To Be A Martyr For Christ – May 22, 2020


I’m uploading these dreams now before I forget them. I just had them today, 6:20 a.m. and they are terribly important. They are not related to the topic I’m currently sharing on but they have to be posted. I’ve seen this type of dream before but I couldn’t remember when I woke up or or I just didn’t have the heart to post them, but now these have come they have to go up as a matter of urgency. The Lord is preparing us for what’s to come.

The Lord has shown me pieces of the future. He depicted all of it in cartoons and you may say “Why would He do THAT?” but I say- because God loves me too, and is merciful. If He had shown me this in real images I’d be traumatised and messed up. 

I saw a long line of people fleeing into the desert. A large crowd of men, women and children, running with all their might into the desert- they were singles and married, families, young and old- honestly to see these people running like this, kicking up desert sand was truly disturbing. They all had an expression of fear or panic on their faces, the urgency could not be denied to leave and hide in the desert as quickly as possible. I saw how the cartoons ran so fast that one woman’s young son was in the air- his mom held his hand and fled with all her strength, she dragged him to the point his little feet bounced occasionally on the sand but mostly his feet were airborne with his robe flying around him. These were Christians, Christians of today. They were dressed like Israelites of the Bible but I knew it was us of today, racing to hide ourselves for safety from the Antichrist. The desert sand swirled from the desperate race of our feet and settled into one word above the runners’ heads: FLEE.

As this image faded the Lord said: “Hide yourselves my people, until the indignation be past.” You can read this in Isaiah 26:20. Also read Revelation 12:6 and Matthew 24:15- 20. 

Next I saw a multitude of people gathered. They were all naked. God hid their nakedness, He put shading on their breasts and lower privates. I didn’t see how large this crowd was or how far back it extended, I didn’t focus on that because of some cloudy shading that disguised the crowd all except for one. My attention was on one naked man drawn in black and white pencil right at the front. I saw this man’s feet begin to move forward without him walking, I saw his feet make a groove of resistance in the sand. Forward and forward as if something stronger than him was pushing him, he raised his right foot in desperation to stop his own momentum but he couldn’t. I prepared to close my eyes in my dream so I would not observe his nakedness but I needn’t have bothered, God covered it. The man raised his right leg to try and balance himself but still he fell, directly into a big hole that had been dug in front of him.

When he fell the vague cloud and shading over the other people lifted, I saw a group behind this man struggling likewise, a whole animation of resistance. They were slowly being pushed forward by a big backhoe, a yellow Caterpillar truck with the flat panel that rises like a wall, used for flattening earth or knocking down structures. Diesel puffed from its cartoon spout. The driver had workmen’s clothes and a determined expression. He yanked his cap low on his head, put the backhoe in gear and drove it forward at a snail’s pace, ever so slowly but it was enough. It forced the humanity at the back to shove into the humanity in front, until the terrible pressure of pushing shoved those in the very front and they fell into this big mass grave dug for them. Who were these? Christians. God’s people.

The dream was taking place in another dimension far from me and God used cartoons to lessen the horror of it but, I still saw what it was- believers being buried alive for refusing to take the mark of satan, for refusing to cooperate and behave in accordance with the laws of the Beast ruling the world.

The man fell into the hole waving his arms and crying out something, and others fell on him. The scene pulled into an aerial view, it was more than one hole, more than one set of Christians. I saw an army of little caterpillar trucks pushing people into many holes- I am grateful for how God chose to reveal this. All I saw of these murderers is little worker uniforms, little caps on heads, and little yellow trucks pushing God’s people into holes, then pushing piles of sand on top of them while they were struggling to right themselves or climb away from one another. This image also dissolved.

I saw a woman sitting in the earth. Her head was covered and she had two small children on either side of her, a little boy and a bigger boy. They were clothed, sitting at the bottom of a hole with the sunny sky above them showing daylight at the top. She put her arms out and her children crouched close to her and clung to her. I saw blue squiggly lines appear around her legs, shoulders, and around the head, back and arms of her and her children- trembling. Fear. They were afraid but silent. There were others sitting behind her- instead of being shoved in these people had been made to enter this shallow hole by themselves and sit down in an orderly way.

The woman held her children and grew still, the squiggly lines left and she lost her fear. Her children also lost fear when their mother quieted down. Above them the bulldozer must’ve started because I saw sand appear in the hole in a cartoon way, the level changed frame by frame and sand went up to her feet, calves, knees, chest. It pinned her children to her. I saw silent tears on her face, the last image she was pinned to her children and then Jesus, not the backhoe but the Lord sealed the vision from me by closing the sand in front of me so I could not see those people in their grave. I also felt God did not want me to see what happened next but not in a bad way, more like ‘This part is not your business.’

I woke up distressed by this dream. I realised I’ve seen dreams like this before but I forgot when I woke up. This time I remembered. I even remembered a vision from earlier this year- I saw the earth spread out as flat, and millions and millions of people standing on it like cartoons. I saw all the races of earth, dark brown to medium brown to mixed to pale, the different clothing of different cultures were represented. As I looked suddenly a lawnmower or some other device ran over the entire scene, splattering blood everywhere. It was so sudden, the people were mowed down even as I was looking at them, nothing but bloody pulp and torn clothing was left in their place. The Lord said This is the Christians, these are the martyrs of the end time. I was shocked like ‘WHAT?!’, because of how huge a number of people this was, yet they were extinguished so fast and brutally, just mowed down right in front of me and their mashed up bodies left behind. (Read Revelation 6:9- 11).

The last cartoon vision I saw this morning- President Donald Trump was slumped at his desk in the Oval Office. He was so distressed, depressed and defeated. His head was in his hands, his shoulders drooped, and he covered his face and lay low on the desk. This animation was like South Park so his despair was very evident and clear. The Lord said “There is nothing he can do anymore. He has no choice. He will not be president for much longer anyway.” Then the image disappeared.

I did not get any political impression so I advise no one to think the last sentence is election based. I had the feeling of untimely death- that’s what I always feel, see and hear when I see this man in prophetic dreams. If you’re an American reading this and you have even a tiny slice of your heart that says “Well if he has to die so be it, it’ll be for the greater good for the country anyway”, well… may God have mercy on you for thinking that and may you catch yourself and repent because in the grand scheme of things you belong right where you think another ‘sinner’ should be.

Martydom is part of Christian culture. Let me clarify that right away. Satan is the spirit behind the murder of the Church and he’s been that way forever. For as long as people have believed in Jesus Christ other people have gotten mad because of the spirit of satan and wanted to kill them for it. Once you understand how much satan HATES the prophecy of Messiah from Genesis 3:15, this will make more sense to you. Do not fall for these new age fake translations like the Message and Passion bibles- these things are not Bibles they are expensive leather-bound toys that will leave you up a ravine when it’s time to fight demons and you realise you don’t know any sharp Bible verses, only stupid poetic nonsense that the demons will laugh at. You cannot enter the end times holding a butter knife- get yourself an NIV if you’re new to Christianity and need to catch up on the Bible quickly, or shift to a KJV or KJV 1611 or a NKJV if you’ve been saved a while. Even in these faithful translations there is constant corruption of the original scripture- workers of wickedness are changing the Bible even as we speak.

Every other day the online Bible versions are subtly changed, key words that affect the entire context of sentences are either removed or changed so the whole thing becomes as limp as spaghetti. The Lord told satan plainly, The seed of the woman will CRUSH YOUR HEAD but you (satan) will only bruise Messiah’s heel. That means the coming of Jesus will destroy satan’s kingdom completely, leaving nothing behind- see the vision of all kingdoms destroyed in Daniel 2 (read the chapter, especially verses 44-45). God said satan would only ‘bruise’ Messiah briefly, he would not destroy Him; that’s what happened when Israel crucified Jesus. He was only dead 3 days, He rose again and ascended to Heaven and is now ALIVE, seated on a throne of glory. Hallelujah all praise and worship to the one God, the only true God, Father of mercy and hope!! Satan will be defeated because he is the weaker one, never in a million years can he crush Jesus.

However the new changes in the Bible say “He shall bruise your head and you shall bruise His heel.” (Genesis 3:15) You see the massive difference? The verse now sounds like a fair fight between two evenly matched boxers, instead of the clear annihilation of the serpent and his entire kingdom and way of life by Jesus. If you bruise me and I bruise you then, who won? God said C-R-U-S-H, to crush means to utterly disassemble by the application of brute force and pressure until a thing is completely disfigured, ruined and DESTROYED. Satan will only bruise the Christ, a brief death, but Jesus will CRUSH HIS HEAD. When your head is crushed we usually bury you, and that’s what God told satan years ago. That’s the real verse, amen.

Satan HATES to be reminded of this prophecy! God said the devil’s reign would only be for a while- sure it’s been a long while, but human years are a breath to God, so Time in His eyes does not run the same as it does to us. Satan knows the time has come to finish the reign of men- God is done with the foolery we get up to down here and is preparing to bring in a kingdom that is PERFECT, HOLY, RIGHTEOUS, WITHOUT PARTIALITY OR WICKEDNESS. Jesus is going to be President and everyone else can suck lemons. Every demon, witch, wizard, wolf in sheep’s clothing, every unrighteous steward who stole what was entrusted to him and made his nation starve, every satanic ruler who sacrificed to Marduk and caused blood to run in his streets- they will all be FIRED, and God Himself will show people what He intended from the beginning, a peaceful earth of joy and happiness with no death.

Who doesn’t want to live in a world like that?

Promises like this is how I know the Bible is the only true version of man’s history and his true end- I know it because Biblical heaven does not appeal to natural man’s sensuality or  his craven desires in the least. There are no big breasted virgins promised by Jesus, because what the heck does that offer all the women of this earth when we die? Who wants to die and go stare at other naked women for eternity? What sense does that make? Nor is there wine promised, or nectarine pools, or Valhalla where you get to ‘drink with the gods and smash tables’ like the ancient Vikings. I mean.. all you have to do is READ some of this stuff to know who wrote the endings to these so called religions. It was satan. I know it’s him because what he wrote is exactly what he knows the sinful hearts of men would think is a great deal to do for the rest of their lives. Drink, have sex, be aggressive and violent. Ridiculous.

As if God would go through all the trouble of creating a place of peace and rest for the mind, body and soul after all the terrible ongoing stress of THIS WORLD, only to have us show up there in exactly the same foolish condition we’re in now, and mess it all up? Give me a break. Listen, the Bible does not give a hoot what we like or what appeals to our flesh. Heaven is a spiritual place- and to make sure you fit in there God will take this lustful body away that only wants food, sex and entertainment, and give us a new frame that is so holy it won’t even want to be married anymore. We will be young, healthy, perfect and forget every pain and rejection that crushed us in real life. Amazing.

That’s why the ending of man’s existence and rulership in this world will be a grand finale, like the needle of a broken compass spinning him at last RIGHT BACK TO WHERE HE STARTED, to fellowship with his Maker, Creator, Father and Best Friend, while satan burns to a crisp over and over again forevermore in the lake of fire. Now THAT’S what I call a happy ending.

But until then… there is much the church will suffer. Please tune out your pastor if he keeps telling you we’re headed into a great future, tune HIM out if he tells you to tune out the ‘doom and gloom prophets on the internet’. If you tune us out you will get the rude awakening of your lifetime when it turns out your pastor was confused and mistaken while the Internet prophet nailed it. It may be too late to prepare your soul then so… better prepare it now and err on the side of caution. You have nothing to lose by living a prepared, watchful and righteous life, God will bless you for it not with virgins and wine but eternal life that cannot be stolen from you the way satan stole life from Adam and Eve in the garden. God will resuscitate you INTO PERFECTION so you can be with Jesus always.

This is The Master’s Voice. The truth is shared here as best as I can draw it with words, and if you believe the words of the Lord you shall be blessed and rewarded now and in the life to come. Support this work if you can- check the banner at the top and view my support page. *I started this at 6:30 a.m. while on the prayer line with my church, writing one of these takes an average of 2-3 hours to study, research, and do it well. Also Subscribe! – move your screen up and down until the Follow+ icon appears on the lower right. Like, Comment, and Share the blog with someone else. Take care and see you soon.

Further resources: The Blood Of The Martyrs and The Pause Is Over: New World Order.

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  1. Scarlett says:

    Reblogged this on Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary.

  2. Scarlett says:

    Pretty graphic stuff, sister…and hard to bare, considering these things will necessarily happen to our brethren and our loved ones if they refuse to take the Mark…however, it scares me much more to fear any of them would succumb to the Evil ones demands to serve him.
    Indeed, I do feel saddened by President Trump and what I feel, as you saw in your dream, will soon happen. I think he has changed a lot since entering the Presidency….for the better.

    1. Celestial says:

      These indeed are heavy and graphic times sister. But the Lord provides what we need daily, including strength and faith to trust Him another day. At this stage I encourage us to strongly fulfil purpose in any way we can, as the bible says “Night is coming when no man can work.” Thank you for your faithful visits to TMV.

    2. A says:

      Hi Scarlett one thing to note, the images in the vision included children. If there is a rapture beforehand, wouldn’t the children be gone already?
      Just a thought. Let me know what you think!

      1. Scarlett says:

        I believe the dreams and visions of this are from God. That said, the people being martyred were Christians, some with children, so there could not have been a rapture before this, because in Matthew 24, Jesus words place the catching away, (rapture), after the Tribulation. We must remember He also said the Tribulation would be the worst thing that would ever happen.
        It seems that by giving these details to His people, living in this time frame, that the Tribulation is something He wants us to take very, very seriously, and to prepare our lives and walk with Him accordingly.
        The most important thing is that we enter into His Rest, and trust Him no matter what….

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  4. CIK says:

    “The seed of the woman will CRUSH YOUR HEAD”
    Where can we find a Bible that still has this original version?

    1. Scarlett says:

      There are several, that I’ve seen, including the KJV version.

  5. Celestial says:

    Hello CIK, sorry I’m only seeing this now. Yes a KJV will still have this original text but even that version is being slyly butchered. I’ve taken to using an only KJV 21 and KJV 1611 as well to cross reference. The Bible is not meant to be tampered with but look where we are now already…

  6. Joseph Labonte says:

    I was talking to a couple of married JW’s today on the changes in the bibles and, well that’s about where the conversation ended. ” But wait I said there’s more.” Nope would’nt have any to do with me pointing out these things. “What do mean they said its always said the Wolf will dwell with the lamb.” Click. That was after I showed the difference between the written word and the Word was God. Yes very testy day. Well they did’nt seem to like John1…. Defending the bible as the infallible word of God needs a bit of rethinking as we now see, Prayer to the infallible Word of God is the most important part of Christianity. Love you folks stay under His wings and God bless you.

  7. Joseph Labonte says:

    Peace be with you Celestial and thank you for the Word given to you. Much love and God bless you wonderfully.

    1. Celestial says:

      Joseph thank you for your visits, you are welcome and I hope the blog continues to be of service to you. God bless…

  8. diegoalonsocortez says:

    The NIV is already suggesting “strike your head” as a footnote (instead of “CRUSH your head”). Also, the NIV discredits the Ascension of Jesus in Mark 16 (as well as Jesus giving us authority over demons, snakes, poisons, etc.), and shamelessly removes dozens of other crucial passages/verses. (It’s not the NIV per se, but the underlying NEW New Testament that it’s based on: Nestle-Aland\UBS). I wouldn’t recommend the NIV in a million years! In fact, the NIV is the poster child for Biblical corruption!

  9. Sister Crystal says:

    I just bought a Nkj bible, an upgrade from my Nkjv. It however does not have the “crush the serpent” but instead the diluted bruised version. Do you know of a specific link, or kjv bible that i can purchase that is not tampered with? Thank you

    1. Celestial says:

      Sister, you will never find a Bible with the words accurately as they were. It’s a lot to explain so let me put it this way- the Bible is being tampered with in ways that involve spiritual manipulation. The only reason I know the verse said crush not bruise is because I’ve read & confessed it many times in study- just as I know Isa. 11:6 used to say “the lion shall lie down with the lamb”, not the wolf. God never uses wolves for positive imagery in the Bible yet now the verse says “wolf”. The verse are and will continue corrupting even as the Bible is in your hands Crystal, so read your word faithfully, memorize what you can, hide the word in your heart as scripture says. Many people are upset at this but mt question is- even if upset, we know times are ending. Is there another Bible we can replace it with? Even in the King James the words are failing, but the truth hidden in the heart does not fail. We have no other saving truth but this, this word of God. Bless U.

      1. Hélène says:

        I have a recollection of crush but have read bruised in both places so many times I didn’t realize it had been changed.
        My KJVs all say bruised in both places. Just as the wolf lays down now, not the lion 🤦‍♀️ So it’s not just the online Bibles but the magick that is literally rewriting our Bibles in our homes.
        The fundamental Baptists won’t hear of it so they just invoke “bad memory” but others I speak to get very worried. It’s a grief almost too much to bear. Thankfully the Logos is neverchanging!

  10. Brittney Highway says:

    Thank you for the videos and taking the time to write them out also. I prefer to read than watch. When I read. The wording is perfect , the writing is so neat. And I jus read in amazement and think “this is the Lord speaking and writing!”

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