couldn’t find me. I hid in a warehouse and saw these men snarling outside in a crowded marketplace like dogs in their suits, they were so hairy and vicious but still looked like men. I saw them from a crack in the door of the warehouse where I was hiding but they could not detect me among all the other people walking about. Frustrated they kept up the search for a while but eventually they stopped snarling, arranged their suit jackets, their faces became normal again like men, all the hair on them went away (how!?!) and they walked off and gave up the search. 

I took out the root from my travel bag and was about to cut it when the top crumbled like dust; I saw in it many pests and bugs. I tried to touch them but they made an ominous rattling like “death bones” so I snatched my hand back from that warning: Don’t touch us or you’ll regret it. These bugs suddenly decomposed into alphabet letters. A child’s block letters- I saw the letter A and a few other letters growing out of the yucca, multiplying on stalks like a strange bouquet. 

I was desperate to know what I had found so despite worry about those men I went outside into the market to call for help: Can someone help me, can anyone look at this and tell me what I’ve found? I’ve found something, it looks dangerous and I need a scientist. Can anyone help? Does anyone know science, does anyone know genetics? Someone, help me, what is this? I was holding some stalks of the weird letters, showing them to the people passing by (once the bugs changed there was no more danger, so I took some alphabet blocks to show witnesses).

What is this please? What is this that came out of the food? Does anyone know? 

People ignored me steadfastly but I knew they could see me, nobody paid me any attention in that marketplace but eventually, a tall Ethiopian approached me. He said I’m a scientist, show me what you have. I took him in the warehouse and some people followed us but I was past worrying about safety. I’d realised those bugs were embedded in the food and were supposed to be eaten by someone and do their transformation IN THE BODY, not in front of my eyes. They only changed because in all my escaping I’d kept the root warm for too long. The bugs went through gestation and changed in my bag, not in the body like they were meant to, that’s how I got to see what was in the yucca.

I showed the scientist everything, he didn’t touch anything but after examining it all he gave me a long look and said Do you know what this is? I said no. He said This is DNA. These alphabets are bloodlines- they are hieroglyphs and bloodlines. These are ancient Egyptian bloodlines manipulated into the food as DNA. Where did you get this?

And I told him how I found that field, a massive field as I’d not seen before, growing endless miles of corn, soy, wheat, even fruit and vegetables as far as my eyes could see, growing GMO for us to eat.

The man gave me the same warning look I’d seen on the faces of people in that market as I called for help- Who here is a scientist?  I found something, something in the food, help me!- people had ignored me steadfastly but some gave me warning eyes like- Be still! Don’t you like your life?

The look in this man’s eyes after he examined the root was the same: “Are you sure about this and do you want to live? Do you know what can happen to you if you go against the type of people who have this much money and power to do a vast project like this?” He didn’t say the words but his gaze was full of worried kindness, his face told me I should be careful in my quest for answers because of where it could bring me, all the way to dog-like men in suits chasing me everywhere because I had one root of a transformative tuber in my bag and was looking for someone to examine it and tell me what it was. 

Then I woke up.

As I was writing down this dream the Lord spoke to me:

“A global famine is coming. Things will get very out of hand in the area of agriculture and genetically modified food. All kinds of ethical lines will be crossed under the convenient banner of- “This is a crisis situation. We can’t always keep the rules; this has to be addressed right now and desperate times call for desperate solutions.”

“Just as covid opened the door for extensive government overreaches which are still going on today two years later, this situation of severe decline of food supply will give a chance for manipulation of supply chains, globalization, rich vs poor, and will give serious power to corporations. Vast sums of money will flow to those who “invent” these poisonous genetically modified foods for the world’s population to eat, and many people will die of the diseases these false foods cause.”

“People will develop all sorts of raging diseases from ingesting these GMO products.” 

(When the Lord said “raging diseases” I saw something like a very great FIRE burning inside the human body. I saw the cells and organs of the body as if they were on fire; people were set on FIRE from the poison they ate from corporations’ GMO farms. They developed severe inflammation, unknown autoimmune diseases, VERY aggressive cancers and all types of side effects as a result of eating emergency food, refugee food or “famine relief food” as it was called.

God showed me how so many people died. He continued: Grave and lethal sarcomas, Parkinsons and other rapid degenerative neural diseases will be the result of these modified foods. Diseases will be particularly aggressive because of the high amounts of chemical and GENETIC MATERIAL present in the new wave of GMO foods coming. People will wither away fast after consuming these artificial foods and of course it will be attributed to the famine rather than its supposed solution. Be aware at this time that the Lord is with all who seek Him and rely on Him for their provision and salvation, the Lord is a strong tower to all who trust in Him. None who put their trust in the Lord shall be ashamed.”

I saw  that if someone eats this food it will be virtually no time at all between sudden onset of disease, first diagnosis, and their eventual death. Many won’t even get a chance to decide on a treatment option because the type of diseases brought by these foods will be super, mega, pumped up versions of the original- a disease that might have given you a 5 – 10 year life expectancy will instead wipe people out in months. I saw severe illness and very severe degenerative disorders that often had no treatment option at all.


As I wrote the prophecy today I also had a terrible feeling of all the people who died trying to blow the whistle. I know I won’t find proof of it (*as in carried officially by media), but the sense was great in me that many have perished running as I did, running with samples they took, running to look for independent labs to do a diagnosis. They died trying to find a scientist to explain things to them, or they were a scientist who realised too much and had to be removed.

I felt the weight of powerful global interests that employ methods of control like (1) threatening employees who see things they shouldn’t, (2) intimidation to silence people, (3) destroying careers and (4) global ridicule of those who are brave enough to talk. (5) I even felt they are not afraid to endanger people’s families as a way to keep them in line, so they won’t say what they know.

But I remembered those dog-men, those intelligent hybrid killers with actual dog feet in their shoes that turned calm and human once my scent was lost. I remembered them and realised the special interests go deep enough to kill people- to hunt them savagely and make it look like they were so lonely and sad at losing careers or whatever official lie will be told- that they suddenly decided to drown in lakes or leap off buildings. These are people who will kill anyone who tries to expose their planned food manipulation agenda. They will hunt them to the four corners of the earth whether they hide in Italy or Peru; they will track them with human hitmen and with hybrids until they find them and eliminate the risk those whistleblowers pose to their future plans of world domination.


These things are real. It does not faze me what my dreams sound like, I know the voice of the Master Yeshua who is warning us. He is speaking, He is warning so that later when people can’t stop coughing, can’t stop spitting blood, or when someone with zero history of cancer or diabetes wakes up at age 23 with blood sugar through the roof, or 200 sarcomas in their bodies- this is why.


Food with DNA building blocks of ancient genetic material in it, hybrid food… yes I’ll say it.


The cost of clean food is already through the roof in America and many places. Tiny strips of any cow that eats antibiotics and trash costs 13$ a tray now, so the ones raised on actual grass costs… who knows? How much of the world’s population can actually afford non-GMO, non-chemical food? It’s only nations everyone looks down on that are doing it right, it’s only nations still reliant on their traditional ways of farming that are eating clean food. They are poor but their meat grows right in front of them or in the backyard, so they know it ate grass and when they kill it they’re getting nothing but what God intended. Western nations lost that assurance decades ago- we eat what’s in the store and pray for mercy from God.

This is the truth the Lord gave me, ENGINEERED GLOBAL FAMINE IS COMING. Revelation 6:8:

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with FAMINE, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.”

Now we can finally see how the Bible keeps a record and Bible prophecy reveals the record. The Bible says “famine” but prophecy says “famine by man’s hand, engineered death by starvation.” Now we can stop assuming that just because things are in the Bible it’s God who’s doing them. No, God is revealing that we live with psychopaths who intend to breed DNA into food, deliberately crash the food market, lessen the food supply, starve millions to death, then leap into action crying “There’s a global famine! We need fast solutions! We need some type of quick growing, emergency solution, famine relief FOOD!”

Then they will bring out this false, modified food which will be even worse than the famine. 

May Yah the Creator be praised. I thank Him for every truth I receive, because I know it will make us seek Him. In the days to come I believe we will seek for God with a REFINED FAITH bred of survival, we will be sharpened to best possible versions of ourselves at last. Purged of all the lies and alloy we’re currently full of in the modern church- DROSS WILL BE STRIPPED AWAY as we learn to take every word of the Bible seriously and stop twisting it to suit how we feel. This world will have a new type of Christian, survivors who know how to keenly live by their faith.

Money and ‘buying power’ won’t help us, it can’t find us safe food- it’s only Jesus name that will turn whatever’s on that plate into something safe to give our children. Only Jesus. ONLY JESUS!! Oh we will learn, we will truly learn to respect and trust the Lord. So let us practice thanking Him now for truth, then later we can thank Him for our much needed salvation from the wicked who will spring up everywhere like fresh grass. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

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  1. Tina mark says:

    Glory be to father who always protect his people and provide for them. More grace my dear prophetess.

  2. Scarlett says:

    Oh, thank you and God bless you sister Celestial for the sharing of the pure and holy bread of God to us. Like clean pure water to drink and clean wholesome food to be nourished by.
    I used to live where I had a large garden. Now, I store, can and grow organic vegetables in the small space I have available, not enough to sustain long term. We will have to trust God for safe provision which is going to require discernment and obedience. We’re truly living on the precipice of danger. Every day, it’s something new. But God has chosen the poor to have great faith. The rich can throw some money at their need, but God is all the poor have to rely on, and is actually all we need.
    Grace and peace,

  3. janette127 says:

    I had 2 dreams in 1976 the night I was saved. I had never read the Bible, I was suicidal and was not going to live to see tomorrow. Jesus lite up the room and gave me a peace I can’t describe. I fell into a deep sleep. The first dream , I was running and a large hand came down and said Follow Me. I knew it was Jesus because of how he looked and the glory on him. I said I can’t keep up, he said Follow Me! The next dream I was at home and heard a baby crying upstairs ( I had no baby at that time) but I ran upstairs it was the 3rd floor and as I looked out the window, it was night but there were thousands of men in black uniforms pulling people out of their homes and shooting them. I ran out to the woods with the baby to hide. They found me raised their gun and I woke up. I knew 2 things I had to follow Christ hard. And their would be persecution in my lifetime.

  4. LorQ says:

    Steve Quayle has a list on his website, “Dead Scientists” that includes physicians, astronomers, researchers and scientists who were going to blow the whistle or were researching a gamut of issues that question and could even topple vaccines, cancer diagnoses, food production and so forth. Your dream supports these brave souls who dared to question the aberrant “status quo “. It will get worse, the Luciferian cabal will cull the herd.

    Stay close to God. Stay in His word every single day. Do not veer from Him. He is our shelter. Take refuge under His wing. He knows the number of hairs on our head, He will lead all who seek Him in these days. Take a stand and do not fear. Do not allow the fear that is being stirred up to lead you astray. Ask Him, He will answer and lead His people. God is in control.

  5. A says:

    I’m not surprised by this! Thank you for sharing!

  6. Besala says:

    Corn, soy, and wheat happen to be common food allergies. God wouldn’t design the human body to be allergic to the food He created for us to eat.

  7. Shawn says:

    Thank you for warning of the food famine. The Father blew a shofar (trumpet) in my freezer in 2019. When I asked Him why in prayer, He told me, I blew it to warn you that I will break the staff of bread.

    May all YAH’s children trust in Him and move with fear like Noah and Joseph.

  8. Anonymous says:

    23 Oct 21 I  had a dream of a man he was a local but unknown to me who kept giving me large bags of flour. Around 10 kilos a piece. I had so much flour. Much more than I needed. God will provide for His people. Remain under His wings. God keep you all 🙏

  9. Guest says:

    This is already beginning. I often feel sick if I choose unnatural processed foods. I also had a dream of an amoeba like parasite in the water.

  10. nmangoaela says:

    Thanks for posting and sharing these hard sayings Celestial. The prophets of Israel were hated and rejected because the people couldn’t bare their hard sayings. This undiluted warning just makes one feel like burying their head in the sand. Like the institutionalised church today, they can’t handle such hard sayings, they love warm and fuzzy prophecies. Truly we must be strong in our faith and continue to build up our faith in these times …heading towards the bleak future.

    The poisoning of the food has been ongoing for many years now. In 2008, while living in California, I remember noticing that most of the fruits and veggies were unusually large and very uniform. That is when I learned about GMOs. Of late, here in South Africa, people are posting videos of how they discover that the Graphene Oxide in all the vaccines is also found in our food, and in some medications. I have seen some YouTube videos demonstrating that the Graphene oxide is also in the chicken and some brands of cheese.


  11. Thanks for sharing! I had a dream earlier this year. It’s faint in my memory now but, there was a large crown of people flying in a ship or plane. I was in this plane. We got close to the sun. All of a sudden the sun turn black. The light went out. The black sun started to fall onto the wing of the plane. There was an open deck that was facing the sun. People on the deck started to scream as the sun fell onto the wing. Then I woke up. Scared. That doesn’t sound like a nice dream. Something big will happen that’s how I take it.

  12. diego says:

    The Pfizer Headquarters have a mural showing an Egyptian god.

  13. Paul Coppin says:

    Lord please guide me to a farm here in the Philippines.

  14. elfmom55 says:

    2 Kings 4:40-44
    King James Version
    40 So they poured out for the men to eat. And it came to pass, as they were eating of the pottage, that they cried out, and said, O thou man of God, there is death in the pot. And they could not eat thereof.


    1. Celestial says:

      Very excellent sister God bless you.

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