“America Will Be Like Zimbabwe” Part 2 – April 7, 2023


“Command those who are rich in this present world not to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share.” (1 Timothy 6:17- 19)

In the morning of April 7th just after I woke up Yah said what He said the day before:

“Celestial. America will be just like Zimbabwe.”

I’d never heard this comparison before He said it. Yes, I’ve received many prophecies of financial decline and fatal crash of the U.S. economy over the years, clear messages that show just how bad it will get when economic judgement comes to America. But still… To hear America being tied to one of the starkest examples of complete economic ruin in the modern world was… jarring.

This post is related to another – (you can find the first dream I had HERE).  

I took my book and began to write what the Lord was saying.

America will be like Zimbabwe. There will be a nationwide systemic crash, everything failing at once due to a collapse of the central banking system and the U.S. dollar. Everything will happen at once, it will all go down together.

Everything will be unavailable all at once. Low goods and low availability of services. Entire businesses and brands will disappear overnight. Someone that was doing business successfully the week before will suddenly file for bankruptcy and disappear from the pool of available goods and service providers. Seemingly overnight, homes and storefronts will shutter in America as people go bust off the back of a financial crisis. Things will happen must faster than with other financial crises and it will be a radical snowball effect that will be beyond anyone’s ability to fix.

There will be “system failure” in America- a nationwide crisis stemming from the fall of the banks and their illegal practices that no one has been monitoring until it got too dire. ‘System failure’ will cause everything to fail: There will be lack of commodities – meaning not enough goods being traded on the open market; high prices – super-inflation will attack America and take most consumables right out of the reach of most people. For the ordinary person, life is about to be very different. 

Lack of services, stores will close, businesses will go under and nobody will have any jobs. An employment crisis will occur. Severe lack of goods, there won’t be anything in the country to buy or sell, save for a few who either have the connections to stay open (i.e. to keep their businesses afloat) and the greater few who have the kind of money that can handle astronomical prices.

Lack of luxuries, everything that panders to America’s lusts- fun, entertainment, vacations, hobbies, pampering, getting gifts for yourself and for each other, the excessive life- will go down. Theme parks, amusement parks, shopping districts, stores, collectible distributors [brand name stores where very high priced items are sold as collectors items (i.e. special handbags, special sneakers, custom jewelry etc), holiday destinations, all these will go broke and come to an end. Life will be dreary and intensely difficult.

America will have empty shelves, no money, severe shortages and a black market– a parallel market that operates with separate prices that reflect the real economy (adjusted for inflation) while the government struggles to maintain a sham economy with rationing, limitations and price controls.

Rationing- one person is only entitled to this many goods. Limitations- only this kind of person can access this service or resource, or you must apply for special permissions to have access. Price controls- this is where government intervenes in the market and artificially ‘fixes’ the price of goods so that daily life doesn’t tumble into overpriced madness. If prices were to follow the real cost of goods the majority won’t be able to afford them and this will cause accelerated poverty with many tumbling suddenly into dire financial straits. Price controls are nearly always instituted to hide the fact that there is runaway inflation.

Resources will be scarce and there will come an intense dependency in the population. Americans will become severely dependent on the government for basic needs and public funds will go towards social program as more people require social security, welfare and other government help than has ever been in this nation’s history.

The Lord at this point the United States will fulfill Isaiah’s  prophecy: (Isaiah 3:6-9)

When a man takes hold of his brother
In the house of his father, saying,
“You have clothing;
You be our ruler,
And let these ruins be under your [g]power,”
In that day he will protest, saying,
“I cannot cure your ills,
Do not make me a ruler of the people.”

People will have to find contractors and suppliers on the side, someone who can deliver the goods and services they need because they’re no longer available [or listed] on the open market. This is known as a parallel economy, where citizens pool skills and resources to realize common benefits as a collective (something like a commune). This will happen because the real economy will have providers dropping out of it so fast that people will realize they have to mobilize to meet their own needs or starve.

The Lord said there will be an employment crisis that deepens into a systemic wound, the U.S. workforce will be slashed so brutally that some people will lose their lives in the job losses. They will commit suicide when they are let go suddenly without warning and without notice- they will feel so hopeless they’ll decide not to live anymore when their mortgage and other bill payments begin to spiral out of control.

America will lose credibility, stability and global clout. She will be like Zimbabwe, a textbook example of the central banking system gone wrong and wild inflation out of control.

Cash is no longer used in Zimbabwe. Cash is no longer the focus of the economy in Zimbabwe, cash is not king in Zimbabwe. They are almost solely on online money. Zimbabwe has a parallel economy and a black market. Cash is hard to find and is sold at a premium, meaning the money is sometimes sold for more than it’s worth. Zimbabwe has no local currency anymore, it has lost its identity and is fully dependent upon the US dollar.

The Lord said ‘America will become like Zimbabwe, so imagine what will happen to a society like that when the dollar crashes? Indeed, it will become even worse. It will be sore devastation indeed for all nations tied to America by the apron strings when the dollar crashes, because when her economy falls theirs will go tumbling with it.’

(This means if you are Canadian, Mexican or European you can read this prophecy exactly as if the Lord has directed it to you.)

Zimbabwe is going to mock America Celestial. Tell them they know what it means. 

*I will explain what it means when I make the video to this post. However, it is tied to things like this:

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  1. Jhonique Williams says:

    Jamaican here, noted.

    1. Bonnie says:

      My dear celestial…It has been my observation this morning the devil is dividing the Christians. My friend sent me a vidio of fear no man dissusing you.i thought I would bring it to your attention as I consider your channel and Eric d hall conflict by fire the two most important…yours first anyway..it’s a spiritual battle and well the church will be dealt with first.I am unworthy and definitely not holy or washed clean but I am trying …not hard enough which I am well aware of.I repent for this but it feels like lying saying your sorry and just doing it over and over but I feel I must until I am successful. This vidio I found particularly disturbing due to the insinuation. I WANTED YOU TO BE AWARE OF THIS AS I LOVE YOU AND IT PAINS ME AND I LITERALLY CRY WITH YOU .SUNDAY WAS PARTICULARLY DIFFICULT TO WATCH AND I JUST BALLED ON OTHER END OF CAMERA. MY DEAR SISTER IN CHRIST.DONT GIVE UP I AM SO PROUD OF YOU AND I LAUGH SO HARD SOMETIMES AS I WATCH YOU WITH YOUR ARMOUR ON .ITS JUST EXCELLENT HOW STRONG YOU HAVE BECOME.THE SONG YOU SENT ME AND SUNG MENT SO VERY MUCH. I AM WSTCHING AND STILL TRYING …I HOPE IM NOT TO LATE AND I PRAY FOR THE SOULS OF MY CHILDREN…THANKYOU.

      1. Sorry to respond here but I just strongly feel led to-
        I used to watch both Fear no Man and Eric Hale- until I was shown otherwise. Not saying they are false or anything of the sort,
        they just speak out of line of Gods word at times. So I personally do not follow them or seek them for any teaching.
        Be very careful about who you allow into your eyes/mind. Ask the Lord to open your eyes to those you watch and always put on Gods armor before watching anything, all while asking for discernment. Always take everything back to scripture. Lord please forgive me if this is in error- 😔🙏

        Everything Celestial gives is right in line with scripture. If those who are in doubt have trouble understanding this, they should ask the Lord to show them in scripture. This is what I did before even watching Celestial, and He faithfully showed me who America is in the bible. Then He led me here to Celestial. The Lord has opened up His word so much more since studying His word along with the blog posts from The Masters Voice.

        I’m saying all of this to say- there will always be mockers and scoffers – just as all of Gods prophets and those who hear Him have always been attacked by all doubters throughout scripture. Most of us here have probably been laughed or separated from the bulk of our family and loved ones for sounding the alarm and spreading these messages from the Lord, that Celestial has so diligently, selflessly- sacrificing of herself to bring us, all glory to Yah, I pray you be continually strengthened Sister Celestial- as I know you will be, in Jesus name 🙌 ❤
        Simply pay them no mind Bonnie. Pray for eyes to be opened and hearts to be softened- this has been a struggle for me lately… 😔🙏

        As the Lord spoke to Celestial, let the judgements fall where they will. Worry about your own relationship with the Lord- this is where I’m focused at myself. Gods grace and peace to you Bonnie, in Jesus name 🙏 ❤

        1. mikhaelfortrading says:

          I have few words to say but I concur. I have been shown these things by study prayer. Dimitri Duduman, David Wilkerson and there’s a small hated minister called https://rumble.com/user/Runty1940. I learned through and they suffered persecution as well. Those who are obedient are persecuted in this world just as our Master Yahusha was for he is greater than us.

          And the king of Yashar’el said unto Yahushaphat, There is yet one man, Miykayahu the son of Yimlah, by whom we may inquire of Yahuah: but I hate him; for he does not prophesy good concerning me, but evil. And Yahushaphat said, Let not the king say so. MELEKIYM RI’SHON (1 KINGS) 22:8 את CEPHER

  2. Elma Zanamwe says:

    Thank you sister Celestial. I have been waiting for this part 2. God bless you.

    1. Elma Zanamwe says:

      Worthless currency, severe food shortages (empty store shelves), price controls, rationing, barter trading, US$ pegged parallel /black market, digital currency/ transactions, loss of value of pensions, and endless queues for basic commodities such as fuel, bread, maize meal (staple) and job losses were the norm when the economy crashed in Zimbabwe. The descent into poverty happened so quickly for many people, with many that were employed subsidizing their employers just to keep their jobs. I was one of them, so all this is first hand experience. Since then, I have learnt to whole heartedly depend on God for everything! Thank you sister Celestial.

      1. Celestial says:

        I thought on every aspect of your comment Elma, the only one that stumped me was “subsidizing your employer.” I thought seriously what does that mean? After a day I now know. It means exactly what I described in the Jan 26 post, “worse than 2008.” Where the mine workers heard the mine had shut but couldn’t process it, couldn’t accept they were without jobs. They said “we will work anyway. Let us work & take our labor as credits, then when you have money pay us.” Subsidize means to financially support someone when there isn’t enough to buy it, so I am thinking you mean- People in Zimbabwe kept working knowing there would be no pay, less pay, or a skipped month then paid the next month etc. Giving the company liberty to pay as they can “manage” & not by what the workers actually earned. Pls let me know. I’d also like to ask you to kindly share all your experiences on the videos, esp the Pt 2 video I’m about to release today. God bless you. Your faith shines here: “I’ve learnt to wholeheartedly depend on God for everything!”

        I’ve long said it. Hard times will prove the real Christians, everyone else will be exposed for a fraud. Hard times will drive many to God, and many to Satan as they hate God for “doing this to them.” May people choose wisely in those days. God bless you.🌺

        1. Elma Zanamwe says:

          Sister Celestial, that is exactly right. We kept working (and some still are) subsidizing our employers. For instance I was earning a third of the money I needed to cover my expenses. I would actually borrow so that I could afford to keep going to work. Who does that? Isn’t it crazy! The money I earned lost so much value over the course of time as their was no relative adjustment to the cost of living, so everything was overtaken by inflation. I was being paid with the same trillion $ notes you have depicted here. You took a paperbag to the bank to withdraw your salary. You also made sure to spend that money the same day as the rate would have changed the next day, meaning you would only be able to purchase far less than the day before if you delayed. And yes, sometimes the employer could/can actually tell you I only brought in so much this month and I can therefore only pay you half your pay. So the employer can owe you money or top up the shortfall with food staples like maize meal and cooking oil. We called it runaway inflation. Like I said below to LoriQ, just the idea of being employed gave one a sense of normalcy (and keeping your sanity), and social status in a sort of crude way! For some reason you feel you are faring better than others just to be employed and that you are still a crucial part of society. Its crazy how we as human beings think and behave, right?! On reflection, I think it was just a way of dealing with the stress and shock. The reality was harder to face I suppose. We do not have a social security system in our country so we resorted to bartering and side hustles as well. Because I had a small plot for farming, I was able to grow a few cash crops and raise chickens which I sold to supplement my income. Food became the most sort after commodity. People will soon find out that its not the cash or gold reserves you have but sources of food. I see a lot of Americans talk about buying gold and silver, hmmmm, it will not work! I always think, do people not realize that the people that have set up this Beast system have thought of everything? If they are bent on destroying the status quo, do you think they don’t know people will look to gold and silver. They obviously have a plan for that too! Blessings sister Celestial and I will provide my cmments on the videos.

        2. Celestial says:

          😭 I’ve been saying this verse for weeks! Every time I wanted to use another verse on those bank prophecies THE SAME ONE comes to my spirit: “They will throw their silver into the streets & their gold will be treated as an unclean thing. Their silver and gold will NOT be able to deliver them in the day of the LORD’s wrath. IT WILL NOT SATISFY THEIR HUNGER or fill their stomachs, for it has caused them to stumble into sin.” Ezekiel 7:19. What you’ve written here is hard, very hard indeed. I see how people will take their lives- nothing has ever prepared this country that has automated itself to a point where a phone call brings food to the house- to go back to barter trade. Your comments shed beautiful light, thank you & please add all these to the recent videos. I always say real-life comments are the best proof of what God is telling us. God bless you for this resilience🌺

    2. Janet says:

      Sister Elma, how do ordinary people survive with the financial situation in Zim? What are some practical ways of living in such circumstances?

      1. Elma Zanamwe says:

        Thank you sister Janet for the question. Before I answer your question I wanted to add that, ‘subsidizing’ one’s employer will not make sense to many people. I believe that at the time, being employed (although at gross income loss) gave one a semblance of normalcy and social status. Basically clutching at straws but somehow (in a crude sense), helped maintain your sanity! With time this also falls away until you are left with nothing.

        Back to your question; as a coping mechanism, many people left the country, moved abroad mainly to the UK (as a former British colony) & neighbouring South Africa, for better opportunities. We had medical doctors (even now) working as waiters in restaurants, that is how desperate the situation was/is. The country has a heavy reliance on remittances which is in excess of US$1.7 billion annually. Culturally, the family unit is strong, many Zimbabweans have rural homes where most of the family (including extended family – cousins, uncles, aunts etc) live together in harmony. In our rural homes we practice small holder farming including growing staple crops (corn, peanuts, beans and fruit trees), and rearing of cattle, goats, and chickens on a small but sustainable scale. What you don’t grow or rear you barter with your neighbours. Also there is a strong network within the diaspora where family members who are abroad purchase groceries and medication online in neighbouring countries and these are delivered to you in Zimbabwe. This has been a lifesaver for many people. An interesting perspective is that college (university) degrees also became useless almost overnight. The survivors were the ones willing to live a simple life, forget about social status (humbling! ) & hustle to put food on the table. These are some practical ways we have used to survive. From a spiritual stand point, only total surrender and reliance on God can see you through such crazy times! It is only He that can help you navigate through such crises. I hope this helped. God bless.

        1. LoriQ says:

          Oh Elma! God bless you and your family. Thank you so much for writing your post. It is extremely helpful to know what is coming and having practical information to use and prepare. You are right, God always has a plan for His people. I identify with the “humbling” of the social status – God humbled me 15 years ago – now I know why and so thankful He did. Once again, God bless you and keep you and your family safe.

        2. Elma Zanamwe says:

          Thank you LoriQ. God bless you and your family too. A takeaway for me has been that God is too too Faithful. He really has been for me all the things He says He is. Sister Celestial speaks the truth! Just walk in obedience, seek holiness and righteousness, trust God and He will do the rest! Shalom.

        3. Katlego says:

          Sister Elma this is very true I’m South African nurse working with Zimbabweans who are highly qualified but end up working in the garden God bless you

        4. KINGdomchild says:

          Hi Sister Elma
          I Am South African and know and understand what happened in Zimbabwe. At first I always thought that the Zimbabwe people did that to themselves by chasing out the farmers and taking back the farms etc. We believed all the propoganda that was fed to us on our news wich has always been pro-US rhetoric and policies. On further investigation Yah has shown me that Zim has been a victim of the beast rising, as they tried to fight against it and the result was the loss of your Country as we know it similar to Libya (Kadafi) and Iraq to name but a few in recent years. My regret is how our South African people treated our Zimbabwean brothers that at came here with all the xenophobia incidents that happened and are still is happening, like this could never happen to us. Worse, these were our brothers during apartheid and opened their arms to South Africans black and white. From my observation Zimbabwean people are some of the most humble, tenacious, hard working people you will find and to have been able to keep your country from going into civil war during that time is testament to that.

        5. Janet says:

          Thanks a lot my sister. These are the realities of our times. May the Lord see His people through.

  3. Sandi says:

    Father, please continue to prepare and fortify the minds of those who are learning to trust and lean on You. Give us the courage to snatch souls from the fire and never stop walking in the power of Your Spirit!🙏🏾🗝

  4. Roni says:

    So many have spoken of these sort of things and they shall surely come to pass. It is so grievous living among the deceived all while knowing there will be so much violence and suffering. Some will want to harm the messengers who have spoke these words. People like myself who have proclaimed what GOD spoke to me concerning America “desolations are determined”
    We may be only at distress of nations but begining of sorrow is coming and will lead into great tribulation.
    Never the less he that endures til the end shall be saved. 😔🙏🏾

  5. Esther says:

    THANK YOU Celestial for this part 2. I live in Europe and knowing kt will suffer the same fate is quite chilling.

    Thank you sister Elma for sharing the experience you went through. Unfortunately, we lack practical wisdom in Europe and small-scale farming is not common in the culture.😔☹

    And, of course, thank you Lord for sending your servants to warn us of your coming judgements! 🙏🌈🔥♥️

  6. Esther says:

    THANK YOU Celestial for this part 2. I live in Europe and knowing it will suffer the same fate is quite chilling.

    Thank you sister Elma for sharing the experience you went through. Unfortunately, we lack practical wisdom in Europe and small-scale farming is not common in the culture.😔☹

    And, of course, thank you Lord for sending your servants to warn us of your coming judgements! 🙏🌈🔥♥️

    1. Elma Zanamwe says:

      Sister Esther, please seek the Lord on what to do. He will help you to strategize and maneuver. Sister Celestial once gave a prophecy on how the church will be ‘nimble’ during the Beast system like a child playing on monkey bars. I found that prophesy interesting and was able (to some extent) to relate to what she meant. I have personal stories of surviving during the economic melt down that can only be attributed to God intervening. Most were unplanned and just in the nick of time. God is truly able. God bless you.

  7. Esther joseph says:

    Thank you sister Celestial for sharing your experience with GOD to us. May the LORD continue to bless you .

  8. Kakou Elsé says:

    Hello servant of God I am from Europe of France, and what I was reading I had the impression that it is a prophecy for my country, for this is exactly what we live here, inflation is derisory, the first food level prices are soaring rapidly, those with financial means, consider poor, start stealing (usually elderly people because they have a small retirement). Soon it will be all social classes… The Companies that exist before my birth I am 40 years old firm chaques days, they are companies where families, in cities have worked from generation to generation, couples Monsieur and Madame who work in the same place find themselves in difficulty the bosses file the balance sheet, have to liquidate the goods… There are reforms that have been voted for unemployment someone who has worked 5 years could enjoy 3 years of unemployment (what it has contributed is its money) which the State decides otherwise it has reduced peoples unemployment, they find themselves in precariousness, in short, it is carnage, the French are beginning to realize, they who had put their trust in the president and his ministers, that they destroy this country is the revolt, the civil war, the people against the militarized National Police who were frightening them by beating them, by injuring them, it is not ready to settle because the ruling gentleman Macron Emmanuel is a puppet of the United States, Rotchilds.

    1. Neil Cahill says:

      The French have a “DNA”, a legacy, a propensity, a HISTORY. You actually have done, and DO, what others chant and threaten, and think it NOT strange. “Tradition”!!!

  9. Thank you🙏🏾

  10. Winnie says:

    Imagine waking up early around 2 am @ 14 years old standing in a bank queue to get “money” from my mother’s salary that could only buy a cabbage or 2.Thank you for this message from God its a wake up call .

    1. Celestial says:

      Ahh… you have pierced me with this one. So young. I am very sorry for what has been done to your country Winnie. May God put a stronger core than ever in Zimbabwe bcz as the message says- how much worse will it get when the USD it depends on now also fails? Only Yah knows how societies (& individuals) will transition & survive. Please share your experiences on both videos I’m releasing on this topic. Let the comments section be a place people can learn that what Yah is showing is true. Bless you.🌺

    2. Sharon says:

      Not only did food become hard to get. But even schools shutdown. I remember before me and my family moved to South Africa. Me and my sister just stopped going to school because it had been closed. Our local clinics..closed. You are critically sick, your family just had to pray for a miracle and inform the relatives to prepare for the worst. My mother’s older sister became our provider because she was a politician at that time and although the rest of the country wouldn’t get certain goods. My aunt had access to them. Not just basic maize meal. But things like rice and spaghetti.. Because to eat rice is a luxury in Zimbabwe. Spaghetti? You might as well be a millionaire. But my aunt could get these goods and share among her sisters. And the farms we had helped alot. Until we moved to South Africa and it wasn’t easy still because you would think you will be welcomed but it was brutal my parents who are qualified teachers had to work as a kitchen girl and a Garden boy. But God was faithful. God carried us. 🙏 God preserves his own. That l am living proof of. Thank you

  11. Onyinyechi Onyeukwu says:

    Americas pride will become its own destruction

  12. Florian says:

    I live in Germany/ Europe. And yes i know this to be true since many years.
    And like the Revelation tells everyone with the black horse.
    I studied experiences (books) from the great depression and from the Kosovo war in Europe. And prepared since many years as best as i can and as Gods Spirit led me.
    My brethen mainly dont want to hear and listen.
    I have no doubt, Silver will have a time before the beast money is installed completely. Even so, i dont put my trust in Silver, it will have a usecase. Like many other things.
    It might surprise you. But i have joy and peace in my spirit.
    I read all your prophecys Celestial (and Yes I know they are true) and even though it will be much tougher than i can imagine in my human mind. I still believe, the best (i dont mean easy) time of my live is ahead of me.
    I have had a hard live as well.

    I dont Plan to survive it. I dont Plan to die fast.

  13. Thembeka Molebatsi says:

    Thank you for every message and God thank you i found this channel,some of the prophesis are hard and scary to hear but am at peace because Gods is warning us and me to repent and wash my rope and be worthy for him,every message i take as God talking to me.God is a parent to all of us,like any parent that loves his children he will always rebuke,teach,correct and warn his children,God does not want to see me or anyone perish let us take hèed to every message and run to God for shelter.

  14. sheepy9477 says:

    I’m a newer immature Christian, and I’m afraid. Is it possible that Christ will take us before we have to experience all this ?

  15. Cheng WL says:

    If what happened to Zimbabwe and soon to USA, were to happen in my country, I am afraid, the church will be unprepared. No one talks about persecution, testing, famine, inflation, economic crash, bartering, community support etc. We have a lot of natural resources, but we still import rice and vegetables. And USA is our third highest trading partner. Thanks to Elma for sharing her first hand experience. Thanks also to Celestial for her faithfulness.

  16. After reading these prophecies I went to YouTube and watched a few documentaries from inside of Zimbabwe – Wow 😓🥺🙏 It’s absolutely heartbreaking. We take so much for granted here… It’s quite shameful. America really deserves everything the Lord gives us. One thing that really does worry me for Zimbabwe though is I was seeing that a lot of the food delivery care packages they receive, come from America. Many of the people in the videos have said that if it wasn’t for the food aid, they would absolutely starve to death and many are starving to death even with the food aid. 😓 So it’s quite concerning even more so of what will happen to the Zimbabwe people after America falls. It’s just so heartbreaking to see the absolute wickedness of man and how our greed has torn apart so many beautiful countries and people.
    One video journalist that I watch often is called “Indigo Traveller” He is on YouTube. Though he doesn’t have a specific video of Zimbabwe, he does have many other countries that are all facing similar devastating decline, starvation and illnesses. It’s quite humbling to see how other countries live and must survive daily. One of the main things that always shines through for me is the people’s faith and hope in God, even when they are sick, starving and homeless 😢 It’s inspiring really – and how they are some of the kindest most humble of people to one another.
    Some of these people in the videos know that America is behind the destruction of their country – it’s just so heartbreaking to see the absolute wickedness of people…. May we all find faith, love and humility towards our God and for one another when the collapse is fully felt, as some of the people in these other nations have. I truly hope many people turn fully to the Lord like never before 🙏 May the Lord receive all of His glory. As there is none other more worthy 🙏💞 Thank you for sharing with us Celestial. You’re always a blessing 💖

  17. Neil Cahill says:

    The Messages since your return to duty, after all you have already posted, serve to give “Heehoo has an ear” [[let’m hear and DO]], a map of what to be DOing as we face enduring to (our) the end. I know you distain confirmation seekers, but I am one who concurs with everything you have laid out as it has rung my resonance bell over and over and you’ve given it form and words. I respect and appreciate the way and manner you have delivered. Good Job, Thanks. To all who read the words of these prophecies, be wise and get your standing, your house, and your stores in order. We have been provided more than enough Word to act upon if we were to get no more.

  18. KC says:

    Thank you for the continued warnings and the teaching to encourage repentance. How great is God’s mercy! Thank you for your obedience to unpack these difficult words that despite the weighty subject matter, you offer them in God’s truth spoken in love. Saw this blog today: http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/ The IMF Has Just Unveiled A New Global Currency Known As The “Universal Monetary Unit” That Is Supposed To Revolutionize The World Economy. Thank you, Celestial. You are helping me and many make the necessary adjustments, with God’s grace, to prepare for what is to come. God bless you.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Being Zimbabwean, the main thing i remember vividly at the time of economic collapse was bringing a wheelbarrow full of worthless cash to a tukshop to buy just one loaf of bread! Also the queues for food! Also how people lost ALL their LIFE savings overnight! I see why people will resort to suicide, imagine losing ALL your life savings overnight? But only for God, we survived! Zimbabweans are an epitome of hustlers, some asked here how we survived!? Gardens, village farms, these areas were not affected because they were not government controlled! God help us all!

  20. Princess says:

    Thank you Celestial

  21. Nicki says:

    Dear Celestial, the first time I caught one of your videos on youtube a couple of years ago, my heart leapt and say YESSSS – this is what I have been waiting for for many years. I am so truly thankful for your dedication to our Lord Jesus, and your compassion for the other sheep who are all over the world. May the Lord of Glory bless and keep you always.

  22. FEE says:

    Celest, not sure if it was intentional but there was loud music in the background on your latest prophecy blog titled Pastors Fail. It was a little distracting. I thought the content was excellent yet disturbing. I know the LORD is cleaning up His Church leaders and as you stated, we are next. I am not being critical here but are you aware that you constantly wring your hands? Lastly, I appreciate your ministry very much. You are one of the few true prophetic voices hearing from heaven. Thank you Celest.

    1. Mary Leah says:

      Celestial, I wring my hands too as did my mother! I pray for you dear sister! May God give you the desires of you heart, be of good courage many of us are so grateful for your intercession and prayers and your continuing to plow this wretched field! Thank you.

  23. John Scott says:

    Thank you women of God I believe every single message the Lord gives you. Praise God to give us a modern day prophet such as yourself. My spirit needs these teachings. Oh my Jesus Lord help me I want intimate relationship with you, help me to cry out to you on behalf of my wife , children to be ready for what’s coming , your coming. Women of God you were appointed to cross my path on YouTube. Your teaching, time and energy is not wasted at all as long as you make these videos reaching the masses I will always be watching to be informed as a watchmen . Praying more , fasting waiting to receive the Holy spirit voice for the 1st time in my life ever. I believe your warnings, a true vessel and vocal cord from the master Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I know you may not reach this email because you have so many people commenting and your a busy women. My name is John Joseph scott from Newport News VA. May God bless your calling to speak to us.

  24. Chris Hurd says:

    @mastersvoice I enjoy your videos as a true spirit filled Christian, can you give us an example of preachers that God DOES approve ? TYSM

    1. I struggled with this myself- the ones I have personally been led to listen to are David Wilkerson, John Osteen (they’ve both been listed in the prophecies by the Lord) Derek Prince and Leonard Ravenhill. Hopefully others will come along and offer suggestions as well 😊 I too am interested in learning about others.

    2. Sorry but I must add this- I’ve found that reading Gods word is the most important. Asking the Lord to open up scripture and to reveal Himself to me in a powerful way. I do listen to sermons from the pastors I listed above occasionally- or for guidance in certain areas- but I am really trying my best to be fed directly from Gods word. Also ask the Lord for guidance in who is a true Man of God- and to teach you how to discern the false ones.

    3. MaryLeah says:

      Carter Conlon is another to add to the list. God teach us and give us open ears and open hearts, so that we may discern your true teachers, let our ears be sensitive to your truth and ways! Jesus we can only do this through you and by you. We have no power or understand aside from you. Let not our confidence be shaken in you and may we be founded on the rock. Oh God establish my mind, my life, all my ways on this rock! Amen

  25. LoriQ says:

    Ok, this is way off topic, Celestial. You are one heck of a singer (Youtube)!! Wow! Gorgeous voice.

    1. Elma Zanamwe says:

      @ LoriQ. Yes, she has an amazing voice but I’ve only heard snippets on some of her videos. Please share the link to the particular video you are referring to.

      1. LoriQ says:

        Hi Elma – I will leave that up to Celestial. I believe she is such a private person; I just don’t want to invade her privacy. People, especially today, are unkind and twist things out of proportion if they think they can for their own nefarious purposes. She works so very hard, the work she does on behalf of Our Lord is massive (plus her “day job”). God knows that evil tries to stamp out His Light on this Earth. Take care Ms. Elma. I hope you and your family are God blessed today.

        1. Elma Zanamwe says:

          Thanks LoriQ. I understand fully, no problem at all. People can be very vicious with their remarks. Its most unfortunate as this platform was set up by the Lord to help people and to encourage them to come back to Him. I wish you and you family a blessed day also. Shalom.

        2. MaryLeah says:

          I hope Celestial does share her singing! The few snippets I have come across have brought such comfort and just makes my heart happy.

  26. Elma Zanamwe says:

    Sister Celestial, have you seen this YT channel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GrvZN3Gvsn4 It gives no credit to TMV.

    1. KINGdomchild says:

      This website is just playing the video as is and not taking the prophesy and saying that God gave it to them. Too God be the glory and his Word is being playwd through more channels with the original mouth piece.

      1. Elma Zanamwe says:

        Please allow Celestial to respond and take the necessary steps to address it if need be. The video does not credit or acknowledge The Master’s Voice or Celestial. It actually says Video from Petrus Engelbrecht.

      2. Elma Zanamwe says:

        Please allow Celestial to respond and to address it if necessary. The video does not credit Celstial or The Master’s Voice which Celestial always requests.

  27. Elma Zanamwe says:

    Please allow Celestial to comment.

  28. The144Kth says:

    I am living in Jamaica, and taking care of my 97 year old uncle. In June of 2022 I ran out of money. I am unemployed. Since then, without my asking anyone for anything, the Lord has provided. This is and has been a real test of faith, but I know it’s training for the days ahead. I am still not completly relaxed in the arms of the Lord, but hoping to get there soon.

  29. Anita Young says:

    America’s destruction is inevitable because of the SIN that has been allowed to perpetuate shamelessly EVERYDAY for years! I will continue to pray that His true Saints that live in this country will be protected by His grace and mercy and obtain the FAITH to withstand the hardship that will come! May God continue to bless you Woman of God!

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