The Blood Of The Martyrs – September 5, 2019

for Jesus

Fifth Seal: The Cry of the Martyrs

9 When He opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain for the word of God and for the testimony which they held. 10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, until You judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?” 11 Then a white robe was given to each of them; and it was said to them that they should rest a little while longer, until both the number of their fellow servants and their brethren, who would be killed as they were, was completed. – (Revelation 6:9-11)

I am finally ready to share this word and vision from the Lord. I got it September 5, 2019 but it was just too heavy, difficult and heartbreaking for me to land on the internet the same day (or week) I received it. The Lord gave me this word during our once-a-month all night prayer meeting. We meet one Friday a month from 7pm to 3 or 4am- praying for the nations, New York, America, global churches and my pastor’s favourite burden- persecuted Christians. We are a small church but we keep always the needs, struggles and sufferings of persecuted believers around the world at the forefront of our prayer ministry. Apostle reminds us to include them in our prayers, to remember that these people don’t always have access to Bibles, they don’t have freedom to even say “Jesus” sometimes because in some places their own family member will snitch on them and get them stoned to death for being a Christian. So during the prayer night last month we were about 4 hours into the various prayer points when my pastor brought up prayer for persecuted Christians.

As we prayed the Lord was talking to me; I was overwhelmed by all He said and the pictures I saw to go with it. God told me ‘The time of the martyrs is at hand.’ The time when men and women who love Jesus Christ will now be “called upon” to prove their love not only with words but with the very last gasps of their lives, is at hand. A door is opening against the church whereby satan will strike the church and take away the lives of those chosen by Jesus as “the martyrs”. The Lord told me that nobody knows ahead of time they will be a martyr- even when persecution is heaviest against the church most Christians try their best to serve God and stay alive. But this is the end times- deny it all you like- God has said it too many times to too many people, and that’s just the truth of the matter. We are in the waning seconds of this world- anyone who’s still clamped to this world and its pleasures will find the bitterest drink being poured out on them when God returns to judge His church and the whole wide world for sin. If Jesus comes back to find any man, woman or child still in love with the lusts and pleasures of this deceitful world, that person can rest assured they will endure physical and spiritual hardship during the Tribulation that they will regret for however long of life they have remaining, and that is no threat. I have no credentials to threaten anyone, but I am mandated to speak truth as the Bible says it.

The Lord spoke to me saying ‘No-one chooses to be a martyr because all people want to live’, but He Jesus knows the martyrs by name and has already prepared that destiny for them. Some may have it revealed to them but the majority will not. However (due to a powerful desire to preserve their faith and continue walking in holiness), these people will suddenly “find themselves” in certain situations that lead to their capture, ridicule, mockery, incarceration and in many cases, death. He said it is the most honourable of deaths to die for His name’s sake. Then I saw white robes on gold hooks or hangers by a very long golden altar- it looked like boarding school where the kids uniforms are neatly pressed and hung up for the next day’s classes, except these were extremely blinding white robes on gold hangers, lined up on a golden altar that stretched far in the distance. To die for Christ is a great sacrifice. No man chooses that death, only Jesus knows and decides who will end their life that way. It is His decision to make, not even the one who dies gets to say “Let me die this way!” or “I don’t want to die this way!” I hope I’m explaining it clearly- Jesus Christ alone chooses the martyrs.

He told me households will betray the martyrs, and I saw a picture of a woman with her burka torn off, being dragged out of a house into the street. This woman was scared but calm- it was less like she’d given up and more like she was steeling herself for what she knew was coming. Her mother was in absolute hysterics however, running after the man who had her, even trying to loosen his hand from her child and being dragged along on the ground herself, holding on to the arm of the man carrying her daughter into the street. I saw through the wall of that house to the young woman’s bedroom; two men were tearing the place apart looking for something. I knew it was a Bible. This woman was being carried outside in a Muslim country to be stoned to death. Someone in her own home had whispered against her that she was a Christian and they came to kill her with stones. They had not even found the Bible yet but were already determined to kill her; as the man dragged her she went quietly but her mother was hysterical that her child should not die. Eventually the two men ripped open the mattress and found the Bible; it was so worn out with reading. They lifted it high like “AHA!” and came rushing out with the proof needed to kill the girl. The scene ended and I hugged the wall and cried in my church.

The Lord said “It is a calling to die for my sake. No man takes this honour to himself, I alone give it.” I saw a small crowd of Asian people on a beach, the army was in front of them with guns raised pointing at them- men, women and children in white robes that had been put on them for mockery’s sake. These people were facing firing squad but the order was not for death by bullets. They were being sent into the sea to walk on water since “Your God also did it”. I saw parents and children, couples and single people all of Asian descent, forced to back into the sea. If they stayed near shallow water the soldiers shouted roughly at them telling them to move back, so they backed further and further into the sea and stood there. Eventually they got tired- the water was cold, and besides that no one can withstand the surging power of the sea’s waves indefinitely, especially children. I saw them get tired, slip and fall; they fell and tried to stand back up but the water snatched many and carried them out. The water pulled children away from their parents. I did not see the soldiers faces as my perspective was from behind them, all I saw was their backs and barrels of their guns as they knelt there for hours until the people got tired in the sea and one by one were carried away. For some reason the martyrs were not screaming or begging- it was strange how the whole scene was silent, yet I know the sound was on in the vision because I could hear the soldiers shouting in their language for them to stop standing in shallow water and head further out to “walk on water”. They stayed until all the people were washed out to sea, and by government order nobody’s family member was allowed to take their body even though the water brought many of them back when they died. Nobody was allowed to give them a burial, then the vision ended.

I saw crosses brought out in the Muslim countries, people were nailed to them alive and put up as a warning for what happens to people who leave Islam to follow the ‘foreign false God.’ Some places, people were killed and then put on the cross as a warning. Yet I did not see anyone renounce Christ- these people died almost peacefully like the woman who was dragged for stoning, or silently like the people in the sea. It was not the chaos and pandemonium you’d expect of people begging and screaming for their lives. Even the children held their parents hands and were not screaming. All I could guess is some kind of supernatural peace was given to them by God, because all the noise and fury came from the people killing them but not from the martyrs themselves. Blood flowed in the visions and I was troubled to see the blunt truth of the word of God shown to me like that.

The Lord made me understand that people have been dying like this since the days His name began to be proclaimed among men. Satanic opposition against the church has never ended; it has flared up in empires, societies and civilisations over and over. Wherever the name of Jesus Christ is spoken the devil is there, raging against the truth, raging against the Lord and raging against the people who carry His power. SATAN CANNOT RULE THIS WORLD AS THE END TIMES STATE UNTIL THE LIGHT OF THE CHURCH IS PUT OUT. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS. As long as “JESUS” is a name spoken, trusted and confessed by even TWO PEOPLE, satan’s hands will be tied because those two people can slit the guts of an entire demonic army just by calling on their Lord in faith. This is what Revelation 12 and 13 is all about, so read it. Read it soon. Satan is looking forward with glee to the days when power will be given to him to persecute the church and kill them. Therefore the number of the ancient martyrs will NOT be considered complete until every last person predestined by Jesus Christ to join them has lost their life for His name sake.

Therefore I am saying to you: ‘THE BLOOD OF THE MARTYRS, BEHOLD.’ Just as King Jesus said it to me, I say it to you: ‘THE BLOOD OF THE MARTYRS, BEHOLD.’ Don’t imagine that you are one when you aren’t, and don’t imagine you can’t be one when you are. Nobody can know unless God expressly communicates it to his or her heart that they must die for His name’s sake. This is why I constantly say, build up your faith for the great and terrible day of the Lord so frequently mentioned in the Bible. The Western church especially, your faith is so laid-back, so superficial and so cold! I have never seen a looser gospel than here, where grace is trampled like mud in the streets and the ‘Reckless Love’ soundtrack is the sole expression of what God requires from the church. Other people in other nations are dying in very horrible ways for faith, clasping their Bibles to the end as such precious stairways to heaven. But here all we do is ‘name it’, claim it’, or blame it when the scandal caused by the first two, hits. It will be a terrible time when persecution comes here and we have not built up the kind of faith it takes to NOT deny Christ. The remnant here is very small and it’s hard for us because iniquity is up to our hairlines. We are struggling to turn it back, even though we are praying like madmen.

I thank God for all who take this matter to heart and pray for persecuted Christians everywhere. It is terrible to be torn away from your home and family, jailed without hope of trial, falsely accused, tortured for months or years- only so you’ll open your mouth and scream that God is not God because you’re cold, tired, hungry, physically and mentally destroyed, and just want to go home. The fact that people can live like this for YEARS AND YEARS without breaking, without changing their minds, all for Jesus Christ, proves that He is MORE than the mere “concept” so many consider foolish, stupid, and abstract. In 2019 people still claim Jesus wasn’t real, even with the mountain of evidence to the contrary. It should tell those who don’t believe in God: “There’s more here than meets the eye”. It should also tell those who claim to believe in God: if you do not have or are not even TRYING to cultivate this type of faith yet you see the end is coming… You see reports of fellow believers fighting for their lives in countries that rarely grant them reprieve, all because satan is SO INTENT ON SNUFFING OUT THE LIFE THAT BOWS TO JESUS. If you have access to a TV or newspaper and you’re seeing these stories pop up, yet you continue living a life of compromise, backsliding maybe, or just coasting along on the bare minimum yet you think you’re all set for Rapture and Heaven… then.. Yeah, today I am tired and I have no words. I am the Lord’s Servant- as He tells me, I tell you. Let God be the judge of all.

In Jesus name I pray, amen.

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  1. Scarlett says:

    Any Christian who has read “Foxes Book of the Martyrs” should understand that Satan is out in force in these end times, knowing that his time is short, to stir up the most wicked torture and death against God’s children. The Lord has spoken to me that since Satan can’t get at God to destroy Him as he would like to do, he goes after the people of God to work out his vengeance and hate.
    Indeed, none of us know one way or the other how we shall die, but we have been admonished by the Lord to prepare for martyrdom in any case. The Word tells us that He won’t put more on us than we can bear, without making a way of escape. And I believe that “way of escape” is through Jesus, and living in the safety of Psalm 91.

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