A Word For Germany – June 13, 2019

On the night of June 7, 2019, a night of extended prayer in a public gathering for me, the Lord spoke to me about Germany. I saw the German flag appear before me, and He said:

The people of Germany are very “clean”. (This word appeared with quotation marks just as I’ve written it.) So I said Lord, what do you mean by “clean”? He said- Exactly that. They are very clean, in their dealings, in their doings, in the way they treat one another. Even in the way the country is run- it is a very “clean” nation. So I said, why then does the word have quote marks? His reply- Well, I said they were clean, and they are. I did not say they were blameless. Indeed, Germany has her strong demons of the past, but overall she has conquered them. She has done a wonderful job of repentance and rebuilding herself, and for that she should be commended.


Then I saw a black and white picture, with people working on railways. They were restoring broken rail links across the country. I saw a lot of hammering going on, and people mixing cement for building projects. Cranes were going up next to buildings as many hands lent together in Germany to make light work of rebuilding. I saw Germans lined up by the thousands- dressed in “working man’s clothes”- each one with a curious book like a chequebook in their hands. These long lines of people were patiently waiting to be seen at banks- mothers, fathers, the young and old- all waiting in the bank line for their turn. Above their heads I saw “SAVINGS” appear in big letters. I saw the people working night and day with contrite hearts, and they were not depressed but were in fact very cheerful and good-natured people, willing to reform. At last the picture began to turn into a colour image as Germany became bright, beautiful and bustling again.


“These people are clean, and they do not shun their duties. Their country is orderly and perfect in the way its legislature and citizens duties are run. Indeed they are not blameless [perfect], but their love for their fellow man is legendary. A German will always lend a hand.”

I saw Germany open a garden gate and a little boy of a different ethnicity came in; he looked Muslim or Arab. He did not have good clothes or shoes but the German old lady and old man who opened the gate let him in and gave him food to eat, and a good coat so he wouldn’t be cold. The child was comforted and ate his soup with thankfulness. Everyone was silent because they couldn’t talk to one another because of the language barrier, but the comfort and peacefulness was a language both sides could easily enjoy.

The picture changed, and the Lord was walking though the streets of Germany. I saw him in a particular city, but He kept calling it a “peaceful little town”. On a wooden street sign of MANY YEARS OLD, I saw written this word: STRASBOURG. This sign was from antiquity, nowhere near the modern era- it looked like one of the first street signs ever, made of wood and hand-painted: STRASBOURG. The Lord was walking through this town at dusk, when the watchmen lighted the lanterns that passed for street lights in that era. Jesus was so happy walking in that place; I heard Him say “Such a peaceful little town”, over and over. He loved this place. The watchmen went down the street in one direction lighting the evening’s lamps while He in His white robe and blue sash, hands behind his back, went walking up the street in the opposite direction. The peace of the place as people lit their night lanterns in their windows was beautiful.

The Lord said: “Observe this”. Now I saw him walking the same path in Strasbourg during the daytime. It was the same ancient era, and as He walked up the street again a white, dashed line like we see on modern roads appeared on the ground. Right where he walked the line appeared, and I saw this line creating a separation of BELIEFS.

Germans on both sides of the street were at home looking out windows, in gardens looking over fences; some were Christians while some were not. They knew one other, and I saw clearly that non-Christians knew exactly who the Christians were. Both sides were courteous and friendly, but the Christians did not tell the others about Jesus. Their relationships were loving and pleasant, everyone knew who they were, but they did not preach the Gospel to their surroundings. The Lord Jesus said to to Germany:


“Nevertheless I have this against you Germany. You know the gospel but do not teach it. You teach rigid secular information that dims the light of the Truth in your cities; for this My people are perishing because they don’t hear from Me. You have mended your fences and you do a good job- but PREACH THE GOSPEL MORE WIDELY IN YOUR CITIES. The time of the end is upon you- call the stragglers to come in, that I may shut the door of the ark behind them at the right time. PREACH ABOUT ME, and I will come to you. To the people of Strasbourg He says: “I have come to you many times in the past, and delighted in your habits and culture. I was with you in the ancient times, and will be with you again. I love the nation of Germany. My hand shall be with her to guide her through her struggles.”

The last thing the Lord said to me is: “In the time of the end Nazism will rise again, but it shall not come from Germany. This evil will rise again but from a most unlikely place.” 

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  1. Ingo says:

    Very very strange…

    Our Lord Jesus Christ does not know, that Straßburg belongs to France and not to Germany!?!?!?

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello Ingo. Perhaps a careful review of the word will remind us that the Lord Jesus Christ existed before the French annexation of Strasbourg to Germany. A careful review of the word shows the Lord revealing his presence in Strasbourg BEFORE there was a “France”, before streetlights even existed, when Strasbourg was a word that had to be “hand painted” on the street signs and not put there by machines, a time when the territory was firmly GERMANY’s. Kindly pay attention to what the prophecy states, and understand that God is not limited to the borders human beings draw for themselves, nor is He limited to expessing himself as one would wish in order for modern day territorial boundaries to make sense. The Lord inhabits one continuous timeline where nothing people do or draw on a map, or even agree in a treaty, changes what HE says a thing is. If God says Strasbourg is Germany, then until the end of days that is what it is. Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice!

      1. ischneuing says:

        thank you kindlly, Celestial, I only caught up with your answer tonight. Sticking to the letter kills…. it was my fault ….. reading it tonight without remembering I read and commented 2 years ago, our heavenly Father put it on my heart that Straßburg was Germany and for Him still is….. and when looking up comments, I found mine and your kind answer. Blesssings and Greetings to you. Ingo

  2. Rachel says:

    Hello Celestial,
    do you have more prophecies about Germany?

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello Rachel, thank you for visiting TMV. No, I have shared all that God gave me on Germany at this time. The nation has 2 prophecies of its own I think and is mentioned as an ally in future concerning things that will happen to America. You may check the Priphecy “Dinner at the U.N.” and also enter “Germany” in the search box at the bottom of the blog page to see what comes up. God bless you!

      1. esw33 says:

        Ok. Thanks for your answer!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am German. I do fear a lot for my Country. Our cities are filled with Evil.

  4. Chris says:

    More than 65% of Germans have taken the poison jab. People are dying in the thousands of SAD (“sudden adult death”) but very few are awake to what agenda is being played there and how Germany is being pushed into WWIII by it’s evil and rotten to the core government that serves only foreign interest and that has been the case for 100++ years. In Berlin is the Pergamon (“seat of satan”) altar sits right next to the Chancellor office. Germany has become one of the most God-less atheistic and materialistic nations in the West. Currently there are probably no more than 0.5% born again Christians (out of 55 Mio Germans – the rest in the country of 83 Mio are people from other nations incl. hundreds of thousands of trained Islamists sleeper cells who wait for their “marching orders”). Islam is taking over everywhere and New Age philosophies are the go-to remedy for a lot of reality bias people who think that there is a 5th dimension and a Golden Age of “love and light” if they continue worshipping those demons. I left this country 20 years ago because I saw things have been deteriorating. Since 2015 there is non-stop invasion of Arab, African and other nations. Lots of Germans worship or at least believe the climate change narrative. The crime rate has been skyrocketing and women have been raped in the thousands but ethnic Germans still be”lie”ve they have a democracy (BRD was never a real democracy it’s not even a sovereign country – still under SHAEF laws). Germans have a firm (false) belief their government will save them… not seeing the opposite is true that they are being led to the slaughterhouse again.

  5. Chris says:

    Dear Celestial,
    actually I am quite surprised about your blog post about Germany. As the mental and spiritual current state of this nation is mostly on par with the depravities of the US. Gender madness everywhere, climate change terror laws that kill the economy, a population that is getting poorer and poorer (despite having been the economic power house of Europe). I cannot see what the Lord Jesus would find positive in this nation in it’s current state of affairs (massively supporting the Nazis in Ukr) and thus why He would bring up a time long past? Those who still have money and wealth believe in their bank accounts not the Bible. Others who are in the process of losing everything comb through the garbage cans to find food. Especially old people who rebuilt this country. The “atmosphere” there is very dense and people are getting very aggressive and upset at the minutest things that go against their “model of the world”. Germans are perfect snitches and love to fight other Germans but never really understood who the enemy is. There are a few pockets of born again believers left yet very small in numbers.

    1. Every Knee Shall Bow says:

      Dear Chris:
      I pray you are blessed by my words. There’s a beautiful thing about prophecy. It always leads to Jesus Christ.
      Your statement/question is very legitimate, but you are directing it to the wrong person. I would really not recommend bringing a question about a prophecy to the prophet. Well, you actually ‘can’ do it, but is neither necessary nor the best choice. If you really want the truth, you don’t start a conversation with the mailman. Here’s why. Just like a reporter, a prophet just says what God said. He’s not the source. Let’s say you have a question about a news article and call the reporter with 10 questions. First thing they’ll say is (if they are legit reporters): “Well, this is my source, you go ask them”.
      There’s no way you can prove truth or deception about that article unless you check with the source. Proving truth through having the reporter ‘convince’ you (feed your bias) does not prove anything. On the other hand you ‘catching’ a lie from the reporter based on your non official information (bias) because you are not the source, does not help either.
      Same with a prophet. You will have to go the source to validate. Now, the closer relationship you have with the source the better and when you feel very distant from the source and sometimes don’t even know how to check with that source (which is God), then your ONLY option is to get closer to Him. There’s where prophecy gets exciting, personal, and builds the body of Christ! He will tell you what is from Him and what is not.
      In the case of this prophecy, if you read closely, Celestial had exactly the same first reaction as you did. She asked the Lord: well, then … why do you call them clean? He answered her and, in His answer, He said they are NOT blameless. Which means, they are to be blamed for things too. That does not cancel the Lord commending them for things they did and are doing well.
      Before even turning to a prophetic word one must pray with the heart. We come with biases and they WILL fight true prophecy. As me how I know :S
      One effective way to immediately get over that and begin looking for the source to expand and answer our questions about a prophetic word is to go to the Bible. Has the Lord said or done anything similar before? In the case of this prophecy, I can immediately list passages where the Lord speaks pretty much the same way about a group of people… Read please Revelations 2 and 3. In the messages to the Churches, the Lord speaks in many occasions very well about things they have mastered and done that really please Him and also about other things they are to be blamed for. There are promises for them too. I can also mention how the Lord, even when they had murdered people, committed adultery, persecuted the church etc, still loved, used and blessed many of His servants: Moses, David, Paul etc…
      Nevertheless, only going to Him with your questions will eventually lead you to truth. He always answers Chris. May the Lord keep blessing you in your search for His truth.

      1. KINGdomchild says:

        Well said

  6. deboraha72 says:

    Dear Celestial,
    I am born German and, getting absorbed into your fascinating blog, came across this prophecy about Strasbourg. WOW! My family has a long history with this place and often when we get together we cram into the car and go to Strasbourg.
    We stroll along the river and the old parts

  7. deboraha72 says:

    We stroll along the river and the old parts of town and enjoy the peaceful mood of almost ancient times .. last time I took a pic of the kids by the river and a dove showed up above their heads in the photo which was very encouraging to us … I am not surprised the Lord likes this place. Next time I will be looking out for Him. ( I’m not joking, I’m serious) lots of love, Deborah 🌺

  8. deboraha72 says:

    And PS: Strasbourg is in the Alsace which used to belong to Germany 🇩🇪. They still speak ‘Elsässisch‘ which I also speak, a German/French dialect. Fascinating history and I love your comment on the Lord being around long before we made those boarders 😃👍🏼💕🎶❤️lots of love, Praise Him💕🤗💞🎶🌺

    1. Mary Leah says:

      Hey that is where my family originated in Alsace Lorraine. My family name is Dragoo. The other half is scotch-Irish. How neat!

  9. Michele Daley-Stichtenoth says:

    Thank you very much for the prophecy about Germany 🇩🇪 I know I was here for reason but could not understand why but I believe I do now. Mind you I am not German by blood or did I born here but I sense it in my spirit that I am here for a purpose. Jamaican living in Germany 🇩🇪

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