A Vision Of America – March 28, 2020

cst RNC protest march

Arise, cry out in the night: in the beginning of the watches pour out thine heart like water before the face of the Lord: lift up thy hands toward him for the life of thy young children, that faint for hunger in the top of every street. – (Lamentations 2:19)

They shall not hunger nor thirst; neither shall the heat nor sun smite them: for He that hath mercy on them shall lead them, even by the springs of water shall he guide them. – (Isaiah 49:10)

This morning I dreamed (or had a sort of half awake vision) of American grocery shelves. They were empty. There was no flour, sugar or oil. Other things were in shortage too, but these specific items I knew were missing, unavailable and not being restocked. I saw a long view of empty shelves across supermarkets and America was groaning. I heard the groan rise from a million throats, a low moaning sound that rose and rose as if heading to a wail. There was NO WHEAT and therefore no flour. It hit individual homes hard but worse, it hit the fast food industries hardest. There was no pizza, no burgers, no nothing that uses flour. That commodity was out of stock and without bread and bread-based products Americans began to weep because they were hungry. The sugar stocks were low, it was a scarce, black market commodity. Without it fizzy drinks and sweet drink products staggered in local markets and went AWOL. Oil was also in scarce supply- all the fast food, the chicken, the meats and steaks, nothing could be made without oil. Canola oil, veggie oil, the “spreads” and butter used products- everything was low, scarce or unavailable. America was shell shocked by the loss of her “staple foods” and the country slumped in decline. This was my first dream.

The second dream or half asleep vision I heard a man telling me a story, something I could not see on my own, but as He spoke the images began to show up behind my closed eyelids.

The voice said: I went to a meeting organised in my city. An open air meeting, where a man climbed a podium and began to speak. As he spoke more and more people gathered with me to hear what the man was saying. He was addressing hot topics of the day, things that worried and concerned all of us. A lot of what he said was true and right, and as we listened we spoke out and agreed with him. Suddenly, out of nowhere, riot police with plastic shields and batons appeared and began to beat us to make us disperse. They came with no warning and started hitting people! We were very angry and tried to fight back but they were more than we were and much better prepared. As we scattered we were angry, very angry, people were fighting back and throwing things and screaming “This is a free country! Why are you doing this!?” But the riot police remained silent, because riot police aren’t paid for dialogue. They’re paid for brutality, and that’s what they did to us in my city. We could not gather, it wasn’t illegal as “law” but it wasn’t allowed. The man who was speaking ran away and each one of us had to scatter the best way we could. This is now life in America.”

As the voice spoke I saw a man, dressed like an ordinary worker from the 1960s with a rough coat, pants, day worker’s boots and a worker’s cap on. He stood on a wooden platform off the side of a brick building, speaking passionately while men and women working with him handed out pamphlets to people passing by. Soon a crowd gathered, browsing the pamphlets and nodding quietly in agreement. As more people came the crowd was energised, they said “Yeah!” and clapped enthusiastically for the man.

Suddenly a bunch of riot police ran around the side of that building- they ran in a swift line and started hitting people left and right, very hard blows to make the crowd break up and go home. People were shocked and offended, they said “Hey!” and tried to shove the cops off them. But the cops were well dressed and well prepared- thick black helmets with clear visors at the eyes (but the mouth and chin covered with black plastic, like motorcycle helmets), heavy batons, head to toe black combat gear and calf-height boots with thick soles. They carried body length plastic shields and ran like men on a mission. The crowd was no match for them- even though some people tried to fight back the cops soon broke up the crowd. People scattered in all directions and the speaker eventually jumped off the platform and ran off with those helping him. None of them got caught. In fact the cops weren’t trying to arrest anybody from what I saw. They simply wanted the gathering to break up- they didn’t talk to anybody and were weirdly silent, just beating people til nobody was left. They stood watching the people run off, angry and yelling about their civil rights, then the vision ended.

America, this is your future. The God of Heaven whom I serve, told me to tell you that you are snared with your own net. Because of your own sinfulness and disobedience you are captured now in a trap you cannot escape from. You are in a new world order, and the rules will be enforced upon you whether you like it or not. God said you will made obedient as punishment for all your disobedience against Him, and He will not save you from it. ONLY THE RIGHTEOUS will be kept in the midst of this, the way a farmer protects his hens in the midst of a hurricane.

I saw a chicken sitting on a nest in the middle of a blackened-sky, tree-breaking hurricane; the farmer stood over her as she sat over her chicks. I saw trees go spinning into the sky in the background, uprooted like grass and flung upwards. But that little red hen sat minding her business on her nest, all her children were safe, and the farmer stood protecting her and watching the sky with a flat, calm expression.

Brother, sister, HEAR THE WORDS OF GOD. If you are not deaf, and if you see this blog is not the usual type- find yourself a second hand Bible and begin to read it from the book of Matthew to the book of Revelation. Read the words of Jesus, get to know Him, find out for yourself who this Man is. I’m an ordinary woman with a real life like yours, but when I sleep these words and pictures get sent to me, to send to you. I do my duty to speak what God gives me, the rest is in your hands. CHOOSE CHRIST, CHOOSE LIFE. This is Celestial with The Master’s Voice, more posts will be uploaded today when I have time.

For now, Happy Sabbath and Shalom. Let not your hearts be discouraged, but it is time we all make sure we’re playing for the right team —-> Team JESUS. Amen.

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  1. Scarlett says:

    When I was a young girl, and that has been many decades ago..when I read Matthew 24, I thought to myself, I hope I’m not alive to see this happen…but, since it’s close at hand, I very well may be. We are reproved for our own iniquities, and they are heaped up to the sky, and it’s pay back time. I repent for my part in bringing this about.
    Even very recently, when I would talk to my son about a certain prophecy, he would call it a “conspiracy theory”. He’s not doing that so much lately, since the “VIRUS”, I think God has his attention….. since every one I’ve spoken to him about has started happening, including this one. I told him 1 1/2 years ago this was coming! Now it’s on the doorstep!
    This is NOT a good time to be paling around with the world and all it’s enticements, and sin.
    So, I keep praying and praying

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