Muslims In America & More – February 3, 2021


This is a transcription of revelations and insights the Lord gave me recently. I said on Youtube that I thought the old prophecies from 2016 and 2018 were all I would get on this topic but I was wrong; God has given further information about this and He may give still more in future.

I know visitors from all over the world read this blog-I count that an answer to prayer. I believe whoever comes here is brought by the Lord and that it’s mainly people who want to know what the future holds for us all. I sincerely want readers to understand that what’s written here is what I’ve received from the Lord. It is the Lord Jesus Christ who reveals things that will affect EVERYONE, Christian or not- therefore it will help whoever uses this platform to invest time in reading not one or three posts, but to take time to weigh the blog as an aggregate and not approach it based on a favourite topic or theme. I’m not doing this by theme. Or topic. God wants to talk to us about LIFE as a whole and that’s why there’s no limit to what you’ll find on this blog. 

Also it needs to be said (again)- This is not my opinion or thoughts from Bible study or whatever. I say this because of a constant habit people have of reading posts and then telling me “I don’t think this is so because it doesn’t match what so and so is saying.” Or they tell me “Sister I think you are wrong. I’ve read this and studied that and I think that this thing is really this thing.’

Understand this: All prophecy must be weighed. That’s as it should be. It’s too easy nowadays to make a website and say angels descended through your roof bearing flaming tablets upon which were written mysterious Latin names of the Antichrist. Worse yet, if somebody did make a website like that I bet it’d have 33 million subscribers in an hour, especially if they named somebody that everyone agrees is a likely candidate. This is why Christianity is scary today, you can get away with practically anything. You can tell the biggest lies and still have a crowd of people supporting you in your error and defending you to the last.

However prophecy is not weighed by YOU. I keep saying that. Each of us is a product of culture, family, personal experiences, background and status- that’s too many variables to make any of us an able judge of the prophetic word. The One who weighs prophecy is the One who gives it, therefore you cannot run a revelation through what your pastor told you in 1989 or what you studied for 12 years. You can’t leave out the fact that all learning is subject to bias and how we filter information.

We therefore need to reach a place where we complete the process of weighing the word by the Spirit, and a big part of that comes by being willing to lay down what we think – especially when we see God is going in a different direction than what we’ve traditionally understood.

Jesus said “Take my yoke upon you and learn of me” but to be honest many of us don’t like the yoke or the learning either. God has restructured so many of my views over the years that I’ve learned to wait for Him to unfold something to me rather than reading endless articles about it or whatever. Even the news, right in the middle of the news (or sometimes people talking) I hear a voice say calmly- That is a lie– yet there’s the newscaster (or person) telling me with all their heart and that what they’re saying is the truth. I ask us once again, “What man can see his own error or cleanse his secret faults?”

Bible prophecy is living, breathing and HIS. HE is the only one who interprets it- His Spirit will tell you if what you’re reading is fact, fiction or a clever twist of the two. The most dangerous kind of all is a clever twist of the two but Jesus will steer you safely if you ask Him and seek with an open heart to know the true worth of anything you read.

If you feel offended by this blog I urge you to examine why. This is not a face-off between your thoughts and mine because… My thoughts aren’t here. 🤷🏽‍♀️ They’re in my journal which you’ll never read. What’s here is God talking to us, talking to America and the nations, talking to the trees, rocks, ground and sea that He made by saying things like:

You will be turned to blood, sea. [See this post: Signs In The Earth]

You will be split and lava flow out of you, rocks. [See this post: Explosive Times, Pt 2]

You will be hit many times with a rod because you don’t listen when I speak to you, nations. [See this post: The Boiling Pot]

And you will be hit the hardest of all America, because you’re the biggest and richest and I expected more from you. [Too many posts to list]

So if you find the blog’s content ‘wrong’ or offensive then 10/10 I’m going to bet it’s not because it’s actually wrong but because it’s hard for some people to abandon their existing views and accept or acclimatize to what is being said here. It’s easier to assume I’m the one saying it because then you can email me telling me why you don’t think A is A, but all I can reply is you’re free to think that until God shows you with an iron hand that when He says A is A it’s going to be A until post-eternity.

All that will happen in the interim (as I’ve said before) is you’ll travel along the trajectory of your belief system while God’s words travel along the trajectory of His reality until one day, the two intersect with a very hard and painfully rude awakening for YOU. Despite having a chance to hear and prepare you did not and therefore the ending of Noah’s neighbors and friends will come upon you. Your personal religious beliefs will be punched into oblivion when God’s words unravel like the cobra of Moses’ rod to fulfill themselves and then? You will realize that whatever happens next is the well-proven and Biblical result of not wanting to heed the words of the Lord until a time more convenient to you (which I know from personal experience, is a time that does not exist.)

Just thought I’d point these things out as a helpful hint to whoever may need to hear it.

God says TODAY if you hear my voice do not harden your hearts as your fathers did in the rebellion”. (Hebrews 3:15) That’s one of my favourite scriptures because before I was born again my mom said it in another form: “If you can’t hear you will feel.” Her version is shorter and came with a warning tone but.. they pretty much mean the same thing. All spiritual deafness will be healed in the last days; the stubborn will see their stubbornness melt like wax before the unfolding of the exact things God has told his true messengers around the world. Amen.

Below are the things the Lord spoke to me by His spirit in the afternoon of Feb. 3, 2021.

There will be Muslims in America. There will be other religions rising to prominence in America.

God said glittering temples and mosques will spring up in America, especially in the area called the heartland (which is the middle states of the country). In particular He mentioned the state of Michigan. ‘Temples and mosques’ He said and I saw a vision of a building in white and gold with “lacey” architecture, but it did not look like a mosque with the characteristic domed top. It was very pretty in white paint and the gold part ran across it like icing poured over a dessert. When the sun hit it this building gleamed and the lacey part of it (called ‘latticework’) looked trimmed, elegant and beautiful. It was the temple of another religion not Islam, and it was in the United States.

God said Muslims shall predominate in many areas of America and bring their practices, customs and laws with them to the U.S.A. “LAWS SHALL BE HERE” says the Lord. God said Shari’a law shall be practiced in the United States of America AND MARK THIS: It shall be practiced on both Muslims and non-Muslims. Yes. I found this hard to believe but that’s what He said. “Laws shall be here.”

Where Muslim law exists it shall be the law of a state or the overall law of a city or town. I don’t know how this will work but what I saw as He spoke is that Shari’a was not confined to being the governing law or punishing law of those who were of Muslim faith. It was law for ANYONE living in that place, it was the law for ALL and you had to submit to it. So stoning and beheading were part of society and I saw for some weird and totally non-understandable reason that people did not resist at all. I did not understand this, I know Americans will resist anything on a dime but as God spoke I saw this law was established and working in many towns and cities of the U.S.A as “the law for all” and people just sat there and lived in those places and abided by it and behaved. Amazing.

God spoke of homosexuality. He said that in times to come man shall lie down with man to the proliferation of all flesh. Those were His exact words. Proliferation means the growth, multiplication and spread of something until by sheer strength of numbers it overpowers and outnumbers something else. The Lord said that in times to come the PRESENCE AND PRACTICE of homosexuality will cover the earth to the point that it will seem, appear and look like every single person is gay and lesbian. It means you will have to look like a needle in a haystack to find a person who obeys and follows the natural order of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is male to lie with female and only in a recognized marriage. The covenant of marriage will fall to trash around the world as He has said; I already shared this in several posts before. 

Homosexual relationships shall PREDOMINATE, they will take over and become the norm to the point where those who refuse to participate in them will be mocked and ridiculed, looked down upon and perhaps even harmed or ostracized. Pederasty, the practice of old people dating very young people (who have reached age of majority, so this means for example age 67 with age 19 or age 77 with 21) will be common again as it was in ancient Greece. If we think a 50 year old man with a 30 year old woman raises eyebrows now God said it will be to where a girl and her father are in love, and a girl and her father figure are in bed. INCEST WILL MULTIPLY AND BE NO BIG DEAL, as human beings are infected with demonic influences that make them so hungry for sex that all moral norms that protect the young and vulnerable in society, or that enforce separation of family members as sexual partners, will be abandoned and forgotten. The law itself will be used as tool to break down these barriers in society. These are the revelations of the Lord.

Perversions will cover the earth and you who hates to see abomination will be forced to sit at home all day for the sake of your eyes and your heart, or you will struggle very much to go outdoors and engage in what passes for “normal society”.

As the Lord was speaking to me I saw blurry pictures that were still clear enough to get the point. I saw people having sex openly on bus stop benches and other public places, and I saw again this vision I’ve seen a lot before: a naked man and woman standing up in a doorway having sex. People were so wanton that they had sex in public and other people walked by utterly uninterested or stopped and watched, and those doing it did not care either way. I have seen this vision of this man and woman having sex in broad daylight so many times as God condemns the destruction of human holiness and morality in the end times, it always comes to PROVE how fallen man will be in the end.

In such a world I will indeed stay home, I hate even when people curse next to me in New York City and they do that all the time.

Man with man, woman with woman, open fornication and sexual congress in the streets, this will be life in the future. The spirits of lawlessness will be at their peak, floating literally in the air such that the minds and hearts of men and women who are UNRENEWED in the Blood of Yeshua will be easily subject to them. Whatever a person feels moved to do he or she will do, regardless of whether it’s “in public” or not. Nudist life will be common, nakedness will be common, pedophilia will be no longer hidden but an acceptable form of sexual interest and the hearts of God’s people will squeeze and squeeze with pain to observe what He God observes now in darkness while these sins are still hidden. We who love God shall partake of God’s pain when times and laws change and the sexual abuse of children comes out in the open at last. As He has suffered to see it WE will suffer to see it, and the times of the end shall be so. 

America will become a deserted wilderness gangland of a place and this is the word of the Lord. Survival. The only word coming to me is SURVIVAL. If you own a TV and have watched it enough then you know all the things that can push the human being to the place where they’re forced to fight for SURVIVAL. Pain, death, rape, loss, hunger, infection, disease, mental illness and affliction, war, personal attack, starvation, lack of hope, no food, no water, no shelter, FEAR, PREDATORS, GANGS ROAMING AROUND, no laws, no army, no government, and NO GOD. 

Survival. This is the word of the Lord. 

That is the end of the revelation I received. I will say this: Ephesians 6:11-18 speaks of the spiritual armor of God. This armor cannot be seen with our eyes but it is very real, it is what we wear as Children of God to keep us safe as we walk through this world (that we see) and through the spiritual realm (that we don’t see).

The armor of the Helmet is especially important because it protects our minds from the powerful demonic influences that rule this world. We must grasp that Satan is a real being – I see people ALL THE TIME online laughing at those who believe in satan and demons, saying it’s proof of a weak mind to believe in ‘religious fairytales’. I can’t even get into that because after all the creatures God shows me in visions, telling me about their nature and even how they like their food (us), I would indeed be a fool to spend my breath arguing about things which are so. To me, all that God reveals is “so”. As He speaks, it is “So.” I could no more deny truth than I could insist I have 9 or 11 fingers. 

Therefore since Satan is real his kingdom and wicked servants are real, and the time is coming when all who don’t know Jesus and aren’t protected by His angels and His armor will become blind slaves to their worst desires. Their hearts will be an open doorway for any demonic entity to jump into, just how we jump into available taxis in NYC. Evil entities will flood this earth as spiritual doors open due to the growing numbers of people playing with magic, dark arts, witchcraft and other forbidden energies –  as those doors open the banned citizens of the spirit world will sigh in gratitude and enter in. First they will rule the bodies and minds of those who directly summoned or let them in but eventually all who come near out of interest or curiosity will also get involved with them. The result will be the world God described above and worse.

On top of that I have to point out- it’s not only spiritual entities that will derange mankind. It’s the belief systems, false religions and constant idolatry that people engage in. People have been kissing the Pope’s hand and praying to statues for centuries with no ill effects but God will not let that slide much longer. You will see idols smashing down on their worshippers in temples in the end days, entire houses of worship will collapse as God’s angels kick them right off their pedestals in anger. Whoever is under those roofs will be the casualty of the anger God has been holding back so long. If reading that offends you, be offended. I am not here to sedate you or appease your ideas of justice.

Idols built on cliffs will fall into the sea – in one vision I saw the people of some country took their own huge metal idol which was wearing more necklaces than a supermodel, carried it to the sea and threw it into the ocean. They were disgusted with its uselessness and inability to help them and they took it down themselves and drowned it. All these things are coming. The evil ideas and doctrines that people allow to rule their hearts- ideas that have been responsible for genocides and revolutions and even the total collapse of nations- all these things will be invigorated to fresh life by satan and then will come a war against God using the power of lies like never before.

Let those who have ears to hear, hear. Pray the Blood of Jesus over your home and family. Wear the Spiritual Armor daily. TAKE THE TIME, MAKE HABITS OF THESE THINGS NOW when life isn’t so bad and you can still drink your coffee in peace, go to work and come back home in one piece. I am not a doomsday clock, I love being alive and thank God always for my life. So should you but also practice wisdom and preparedness knowing not Celestial but the Bible itself teaches that things won’t always be this way. Amen, stay blessed and I will continue posting as I have time. Shalom.

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  1. Tina says:

    GOD bless you prophetess. I and my household are preparing ourselves. We are staying under his shadow for protection. May GOD bless you and give you more grace. And have mercy on his people in the end times. My job told me I can’t go back until I take the covid vicention. I told them I’m not taking it. But I know GOD will provide for my family and I. He always does. GOD bless everyone who takes time to read the prophecies on this blog.

    1. Celestial says:

      Sister I think if you can, seek the free legal help that’s available in your city. This is an emergency ‘recommended vaccine’- no employer has the right to add it into your employment contract when it was not discussed or agreed when you started. You were not hired on the agreement that you take vaccines or you can’t work. Please do not leave it like that, see the free legal help in your city for their opinion and even free help. God bless you.

    2. Diane says:

      How did things turn out? How did God help you?

  2. Dinna Lara says:

    Hello Celestial,
    Thought I’d share this with you. April of 2019 (or was it 2018?), I was outside of my work place looking at the sky. I saw the shape of (what looked like) the US in the clouds, and a dark cube on the left side of it. I did not know, what to make of it then. Although I have heard others say, that dark cube is in reference to Muslims.

    This word is a detailed confirmation, to a similar message my friend received from the Lord, in June 2019.

  3. sheepdogwarrior says:

    I’m praying many Muslims, will repent, because of their sincerity.
    They are misguided by evil, not loving evil…. amen Christ Jesus

  4. Marty says:

    Thank you for emphasizing Ephesians 6:11-18. So many Christians love God with their lips and not with their hearts. They have been secularized by science and the media and do not perceive that we are at war with an unseen realm. When the unseen begins to manifest, their hearts will fail them because they didn’t prepare and heed the warnings of their Bible or people like you. I pray that you continue to stay safe and strengthen your flock. 🙏

  5. Amber says:

    Thank you Celestial for sharing these words!! Yah bless you always! We all need to heed the word of the Lord !

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