“A Cockatrice Will Pursue Them” – November 3 & 4, 2020


“The bricks have fallen down but we will rebuild with hewn stones;
The sycamores are cut down but we will replace them with cedars.” – (Isaiah 9:10)

The Lord is on His throne. The Lord is to be praised. The Lord is ever righteous, there is no fault in the immaculate God of Heaven.

The day America voted was a difficult one for me. Not for any political reasons, my feelings about political intrigues and the way people lose their minds over them are well known by now. If anyone allows the sea of politics and all the talk around it to pull or control their hearts and minds at times like these they’ll get exactly what they’re looking for- lots of confusion, lies, and disappointment. That’s that. No matter who wins America will always be disappointed; it’s clear her leaders don’t love her at all.

No for me it was a difficult day because there was this heavy cloud over me, a cloud so heavy that I couldn’t focus or work intelligently the entire day. Everything I did was haphazard and weird, I felt this awful pressure of FEAR yet there was nothing to be afraid of. I felt this creeping dread that kept increasing on my heart and by 3 p.m. or so I gave up- I shut everything off and went to sit in my prayer space before the Lord. I couldn’t even pray so I just sat there, I knew God would tell me what was wrong with me and what was this great oppression I was feeling. After a few moments in stillness He did indeed speak to me, those words are documented in the prophecy No More Grace.

That prophecy is about America’s future- in it the Lord made it clear [which I did not state outrightly at that time] that I should not ask Him for any mercy, intervention or clemency in the US elections. He said He wouldn’t intervene for any reason and I should stop asking Him to give America grace. ‘Whatever they choose they will live with that choice, they will choose their own destruction but I will give no more grace.’ Very heavy day, very heavy message. The day eventually ended and after putting the post up (minus a few things I kept back) I felt a little lighter and went to bed early.

Here is what I kept back. 

The night of Nov. 3rd into the 4th I had a dream. In that dream I initially saw nothing but only heard God’s voice speaking to me. He said ‘Kamala Harris is the next president of the USA. Therefore do not ask me for grace. Do not pray for mercy or ask Me for grace. I will have no more mercy on the United States; she must pay for her crimes. I will not change the course of events, Joe Biden will win this election and Kamala Harris will be the president. It will be a surprise for America, a surface coup for the USA. “A woman president at last!” they will think, “and a black one at that!” It is a move of stunning brilliance that will anger and alienate much of the country because even those who voted Democrat will not see this coming, this is not what they wanted for the next four years. However it will give the ‘girl power’ movements and the feminist agenda in this country unprecedented fuel for the fire, and a wave of *insurgent women will rise across the country.’

*(I explained in the last post what insurgent and insurgency means. It means to rise like a tsunami, to rise in an overwhelming tide of power that cannot be turned back.)

Now when He said this about women I saw one image- I saw women of all shapes, sizes, skin tones and dress codes standing in a HUGE CROWD. They were a very great number. The women all raised one fist in the air and were shouting a rally cry that made all their mouths to be open in an angry, fierce O. Whatever they were saying the picture caught them with mouths wide open, shouting fiercely with one fist pumped in the air. A lot of them held picket signs with slogans on them, I couldn’t read any slogans, some held flags etc but all I saw was a huge plaza flooded with women representing every skin tone and hair colour known to man.

There will be no more mercy on America. Kamala Harris will be president. I dreamt again and there she was saying I am the President of America, she said her name first then said she’s President. I thought but how can you be, you weren’t even elected but she said it again: I Kamala Harris am the President of the United States. 

The Lord said to me in my once more pictureless, black dream: Watch and see, soon as Joe Biden is elected within a short period of time he will retire and this woman will take office with the Obamas by her side. When she takes power I the Lord will release a serpent to pursue them and destroy them.

He continued: “A cockatrice will rise over them, pursue them and destroy them.”

Then He asked me: Celestial do you know what a cockatrice is? I said Lord it is a particularly deadly type of serpent. He said yes and it will tower above this nation and destroy it. 

I saw as He spoke a huuuuuuuge snake rising from dusty rubble- let there be no mistake about the size of this snake. It was 10x bigger than everything around it. It rose from beneath a pile of bricks and rubble like a building had fallen on it previously, or like someone heaped tons of bricks on it hoping to kill and bury it but unknown to them it didn’t die. Here it was rising straight up to tower above all the buildings and skyscrapers of America. I saw it had been wounded in the head, a wound just above the right eye. That eye was busted shut and ruined, the meat of it had been hit so hard by something that it had turned inside out showing fleshy pulp. But the other eye was just fine, I could see from it this snake was good and mad. It was Satan, I knew it: the reddish-brown scales under all that brick-dust encased so much muscle, the way it was weaving as it rose, I knew I was looking at the rise of Satan himself out of the ashes, angry and ready for a second round against his enemies.

A cockatrice will pursue them and there will be no place to hide. They will be destroyed for My anger but to those like yourself whom I love it shall be far from them.

Brothers and sisters I saw this massive serpent running after people, it was so big and long that even when seen from a distance it had multiple up and down curves like a cartoon snake. The people who fled from it were very small like toys in front of it, that’s how big it was. This snake had a rooster’s comb on its head and LEGS – so odd! something I’ve never seen before- ‘How can a snake be mixed with rooster?’ I thought.

Yet there it was, huge, angry, running after people in the street striking them left and right with extremely poisonous venom- a big red rooster’s comb bobbing on its head while the rest was the body of a snake. When it hit people they dropped dead right there and the snake went after someone else, it was terrorizing this city as I watched from afar. The Lord ended by saying America will be destroyed and severely punished but to the righteous whom I love my hand shall keep them safe and it [that snake] shall not harm them or come near them at all. Then I fell fully back to sleep.

Whoever hears or reads this, it is up to you how to take it. I am aware that many political affiliations, supporters and viewpoints use this blog- understand that no party loyalty or political savvy  adds one stick of holiness or righteousness to your name in Heaven- but the beliefs and behaviors you indulge in because of partisan loyalty sure can affect and even harm you in the sight of God. Never let a human ballot box and some patriot colors blue or red make you crazy, you will surely miss the plot. We give honour where honour is due but Christianity calls for the worship of ONE GOD, not multiple little puppet gods down here that control some people’s every waking thought. Heaven is a goal far above anything- LET NOTHING OVERSHADOW, SURPASS OR DROWN OUT ITS VOICE. 

Jesus didn’t die for politics, He died for men’s souls. Nothing you’ve ever voted for down here has brought you closer to Heaven nor does it have any bearing on the eternal life we’re meant to pursue in Christ. Heaven has no parties. Having said that, I will continue posting from my archives. Thank you and God bless everyone. 

P. S. Check online and you’ll find that the cockatrice is indeed an ancient creature, a very poisonous snake with a rooster’s head, legs and a snake’s body. It falls more under classification of a dragon but what I saw was mostly snake- snake’s head with a wound that had destroyed its right eye, chicken legs and rooster’s comb. I do not believe God will send a real one, I believe He is saying that poison is about to hit the USA as a result of the recent choices she made, poison that will sting her on every side for every day as she is ruled over by her choice. May the Lord minister this word personally to all who read it, giving the right understanding to those who ask Him for it. Shalom. 


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  1. Scarlett says:

    Reblogged this on Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary and commented:
    Jesus didn’t die for politics, He died for men’s souls. Nothing you’ve ever voted for down here has brought you closer to Heaven nor does it have any bearing on the eternal life we’re meant to pursue in Christ. Heaven has no parties. Having said that, I will continue posting from my archives. Thank you and God bless everyone. …..by Celestial

  2. in the last week, whenever I think of the woman you mentioned rising to power, I see the woman riding the beast! That’s surely no coincidence as the 4th beast of Daniel 7 is rising in the earth.

    Here is a verse with cockatrice in below. Modern versions translate it ‘adder’

    Isa 59:4  None calleth for justice, nor any pleadeth for truth: they trust in vanity, and speak lies; they conceive mischief, and bring forth iniquity. 
    Isa 59:5  They hatch cockatrice’ eggs, and weave the spider’s web: he that eateth of their eggs dieth, and that which is crushed breaketh out into a viper.

    1. Celestial says:

      This is truly informative. I didn’t know another verse for cockatrice except the famous one in Isaiah 11:8 – “And the sucking child shall play on the hole of the asp, and the weaned child shall put his hand on the cockatrice’ den.” Jesus showing how even the most lethal things won’t hurt us anymore. But that one you shared is awesome! The 4th Beast is the kingdom of Iron and Clay, a world where demonic technology given to man by you-know-who will be ingrafted into the soft clay flesh of man, but as iron and clay cannot mix even so it will not go well for any who do such things. The Iron Kingdom is rising. May God protect His own. 🙏🏽

  3. Nyisha says:

    I read this about Kamala Harris in the early hours of this morning. Then I had a series of dreams which confirms what Celestial said. Especially for the mockers, scoffers and doubters who may come across this blog and try to tear anything down what the Lord has spoken. The Lord chooses who wants to deliver His words, prophecies and messages through.

    I’ve had to tell this to my own mother for doubting what the Lord has shown my 14 year old daughter in dreams, visions, personal visitations and in the spirit. We are His servants and vessels!

    I couldn’t get Kamala Harris’s face out of my head last night. The same picture posted here..I was in shock but not disbelief.

    God will strengthen us in this “Dark Winter” and dark days ahead…


  4. Robert Williams says:

    Thanks for this insight, Celestial. Your obedience truly allows us to grasp the hour in which we’re live. These videos help me to order my steps, repent, and long to live more holy, as the LORD commands. Please know that your sacrifice is appreciated. I pray the LORD blesses you and keeps you safely in His under his wings, again I thank you and keep up the great work.

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