“Prepare For WAR” – Prophecy Prayer-Call – October 3, 2022


“And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon and in the stars; and on the earth DISTRESS OF NATIONS, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring; men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. Now when these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.” Luke 21:25- 28

There is new prophecy on Rumble, Bitchute and Brighteon. Those links will take you directly to the subscription pages of my other channels. Videos will be uploaded there for the time being, please tell others. It is good to subscribe to those places just in case my channel is not allowed to remain on Youtube, at that point you need to know where to find things. So even if you decide to view the view embedded here, click those links to subscribe to some of those alternate sites. 

The new way God is speaking to me means many things are revealed at one go, which is a blessing, but it also means writing them down now takes longer because topics are highly compressed. Therefore I release the calls to save myself have to write down 25 things one by one on the blog.

The comment I pinned under the videos:

This prophecy is- as always when it is live- multifaceted, covering a large number of topics. Church, I won’t always be with you. Get a notebook, sit down and listen right through without notes. That first listen is for ‘scope’. After that listen again, noting down every time you hear a shift to a new topic. That second listen is for understanding and your later study and prayer.

PROPHECY IS A LIVING, ACTIVE THING and I won’t always be here in a video with my face breaking it down with teaching for you. Learn to feed yourself, those who already know how to, help your brothers and sisters so they can catch up.

What I can remember from this call is:
War is coming, the red horse is loose & its seal is broken

Anger, conflict, misunderstandings among peoples, nations, tribes, even down to married homes will split as peace is taken from the earth

American civil war again mentioned, God said this judgement shall not be turned back and brother will hate brother in this nation

The media will “whip” up the tide until it turns to civil war, they are the main ones stirring the pot to promote hatred and intolerance. Even the so-called ‘rival channels’ are working for the same system behind the scenes

Deception of false prophets and how people love to follow their lies

Deserts and loss of fertile areas to goat nations (desertification is a curse- Hosea 2:3, Zephaniah 2:13, Jer. 23:10, Jer. 51:43)

Death of the saints, martyrdom at the hand of Obama the Beast. Martyrs are a clear part of end-time prophecy; I don’t know why people always pretend it is some mythical “left behind” storyline. It is right there in Rev. 6 and will surely come as also spoken of in Matt 24, Luke 21, Mark 13.

Evil pastors’ corruption and crimes will be exposed, with evidence

Laziness of the Church, judged for pride, competition, having no roots in them and will be easily blown away in a time of testing (Mark 4:16-17)

Church judged for calling evil good and good evil (Isaiah 5:20)

People have been killed by politicians and other people in power, to conceal the path to power

Mudslide in Ca Mau, a city in south Vietnam

Coming of terrible living darkness to the whole world, a physical darkness that can’t be seen through that has end times beings in it

Coming of the fallen angels to mate again with women, rise of a new nephilim breed from willing women of this generation

Change of power in America without votes. God said THIS WILL HAPPEN, we will see transfer of power against whoever’s wishes, a new order of government

Warning of the Jezebel spirit & the coming of militant feminism; Kamala Harris as president.

That’s all I can remember. The rest is in the call. Whoever can hear one hour of prophecy and hear the Father speaking in it, hear Him. Whoever hears and says it is false, “doom and gloom”, etc, well.. hear yourself. Each will reap what he sows. I am soon leaving [a sabbatical, maybe longer] Youtube and all platforms, I have other projects I’d like to work on that have waited a long time. Ten years in this vineyard is enough, I know God is happy with the work I did. God bless you and shalom.

Prophecies as witnesses to this message are below; [there are many more related prophecies to these topics and most of what is shared can be found in Revelation 6, 18, Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13.]

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USA Civil war: https://the-masters-voice.com/2020/07/26/war-is-coming-july-26-2020/

USA Civil war, Pt 2: https://the-masters-voice.com/2020/08/13/prepare-for-war-august-13-2020/

These are just some of the documented examples of everything the Lord spoke on this call. Shalom.




Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.


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  1. Dani says:

    Celestial you are a very special person and I feel so blessed to have our paths crossed. I pray for you and may the lord bless you. I will miss you. Don’t forget about me in your prayers. Thank you for your time. God bless you.


    1. Kakou elsé says:

      My heavenly sister and faithful servant of God be blessed, be strengthened, may the lord accompany you in your projects that are close to your heart, I say to you thank you as well as to the father Yah to have put you on my way on the platform 444prophecynews.com I know how I landed there, I know that God wanted me to be taught enlightened, and that I wall, through your blog, you are a unique person of your kind, what I appreciate is your frankness, you are not here to cuddle people in the direction of Hair, told them things they wanted to hear, you obeyed the Almighty God I AM, said His Words. 🙏 ❤️❤️❤️ If God want him we meet in the God kingdom from over that Yah watches on you, your family, Bless you to the hundred-fold shalom my greetings from France Paris island of France sister elsé.

      1. Nado says:

        Thank you very much my sister in Christ Celestial for all the hard labour you’ve been doing and continue to do for YAH. May the Lord continue to shine his light upon you. We will miss you. Hope to see you back when The Lord leads. Blessings 🕊️❤️

  2. Anna says:

    Change of Power without votes…yes! December ’22. Default to Speaker? Legalism on display. Removal of voting, has been, eroding Rights, Individual authority. Replacing ‘you’ by promotion of Appointee’s Individuals didn’t vote for.

  3. Sherna Thomas says:

    God bless you, Sister. Thank you for being faithful and obedient to God. Bringing these words of prophecy to us, to warn us to live holy, righteous and faithful to God. To endure to the end. To prepare for the end times. To live in repentance to God.

    We pray for God’s peace, protection and presence be with you always. God be with you Celestial! You are in our prayers. Be blessed.

  4. Sherna says:

    God be with you Celestial. We appreciate the work you have faithfully done by obedience to God, for all our benefits. So we can be prepared for the end times and live in repentance, and prepare for what is coming on this earth. God bless you Sister!

  5. Lisa says:

    What an excellent service unto the Lord! It is so strange to feel this connected with someone I never met. I have bitter-sweet feelings, but I am so very glad to have been introduced to this ministry and labor of love and obedience to YAH. I am happy for you, I believe that YAH is pleased with you.
    May the Lord continue to bless and keep you ❤️.

    1. J McCree says:

      God bless you and keep you my sister. When that time comes, I will miss you, but maybe you will return at times. Shalom.

  6. Lauretta Graham says:

    Celestial. I will miss you but you have served the Lord well. I appreciate all of your work. Continued blessings to you and your family. Thank you very much

  7. Gray Stroke says:

    Well my young sister it is with great sadness reading your post about taking a sabbatical. just found your blog and videos also!
    I have listened and spoken with Michael Boldea and read Dimitri’s books.have been called a weeping prophet by some Christian because when he came to me for biblical wisdom I was not the prosperity Jesus happy talk guy like the others.
    I was against the promise Keepers in the 90s telling my co-workers it was a false movement. Still none listened nor did they listen when I told them so many things about pappa bush, and the nwo, etc.When I was born again I was given supernatural understanding of it all and then Holy Spirit held my hand over 30 years to read it and research it all.
    The final piece of the puzzle is now grasping the reality of the last hours we are in.
    As Paul wrote in Galatians, “Have I become you enemy for telling you the truth?”
    So it seems with my family, siblings and neighbors and local pastor…..
    I don’t know about you other readers but as time continues, my soul feels heavy, sad and so much more alone then ever before.
    Two weeks ago all three of us male siblings are Army veterans; spoke that we truly do not know how we will stand when the physical pressures of life or death is presented before us. Therefore I have repented of past false bravado having been chastened and reminded of Peter denying Yahusha three times.
    Pray that we may be counted worthy to escape these things, now has a new and deeper meaning. What things are coming upon us that we must pray so hard to be counted worthy to escape???
    Now more new words to ponder before Father….

    Maranatha come even now Yahusha come even now….!

  8. Barna says:

    I wish I could copy and print out each of the post of this blog for the future to read and remember. Before I’ve made already some but now it is unfortunately not possible as I am not able to mark out the text’s…Maybe it’s disabled…I don’t now.
    Nevertheless God bless you abundantly dear Celestial, thank you for everything you have done for us. May our Lord Jesus be with you and protect you! I will miss you and all your teachings.

  9. Tara says:

    I know I’m selfish but I truly feel sad that you will soon finish this here work. There are not many like you out there Celestial, telling it as it is and I will miss you. I pray the Lord’s blessing over your future endeavours.

    1. issyeises says:

      😭But it is well😭 Go where your boss is taking you, Surely HE knows best.🙌

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hello All,

    I am a Christian looking to get back with the Lord, until I saw that those who take vaccines will not see His face – is this true? it scares me if it is, because I have taken it (due to the direction of my parents who are also christians.) does this mean I am not making it to his kingdom?

    Peace to all.

    1. Lorie says:

      Celestial i thank God for your life you have been such a blessing to me. For allowing yourself to be yielded totally Unto The Lord To do His Will and to speak Forth His Divine counsel at every turn. I am grateful..May The Lord Bless you and preserve you in Him now and forever In Jesus Christ Mighty Name 🙏🏽

    2. Gloria says:

      @Anonymous I recently accepted the Lord as my Savior. (I had what they call back slid.) Due to the the devil’s lies I also took the vaccine, before accepting Jesus Christ. The only mark that sends you to hell, is taking the mark of the beast. I have prayed to God for forgiveness, and believe that HE has forgiven me. Trust completely in the Lord always. No matter what anyone says. I continue to pray for my family, and look forward to the day JESUS CHRIST COMES. God bless you all.

      Revelation 20:4 Then I saw thrones, and seated on them were those to whom the authority to judge was committed. Also I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for the testimony of Jesus and for the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.


    3. issyeises says:

      @Annoymous – Kindly see all vaccine prophecies from the Master himself. All your questions and concerns is already addressed. You can also read on this page VACCINES, https://www.brighteon.com/watch/0ebcad61-4eab-4b89-9aba-7b1c1b22dba8?index=1

  11. Lorie says:

    Celestial I Thank God For your life you have been such a blessing to me this words that you have allowed The Lord To speak through you to bring forth have been truly a wakeup call to me and am eternally grateful.God Bless you and preserve you In Him always and forever 🙏🏽

  12. Joe D says:

    A BIG Thank U !
    Celestial you will always be in my Prayers !

  13. Rose May says:

    Much thanks for the message and blessings to you and your family.

  14. Allison says:

    Good morning Lady Celestial, i was just sharing God only allow special chosen people to be around for a time, you move on
    i give thanks to the Lord for you, such a blessed enlightenment in your words
    remain in the faith whatever,wherever God leads, continuing to honor and please our Lord and Savior
    may the Lord continuously feed His Bride to impact the lives of the lost and broken to make ready for the anticipated wedding

  15. Audrey says:

    Thank you. Sister you have a remnant of brothers and sisters in Yah that’s 🙏🏽 for you.

  16. Rana M Douglas says:

    Thankyou. Sharing.

  17. BascintheLord says:

    It truly is an honour to hear your words from the Lord Celestial. I was awakened because of your uncompromising work for the Lord. Thank you. Also, thank you for the tidbits of knowledge you shared here and there such as being still before God after prayer and midnight/ nightime prayer is powerful prayer. Your work was and will never be in vain. Shalom and abundant blessings sister.

  18. Thank you so much the servant of the Almighty God, may the most high God bless you for the wonderful work you’ve been doing. I thank also the holy God for enabling me to access your platform in order to learn God’s mighty messages concerning this last days. May the holy God prosper you in every step you make in your life. The prophecies have enabled me to understand God’s mind concerning this last days and therefore I’m spiritually awakened, I’m not in a sleep anymore. Thank you 🤝 may the holy God bless you 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  19. Carol says:

    Thank you Celestial. You efforts are more valuable than you can even imagine. The Father formed quite a BRAVE Daughter Soldier when he thought of you before you were in your mother’s womb. Your “well done my good and faithful servant” will be indeed deserved. God Bless and Keep you Dear Sister in Christ.

  20. Frank Vandyck says:

    I have only found this blog three days ago. I consider it Godsent. I am a missionary in Malawi Africa. The prophetic word for Africa is timely. THIS prophecy is clear and comprehensive, quite a full plate to digest. I am grateful to God for it. Thank you.

  21. Christine says:

    Thank you, my sister in Jesus Christ. God willing, I will see you in Heaven. May Jesus bestow many gems in your crown, which you will gladly throw at his feet.
    Thank you, Warrior Princess, Daughter of the Most High Yah, for enduring for all of these years.
    Your words have been living water in the dry, scorched places in my battered heart.
    Gott Segne Dich! Hugs in Him!

  22. Geri Vogel says:

    Dearest Celestial,
    I am a newcomer to your site, maybe just a week. I’m in my seventies and have marveled at the depth of your wisdom at such a young age. Thank you for leaving behind what the Lord has given you so that we can return to listen and read what He has said. Now all we have to do is pray the Internet stays “up”. I have had dreams and visions myself throughout my life but not as numerous as you. You have unknowingly encouraged me and caused me to speak up about the times to my grandchildren. Have a well-deserved Sabbatical and may the Lord bless you abundantly in whatever you pursue. Thank you again for all the material, I’m sure I will have enough to read and listen to for a long time.

    1. Celestial says:

      Good morning Geri, God bless you & may the words of the Lord here be a blessing, exhortation & encouragement to you. I’m still be working to put up past prophecies at least before I take my break. Maybe new ones can wait but the old are piled up & I want to publish them (hopefully with videos) in weeks ahead. Thank you for your visit.🌺

  23. BascintheLord says:

    Does anyone know the name of the prophecy in video/ blog where celestial talks about God not being pleased about the substitute the church makes for haloween such as halelujah night ect.?
    I searched for it but did not find it. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

    1. MaryLeah says:

      2020-10-29 Blood to Drink – Exposure of Wickedness in America “he has said pray without ceasing he has said speak in tongues and edify yourselves um wear the full armor of god always be ready in and out of season content earnestly for the faith you are soldiers what makes the soldiers of god think that if we hold alternatives to what is actually a high witchcraft mass these people open portals and call their great grandfathers of demons or whoever they call through these portals to pour into the earth realm they snatch people and make sacrifices of human blood and yet the church thinks that by hosting trunk or treat we will effectively break down the evil the witchcraft and the death that is halloween america you partake of the witches feast”

        1. BascintheLord says:

          Thank you for the link. I had to explain to a sister why the Lord is not pleased about such things.

      1. Flourish&Thrive says:

        Thanks sis

      2. elfmom55 says:

        MaryLeah, I c/p a msg to a bro that heads up our prayer ministry. I just sent this to him. For the past 2 yrs they have not had anything going on this time of yr due to Covid nonsense. I am praying whether to stay and pray or leave. I don’t want to do this walk alone. I need the body of Christ for support/prayer. Lord, I pray AGAIN for Your wisdom, guidance, discernment on what to do!

        Bro Q, I don’t remember if I sent this to you quite awhile ago when I 1st read it. It is VERY disturbing as most of her posts are but we HAVE to know these things! About 1/2 way down Halloween is mentioned and the church participation in it as an “alternative”. We are to be set apart from the world and NOT participate in the wickedness! When Marvin announced going back to celebrating this Satanic “holy” day my heart sank! I have been SO disturbed about this. WHY doesn’t Marvin, Steve and all the rest of God’s people know how wicked this is? I’ve been praying a lot about this but am almost beyond words!
        Anyway, read this and PRAY that Marvin, Steve and the others taking part in this will have their eyes and ears open and REPENT of where they are leading the sheep. Children are being taught to just mingle with the wickedness of this world instead of being set apart! It is a dark place of judgement for ANY of God’s people that participate in this!


  24. Doris says:

    God bless you mightily Sister Celestial for your obedience in bringing these prophecies to light. Please check your email, I have been trying to make contact with regards to how to support your channels.

  25. elfmom55 says:

    2 Esdras 5:8 (Apocrypha)
    “There shall be a confusion also in many places, and the fire shall be oft sent out again, and the wild beasts shall change their places, and menstruous women shall bring forth monsters:”

  26. Leticia Arroyo says:

    God bless you and thank you for your service. I recognized the Lord in your prophesies since I started listening and so grateful for all that you have done for the Lord. It is great to see when the Lord can be proud of his children and say well done, Well done sister. May the Lord supply you of all your needs according to his riches and glory in Christ Jesus. May the body of Christ open their heart to give as led by the Lord and be obedient. Wishing you that many blessing be showered upon you and may you receive each one and meet the Lords timing in them all. If not here on earth, God willing, may we meet in Gods kingdom and look forward to seeing you receive all your rewards. God bless you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

  27. Daniel Samuel (Nigeria) says:

    Hello sister Celestial may Yah continue to bless and protect you where ever you may go to, and in whatsoever Yah may have you do for him next. My heart was saddened when you said that you were going on a sabbatical because this blog and the TMV Youtube channel has been like a well of fresh water to me and my family in this last days, where we are surrounded by false teachers and false prophets. You recently prophesied about LOVE WORLD Ministries headed by pastor Chris Oyakhilome whom you have exposed to be an occult and false pastor, and he happened to be my pastor before the day you posted that prophesy. I thank Yah for that exposition and now I’m praying for Yah to lead me to the right place of worship. Thank you again sister for all you do & endure for the sake of God’s people, I will truly miss you.

  28. Phyllis Machikiti says:

    Thank you Celestial

  29. Claire Carradice says:

    I love you so much. Thank you for everything. May He lead you further.

  30. Evelyn windsor says:

    There is a chat/talk of God giving America another chance…Charlie and our local prophet here in SA…your thoughts?

    Thanks Celestial and blessings

  31. Linh says:

    Thank you, Celestial. I will truly miss you. Your work has been tremendous blessing to me and I’m grateful God led me to you. Thank you for all of your precious prophecies; I can’t wait to see where God leads you next. God bless you, Celestial. I hope you will remember me and keep me in your prayers. I pray your sabbatical will be restful and refreshing. Shalom.

  32. Rod says:

    Thank you Jesus for all you do for us daily. Thank you Celestial for being obedient to the Master. It is time to shelter in the Lord and focus on him by spending good time each day reading his word. Not just a few minutes but spend that hour each day digging in his word. We must step away from the distractions of this world. This includes getting away from celebrating holidays. Most of our traditional holidays are pagan based so research that and get out of it (see link below). Pray for all the brothers and sisters around the world because many are suffering for their faith. Read Foxe’s Book of Martyrs and be ready. You may have to die for your faith, but to the overcomers God will grant us life eternal. God is good and deserves all our praise. Stay humble. God bless all of you who read this blog.


  33. BascintheLord says:

    Celestial i believe another of your prophecy about some people who took the jab will start to see entities has begun to manifest. It saddens me to see this. Whether saved or unsaved no one should Ever experience this. The link shows individuals being attacked by an unseen force.


    1. elfmom55 says:

      Great link you left for us Basc! Here is another one I’m sure she has covered in her blog/vids.
      People in AWE as they watched clusters fall from the sky

    2. Onyinyechi says:

      Wow, now this is crazy… then that man lost his life in that horrific way. Well, I more and more will come out, this is like mid-side affects now. Wait til millions become zombie like, no way they can blame it on anything else except that poison.

  34. majestic143 says:

    Great Day, my Sister. I’m just finding you( the blog, videos) about a month now, And I’m saddened 2 hear that you’re Leaving!? Go in Peace my dear 💗 Sister. Allow the Great GOD -YAH 2 Use you however HE chooses to do so. I’m going 2 do my best and go through the various videos that you’ve done. I’m thankful and GRATEFUL 4 U, Prophetess 💜 And W.O.G. the Word of GOD Has been like FIRE 🔥 ON THIS CHANNEL. SHALOM-🙏🏿

  35. Marina says:

    Thank you Celestial.

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