Signs In The Earth – April 15, 2020


The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows His handiwork. – (Psalm 19:1)

I’ve been locked out of my WordPress account for several days- got no idea what triggered the lockout, I just couldn’t get in. Nothing worked to gain me access to the site until today. Praise God for getting me back online. Here is the word from the Lord:

I will do signs in the heavens as a marker of the times. There will be a strange relationship between earth and the moon, various occurrences in the cycles of the moon will catch the attention of the public. The sun will cycle backwards, making it dark sooner than it should be. Light will vanish from the earth in the times to come and the world will sit in darkness. I will bring back the plagues of Egypt to cover the world. In times to come all ten plagues will erupt over the nations at the same time: red rain, red water, locusts, darkness, pestilence, mighty hail, pests, and the death of the firstborn. All these will be seen in different countries around the world at the same time. Many will be terrified and perplexed, seeking scientific explanations for these things, but my church will know and recognise my hand; they will wake up in earnest to seek my face. My body is still asleep but in those days every one of them who knows the story of the Exodus and the signs of Yah will rise up and begin to pray with all the strength in them, then my name will be glorified and magnified in the earth by those who know me.

Thus says the Lord.

Yesterday morning [April 14, 2020] I had a disturbing dream. I wouldn’t have posted it but then I got this prophecy today during prayer and I see they are linked:

I walking through the streets of Greece in this dream- I somehow knew it was Greece but also there was fine artwork in grey, rose and pale eggshell-colored stone that made it easy to know where I  was. Fine art was scattered all over the grand piazza that I was walking through. I saw big works: large statues, huge stone fish balancing on their tails with water gushing out of their mouths into pools below, a very wide pool with geyser fountains in the middle, surrounded by tourists in shorts holding cameras and eating sandwiches. I noticed the tourists all seemed to be European but the natives of this country were dark-skinned, they appeared to be African and all of them had accents that sounded like west areas of Africa. There were excited to see me and very proud of their monuments, they jostled one another saying “Okay okay show her this, no, show her that one.”

I walked among them trying to be polite to those gathering around me, waving their arm to show me a particular statue or pool, and it was strange to me that the people I saw depicted as the owners of the land, the ones who said they were the owners of those monuments did not look as they appear today.

I was relaxing and looking around when I heard someone scream There is blood! Blood is in the water, the water is turning to blood! Look, blood in the water!

I looked immediately to my right and saw a large pool, a big stone pond in the city. The water in it looked fine to me but then I looked on the side of the pool below its ornate braided rim – the base cracked and water seeped out in small streams. Right as I watched I saw these streams turn to blood! Then tourists at the big fountain started shrieking back there as well, and all around screaming broke out as the different pools and fountains began to show tendrils of deep red in them, and cracks at the base which leaked out bloody water. The citizens were clueless and looked to me for help; they were so proud of their country but now this happened and they didn’t know what to do. I woke up and that’s all.

We are in strange times. The world is captive to disease right now- those who know what Revelation 6 says about diseases know this is only the tip of a very scary iceberg. The wrath of God on the wicked and unrepentant shall be poured out in full in these end times, and His judgements will surely arrive as promised in the Bible. But God loves people, even those who reject Him – in fact a strong motivation for His signs and wonders [good and bad] are so people are shaken out of blindness to realise there is one greater than humanity, one who has all power, one who is called GOD. Unless we acknowledge God as Lord and quit running after idols [including exalting ourselves as little gods] this earth will be hit with harder and harder blows that make life difficult to comprehend, let alone survive. Let wise people hear me: Jesus Christ will return one day without warning, without so much as a hint to TIME magazine or Wall St., and my prayer is that He will find us doing Bible study instead of doing sin on that day. Amen.

The Ten Plagues can be studied from Exodus 7 to Exodus 12. It’s gripping stuff and shows us exactly what God does to hard-hearted leaders (and people) who refuse to obey His rules and live mindful of His sovereignty over humanity. I’ve heard so many arrogantly call God wicked for “forcing” them to honour Him- my reply to all who say that is simple- Soon as you create your own world with air, water, plants, food, agriculture and animal husbandry on it, or make your own body and form blood and organs to power it, you don’t owe God anything. You can take all your ‘creation’, move to your own earth, and be there free of the “restrictions” God is placing on you by keeping you alive at His good pleasure and giving you all you have. The ridiculous irony of this foolish mindset is: People can understand the argument for (and agree to acknowledge/ respect:) money, banking hours, flight regulations, street lights, parents, governments, criminal laws, other people’s space, and EVEN THE TIME A MOVIE STARTS, but when it comes to giving God the same respect despite all He gives us then no, it’s too much, their human rights are at risk.


Honestly at times I don’t need to say what I think. You can just imagine my face. 😐

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P.S. At the times God will do these things you should know – many will arise trying to play them off as ‘scientific events’- you will be told this bloody water is ‘red tide’ (as the science community has been lying to people in the last few years when the waters turned red in China, Jamaica and Brazil.) Brothers and sisters, let nobody cheat you and keep you asleep. When there’s a bear in the woods it’s best to know that it’s there and stay away from it- it’s a wicked neighbour who tells you there’s nothin’ to fear as a way of covering his own fear and ignorance. The established media is constructed to tell lies; one day those lies will be exposed for what they are but for now they continue unabated. It is therefore your job, your responsibility to do your homework. Do research, read Hosea 4:3 and Zephaniah 1:3 and then look for articles on the mass deaths of birds, fish, and even large animals in the last 6-7 years. Science will tell you everything from deodorant cans to bad TV shows are killing these animals, however the Book of Revelation shows plainly that towards the end everything dies, and the last thing to die (just like the story of the Exodus) is us. The wicked die among us, and quite a few righteous too (whose time is up). Do not stay asleep when the angels are hitting massive gongs in the spirit telling people to wake up.

HEAR THE GONGS. Wake up. Take stock of your current lifestyle, and do what you need to do. Repent of your wrongdoing and ask God for forgiveness. The Lord Jesus Christ is going to COME BACK. Wait for Him, live for Him, let Him find you ready. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

Edit: This word has been sent again by the Lord, see- And The Angel Sounded.

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  1. Wondered where you were. So glad you are back. The prince of the power of the air interferes much with the saints getting access to release true words in these days.

  2. Scarlett says:

    Dear Sister….I have been praying for you…and I too had begun to be concerned about you’re lengthy absence. Even to thinking, surely the unthinkable hasn’t happened. Not to Celestial. I’m breathing a sigh of relief!
    Well, we’re all being surveilled and censored more these past weeks.
    wouldn’t surprise me at all if they hadn’t cut you off for awhile just because they can and to show us they can and there’s nothing we can do about it..
    On my cell ph, I couldn’t get out for days until I really prayed, all calls failed, and had a notice,”Only Emergency Calls”. One Christian lady had a google pop up while on the Internet saying, “Are there any sick people in your neighborhood? Answer yes, no, or I’m not sure.
    Last night, the Christian Community on Face Book, and YouTube was in an uproar posting that Trump had handed over power, (either willingly or unwillingly) to FEMA, under the umbrella of a slew of Presidential Directives installed after 9/11, Patriot Act 1 and 2, under the Bush administration, and most notably under the Obama Administration. This was supposed to protect Continuity of Government, aka COG. but basically reduced the American people to slaves with totality of freedoms and rights removed, and the Constitution tanked. The “gov” has literally morphed and taken on a life of it’s own. The {{{{VIRUS}}} has made this possible. Police yanking folks off buses for not having on a mask….going into grocery stores checking to see if people have masks on, as happened to Constance Owens and others. Here in my podunk town, the New Mexico State Police are going into the small mom and pop stores checking to see if they are compliant with the CDC orders for essential businesses only, to be open, and competitors are grumbling. Neighbors are turning against neighbors. True colors are being shown for good or bad as the case may be.
    As per the Presidential Directives….. FEMA is conveniently using to whip Americans into obedience, we’re headed down a dead end road 90 miles an hour into the tyranny of a soon coming dictatorship. As we watch the economy burn to the ground, we wonder what will rise out of the ashes, yet at the same time, knowing it’s not going to be good.
    Many Christians are realizing we’ve just turned a page over into the Tribulation, and bracing shoulders for what’s on the horizon, gearing up for some real hard times ahead. Others are actually chastising the watchmen for bringing more “doom and gloom” and all this negativity, when after all, isn’t it bad enough we’re having to deal with this awful virus. And…..still listening to Qanon, believing King Cyrus, aka Trump will fix things and go after all the bad guys, the “Elite” who have been causing all this trouble. They have it wrong….the bad guys are going after Trump…..and us! And will have their way for a season.
    Finally, so glad your back online….and yes, all these things are happening world wide. All creation is groaning in pain at this point in time. I don’t have any pets, but my son likes ravens, and we have 2 foxes that come in the yard, and an either feral or dumped long haired Siamese cat. I’m a little leary of these animals for several reasons, as well as who I allow into the house.
    Shalom dear sister…

  3. I too am so happy to see you back. I check in on you daily. I absolutely love how you talk to your audience, like “You can just imagine my face” and Jesus is not going to alert the media. Oh, I wish you were my neighbor in CA and we could just talk and be friends ’cause I for one totally believe you hear from God. I admire your brave postings which is your good fruit, right?

  4. Reblogged this on pomegranatesandchains and commented:
    ” Do not stay asleep when the angels are hitting massive gongs in the spirit telling people to wake up.

    HEAR THE GONGS. Wake up. Take stock of your current lifestyle, and do what you need to do. Repent of your wrongdoing and ask God for forgiveness. The Lord Jesus Christ is going to COME BACK. Wait for Him, live for Him, let Him find you ready.”

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