From Underground – June 5, 2019




June 5, 2019 (9:58 a.m.)

“A distressing vision is declared to me;
The treacherous dealer deals treacherously,
And the plunderer plunders.” – (Isaiah 21:2(a)


Oh New York City!

The hand of the betrayer is against you. The hand of the betrayer is against you, oh greatest of cities. From underground you will be attacked. From underground the betrayer strikes. From underground you are undermined, even so, it is determined. You have seen it portrayed in your movies, from beneath you are destroyed. Come… the hour is at hand.


Update: This prophecy is connected to ‘The Betrayer Betrays’.

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  1. BelieveActs2 says:

    TRUTH shared there about New York.

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