UFOs & Aliens: Pyramids – June 4, 2016


This dream is reproduced from my journal, dated June 4, 2016:

Last night I had another prophetic confirmation dream about extraterrestrials coming to earth. God keeps showing me the same thing and I know when He does this He wants me to take things seriously. The dream was very real.

I was in New York City going about the day when I saw advertising for a new alien movie. They put up one of those mega movie posters that take up half a building in Times Square so everyone could stare at it but, when I saw it I was irritated. The poster showed pyramid-shaped alien craft hovering above earth’s atmosphere, very near to us in the first layer of the sky where weather happens. I saw the poster but was unmoved and carried on with my day.

However soon the weather got weird; a very heavy mist came over the entire city and as the day wore on the mist persisted and would not dissipate. I was surprised because mists usually blow over in an hour or two but this one did not. Instead it thickened and worsened until the sky was like soup above us: thick, heavy, damp and very thunderous grey. I went home thinking this was so odd, but soon I was busy making my dinner.

Suddenly I was drawn to the windows of my kitchen. My windows had safety bars on them which made it impossible to lean out, but my view to the street was unimpeded. As I stood looking out I saw powerful triangular shapes begin to emerge out of the foggy sky directly above my home.

Please understand, they did not “break through” the fog like how the sun burns away until it clears a patch of sky for itself and shines through so you can see it. No- these shapes waited IN the fog as if they’d been there the whole time and now wanted to be seen more. They began to loom.

They made strong outlines in the dark sky- a series of HUGE CRAFT shaped exactly like pyramids, down to the etching of the original brick pattern from the real pyramids could be seen on their surface. They were dark grey or black shapes made of a hard, slightly reflective material, and they were so massive that all I could see in the entire view out my kitchen window was just one corner of a triangle directly above me. I leaned over the sink straining for a better view but all I saw was that black brick  corner coming closer and closer to the ground, till it was maybe only 15-20 feet away.

A great panic came on me- I knew we were in trouble. I dropped vegetables in my sink and ran outside thinking the street would be full of people but no-one else had noticed this event. The street was empty. Next the Lord opened my eyes and began to show me these shapes emerging out of a dark sky all over the world. All over the planet I saw pyramid craft looming above every major city and town, barely wrapped in thunderclouds. They were absolutely silent: no hum or other sound proceeded from them as they sat there waiting. People had not noticed them yet but I knew in a few short moments everyone would see the same sight and pandemonium would let loose.

In the dream my location changed: God took me to an African nation to the house of a friend. He was about to sit at dinner with family when I found myself in his front yard; I ran to the door and knocked with all the power and urgency I could muster. He was surprised to see me but his happy greeting was cut short when I started pouring out the story of what was outside. That’s when I experienced what I now know (as I’m awake) is going to happen with many people.

My friend knows me. He knows my walk with God and how the core of my life is my love for Jesus Christ and His kingdom. My friend knows that God is my life and that I have always walked a slightly different road because of how the Lord has called me.

Yet when I explained to him what was happening globally, what God had shown me in a vision about those triangles appearing all over the world, even when I entered his house and showed him and his family through his own fancy windows those ships in the sky hanging over Africa, stretching even to the horizon, my friend’s face revealed polite disbelief.

I saw his mental struggle. He didn’t know whether to believe me or not. What I was saying almost COULDN’T be believed. It couldn’t be true because it belongs in movies, and movies are never true. They’re MOVIES, things we watch to relax. Things in the movies are not part of real life- that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Yet these carved, brick-looking triangles were all over my friend’s nation, HE SAW THEM FOR HIMSELF yet there he was he was looking at me like I was the strange one who couldn’t be trusted. It broke my heart. I pleaded with him as much as I could not to be deceived by the occupants of these ships or be in the dark about what they had come to do, but he remained undecided and slow to respond. Unconvinced, even with the evidence right before him. Eventually I had to leave them to make their own decisions, I ran out into the city to warn others. Then I woke up.

When I woke I asked the Lord (as I always do when I have an dream that’s almost too much to accept)- “Lord is this so? Is it really so?” The Lord answered me and said: Several times I have shown you this matter, expressly concerning the times that are coming to the earth.

This will be a time of great deception: not only will people NOT know what is true, they will be very unwilling to accept the things which ARE true because they run counter to the conventional wisdom of what “reality” should be. But it will occur exactly as you have seen. Unholy races will come to earth claiming to be humanity’s lord and master and they will be believed. They will say they are the creators of Man who “loves Man and wants them to ascend to a higher level”. This  will be widely accepted yet it is a powerful lie that will deceive and destroy many.

This the deception of the ages, the greatest lie ever told: that mankind was formed from anything less than My hand or that man has a creator outside of Myself.

Many will believe this lie, if possible even My elect whom I have chosen to receive everlasting life and fellowship with Me in my eternal kingdom. There is no way to resist this lie except by the power of the Holy Spirit: unless a man is born again of the water, Spirit and the Blood, and walking closely with the Lord in the company of the Holy Spirit, he WILL be open to this deception and will fall away. HE WILL BELIEVE THIS LIE and with it he will receive all the other deceptive and disastrous consequences that follow it until it reaches its final fulfillment.

*This is the end of the record from my journal.

This dream was the first time God ever showed me that aliens have other ships besides the usual saucer-shaped ones we’ve all seen on TV. It seems there are several  types, even ones that have ‘legs’ that dangle down like spiders with a iron ‘claw’ at the end of each one.

Early on He showed me their cunning ability to change with every period of human history- how they can take any shape from any era of civilization (See: The Little Men Walking On The Sky). In that dream I saw the famous three-legged spaceships from long ago, from the time people called aliens ‘Martians’. But as human beings change their ideas about who they think lives in the sky the appearance of the ships also change- aliens can adapt to show us exactly what we expect to see.

I may not know everything but I think that is an extremely dangerous ability for a satanic creature to have. That tells me they can become the deepest desire of your hidden psyche if they want to; they can pull your most unfulfilled desire from the darkest part of you and make it (seem) real.

These ships were strange because they looked exactly like the Pyramids of Giza except they have semi-shiny black or dark-grey ‘bricks’ with some kind of metal cutting in between. They cloaked themselves, undetectable in the clouds until they wanted to be seen. Their silent hovering makes them capable of coming very close to earth without being detected- in this dream they came almost to the height of streetlights in total silence yet were not seen because of darkness and cloud cover.

The saddest part of this dream was the human response. My friend’s unbelief even in the face of the unfolding reality will be what many people do- seeing this type of thing will be the end of the road for many mentally. They will come to a place they cannot pass, unable to cross over into a reality where things from TV have come to life. ‘Living in denial’ will take on a new meaning in those days, this is why God has said on this blog He will take many people home in the intervening years before this time (and the years of the Beast). He says they cannot face it, cannot endure it, and multiple posts on TMV have explained how the Lord sees the harvesting of souls in these days. 

Last but not least: *The presence of ungodly extraterrestrials will be a global event, synchronized to happen everywhere at the same time. The weather will change before this, if it has not changed already it will change before that time to favour them and keep them hidden until their chosen time.

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  1. Tracey says:

    I had been wondering why they would want to reveal things in advance in movies such as aliens, zombies- like you mentioned in your last posts… I couldn’t figure out the benefit to the devil in doing this. It just occurred to me as I read this post that it’s a way of guiding peoples responses when they do appear… not just about the familiarity. I don’t watch horror films, sci fi, whatever but from what I remember about a vampire film I’d seen in the past was the solution to killing them was holding up a cross, spraying “holy water” so they shrivel up and in some instances a gun. Isn’t that the deception of deceptions that these horrible creatures show up and everyone thinks they’re ET, mans second best friend if they show up smiling, and if they show up aggressive vampire style they go and bring a physical cross when they should be calling on the name of the Lord. Without the advance programming- most people who know the name of Jesus or God would call on him in the time of trouble if they saw this kind of terrible manifestation of evil… but the false familiarity and confidence sets in when people think ohhh… how was this handled in that movie I saw- oh yea- guns, shoot them between the eyeballs, flash a crucifix and buy some catholic holy water. Which would be a horrible response and outcome.

    Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved… but we can’t wait until these demonic entities come around to cry out and build up our most holy faith.

    Thank you woman of God for your warnings, teachings and helping to build up your brothers and sisters. May God bless and continue to keep you.

  2. kimkim76 says:

    As I was reading this post, I felt the very familiar feeling of my heart sinking, yet a confirmation in my spirit that this is indeed true. It is a feeling that I’ve felt so much over the past year, yet I am still grieved. People want so badly to believe in a God that requires absolutely nothing of them. No faith, no love, no obedience, no fellowship, no NOTHING! The part about seeing these things in the sky and still not believing is beyond belief, yet, the killer jab that exists now is the same scenario. New age and all of the doctrines of demons that come from it, amongst other demonic things that are common place now , set the stage lovely for the biggest lie ever hold. I don’t know what to say. I thought surely when even more things come into plain sight that at least the Church would wake up. It never occurred to me to prepare for folks to welcome these other worldly beings right into their homes. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate it.

  3. gordonnoice says:

    Aloha Celestial and mahalo for carrying on in your ministry.

    I’ve heard it said that when Columbus arrived in the Caribbean, the indigenous people could not “see” the ships; that they had no psychological reference and maybe thought the sails were clouds on the horizon. But once one of them understood what they were seeing, the whole village began to recognize the sailing ships. I wonder if this plays out the same way…


  4. Davide says:

    Will these beings appear before the antichrist in your opinion?

  5. JoAnn says:

    Hi Celestial, This link about Obama saying new religions could arise if aliens are discovered came to mind when I read your post!

  6. me says:

    I just wanted to comment (what I had seen in a video) that those pyramid-shaped objects exactly represent the top stone of the pyramid which is on the dollar note… so all of this was leading up to this, serving “those” masters. God have mercy on us!

  7. Aline Keary says:

    Please notify me of any new posts. Thank you.

  8. tammy stump says:

    Just one question …. You say you have outer body experiance’s…..So is the earth Flat or Round?

  9. lvforthekinginontcanada says:

    Sister thank you, THANK YOU . Jesus thank you.

  10. Lionel says:

    Great work my sister.

  11. Kathleen Konkel says:

    I know that your dreams/prophecies are real. Don’t ask my how, but I know all of this already…you are validating what I somehow already know. I don’t know details like I have been there like you do, as you have already when you dreamt about them, but nonetheless…I do know. I do know that they are already in the sky too, for I have seen the shadows, and some others have seen and know as well.
    Thank you for validating this for me.

    1. Thembeka Molebatsi says:

      Thank you God for the opportunity to learn be warned of what is to come.

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