“Telling” – April 30, 2021

This is not a long post. Just to say something forgotten from one of the prophecies last week, something which has come consistently from the Lord over the past few days. It seems so strange because what He said doesn’t really match the way this country is set up but… it keeps coming so here it is.

The Lord says Americans will tell on each other. “Tell” as in when children say “I’m going to tell on you!” meaning ‘I’m going to give information about you to a higher authority and you’re going to get in trouble’.

“Tell” as in: Inform. Snitch. Report. Sell out. SPY ON.

The Lord says America will become a society of informants, people will be offered incentives by government and other higher powers to tell on one another, sell each other out and report one another whether anonymously or for public (and  private) gain.

People will gather information for money; citizens will be PAID to inform on one another and this will give rise to a very dangerous society where nobody can be trusted. A society where you don’t know who to confide in, where people point fingers and lie on you out of spite if they don’t like you. People will turn on each other because of pressure; they will gather useful information and turn it over at the proper time if needed to save themselves. As the Lord told me this over several days the only society I could think of that matches the one He described is the one in the book 1984.

This is not anything that we’re used to right now. This will be a future where pointing fingers in the right (or should I say wrong) circumstances can get somebody killed, because once state machinery swings into operation based on the informant’s accusation there will be very little the accused can do or say to defend themselves. People will be on the run from the things said about them and police will be looking for them to hold them accountable for what was said (whether it’s true or not.) Due process will be a thing of the past and it will very much be a Salem witch hunt society based precariously on the say-so of others. Many times the prophecy has come that Americans will turn on each other and the society will tear itself to pieces. This is one of the ways.

I can’t even conceive of living in a society like that but there it is. There will be informants in the U.S.A betraying each other for selfish reasons, without regret or weighing consequences of their actions. They will do it for money, reward and also to gain influence and favor with those in power. They will do it to be acceptable in the eyes of the state. A new form of government in America, a new type of ruling structure where the state has all the power. That is all.

Celestial’s Note: Many ask me how to understand and use this blog. The most I can suggest is this: When you read these things think critically about what you’re reading. Don’t just skim and say “Oh well, another piece that makes no sense, I don’t know where it fits?”

When I receive even a small piece like this I think of the bigger picture. What does it mean (in light of other prophecies) that the government will exercise tight-fisted and powerful monitoring over its citizens?  It means there is coming a time of loss of citizen control, citizen oversight and citizen participation in the daily fabric of life and politics of America. It means a vicious wealth transfer is coming where you work but get less, work but get nothing, eventually can’t work, until at last you must beg the state for bread.

What does it mean in practical terms that you can’t trust your neighbor, co-workers or even your family anymore? It means a time of isolation even greater than than this is coming, a time of DANGER where family members you don’t get along with will sell you out and have a great night’s sleep afterward without one thought about whether the government hurts you or not. 

What does it mean to gaze out now at how society is unravelling because of bitter ideological rifts, and think how it’ll get worse than this once the government realizes it can exploit these differences by throwing ‘money-for-secrets’ in the mix? It means breakdown and survival of the fittest is coming, and for the people of God this will demand greater wisdom and faith than we’ve ever needed before.

In a happy and well-fed society such an initiative could never be raised by any government, it would fail! People would mock the idea of being paid to spy, it’d be ridiculous and beneath them. But in a failing economy? In a future where God said even the middle class and those who’ve never asked the government for benefits will not only apply for them but be desperately dependent on them? A future where He said the money will fail, where America the Great will be on foreign aid from Spain and the EU? Could huge unemployment, national unrest, growing poverty and homelessness (all have been prophesied on this blog)- could those things turn people selfish enough to spy on each other and sell that info for cash or government favors?

Yes. Yes it could. In times of hardship, fear and uncertainty, money-for-secrets isn’t ridiculous anymore. In fact that’s when money-for-secrets works best, in times when governments rise to power and start killing people in televised murders while saying “This is for the greater good.”

Money for secrets is one of the most obvious signs of an all-powerful state, a historical characteristic of non-democratic governments, a pristine marker of the rise of monitoring statist infrastructure, communist overtones, and decline.

That’s how I use this blog. I read it patiently, consider prayerfully what it’s saying in the light of my Bible and everything else happening around me, and with time the pieces slot together and make sense.

Take care as always and God bless the visitors of TMV. Shalom from Celestial. 🙏🏽

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  1. kimkim76 says:

    This does not seem far off to me at all. Right now in Colorado, strangers ask if others have taken the kill shot. If you say no, they get really indignant. This is not far off. It is part of their plan to bring about chaos. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Paul Voudrach says:

    Thank You and Be Blessed for allowing me to receive your Word


    1. Celestial says:

      It is the Lord’s word that He sends to us all Paul, I am just endeavoring to be faithful to render it as I receive it. God bless you.

  3. Marty says:

    I believe the Chinese social credit score system (which is coming to ALL countries – part of the Beast system along with the vaccines and digital currency) rewards its citizens for spying and ratting on their friends and neighbors and family. Historically, this control system was used in East Germany after WWII under the control of communist Russia. The secret police were called the Stasi and they had files on all known dissidents and “trouble makers.”


    I hope you are faring well in the Big Apple. I saw a video today of a large group of Muslim men fighting with a couple Jewish guys in Manhattan. Let’s hope cooler heads prevail. I hope you stay safe and sound. We gotta pray hard nowadays. 🙏

  4. In radical Muslim countries, we have heard of people accusing Christians of disrespecting the Koran and for this, they get thrown into prison for years on end without trials and no-one seems to be able to do anything about it.

    When I read the above, I thought of the current shot in the arm and how it has been designed to target the God gene, which makes a person desire spiritual things and a part of your brain lights up when you connect to God. When this gene is disabled, then people become mockers and scoffers, having no interest in spiritual things. Their heart grows cold and so betraying one another is easy.

  5. Scarlett says:

    I’ve known in my spirit for years that the spy system would be in full force in the last days. It’s already been in effect here in my liberal state where people were being hired to spy on people and report if they were not being masking compliant. The spy system will be everywhere. Remember after 9/11 and when the Patriot Act 1 and 2 went into effect, the mantra heard constantly on TV, “If you’ve seen something, say something”? I’m quite sure that if you’ve been on the Internet very long, in Christian chat rooms or conservative discussion groups etc, your name is entered into some fusion center in Utah or somewhere for future reference. FaceBook has been a big part of that…it was a trap when it started, there was no doubt. We’ve traveled at our own risk.

  6. Ameer says:

    The way the police and courts are have been like that for years…
    Ive been accused of a lie myself more than once with no indication that its true and yet the “authorities” pressed forward based solely on the accusation…
    So i dont know how u stayed unaware of this having already become a reality…especially having been in the INjustice system.

    1. Celestial says:

      It is very clear from what God said that He is not talking about anything we’re used to like police using “sources” etc. So perhaps it you who is unaware of how to read and understand the simple language used here. Spies in specific areas have always existed, however a totalitarian system of citizens as an everyday danger spying on other citizens for money HAS NOT. If that’s the America you live in it certainly isn’t the one that exists now, yet the Lord is saying that one day America will be no different to openly communist countries. Try reading to understand not to criticise, thank you Ameer.

  7. America already has this to an extent through the gangstalking programs but surely it will get worse.

  8. Kathy S says:

    Thank you, as always, Celestial, for following as the Lord leads you. It feels like we are being set up right now for this telling system to be activated. Some businesses are saying you can enter without a mask IF you’ve been vaccinated. But how would you know? People who love the delusion that they are saving the world by being vaccinated will soon be identifying those of us who refuse to allow our God-given DNA to be changed. The Lord has been telling me for quite some time who my betrayer is. But as He says in Psalm 27, the Lord is our light and salvation. Who shall we fear? In the day of trouble He will hide me in His tabernacle.

    God bless you!


    I am following your WORDS FROM THE LORD with keenness. I connect too many dots. I am an African WAKING UP TO MY HEBREW IDENTITY and all scriptures connected with that and I realize that The Most High will make all prophecy come to pass. This isn’t going to be spiritual rather REAL ON THE GROUND SCENARIO. Thanks for heeding the call. We are heeding too to live in Obedience and Holiness.

  10. Debbie says:

    Once again, thank you Celestial for doing what the Lord tells you. I know I am a bit late since I have just recently discovered your blogs and videos but I would like to tell you that this is already happening here in our little town. I am from Philippines and sadly, this had been the ongoing system due to political agendas. Those who wanted something like money, work, a position in the government, or even business permit will do this very thing, spying or telling things about people, anything, just so they know these people, I dont know for blackmailing maybe or for whatever reason. Its a sick, accepted, silent culture that I don’t like and would never participate in. In here, usually everybody minds everybody’s business. And if this escalates, I can’t imagine how to live in that kind of suffocating environment.

    Thank you for sharing this, you have been a great help to me. I love catching up with your blogs and the TRUTH that you share from the LORD is greatly appreciated. I have never had anyone point out to me honestly and sincerely the things that I have to repent and reflect in my life. I know that you are not sharing all these prophesies and teachings for my exclusive consumption nevertheless, my eyes have been opened. And I thank you for bearing that weight.

    One more thing, the comments section was already closed for the prophesy of “They will Die” of Nov. 15 so I will just say thank you for not sugar coating the teachings and rebuke of our Lord for His people. We really needed to hear that. I have just realized that most of the Christian teachings I have encountered were wrapped in cute colored wrappers that is why I think I have never had a clear picture of who the Lord God is. That is why I appreciate and am very grateful for the sacrifices and works you have made. I can’t imagine what you are going through outside your videos, but may the Lord strengthen and keep you safe always. And may His Word that comes out of your mouth, enlighten and encourage everyone to stay true to Him, no matter what. All the power, glory and honour in Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior, forever.

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