I Will Break Liberty’s Crown – July 11, 2016


Photo Credit: Attila Kakarott (public domain)


So say to this great city, BABYLONIA, THE CROWN OF THE CHALDEANS.

To the City that sits by the sea, write:

“Your devastation is coming. Your destruction is upon you. The decree has been set, it shall not be overturned. They will mount up siege barriers (blockades and road blocks and traps on the back roads) against you, ’til you are trapped within yourself. No way in, no way out- traffic backed up for miles and people sent back home to wait out the “siege”. Confusion! Terror! You will be trapped. You want to escape? You will be TRAPPED. Men will look at each other in shock, strong men becoming weak in the face of this new calamity. Because here is wisdom, here is truth for the wise. Your weakness is exploited by the hand of cunning, your enemy is already at your gates. From within and without, I see BABYLON sold for shekels and pennies, dollars and dimes, nickels and cents. They have exploited you for all they can with the hand of the usurper- now in one blow- they will take it all. Suddenly it will be upon you: like labour falls on a pregnant woman, so they will take you by surprise. Your leaders will assure you order is coming, your network-of-lies promising calm shores and that ‘regular programming’ will soon be restored. See your ‘experts’ run on panels to discuss in hushed tones what this means for America: “What will happen to the country now?!” There are no answers for what is coming to you New York; your portion is set and your cup is beyond your ability to drink.

This is how I make Myself known to you, IN A FLAME AND A FIRE– for your hardness of heart is now complete and without repentance. No, do not look to the (human) hand that struck you, do not look the (human) face that makes you cry. Because I say to you- I THE LORD AM HE WHO SETS THE AMBUSH AGAINST YOU. I am the One who sent this calamity, for all your whorish ways, your constant adulteries with other gods and your heart that will not repent. You have grieved Me sorely, and I will no longer allow such wickedness to go unpunished. I will burn like a refiners fire over you, until all your dross is purged. If only ten holy can be found in the midst of you I will receive them into My kingdom. Time after time I stretched my Hand to you, but you would not. I sent my Word and you rejected Him; I sent messengers and you mocked them in the streets. Cavorters! Mockers! Scorners! My children have gone astray; my inheritance is unrecognizable as the land of the free and the brave. I will do to you what you do to me, double will I repay. See, even now I put you away (in divorce) and I come to you in a storm.”

This is the word of the Lord.


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  1. Loraine Gray says:

    Thank you my beautiful Sister in CHRIST.

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