Fulfillment: FDA Approval & What Comes Next – August 23, 2021


The warning of the Lord from July 16, 2021- Vaccines In America has been fulfilled.

FDA Approval is only one of ongoing stages of what the Lord called ‘a social experiment’. It will get worse than this, these vaccines WILL be forced on people worldwide and I have warned of this many times this year. There is a need to seriously deepen prayer and asking God for personal guidance and direction, these words are happening extremely fast and it’s not for nothing either.

God showed me from the very beginning of the pandemic that the day is coming where everyone will be prevailed upon in a great and terrible struggle around the world, to take these vaccines. He said coronavirus inoculation is a social experiment, which means basically something or someone is running live action tests among global populations to gather data. That’s what an experiment is- you run a test and watch the outcomes to see if they will be what you want them to be or not. If the data you gather favours you then you go ahead with what you want to do.


“Tell them they will kill themselves with that vaccine”. The exact words of the Lord in the prophecy: Survival Of The Fittest“.  Depopulation, loss of life, sickness and disabilities, all of it will come from “deception that leads to perishing” (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12). What we see now is part of a larger narrative being rushed forward by people who know end times scripture very well but are using it for a deadly agenda; they are moving the world to the place where at last it will be declared – “And he causes all” (Revelation 13:16). May the wise in the Lord truly hear what I say on this blog not what I didn’t say, and take heed. God bless you. 

Today’s article from the New York Times:



  1. Yes we can now see all the end times and via the Bible are falling in place and that we have to wake up with this bad vaccines that the want to force everybody to take the jab . i that the Lord Jesus Christ that he open our eyes so many of us , and that we are not Blinded by the devil and all the evil things that is happening

  2. Anonymous says:

    This post is not visible on the blog, only seeing it when i click on the link sent to my email.

    1. Celestial says:

      It was on the blog- just not pinned to the top. You’d have had to scroll down to see it but that’s been fixed now. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  3. Dan says:

    Hal Turner Radio Show .com
    Covert Intel – Homeland Security: Vaccine Cards with Chip Coming to USA; Can’t even buy Gasoline without Vax
    Hal turners web sight is reporting the head line from up above
    to subscribers on his sight

  4. bonares@talktalk.net says:

    As always, thank you Celestial.

  5. Marcos :-) says:

    Hi Celestial! I know that you don’t like links in the comments, but I fell I must share a video of a dream that a young woman had in 2009, and it is exactly what’s going on today with the vxines. It’s still on Youtube, I guess because it’s from long ago and the vxine topic wasn’t as “controversial” as today. But here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKwf9MjqV2w
    It’s also on 444news
    God bless!

  6. CIK says:

    How do we deepen prayer? Please please answer this. I’m a practical person and I’m not what that means.

  7. Celestial says:


    He said it will come to children. He said so in multiple messages now here it is, coming to them even as their parents also carry them them at all ages to get it. I will be praying as should you. May the Lord have mercy on these innocents…

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