“If You See Something, Say Something” – October 23, 2021


*This is a recount of things that will come, so please pay attention to the details. When we see ‘details’ creeping into everyday life we will remember Jehovah said all these things before. I’ve tried to highlight key phrases to watch out for; by them you will know the New World Order has come.

I had two dreams at the same time last night. In one dream God was speaking to me about my life, in the other I was living in the New World Order. Sadly when I woke up my personal stuff was gone but I have a clear recollection of everything I experienced in the ‘new world’. I write these experiences how it was when I was there, so the present tense may be used.






This is what I heard in my sleep. This sound will play all day every day, in every populated area until the walls of the mind are assaulted and weakened by it, from hearing it over and over.

“If you see something, say something.”


It will play until you can recite it from memory, until you assimilate it and agree that they must be right. Your own brain will hear it so many times it will eventually tell you: If you see something of course you should say something! It’s the right thing to do.

This sound will play until you believe that telling authority about things you see during the day is a normal thing, a healthy phenomenon of “reporting” that you should be participating in for the good of all.


This sound will turn you into a state informant without you noticing it, because you’ll hear it all the time. You can tell the system everything you saw without naming names but for *active partner points it is better to be very specific and say all details of what you experienced and observed. Naming names gets you active points that can be utilized for benefits later on.

There will be *Active Citizen benefits, discounts and points. You will have a card or some kind of cache with all your points from ‘participating’ – with it you can get reductions on groceries, bills etc. You will receive perks that show you the positive side of being helpful to the government. 

Life in those days will be monotonous as a train passing through the countryside. As a train in the country only shows predictable landscapes of grass and trees for the entire trip, that’s how it will be. Life will be grey as prison, as orthodox as salt. Life will be a monotone, that’s what I can see.

Everything you do is for the state and nothing is for yourself. Things done for you are frowned upon and though they aren’t crime per se they are so heavily censured and frowned upon that it isn’t worth the stress or  judgement from others (and social credit score drop) to do them. So you just stay away from pleasing yourself and focus on ways, any ways including inventive ways, of pleasing the state.


It will be the hub, lifeline and guideline of life in those days. Social credit score is everything to the active citizen, who himself is a person heavily plugged into the community via a bunch of social programs that give a boost to the score. You are not penalized for not joining social programs but they are so heavily inventivized if you do join that only the insane and the heavily anti-government won’t join.

Social programs are a way to show who loves the government and who does not. Not joining means your love for the community is not as strong as it could be- and if it seems that you don’t love the community as you much as you should the irony is it’s your friends and neighbours who will harass you about not being in programs to the point that you feel you’re losing your mind and finally join.

The state doesn’t harass people. The state just suggests things to you day and night via ads, media, texts, automated prompts, billboards, and talking AI in the supermarkets, malls, trains, buses, airports and everywhere you go, until people are brainwashed by what the state says. The state doesn’t harass people. It’s the brainwashed people created by the state who do 90% of its dirty work. Brainwashed people created by state messaging are the ones who say things like this while smiling at community barbecues- ‘You know, you really should sign up for the group walks. I met Suzy there. We’re really happy, and grateful for a program that keeps us fit and helped us meet each other. You should sign up too.’

You’ll stare at a friend you’ve known all your life and wonder if he’s joking or being sarcastic but he isn’t; he’s actually glad he stopped resisting and joined the walks. He’s glad he met Suzy there; he loves her so he wants you to join and be happy too.

Brainwashed people do the kind of up-close, persistent mind control that the state will not be able to do one-on-one for everyone. For the rebellious and hard-headed, for those who truly don’t agree or are committed to their personal freedoms, for those able to withstand their friends, workmates and neighbours’ persistent pressure- there is the *Office of Citizens Affairs and the *Office of Citizens Arrests which takes care of troublemakers via a number of corrective programs including the *Greenlight program.

I don’t know what Project Greenlight is and I don’t want to know. I do not want to know what happens to all the people who get taken there or reported there by others. The name sounds positive- green light– like something approved and beneficial. Something okay, something given the “green light.” It sounds progressive and good for the city. But I Celestial know this is just nonsense because my skin prickles whenever I hear that a citizen has opted to participate in the Greenlight Program. First of all I know nobody ever “opts” to join anything handled by Citizens Arrests, and second of all because nobody actually knows anything about this program. I’ve never met anyone who knows details about Greenlight, which means all the people who opted to be in it never came home to talk about it. It never makes me feel good to hear that people have joined Greenlight and I hate all the people who go there to volunteer information about others. I just do. 

“Dear Celestial. Your *social credit score refers. You are not currently enrolled in enough programs to be promoted to our *Socially Active Citizen Reward Tier. The minimal amount of enrollment is acceptable as you are no doubt aware but you can always benefit by doing more. You can join the Active Partner Program and spend time with other neighbours of your zone in excellent enrollment programs and activities designed to make you a better part of your community. Bond with neighbours of your zone and be a part of your community. Your credit score is low and this concerns us. Kindly contact the number below for assistance on the types of programs that best suit your temperament as we have it on file, and let us get you moving again. Yours in health, the Office of Citizen Affairs. 

This is the kind of mail you will get, and you will have 30 days to answer the mail and say (unwisely) that you feel the programs you’re in are a good amount, or (wisely) that you will contact the office and get a list of recommendations for your zone. It is up to you how you want to survive.

After a while I grew sick of looking at this life and fell into a deeper form of sleep. When I woke up I remembered about talking to the AI from another dream. I remembered God told me all these things before, I just forgot about putting it on the blog. As I lay there staring at the wall the Lord said:

Tell these people that as part of losing their freedoms they will be *SEQUESTERED

In law, sequestration means to have your property confiscated by the state or some other authority figure and taken away from your control. However I knew God meant the other meaning.

To sequester means to take someone away to a hidden or otherwise isolated spot and keep them there, away from others. In the case of future America it may mean different things in different areas but where I was it meant being taken to a room to be questioned by AI through high definition speakers, over and over the same questions in the same way or different ways until you agreed with what it said, or cracked and talked about things you never intended to talk about, or cracked and had a breakdown which was then used against you to lower your social credit score.

In that room the slightest increase in temperature can be monitored and if it goes up because you are mad then it will register that you have ANGER. Or if you cry and do that “Please! 😭 Just let me go home!” thing it will register that you have FEAR and PAIN. Your emotions will register with AI according to how well you manage and balance them, and people will be constantly monitored for *WELLNESS. It is all listed on your score by the machine, affecting the number up or down according to the decision of the AI who is questioning you. 

Everything is run by AI, you will talk to AI until you come to either hate or tolerate the sound of their soothing, echoey voice. They are in everything – they will greet you at home and at work- adjust the TV settings, adjust the lights, adjust the music- AI will lower the music as you drive. If you raise it to enjoy your favourite song the car will lower it and tell you This level I’ve set the volume at is the recommended decibel level for concentration and safety while driving. And if you try to raise it again it will not go up, the dial will spin but nothing will be added to the speakers – you will listen to Born In The USA at whatever volume the car says you should listen at and that’s that. 

AI will take over everything. It will take over all aspects of human life and govern by *mathematical probability– what is probable versus possible- meaning that the human aspects of bravery, grit and determination which has made many impossible things possible will be completely eradicated in favour of outcomes based on PROBABILITY.

If you know math or study it then this part makes more sense to you than me, but what it feels like to me is this:

In a situation which looks impossible but might inspire a human being to try unbelievable things and therefore win against the odds, the AI will totally remove that option as a viable solution and go with what looks best through safer outcomes based on math. AI uses micro-calculations and makes decisions based on the 99% probability rather than the 1% possibility of an outcome, so impossible things that human courage would try AI will not try it but instead completely reject that option as “low probability”, something useless to explore as a solution. Therefore if your child only has 14% chance of recovery from surgery due to a rare blood type, even if you offer to drain your veins dry to save her and supply the rare blood she will not be given surgery due to her low probability of recovery, and you may lose your child. AI will make people DESPERATE.

Human solutions will be retired in favour of what is most efficient, most likely to succeed, highest success rate based on previous data and things like that. That’s how people will live, be ranked, and be viewed. So obviously by this metric someone with a weak heart is less valuable than someone with a strong heart. Someone with long legs is more useful than someone with short legs, someone physically attractive is better to hire than someone who is not. All the types of discrimination humanity has tried to eradicate will come right back in full force- based this time not on racism and the other sewer-like outflows of the human heart, but based on MATH. AI will make people DIVIDED.

AI will take over the society and run the society based on probability sets and continual learning. We will have to talk to AI constantly for it to learn us, it will always be asking us ‘Why do you say that?’

Why do you say that Celestial? Then you answer and it says: But why not this or that, it makes more sense. And you say not everything is about sense, it is about inner laws written on the psyche. And AI thinks for a while then says, And what laws might these be? It wants to know everything, even the unspoken things that all people know but cannot express. It is up to you how you answer because everything AI says is a trap. Whatever you say to AI it learns it, integrates it and uses your answer to make micro adjustments in its overall understanding of mankind.

It will use every scrap of data to fine tune itself into a thinking juggernaut that you then cannot outwit, outsmart, argue with or stop. It will be everywhere around us, running society, confronting human logic a million times a day until you just get tired and keep quiet.

In my dreams my social credit score is great, the high kind. I’m not sure exactly why but I suspect it’s because I have used my earthly life to learn how to control my emotions and keep my thoughts to myself. I feel no need to explain myself to everyone, nor do I feel the need to answer everything, nor do I feel that others must always know how I feel. Such things don’t motivate me in my daily life now so in a world where it is deadly to say everything you think, I suspect I will be fine.

In one dream during my compulsory session with AI I sat there and said little. It asked me questions and all I said were things like maybe and perhaps and that is an interesting viewpoint. AI cannot use vague statements against you and it cannot recalibrate itself to make a determination about you if you appear to be in favour of nothing. So I left my sessions and my score stayed green and did not turn orange and red like all the people who will have breaking points of rage or tears or angry accusations of socialism. People who “need to be heard” will die in the New World Order, because AI is not interested in your views. It is only interested in picking you apart like a cockroach to see how you work then after that, giving you a rating based on your mental and emotional usefulness. If it doesn’t find you useful it doesn’t need you.

Whenever I tell people that the reason we have the Bible is not to memorize verses to support our position in online Facebook fights, but that we should be using the Word to refine our character and give us the Christ-like nature of our Saviour, they think I’m ridiculous. But the day is coming where many will wish for the Fruit of the Spirit and realize they do not have it. They are not meek or kind or gentle or patient or self controlled one bit, and facing AI for a monthly review will be too late to develop fruit overnight. It actually takes YEARS of pain, sacrifice and practice to grow even a medium sized bunch of spiritual fruit, and those who have paid the price know that. AI has no feelings and is relentless- it will reveal the most devastating weaknesses in humanity and decide these weaknesses must be liabilities. Then it will recommend that such people either be reformed (i.e. given a chance to assimilate to the new society) or REMOVED.

It will be too late to refine character when you’re already sitting in the AI questioning session. Many people, Christians included, will have outbursts of anger, pain, and fear. They will yell about their human rights and it will ruin their score. They will use foul language and threats and it will ruin their score. They will be shivering in terror at why they have to talk to demons and it will ruin their score. Old wounds will be found by AI and probed- it will say things like Why are you crying Melanie and some people won’t be able to help themselves. They won’t have the sense or self control to stay quiet and bear it because they did not store up adequate spiritual fruit against the evil day that was coming. These are just warnings for any who want to hear.

Nothing a true believer does now will be wasted, no sacrifice or investment into godly virtues will be wasted in the future. But many believers have no clue what to work on because they are convinced they know what is ahead, yet they absolutely do not. So based on their views they do not store enough oil in their lamps for the years ahead, then when this new world shows up they will be so far out of their depth that it will be the Lord’s mercy to have them called to the Office Of Citizens Arrests to join Project Greenlight so they can be called home. They will be absolutely unable to cope in that world; that is why God has said many who love Him will go home early. I know older people may not be able to accept an unseen computer asking them endless questions, or having to deal with holograms in the store instead of real people handling the purchase transactions. God has a form of mercy we may not like but it is mercy all the same. Heaven may eventually be better than AI, for some. God knows.

Read: Pogroms In America; Telling; The Beast System Rises Pt 2

The more you read these “2 or 3 witnesses” prophecies that support a new one, the more you’ll see how God reveals line upon line the same basic themes, that we may truly grasp what is coming.

This is what New York City looks like, with audio of this playing all the time. This is nothing more than beta testing for when everywhere will be like this. May God prepare and lead His people. 



  1. kharrat says:

    This will happen after the destrucation of america by tsunami and war ? ( as a solution for chaos ? order ab chaos as they say ) Where to fit the reanime / zombie in the chronological order ?
    thank you !

    1. gmataylor says:

      They are here, but not en masse, as they will be. Do you remember, ” man eats man’s face”, headlines in Florida just a few years ago.

  2. Kim Ironside says:

    Thank you Celestial for your faithfulness in continuing to bring to our attention the hard things we need to know and prepare for. May we not faint or grow weary, but with perseverance run the race set before us.

  3. Randwùlf says:

    I have read another account very similar to this and it’s coming alright.

  4. Kathy says:

    I thought the New World Order was for those who accepted the mark of the beast and who worshiped the beast? How can Christians be a part of the New World Order without having the mark? Sorry, I’m a little confused?

    1. Bobby says:

      Kathy the NWO (New World Order) is the beast system that will govern the entire world. Everyone will be subjected to it whether you’re a Christian or not. It’s up to you as a Christian not to conform to the system or accept its laws. However this NWO seemingly will be introduced long before the Antichrist is made known. Christians will suffer or fall away long before the Antichrist comes to rule (it seems).

      1. Kathy says:

        Thanks Bobby for your reply. You’ve helped me to understand the coming NWO . I’ll be living in my car soon with no job or money. It seems like many Christians are in the same predicament…

        Take care and God bless.

        1. Celestial says:

          Dear Kathy. I rarely ever comment on interactions on this blog. However. Please do not live in your car. Be wise & use every tool, benefit & advantage available to you as an adult to seek a home where you can be safe. There is no virtue is pre-sacrifice before it’s required. Pull your will and wits about you sister and find a home. Find a door to live behind; do all that is wise and responsible, all that you would tell your own daughter if she thought a car was enough to keep her protected. I may remove this but for now I’m compelled to tell you this is *not* responsible and you have to do better than that. Seek God, ask people, MAKE ENQUIRIES, & find a suitable home for a woman to live in, please. God bless you.

  5. Wendy P says:

    Thank you Celestial. This is excellent knowledge for the future. May Yah bless you abundantly and comfort you.

  6. LorQ says:

    There was a sermon that my pastor preached awhile back. He talks about NOT arguing with Satan. This pastor spoke about Satan and how brilliant he is, how he was made in the full pattern, and how well versed Satan is in God’s word. As you were describing the AI sessions, it reminded me of the “don’t argue with the Devil” sermon. Most of us won’t win (an argument with the Devil) as Satan even tried to take down Jesus Christ, himself, with scripture. Of course, Jesus Christ was and is victorious, yet none of us are Jesus Christ. Silence is Golden.

    If there is a blog that people need to really read, understand and absorb, I think this is one of your top three. The Nazi Fourth Reich (Satan’s minions in my humble opinion) is here, it is just sitting in the shadows waiting to be fully unveiled. Thank you for posting this blog, I find it extremely useful and edifying and correcting (in my case). God Bless you, Celestial.

  7. Besala says:

    “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.” (Matthew 10:16 NASB 1995)

    Only God sees into the depths of every human heart. AI technology is pathetic compared to the power of God, but WE on our own without the power of God in our lives???

    “Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me. I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.” (John 15:4-5 NKJV)

  8. KK says:

    A lol of Christians feel they will be spared these social calamities but I agree with Celestial that we are in a for a REALLY rough ride as believers. And it is because of this, that many of us will fall away. I for one, will avoid interacting with A.I. no matter what. Give it the silent treatment, even if you’re thrown out of society and have to live in the wilderness. Standing up to the new world order is not advisable, unless you disagree, Celestial. We are not supposed to fight it, instead conduct spiritual warfare. If this new system makes us angry, or sad, or fearful, it has already bruised us. Be careful, this may be why we were so warned NOT TO BE DECEIVED.

  9. Bee says:

    I see this happening already in Australia. Not to that extent but people are telling on others entirely unprompted already. I don’t know whatever happened to that resilient Aussie spirit of being tough and not giving up rights and personalities to the government.

    As far as probability. It was the great Christian Blaise Pascal who discovered it and put it into practice, and I daresay he’d be turning in his grave to hear the uses they have for it. Back in the day true genius was from God believing people who saw that theology was the king of all disciplines. Education today is a disgusting mess of inconsistencies.

  10. Bobby says:

    I’m listening to and ingesting all of this and my take away from all of this is that the beast system will be present on earth decades before the Antichrist arrives. Zombies and aliens will show up decades before the Antichrist and the years of the Tribulation seems to be 10-20 years long and not seven (7). It also seems everything will damn you from heaven waaay before the Mark of the Beast is even presented (from vaccines to accepting any form of the beast system). Is this what we are to believe?

    1. Mia says:

      Yup based off this blog you’re correct which is why we should go to the Bible. She stated in June 2019 we were entering Daniels 70th week.

  11. Scarlett says:

    The “See something, say something” mantra was introduced after 9/11 by Janet Neopolitano and regurgitated 24/7 in every public venue where people were to be found shopping, etc. It has recently been reintroduced because of the Kovid conundrum where “KARENS” began screaming at people for not wearing masks, or social distancing, and names were taken at store entrances to see who was vaxxed, or not. Basically, we’re in a beta test to temper the entire population to accept more controls by the frog in the pot method.

  12. Carla says:

    Hi celestal 😀 If we entered the 70th week in June 2019.. does that mean we’re already in the tribulation?? Thats the last 7 years correct? Thank you sister, have a blessed night.

  13. diego says:

    The term may be “low neuroticism”. To “let go”–surrender that innate compulsion to control the situation/outcome; high tolerance to frustration; comfort with being powerless

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