A Broken Rule Of Law – November 18, 2020


I continue with prophecies from my archives. These are the revelations of the Lord Jesus Christ to me Celestial, an end times servant of the Lord:

THIS IS THE TIME OF KAMALA HARRIS. A woman will be in the White House. She will achieve what Hillary and others were unable to achieve, in that America will have a female president. When she receives power she will rule as an unelected king – but there is another coming after her. Mark what I told you –  during her time in office she will bust up America and break it apart, dismantling many of its most precious institutions via blunt executive orders that overturn things this nation has always stood for. She will scribble with a felt tipped marker over the timeless tenets of the Constitution, removing strength from it through hastily scribbled executive orders that make the provisions useless or close to it. As a marker is bigger and bolder than the smaller pens used to write the Constitution, so her executive orders will be bigger and bolder than the Constitutional provisions and will render them useless and unable to help the American people who have trusted in them. 

As the Lord spoke I saw a big black marker scribbling over the Constitution of the United States. It looked like someone was making notes and revisions directly on it. The writing was big and curly, it defaced many provisions of the finer script of the Constitution, even writing VOID on some parts of it or crossing out some parts altogether. Big black handwriting appeared all over the precious document as I watched. Even though it seemed as if the Constitution was encased in a protective glass case I still saw the marker scribble on it directly and the heavy ink wiped out whatever was under the glass and became the primary writing on the document. 

The Lord said “She will take over and rule but another is coming after her shortly and it is that one America should be waiting and watching out for.”

This is the end of what the Lord showed me.

I have brought many words from the Lord about how the U.S. constitution will be steadily broken down until it becomes useless. More and more power will be sucked out of it through the use (and overuse) of the Executive office until it seems the Constitution can’t ‘protect’ anything for Americans anymore.

One of the areas God revealed is increased search and seizure without warrant, home and property invasions by armed forces happening without proper paperwork. Also severe armed resistance against the right to bear arms and defend property [Revelation 13; Home Invasions Imminent]

Another area is increased use of executive orders and emergency powers [Emergency Powers]. This prophecy was given before any hint of the real dangers of coronavirus, before we ever imagined a lockdown or America at home for months under curfews and obeying emergency orders. This was before soldiers all over some cities checking “What state did you come from? Did you quarantine? NO YOU CAN’T ENTER NEW YORK WITH THOSE LICENSE PLATES”. When you read this prophecy now with 2020 in hindsight you’ll realize so many aspects of it happened already, and there will be a steady progression of it until it is fulfilled. 

Another right to be trampled on was free speech, the right to disagree and protest especially marked by the rise of VISIBLE, INTIMIDATING MILITARY PRESENCE ON THE STREETS OF AMERICA ALONG WITH HER WAR MACHINE (i.e. tanks and other machinery usually reserved only for war zones). [A Vision Of America

The excerpt below is from the prophecy POTUS: 

The American constitution has become a joke: I see it in shreds, and every “Liberty” on it is being erased by an invisible pen. The words are erasing backward on the old parchment document from the bottom up; they are flying off the page when erased until all that’s left at the very top is part of the Preamble- WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF EVIDENT:

Below that sentence there is nothing left.

In that post God said America’s constitution will be made powerless, a time will come when the Constitution is totally useless and ignored. It’ll be as if the words blew away. Many rights will be trampled – illegal home invasions, the right to protest or publicly disagree will be beaten out of the population and the liberty will be trampled. Leadership will be like an iron fist; it will grind the constitution to powder and the people to dust. These are the words of the Lord. 

I bring these things to remembrance so that ALL GLORY, every last bit of it, can be given to Jesus to whom it is due, that when He speaks He should be respected, listened to, and believed. God cannot lie, His word is true, His eye has seen every man’s end from the beginning. Together we are watching the future He has crafted as punishment for a disobedient and irreverent U.S.A. come to pass.

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  1. LoriQ says:


    I lived in Istanbul for a period of time in the early 2000’s. One item of note struck me as soon as I stepped off the plane at Ataturk Airport. The Gendarme was everywhere! In the airport. On the side of the road. In the hotel. At the market. In the mall. And, of course, at the Soccer Field.

    Everywhere I went, I had to step through a metal detector and give up my purse to be searched. I hated that they had my purse, all my things, my passport, my wallet, my medication, and my identity was in that purse. But, I could not enter the grocery store or the hotel I was living in if I put up a fuss. So I didn’t. The Gendarme was always armed. Always. The sentinels in the Airport had heavy duty assault rifles and other armaments on their body. It was the same on the highways. Random checkpoints, men with assault rifles in their military uniforms, searching for “Whatever!”. Most of the time, it was an eventual shakedown for money.

    Eventually, I became used to the invasive Gendarme everywhere I went. There was one thing I didn’t get used to: searching for bombs underneath the vehicle we were given to utilize while we were in Turkey. It’s just like television shows it. The mirror at the end of a metal pole. The attendant going round the vehicle with the mirror underneath searching for an attached bomb. In the beginning, my thoughts ran away a bit from me: is there a bomb? is it going to blow up the vehicle while they are searching for it? do I have time to leap out of the car and run? who would do such a thing? why us? because we are foreigners? It can weight on a person, if you allow it.

    Istanbul didn’t have public trash cans. Why? A Turkish woman told me that terrorists shoved bombs in the trash cans. Too many Turks and Tourists were maimed and killed. Hence, no trash cans.

    Attending a soccer match was a whole other world to see. An absolute labyrinth of military security to go through. It isn’t like it is in the USA. Nope. Going through a metal detector and having my purse searched was just the beginning. I was frisked and patted down several times. I walked through this metal cage. Was patted down again. This was a Muslim nation so it was a female military guard who searched my person every time. There was such a heavily armed military presence down on the field – not the same as Paul Blart Mall Cop Security officers hired for events in the USA. Fans for both teams were separated by SHARP Barbed Wire. Armed Military personnel was staggered throughout the stands (as well as on the field).

    Most Americans just don’t understand what it is like to have a military presence on every street corner. Patrolling everything citizens do. Smart Turks knew to keep themselves in line. Such a beautiful country with such a history, yet, stifled with an enormous military presence to keep everyone “Under Control”.

    P.S. When I was living there, I wasn’t outspoken, dressed very conservatively and respected/complied with their rules/laws. I mention this because many of our citizens, especially feminist women, are going to have a very hard time when the iron fist of authority eventually slams this nation.

    1. Celestial says:

      You described the new America perfectly. The only part missing is the visible Nazi presence, roadside killings to keep the population in order, bread-lines for food and the intense depression that will come upon a nation that cannot conceive of a single sentence you just said as their daily reality. For good.

      God bless Lori. 🌺

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