“America Will Be Like Zimbabwe” Part 1 – April 6, 2023


In the night of April 6, 2023 the Lord spoke to me in my sleep, and then I had a dream. He said:

“A system is coming where you can’t use cash at all. You can’t touch it see it or handle it (by way of saving, or hoarding or having normal transactions) at all. You will be like Zimbabwe, who hasn’t seen or handled cash in ten years. That country lives without money now, it is in the cloud. They have Beast money and have had it for some time- it exists in their phones, laptops and bank accounts but they do not handle money on a daily basis.”

“Zimbabweans do not pull money into the real world to use it. They exchange it phone to phone and pay for services using transfers that don’t involve cash. Their currency was destroyed by Zimbabwe dollar devaluation, and political and economic warfare of Western nations against their economy. Now they have Beast money, and soon you will too.”

I dreamt I was on my way around the city and got on a NYC Select bus (these are buses that skip several stops to make the journey faster). I had my OMNY with me but for some reason I didn’t tap it when I got on the bus. (An OMNY is a digital payment system that can be linked to a disposable card, bank account, or a debit or a credit card. It operates by tapping the OMNY card, your cellphone, smart watch or bank card against an online payment receiver system that was fitted on all buses and trains in New York since 2021. OMNY is fast replacing the traditional train/ bus card called a ‘metro-card’). 

Instead of using my OMNY I asked a man sitting in the front row for change. I wanted him to give me single dollar bills or coins so I could reload my old metro card at the booth outside, but this man either worked for a news channel and liked breaking stories or he just wanted the entire bus to hear his voice. I never heard a person answer a a simple request with so much drama, LOUDNESS and exaggerated gestures before. I looked at him like 😳😳😳👀😑 thinking ‘What is wrong with you Mr. Sir?’

When I woke up I knew God used him as a creative device to give information for purposes of the dream, it was just an unforgettable way to deliver a message of what is going to happen.

Instead of just saying “Sorry, I don’t have change”, this guy  proceeded to speak at the TOP of his voice in a way that echoed through the whole bus, explaining all kinds of things I never asked him.


As I looked back in surprise because of his decibel levels and also what he said, he took out a HUGE one dollar coin from his front pocket with an exaggerated flourish, almost like a magician. He also took out our other coins- five cents, a dime (10c), a quarter (25c) and a penny (1c). All coins were normal size except the dollar which was at least five times bigger than it is; it was so big, shiny and very flat and fake-looking. It looked like a big fake silver collectible dollar or like “pirate treasure” money in his hand, especially compared to the other coins.

He held the coins up in front of us like he was wanted to do a magic trick and said “THESE can no longer be used to load your bus card. You can’t use them anymore, the machine won’t accept them. If you try to put them in they will fall into the slot and be seized. They won’t give ANY VALUE and the machine will still want funds for a reload of your card. Same with cash,”(he took out a bank note and held it up with a flourish, turning it this way and that above his head so that even the people at the back of the select could see it), “it won’t be accepted and it won’t give you change if you use a large nite. The machine will take it and not give you change. You have to use the OMNY system only and upload money from your bank account to use the bus.”

Then he held up the yellow NYC metro card that refills on payment machines- we reload using bank notes, a credit or debit card or coins. He tossed it up and said “It’s useless now. It’s no more, you can’t use it. I’m surprised you’re riding this bus and didn’t know that.”

Honestly the way this man was carrying on I was irritated with myself. I said to myself “But you have an OMNY, why didn’t you just tap your card instead of asking this comedian for help- now look at all this he’s doing, just to let you know the old system has been completely phased out.”

When I woke up I remembered the dream and realized its significance to what God had said- AMERICA WILL BE LIKE ZIMBABWE. The current financial system we have that relies on cash, cards, bank accounts, user privacy, ATMs, PIN numbers – all that is going away. The United States will  one way or another- be taken, led, dragged and if necessary railroaded into the digital Beast currency system, which is a system of money exclusively in the cloud. 

Note: This type of money is fully visible to the government to monitor and if need be, control; it exists in an interface that can be made accessible to the government even if the financial institutions assure users it is private and safe. 

I realized the coin dollar the man had looked massive next to the other coins because of INFLATION. It was 5 times bigger than it’s supposed to be, it also looked totally fake, like toy money.

The U.S. will lose the right to a defining “dollar market” just like what happened in Zimbabwe. Inflation and other ill-advised financial and monetary policy will make the USD struggle so much that it is going to fall. No longer will the US dollar be a world famous sign ($) that represents strong money, instead it will be usurped and then totally overtaken by digital currency which has its own logo, a gold logo turning in the air that I can never remember when I wake up after seeing it.

As America continues her transformation there will be legal changes to support the dollar’s demise. We’re going to lose the right to have money in person- hard cash, bank cards, and eventually even the right to carry and use physical money if we prefer. The USA is the reserve currency of the world right now but we’re seeing a shift already where other countries are seeking a multi-polar economy where more than one reserve currency carries weight.

We are also seeing other nations working on digital money in the name of convenience and speed – therefore how long can America believe she alone will resist the coming of the new world order when she is already being isolated and her banking structure is leaning dangerously towards “unstable”? We already see (without any trouble) how times are starting to look like, favor, resemble and very much sound like a new world of monitoring, surveillance, “Privacy concerns”, “We just need to ask a few questions for your safety” and other invasive things like that. 

This dream is the Lord showing that the same “No Money” policy that Zimbabwe eventually ended up with is what is going to also happen to the USA. There are many prophecies like this covered in the past here on the blog. The Bible says let every word be established by two or three witnesses:

Meltdown Of The Banking System

The Nascent Rise of Coin

Economic Crash:”Worse Than 2008″

The Iron Gods

When Yah continues to send the same message time after time, just in different ways, it can be understood that the thing is settled with Him and sure to happen. The warning is merely for our understanding, for prayer and also as a clear reminder to seek Him about how to navigate the future. Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice. 

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  1. Pat says:

    So Zimbabwe is using beast system money? Is that the same as having the mob? Or will that be when it is implanted. Sorry for the silly question.

    1. Celestial says:

      Rev 17 will show you the rise of the Beast Kingdom in a way different from Rev 13. You see who the Beast’s best friend is- a woman blind to her own foolish choices, the harlot Mystery Babylon. You see 10 kings rising who don’t yet have a kingdom- the whole earth divided into only ten regions- the future is borderless, no independent nations, just massive global regions under 10 people. They eventually all end up in cahoots with the Beast for 1 hour, and that’s why God (who never wastes energy)- is going to let them set all that up and then destroy Babylon (the seat of the Beast system) ALSO in a single hour. The digital currencies are “looking like” brand new tech-savvy convenience. They will all meld later on into ONE money, ONE COIN for the beast, ONE RELIGION for the beast, ONE FALSE GOD, for the beast. And Jesus will destroy it all. Read Rev 17 & 13 together, closely. It is all there for those who know how to ask the right questions as they read. For instance- what does it mean “gave their power to the beast”? Well, what power do nations hold, individually? List them all- military, financial, social, educational, religious, tech, markets etc- and then imagine all it flowing into one sewage pipe called The Beast System. Bible Study takes a lot of prayer, time & work, that’s all. God bless you Pat.🌺

  2. Thank you🙏🏾

  3. Jhonique Williams says:

    This isn’t related to anything only thing is that I was sleeping and right before I woke up I heard. NO WATER NO WATER, China repeated 2 times but in Celestial voice

  4. Kim says:

    I’m going to keep trusting in YAH for guidance in these times. If I don’t I’ll fail…we all will. Thank you, Sis Celestial.

    1. Hello says:

      Revelation 18:3
      “For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.”

      Which country’s currency is established as the Global reserve currency? Indeed, the US Dollar, whereby all nations have committed fornication. Thanks for the posts.

      1. Celestial says:

        Hello “Hello” (lol). Thank you for visiting TMV. Let us apply scripture properly. In this verse the only financial part is: ‘and the merchants waxed rich.’ Fornications in the Bible has several applications- the category of physical sexual immorality is one & breaking God’s laws by defiling acts that are 100% opposed to godly practices is another. The “kings” means- of local application, people, races, nations, their leaders all following, agreeing with, embracing & even putting Babylon’s whorish acts into their lives & into LAW, that is act of fornication against Yah.

        In SA you have a clinic called Marie Stopes, busy pulling those little babies out. You can go into an MSI center to terminate or receive the pills by mail! (Just like here.). Is it an SA organization? No. It is an NGO allowed there to freely exploit those who want to have sex & get rid of babies without responsibility. SA is also the only African nation with same-sex MARRIAGE & other freedom *written in the constitution*- something that never entered America’s head in all her years of gay rights.

        Who do you think helped the youngest free African state to put such a law in there, esp since no other country around you has it? That is what the verse means. To the extent any nation accepted, practiced, legalized and supported what God hates- abortion, same sex, trans, no decent justice system, no discipline for children (SA is the only African nation I know that has an exact law blocking parents from disciplining children or the child can call police on the parent, like they do here)- that is “committing fornications with Babylon.” To the extent any nation did the same sins & does not repent & get rid of it, God will deal with them in His own time after He’s finished here. That’s why it says committed WITH her”, and why it says “they drank the wine” of fornication.

        See Jer. 51:7- Babylon was a golden cup in the Lord’s hand, that made the whole earth drunk. The nations have drunk her wine, therefore they have GONE MAD.

        That’s a perfect description of one mighty apple poisoned the entire orchard to its roots. It is not talking about the USD, but how sin has poured from one place until even little 5yr olds around the world are now twerking without knowing what they’re doing. Sin flowed from one cup, everybody drank it, now the cup will be punished. Shalom.🌺

  5. Elma says:

    Dear sister Celestial, as a Zimbabwean I can confirm. I have lived and watched the country go from the bread basket of Africa to it’s present state. I have seen funds in one’s account go to ‘zero’ overnight, and this, beyond one’s control! The same with pension funds. Currently the usd is the preferred currency of choice which means we will take another severe hit with the demise of the $. God help us and thank you for the prophecy. I can relate as I have seen it and lived it. I can see that the US economy is following the same trajectory. It’s only by God’s grace that I stand here today. He is faithful to His people! Amen.

    1. Celestial says:

      Hi Elma, say more. What I write, God has shown me. This part: “Seen funds go to zero overnight”- I keep saying this. The govt is on the other side of digital currency- they’ll check social media, public behavior, employ spies etc- anything a person does that doesn’t “suit them”, there will be penalties/ theft to punish the person. That money will be gone & you won’t have a say about it. Also you spoke words right from a prophecy yet to publish- “We will take another severe hit with the demise of the dollar.” Yes Elma. These are the Lord’s painful words for a nation already under distress. I will publish that prophecy soon. Your comment is testimony from a nation already inside this New World; another is Kenya where a subscriber said he’s gone 2 yrs without handling money bcz they have digital Mpesa joined to their banking system.

      1. Diana says:

        In Kenya we have mpesa but just to clarify we use both physically and e money .The choice to not handle cash is someone’s choice entirely.It has not being taken away .

        1. Celestial says:

          Hi Diana. You missed the point entirely. Read the prophecy again & factor in what that man said (his comment was long & quite clear). He explained perfectly interbank connectivity, the ease of Mpesa, and said if someone doesn’t want to use money there’s no need, they can basically live using Mpesa only with no stress. That has never existed before- no need for money- & that’s the point here. It seems like convenience now or there’s a choice to use it or not- yet you are obviously reading a post that tell you you’ll wake up & there WON’T be any choice. When you’re reading things about the coming Beast system here, even if it’s about America, a wise reader knows Rev 13:7 said power over EVERY tribe tongue & nation. That means you might as well absorb what you see bcz one day- against your choice & will- you’ll wake up to find it in your country as it goes under the changes of Rev 17, and Rev 13. Readers need to open their eyes & learn what ‘prophecy’ means- It’s not speaking to your life or experiences today- you can’t read a prophetic message and apply your mind to it in terms of your current experience. God is far ahead in the future telling us what to expect tomorrow so we’re not clueless or unprepared. You won’t have cash one day in Kenya, nobody will have it- that’s the point of removing the central banking system for all nations & it is very clear in the prophecy. God bless.

        2. Diana says:

          Celestial it’s well understood very well stood it was nearsighted of me to view it in the now.I have understood it even much better Thanks .God bless you too .

        3. Celestial says:

          Right now Beast currency money is being BETA TESTED, as I’ve explained before. That means you test the money in different world regions ALONGSIDE the local currency because you want to see how people respond to it. Do they hate it? Do they love it? Does everyone quickly start using it, do some use it as 1st priority & abandon cash use- as that man said? Well what % of the people do that? How many people refuse to get the digital money? They introduce that online wallet to gather data, it’s in much of Africa, Asia etc- not they have not dared try it here. The only thing we have that even comes close is Bitcoin, & most people don’t care about that. What people care about is- ATMs better stay working, they better have cash in them, and nobody better swallow their money out of the bank. So that’s why the govt is extremely slow to even show us digital money but finally it is coming because the Beast is tired of waiting for America who always fights everything. The end times need to happen & God is showing us they will happen who likes it or not. Shalom.🌺

          P.S. Read all the recent posts on the financial system, as He explained it to me, it’s all there.

      2. Elma Zanamwe says:

        Dear Sister Celestial, what I meant about accounts going to ‘zero’, is that overnight (literally as breaking news on the main media channel), the government announced that they were introducing a new currency. They determined the rate of the new currency to the old, and basically dictated how much the balance in your account was to be. You can imagine that this was not in the citizen’s favour. Also the money lost value so quickly (daily) that we ended up with a trillion dollar note, which was worthless. You could not even buy a loaf of bread. One needed to carry a paperbag to withdraw one’s salary. A digital option which is available to this day (as you rightly stated) is the Mpesa equivalent which is Ecocash. It is also true that you do not need to actually handle cash but can transact digitally. For many years the ATMs did not dispense any notes. At one point in time you could only withdraw maximum of US$50 per week/month. As expected a US$ based black arket exists which citizens use to cushion themselves. I really cannot imagine (heartbreaking!) what will happen in my country when the US$ collapses. Everything is pegged against the US$! I mentioned that I had seen the country go from one of the best countries on the continent to its present state. I was young but remember when the Zimbabwe $ (Rhodesia at the time) was stronger than the US$. Now the US$ is over a 1000x stronger. I guess the only comfort is that the average citizen has already learnt to survive with very basic needs. There is no excess or opulence for the average citizen. We look to God for our daily provision. Thank you again Sister Celestial.

        1. Elma Zanamwe says:

          Also note that people’s pensions also took a major hit. After working for decades and due to the economic collapse people’s pensions became worthless overnight as well. I know people are getting US$20-30 a month on average. We thank God for the strong family ties and the culture we have of looking after our elderly parents. That has helped alot!

    2. Onyinyechi Onyeukwu says:

      Oh wow, I had no idea this was going on in Africa. Nigeria was so close to this when our government made new money and then held our money… I just knew they were up to something but then they finally allowed us to withdraw our money but I know one day it will happen.

      However, reading Celestial dream and reading your post from someone that is a citizen of Zimbabwe shows more evidence to those whom don’t believe. These testimonies are reaching all around the world

  6. LoriQ says:

    “Note: This type of money is fully visible to the government to monitor and if need be, control; it exists in an interface that can be made accessible to the government even if the financial institutions assure users it is private and safe.”

    Second witness: The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act enacted in 2010 under former President Obama. It was enacted after the Great Recession of 2008 and sounds as if it would protect consumers. No, just the opposite. Once the account holder of a bank account deposits funds, the money no longer belongs to the account holder. The funds now belong to the bank/financial institution. They can legally seize monies in all accounts for whatever they choose to use them for. Dave Hodges, Glen Beck, Carol Roth (former Wall Street Banker), Steve Quayle and others have articles on the nefarious Dodd-Fank Act. It seems the Beast System has been hard at work building the infrastructure to trap all in its web.

    Celestial – as always, Thank You for being God’s loyal Prophetess. I pray that you continue to be kept safe under the protection of His wing in the days to come. God bless you and your family.

  7. ELMA says:

    Also true on digital transactions. May God be true and every man a liar! Romans 3:4

    1. Jane says:

      Dearest Celestial,
      How humbly and deeply proud I am of you. God only knows the amazing story of your true journey. Yet I see many of us catches some glimpse.
      Can only begin to imagine what those around you must ‘try’ to think! Makes me roflmbo 🤣😂🤣😁😇

      Blessings precious fierce warrior.

      Love Always,

  8. Esther joseph says:

    Dear sister Celestial thank you for letting us know about all this.I do believe GOD is going to take care of these people 🙏 and we going to stay in prayer and focus on HIS word. Meanwhile be safe under HIS wings. Be blessed.

  9. UGBEBOR LUCKY says:

    Celestial you are right 👍, I will like to talk to you +393512397320 on WhatsApp

  10. Thembeka Molebatsi says:

    Thank you for every word and God bless you.let Gods will be done.amen

  11. Stephanie, Welch says:

    Hello, sister I recently came upon your channel and have binge-watched your videos for a couple of weeks now. I’m deeply troubled in my Spirit I know that what you are saying is true I’m in turmoil about an issue im a former addict hardcore substance abuse. Well about 6 years ago I chose to stop damaging my life any further and began to turn my life over to Yah I tried quitting so many times and I could not. I ended up seeking help from a MAT program using methadone I have done well I guess I should say it cut my behaviors down and have done quite well the issue is I’m feeling condemnation and that I’m going to hell. It terrifies me I want to stop but I just can’t seem to please help me understand if this is wrong or if im allowing the enemy to have access to me. Thank you so much.

    1. I was in a very similar situation Stephanie. I too was a hard-core substance abuser and felt the Lord heavily calling me out and back to Him since 2017 really. It has been a constant daily battle since then. I was using multiple substances- so it’s seriously been like peeling back layers of an onion for me. I just recently came out of cigarettes and just 2 weeks ago I finally was delivered from Kratom- which is a “organic” form of opiates- I struggled with that addiction the most because my flesh made up the most excuses on why it was okay to continue using it and why it was not a sin. “Kratom is really just a natural tea with healing properties after all ” 😏 Just some of the lies I would tell myself….. but I kept feeling heavily convicted over using it. So I KNEW the Lord was calling me away from it- It wasn’t until I watched one of the prophecy videos Celestial delivered, that I was finally able to receive the seriousness of carrying on in this “slightly better” for you mind altering substance…. (which I now understand was completely false) but Celestial mentioned how even if we’re micro dosing a substance- it’s still a mind altering substance. And another one was when everything comes to a hault in America who’s going to deliver your caffeine fix to you?? So these 2 teachings alone, opened up my eyes and shot that final arrow from the Lord into my spirit- I then KNEW what I had to do. So I repented and wrestled, lowered my doses, repented and wrestled, while doing deliverance, worship and drawing closer to the Lord- still lowering my dosage- repentance and wrestling this flesh- these addictions, this lust. Until the victory came 🙌 Praise God 🙌 You can do it, and you already know the answer to your question and what you must do- I pray for Gods grace and strength to meet you at the altar 🙏💞 Don’t give up- allow the Lord to refine you and burn off everything that is not of Him. God bless you 🙏 ❤️

  12. Marty says:

    Dear Stephanie,

    When a person becomes Born Again of the Spirit they become a New Creation. Forget what lies behind and reach forward to what lies ahead. If you’ve been touched by the Holy Spirit, He will give you the strength to carry on forward in your journey. If you’ve never felt the Spirit before, I would recommend a strong Repentance.

    Personally, I spent two full hours repenting/confessing my sins and weaknesses before the Lord, using my mouth to pour out my heart. When I woke up the next morning, I literally felt the Holy Spirit descend upon me. I instantly knew that this was my Born Again moment and you’ve just heard a small part of my Testimony. I pray the Spirit descends upon you (if it hasn’t happened already).

    Thank you Celestial for pouring your heart upon us in these trying ties. I pray that the LORD God keeps you strong and that we never take you for granted. Stay UP. 🙏

  13. Onyinyechi Onyeukwu says:

    I can see this happening no too long from now, don’t know when but can see it at the door as many nations are dropping the dollar.

    Also how the person who created Bitcoin has passed and now the person who created CashApp has passed, it’s right at the door

  14. Cheng WL says:

    I am from Malaysia. People here do not think we will go into famine. Our banks will not falter. The pastors don’t preach Revelation or end times. But preach that hard times are coming. Nobody give any advice on how to prepare. Cost of living had gone up. Everyone is still thinking life is still good. But there are already families in need of help and can’t make ends meet. The government is helping with payouts. But this is not a long term solution. And the church has lost its power to stand for truth.

  15. Michele Natalie Daley-Stichtenoth says:

    Hello sister, forgive that I didn’t use your name. I didn’t want to spell it wrong. I’ve been watching your YouTube channel for a couple of days now. I just want you to know that I was watching/ listening to two of your videos last night ( The Iron Church and not unto Death) sister I must tell you that I was attacked immediately after I took the ear plugs out of my ears and turned in my bed to sleep. An flying insect flied in my left ear because I was lying on my right side. I didn’t see it but I felt it. There is more to say but I must get ready to go to work and I am not a big of a writer but it was serious and I have to do warfare prayer. So you know I live in Germany but I am a Jamaican. Bye for now. Shalom ❤

  16. Frank I Vandyck says:

    I have lived in Malawi, neighbors to Zimbabwe, for 19 years. I have Zimbabwean friends who have moved here. They CONFIRM all of what Celestial says on the now released video of this prophecy.

    In fact, some of the digital payment ideas are now also common in Malawi, using the cellular phone apps for sending and receiving money. Even now paying bills. When the US dollar crashes all the countries around Zimbabwe will be adopting their system.

    Thank you Celestial for faithfully researching the words God gives you. For those who are skeptical, her description of Zimbabwe is accurate. And a close friend years ago told me that the U.S. would become a “3rd world nation”. I have known it is true. It is now happening real time.

  17. Erica says:

    Dear Celestial,

    I’m so thankful to the Lord for all your messages and videos. I know it was only the Lord that led me to your page. It’s so much I didn’t know and it’s alot to take in but I am here daily for all of it. When it comes down to the beast system it doesn’t matter how much money we have in the banks because we will no longer be in control of it. I have been sharing the messages the Lord has given you to tell his people but these days not everyone believes. I’m learning that I can’t keep worrying about family who won’t listen I have to work towards my own salvation.

    1. KINGdomchild says:

      Hey Erica I was Advised by Celestial to store up Oil for the times thats coming, Meaning share with who wants to hear. Spend your time in him getting to know his word if you have kids spend your time imparting the word of Yah to them raise good kids. Ease your mind and emotions knowing that Yah is in control and keep asking him to cover you with the blood you and your family. We all in this together.

      1. Erica says:

        I will do, thank you!

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