“The Center Will Not Hold” – January 30, 2021

And Chaldea shall become plunder; all who plunder her shall be satisfied,” says the Lord. – (Jeremiah 50:10)

Come against her from the farthest border; open her storehouses;
Cast her up as heaps of ruins and destroy her utterly; let nothing of her be left. – (Jeremiah 50:26)

God says America will be ashamed before the whole world.

Global shame, international shame such as has not been witnessed since the time she was formed as a nation until now. Everything about her will spiral downward and backward and the centre will not hold.

For the centre of anything to give way means a great process of DISINTEGRATION must take place, after all the core of a thing is indeed what holds it together. Yet from politics to policy, from economy to government to how decisions are made in the day to day running of America, God says structure will weaken and shatter until it all comes tumbling down in one great public outcry of SHAME.


They will bring out the fine treasures from beneath the cooled, private, temperature-controlled rooms and storehouses they have hidden them in. America has untold wealth of art, sculptures, paintings, monuments and fine treasures kept away in private collections that never see the light of day. ART IS SMUGGLED HERE REGULARLY, bought in unpublished sales from museums and other treasure holdings around the world.

THE LEGACY OF PEOPLES IS BURIED UNDER THE HILLS OF AMERICA, says the Lord. Hear Me Speak: Private wealth collections are holding artifacts and items that peoples have been crying for, to have them restored and returned to them, for centuries. Some countries have despaired of ever getting their precious items back – like Great Britain before her America has stolen so many things and refuses to give them back but holds them captive in public viewing houses called museums. They display the historical riches of other nations as a source of pride for themselves. In times to come all this will be stripped away and the Russians will leave not even the nails and rivets of this nation in their place, but will remove them all for scrap metal. They will carry it all away. That is all.

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  1. sheepdogwarrior says:

    This must happen for all the babies.
    This will happen.
    Prepare Now for the events…
    Not in fear.
    Not in anger.
    But in sorrow, and to help those who God brings to you….
    Prepare food basics.
    Dry rice, dry beans, salt, sugar, coffee, and whatever else God leads you too.
    Again the key, is in knowing it’s not just for yourself and family, but others in God…… amen Christ.

  2. Golden Blessing says:

    Hi, you did the Africa prophecy which was so true and to the point. I relate a lot with some of the sins committed in the US but I also related to the sins you spoke about in Africa. It is truly a time of repentance and looking into Jesus. My question is the brutality and hardship we are facing in Africa because of the policy that is put on us by the US and the west and the continuing oppression and disease places on us via free medical treatments that are given. I suppose I should ask God when will it end…it is difficult and tiresome to be praying and working so hard…accomplishing some of the goals and you see nothing happening. I ask myself daily when is it going to end…thank you for your videos as it reminds me of who God is…it reminds me of who I am in Christ. It reminds me that I am to work on my salvation.

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