The Noisome Pestilence – December 20, 2020

Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence. Psalm 91:3

This is one of several dreams I received on Dec. 20, 2020.

I dreamt that people received a scab on their heads that could not be healed. I say ‘received’ because it was not caused by an injury, fall or anything like that. It was given as an affliction, a judgement that came from the Lord. The scab was a disgusting sore right in the middle of people’s heads (at the crown area not the forehead), and in the dream it even had a name. It was called ‘the scab that could not be healed’ and let me repeat- it was disgusting- a strange sore that never healed but stayed raw forever.

In the dream I saw it on the heads of nearly everyone a raw, red, round sore on otherwise healthy people, wet and shiny yet the edges of it were continuously crusting in an attempt at the normal healing process. You know how as time passes by a sore gets better- the edges get crusty and black as your body makes new flesh, til eventually the entire sore crusts over while healing carries on below the scab? Not with this sore. The edges kept trying to heal inward but never could. Instead the centre of the sore stayed red and moist and as soon as the body tried healing from it I saw the sore itself turn to active fibrous fluffy tissue like “ruffles”, then the scab would be driven back as the sore stayed raw and open. 

I saw so many people afflicted by this, almost everyone had this sore and it could not be hidden! Even if a person had enough hair to cover it- even if they combed their hair stylishly to shield it from people’s eyes- somehow it was always visible. The sore ate away the hair in the centre of the head and IT REFUSED TO BE COVERED. If you met someone face to face and they were taller than you then you might not see it, but God put me high above the Brooklyn Bridge in New York and from that angle, from Heaven’s viewpoint I saw this sore just about covered New York City and everywhere else too. It was so disgusting that I said ‘What is it Lord? Is it the mark? Is it the mark of the Beast?’ The words came back to me: Noisome pestilence. It is the noisome pestilence.

I did not have one but honestly it made no difference compared to the sheer numbers of people across America and the world who did. The proportion of those who didn’t have this rotten sore was ridiculously small and I could see from my position high above the bridge that infection by this noisome pestilence was rampant and hard to look at. I watched people going about their daily lives-everyone was conscious of their sore yet able to carry on a perfectly normal life. The dream ended with God showing me how numerous were the people affected by this sore.

The word ‘noisome’ is an old word meaning “loathsome” [i.e. repulsive and disgusting]. It refers to something that is both a personal grievance as well as painful, annoying, and capable of making others “move away from you” (i.e. something socially unacceptable). It was also used with the word ‘pestilence’ to describe certain types of deadly, contagious diseases that could blast through a population killing hundreds or thousands in a very short time, and it’s this phrase the Lord used to describe the sore I saw. It looked like the inside of the human cheek, that same type of appearance but ringed with black as the body kept trying to heal itself and failing. The image I’ve used is hard to look at but it looked exactly like this.

The Bible uses noisome pestilence to describe a sickness or condition that is both hateful and isolating, something that causes trouble and distress. Psalm 91 (the superstar Psalm of this blog) says whoever makes God his refuge and fortress shall be delivered from the noisome pestilence. In these times of mysterious super-diseases that don’t obey the laws of nature I can’t think of any better scripture to lean on, but more exact to the point- let us look at REVELATION 16:1-2. 

“And I heard a great voice out of the temple saying to the seven angels, Go your ways, and pour out the vials of the wrath of God upon the earth.”

“And the first went, and poured out his vial upon the earth; and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image.”

From this scripture it is plain to see that this un-healable sore God showed me is none other than the affliction of judgement that will come on people for taking the mark of the Beast and bowing down to this most hateful of all idols- the end times Beast of Revelation 13 and Daniel 7. I have said so many times that we do not need a road sign to know we are in the End Times. It may not drop on us all at once but for me, God keeps showing clear warnings and signs of things that we should be watching for and expecting to enter or affect our day-to-day lives SOON.

Read this post: DAVOS. Never did we imagine a world where self appointed megalomaniacs take it as their right to control the destiny of everybody else, a world where a tiny group of people take it as their UNAPPOINTED RIGHT to worship their dragon and destroy everyone who won’t. The world does not belong to these aged, arrogant people. Who said they could ‘reset’ our lives as they feel, taking our future and the ability to enjoy life down the drain? WHO SAID SO?

The mark of the Beast will be a choice. It is not some of what I’ve seen online, like Seventh Day Adventists claiming it will be a “Sunday law” where all men are forced to worship God on Sunday instead of Saturday. They say this will plunge the world into darkness and chaos. HOW? Please, the scripture has been opened to us in these end days, there is no need to be carried away to such error. Who can monitor a man’s heart to know if he’s worshipping God on Sunday? And how is worldwide Sunday worship (which happens already) capable of breaking down the entire structure of life as we know it and replacing it with something strange, difficult and chaotic? 

The mark of the Beast will be what it says- A MARK. It will be a tangible sign of worship, obedience, and friendship with the Beast. It will be a CLEAR affiliation with, acceptance of and participation in the false one world religion wherein the Beast claims that he, not Jesus Christ, is Lord. And as a token, a trinket, a little “greeting package” from Satan the Bible says MEN WILL BE MARKED WITH A MARK IN THE FOREHEAD OR RIGHT HAND. This has nothing to do with Sunday worship.

We must search the Scriptures and take them at face value. God does not waste His words.

A mark in your forehead or hand is a mark, an obvious identifier capable of  showing others if you are one of them or not, capable of preventing you from buying food or participating in the global economy at any level. A mark is a MARK. (Rev. 13:16) I strongly recommend we read Revelation 13, line by line it reveals so much about the future.

This sore in my dream was not the mark but it was GOD’S OWN MARK, a stain prophesied in Rev. 16:2, an identifier so glaring that no matter how you wear your hat or comb your hair IT WILL BE KNOWN that you are a Beast worshipper, a friend of Satan, a person who took the mark of the Beast. It will show Heaven and all the righteous who don’t have one, that you are an abomination to God and ARE NEVER GOING TO HEAVEN. No Heaven means Hell. Let that sink in.

To those who think Heaven is a convenient fairy-tale for the weak minded this probably doesn’t worry them, but to those who eat spiritual meat and know that HEAVEN IS A REFUGE, A LAST HOPE, a place that even veteran Navy Seals will one day be crying to go to in the end of days…

To those who know what Heaven is… I think we have a lot to prepare for. I’m preparing with my Bible, not tanks or silver or a bunker.  We have one world, just one earth, and we’re currently sharing it with maniacs and liars who are willing to kill everybody who isn’t on board with their plans. It’s not Celestial saying so, Rev. 13 says so.

The Beast will rage against the Church until she is cut down to a low and pitiful number- “rage against” in the Bible is speaking plainly of death. The Church will be cut down by saints defecting to the Beast (apostasy), cut down by tired members quitting and saying “I didn’t sign up for all this! Jesus was supposed to Rapture me before all this started!” Cut down by fainting faith, by MARTYDOM (see HERE) and battered on all sides until God Himself shows mercy and cuts short those evil days prophesied long before I was born. Until the day God steps in to cage the Beast and save us we are to build up our most holy faith and learn how to occupy til He comes. Amen.

P.S. I should add that I’ve already brought several prophecies from the same Revelation 16. (1) God will turn all water on this earth to blood, actual blood or bloody water I am not sure, but see Signs In The Earth and The Angel Sounded. Blood water is a plague from the book of Exodus, a punishment against Egypt. (2) As indictment against earth for wickedness men will be given blood to drink (Rev. 16:5-16). That post can be found at Blood To Drink and further thoughts HERE. So this dream is the 3rd prophecy from the same chapter. We really need to think on what God is showing us. 

Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice. Blessings in Christ, Celestial.

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  1. Diego Alonso Cortez says:

    Could the Mark of the Beast be the (soon to come) Mark of Vaccination and/or an RFID chip?
    My research shows that the Luciferian elite wants to corrupt the DNA (seed) of the Woman with the DNA (seed) of the Serpent, in order to make their victims unredeemable by the blood of the Lamb. Vaccines (as well as RFID chips) are a way to do this.

    1. Diego Alonso Cortez says:

      Such a corruption of the DNA would turn the victims into chimeras/hybrids (much like the Nephilim). And the Nephilim are not redeemable…

  2. Terry Singleton-May says:

    I needed to see this! I was praying this morning asking God why i keep failing Him and these 2 words came to me. Thank you. Please pray for me that God would fill me with His Holy Spirit or renew it within. If you truly care 786 587 5791. I need your prayers. Thank you!

  3. Nita A Renfrow says:

    I have been studying this 8 hours a day and meeting with and talking with doctors and clergy. The church is so divided on this and I believe with all my heart that God speaks with Celestial and what she says is truth. The mark is not with us as yet. The vaccine is a poison and we are warned to not trust nor take it , but the mark will be clear and there will be this grievous sore. I believe her and sadden to see so many other deep spiritual clergy condemn those who took the first vaccine and throw them away as unclean. God speaks truth. Yes all nations were deceived but the vaccines are not yet the mark, it is coming and we need to build ourselves up strong to remain with God Faithful.

  4. Allison Archer says:

    Celestial a rare voice proclaiming

    Many thanks and blessings to you
    A spiritual light in the darkness you are

    Jesus Jesus Jesus continue to call forth

  5. Brother in Christ, Linford says:

    Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah to the Messiah the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. God richly bless you , Celestial honestly I do not have enough words . I thank Yahweh for your life , a true and sincere servant of Yah. May you continue to grow in spiritual discernment wisdom knowledge and understanding, pray for me and my children much love and appreciated. “Blessings” 🙏🏾💯❤️✨🕊

  6. Christine says:

    Thank you, Celestial, sister in Jesus Christ for bringing His Saltiness and Truth forth! I pray you continue to abide in Him and that He does Mighty Miracles through you in these dark days!

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