“The Nephilim Are Coming!”- September 13, 2018

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And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.” – (Number 13:33)

Sept. 13, 2018 / From my journal/ One of many dreams about beings coming to earth.

Last night I dreamt the Nephilim were coming. The earth was in such a chaotic state – people were disrupted all up and down the coast and interior of the United States where I was; they were behaving like cattle and just acting in all kinds of unsustainable ways. I think it’s because they were scared, or because general living conditions were already stressing them out. There was rampant violence and crime everywhere; I saw people milling about in the streets of New York city and there was just so much tension.

It was in this unsettled time period that the Nephilim prepared to come to earth. I saw them preparing, in the dream the Lord showed me their arrival was imminent. He gave me a picture: It was like a man standing outside your door for a first date. He doesn’t know if the date will go well or not but, he’s already come to your house. So he stands a few seconds thinking about it, with his hand already raised to place its first knock on the wood (to get your attention). I saw the woman inside the house doing finishing touches on herself, she was also ready and expecting the date. Then the picture ended.

That’s the impression I was given: “Any moment you guys on earth will hear the knock, after which it’s no time at all ’til the door is opened and you will physically see them.” 

So when I saw this arrival so close I moved into action- I began to run around telling people, “The Nephilim are coming! The Nephilim are almost here! You must prepare yourselves!” But my words fell on deaf ears; not one single person listened to me or heeded the warning. In fact I saw myself running from person to person tugging the sleeves of so many people, absolute strangers, but they either didn’t feel my touch at all, or they could feel it but without looking down to see what’s tugging them they angrily, impatiently, or absentmindedly (those were the three types of mindsets)– shrugged their arm so that my hand slipped off. Then they continued being fully absorbed and focused on all the chaos that was going on here on earth. 

I was sad to see this happening but it didn’t discourage me – I kept running and shaking people’s arms: “The Nephilim are coming, PLEASE HEAR ME! They are about to reveal who they are!” People had black robes on- a silk, black kimono with tuxedo-style lapels (very fancy); it came down to the hip worn with jeans and sneakers. Almost everybody (or I’ll just say everybody) was wearing this thing, because I didn’t see anyone dressed differently. I was not in one, I had a full-body white cotton/ linen robe in same kimono style but it was NOT fancy silk like theirs. It was plain white cotton with a raggedy hem that wasn’t even sewn properly, down to my toes. Also I was a child’s height. I looked like a child but I was still an adult, with an adult’s mind and heart. I looked very young, so when I shook someone they didn’t even bother to see who was shaking them, they just brushed it off.

What’s worse, the sky began to get dark overheard- the darkness was so BIG rolling in with deep, dark clouds and thunder cracking like the mother of all thunderstorms was about to let loose. The people began to get taller and bigger when the darkness came; it was like a magic growth spurt took off in them in response to this darkness rolling in, which of course had the effect of making me seem even shorter than I actually was! They grew upwards like silent trees, eyes now rapt on this approaching storm, and their arms were really hard to reach. I had to jump to touch them but I was NOT discouraged at all. I was not affected by the storm so my attention was unbroken on what I was doing, and I kept up my errand to jump, shake them and shout: “THE NEPHILIM ARE COMING! WAKE UP AND PREPARE YOURSELVES!”

Then I woke up from this dream. (End of dream)

Here what God is showing: At a time soon to come and unknown to me, other-dimensional creatures as mentioned in the Bible will come again to the earth to live with mankind. This event will surely happen, it’s not a fever dream but has been confirmed to me multiple times by the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a Biblically predicted event as we’ll see from the book of Daniel, but it’s also a carefully orchestrated and PLANNED event by some of us here on earth. In the dream’s vision, the man (creatures) and the woman (humanity) are dating. But a man can’t come to your house unless you invite him; if you don’t say it’s OK how would he even approach you to get a date? So the Lord revealed that some among us have knowingly and with intent invited demonic beings here to come make our home their home. They’re a door-knock away, and they will show themselves fully to everyone on earth IN ANOTHER FORM (I can’t stress this enough).

However they are SATAN, THE DEVIL, THE ADVERSARY, come down from the second heaven to cause times of WOE, LAMENTATIONS AND DESOLATIONS as foretold by Ezekiel in Ezekiel 2:10. When this happens all of us (even the fools that opened doors to bring them here) will weep and sigh, because their plan is to ravage us. We need the mercy of Jesus because He always tells me: “They truly hate humanity- if you only knew the rage that burns in them to extinguish and exterminate every one of you. They view you all as cancer, an abomination that should be removed and a threat to their “greatness”. Satan has hated you since the creation; he will stop at nothing to destroy the human race I love and made to be my companions in this world. Take heed to yourself when these things are on the earth, TAKE GREAT PAINS TO MAKE YOUR DWELLINGS SAFE WITH THE BLOOD OF JESUS and protect yourself with the shield and cover of my Word.”

The arrival of these creatures will be during times of chaos. When disasters and distress press nations and people are so scared they begin to act like wild, stressed animals, that’s when they’ll show up promising peace, harmony and a form of eternal life. They will bring greater weapons, healing methods, technology and dialogue: all sorts of things to dazzle people; many will follow them like lambs to slaughter. Some are beautiful like angels, some are hideous and in forms nobody wants to see. In the dream people grew when darkness came: anyone not serving Jesus in these last days is like an open garage with a new Tesla inside waiting for the devil to steal it. HE WILL STEAL SOULS. People will become greatly darkened by sin but the child of God will be dressed in white. GOD WILL KNOW YOU BY YOUR SPIRITUAL GARMENT and He cannot be fooled. Black will be black, white will be white. I am a messenger sent by God to warn, to say “Come this way, TURN THIS WAY AND LIVE”, but for many the words fell on deaf ears and nobody cared. In the dream evil increased to a point  I could barely reach people but:


In many places these beings are well known, called many names– Other countries have stuck to their roots and not corrupted their cultures with cellphones, tablets and skepticism- their legends and verbal history are INTACT. They remember when huge men and women lived with them, sometimes at peace with their ancestors and sometimes waging terrible wars among them THAT INCLUDED EATING HUMANITY. Nephlim are WICKED and the giant Goliath was an example of what I’m talking about.

It is God Himself who taught me of the fallen angels, nephilim and all this. I never heard it in church, I had no clue such a thing was real. I never saw a film or book about them, but God unravelled my childhood and showed me how I’d been reading about them so many years without knowing it, all for HIS glorious purpose in my life several decades later. To Him be all honour, glory and praise.

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  1. Scarlett says:

    Nephilim are worse than even the worst of mankind! I really had no idea they will be this intent on destroying humans. To think that they will be living among us is horrible to contemplate, and even worse to think we will be having to fend them off.
    Many people believe in “aliens” or extraterrestrials, but if you were to tell them these are fallen angels, they would laugh at you.
    I remember in Holly Moodie’s vision, it seemed the Nephilim were somehow able to impart evil intelligence to scientists teaching them to create “cloned humans”, who were exact replicas of humans, but were without souls. This is shocking.
    I was trying to describe this to an unbelieving woman several years ago, and she said, “Oh no, my best friend is a clone, and he’s very nice”. I didn’t believe her then, but perhaps I do now, since apparently these soul less beings can pretend to be whatever they want to be. Many prophetic Christians have been taking about “hybrid” beings lately…..
    I’m still studying, thinking and praying, and trying to understand.
    Bless you for posting this for us to make us more alert, prayerful and obedient.

    1. Celestial says:

      Your post is full of truth Scarlett. Please send me an email at mastersvoice@mail.com, I’ll be sure to write you back sister.

  2. Scarlett says:

    It would be my pleasure to hear from you!

  3. Scarlett says:

    There are ancient petroglyphs in New Mexico that portray men with six fingers and six toes, The New Mexico Indians believed them to be “gods”.

    1. Celestial says:

      Scarlett hello, I appreciate your insights and visits to the blog. I don’t get to see all the comments but, yours tend to give very useful insights. People think nephilim are a figment of imagination, a myth that’s died out from
      “ancient times”- but God is crystal clear: Nephilim come from and were created by BLOODLINE. And bloodlines unless exterminated DO NOT DIE OUT. Nephilim are alive and well and coming back. God has revealed this and it is so. God bless you sister, keep sharing.

      1. Scarlett says:

        Very well said. It’s good that you clarify the issue of BLOODLINE. It’s pretty clear the Nephilim have never been totally exterminated. Also, “ancient times” as we might think of in terms of our American Indian tribes, might only go back to approximately 1,200 to 1,500 years, a relatively short time compared to the Genesis time-frame and record. It was interesting to me that the petroglyhs here in New Mexico, are a type of indication that the Nephilim may have visited these tribes back in the day…and left one of the tell tale pieces of evidence of having 6 fingers and toes as did the giants described in the Bible.
        God bless you as well, sister….looking forward to all your postings.

  4. Scott Hansen says:

    I know I’m a little late coming to this conversation, but hopefully not to late.
    I’m interested to hear what you know about the satanic bloodline. We know the scripture talks about the seed of satan. I’ve heard that this came about through satan beguiling Eve in the garden, and that it came through Cain.

    As far as the bloodline continuing after the flood, I remember reading in the book of Enoch where the fallen angels not only intermingled with humans, but also animals (to include fish). So while the flood would have wiped out all of the air breathing land animals, the fish hybrids may not have been affected. I find it interesting that the gods of the philistines (as well as the Ninavites) was a fish god. Perhaps it is through this fish god line the Nephalim were reintroduced into the post flood world.

    I would be interested to hear your thoughts on that.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Be sure to read this post regarding the false serpent seed doctrine that exists. Unfortunately, many lies are propagated in the church. https://the-masters-voice.com/2021/07/14/fornicated-with-this-beast-july-13-2021/

      1. Scott Hansen says:

        I will check it out. Thank you!

  5. Imerson says:

    Where are the Nephili now and why haven’t they appeared yet?

  6. H says:

    They’re here. “Nephilim” means creatures with fallen/corrupted DNA. They are made by fallen angels (satan himself is a fallen angel) tampering with the DNA of people and animals. Fallen angels have told evil humans how to create Nephilim, which are genetically modified creatures. Some Nephilim are blends of 2 or more animals. Other Nephilim are blends of animal and human. Some Nephilim are blends of humans with fallen angels, those are called giants.

    The non-human looking (grotesque) Nephilim are hidden in underground cities, bunkers, laboratories and deep in forests and the mountains. Those ugly creatures are not shown to the public YET because people would panic and demand that scientists stop creating those ugly creatures.

    The human-looking Nephilim have been ordered by satan to cohabit and have children with real humans. But any children born from a Nephilim spouse are automatically Nephilim, even if those children look 100% human. God Almighty has rejected those mutant creatures. Even now, it is near impossible to tell which people are almost human and which of us are 100% human. Unless God tells you it’s them.

    It is suspected that the men killed in Second Samuel 23: 20 are part-lion, part-human. Verse 21 describes a spectacular man also killed.

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