U.S. Economic Crash: “Worse Than 2008” – January 26, 2023


For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape. – 1 Thessalonians 5:3

Riches are worthless in the day of wrath, but righteousness brings deliverance from death. – Proverbs 11:4

On January 26, 2023 I had a clear and sobering dream. I dreamt of a massive company in the city, thousands of employees, lots of money to burn and more perks than anybody can think or dream of. A company was so big it took up several city blocks in terms of office space and stood multiple stories high, right in the middle of a city that looked like mid-town Manhattan.

This corporation wasn’t the shy type like many companies with a large cash base and powerful names are. Most super-rich institutions strive for privacy and an understated presence so that people won’t focus on how much money they have. But not this one, they were loud and proud, and the way they spent money had me bug-eyed from the start at the things I saw going on there.

They spared no expense, nothing too expensive for executives to have, and that mentality filtered all the way down to the lowest paid staff. Everyone was doing well. There was so much excess in fact- such extravagant “employee-and-executive” benefits and perks- that even as you enjoyed all this stuff a small part of you had to be thinking: “How does a company pay for all this and stay liquid? HOW can this type of money be available to all of us?”

Canapés in the office, mandatory breaks and wellness periods to reduce stress, paragliding off the roof, pricey coffee from far-off destinations- ‘sustainably grown, no less’ – you name it this company had it AND it still managed to employ a ton of people. 

In this dream my friend of many years worked there, which is odd since he does not live in America. He’s never been here and doesn’t have any interest in America as a serious place to work, build a stable career or raise his family. [It may surprise us to hear but many foreigners hold this view].

Yet in this dream my friend was right here in America as a top exec rich guy; he was relatively high up in management, enough to make big decisions and even influence hiring. He said ‘Celestial we’re hiring consultants at the moment and I think you should apply. The job might not last long but the benefits you’ll get even in the short-terme are amazing. Just a heads-up so you don’t miss this opportunity; and by the way, when you come in don’t lean too much on our friendship. Let HR make their own decisions.’

I thought it was a good idea and sure enough when I applied I was hired. My first day as I approached the building I was stunned to see business executives in suits,  LEAPING OFF THE ROOF with excited screams- whoo hoo!- and coming to a safe landing some distance away in a cordoned off area. I stood for a while, clutching my briefcase and looking at the sky in complete confusion as they jumped, thinking- “Is this a business? Is this a normal company, because what is going ON here?!”

As I got used to my new job I saw and experienced all the things I described above. They even had TRUFFLES in the dining hall, TRUFFLES for the ordinary staff to eat for lunch. But before I’d even been there 3 months something happened and the company went into literal free fall.

One minute I was showing up every day, trying to keep my head down and adjust to a culture of designer clothing, cult jewelry, everybody so well dressed and upmarket, but all I wanted to know is how this place ran like ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ trailer. The next minute the dream turned dark and I saw terror on my friend’s face one day as he raced to my cubicle and told me to follow him. 

We entered a main hallway crammed with scared and nervous faces, then moved with a crowd of panicked people all going to the top floor. I didn’t know what had happened because I’m never up to date on anything, but the whispers of people all around us, the fear on their faces… I don’t want to see that again. My friend put me in the loop as we inched slowly from the 14th floor in this massive group headed upstairs on foot; all the lights were off in the entire building which meant the elevators were no good. 

The economy’s crashed. Gone. Poof. The whole thing. We’re sunk, we’re finished. Everything is imploding – the stock market, the money, the assets, everything we thought we had – we don’t have it anymore. It’s all GONE.

I listened intently, nodding, keeping one hand on the railing so the terrified and impatient people behind me who kept trying to surge forward on the stairs would not be able to shove me aside, because that’s how trampling starts. My friend was trying to keep his cool but for the first time ever I saw this guy’s eyes wide with panic; this is a guy who’s traded big money all his life but this time the stakes were beyond him. He was sweating and I knew that he had far more invested in this company than I ever suspected. I was just a temp, a consultant, but this place was his livelihood, the livelihood of all the panicky people rustling like a nervous herd around us as we headed to the spacious penthouse roof area. 

When we got there a meeting was happening behind closed doors. The huge conference hall had seats ready for us to wait but nearly everyone preferred to stand, and only a few could touch the food and drinks that had been provided. Nobody wanted the expensive fancy food at that moment.

I stepped out to the ladies but on my way back I saw the door to the private meeting left ajar; somebody forgot to shut it.  I put my eye to the crack and saw a room full of men in black, grey and navy suits along with Hassidic Jews in the standard black and white outfit with yarmulke. The meeting was TENSE – I saw our usually confident bosses sitting like schoolchildren, receiving sharp instructions from the visitors on “how it was going to be from now on” and “what’s going to happen next”. I didn’t understand everything that was said and soon crept away from the door. 

The next scene was devastating. We were driven from the building like animals, with no explanation. Everything people had in their desks had been unceremoniously thrown in the lobby while we were upstairs – they cleared all floors so they could toss our personal property in NO particular order into mixed boxes and lug them downstairs. While were waiting, hoping for someone to tell us what was going on, security had cleared every space, every desk, changed all passwords, locked all filing cabinets, effectively tossing everyone out of their office and workspace without notice

I was so mad because all my stuff, personal items, books, keys, records you keep at work in case HR needs them, everything was TOSSED all over the main lobby mixed with other people’s stuff, and it was a nightmare locating them in a mix of angry, crying people who needed their stuff the same way I needed mine. We were NOT allowed to go back upstairs for any reason and we were told we had a limited time to locate our belongings and get out. Anything left behind would be destroyed, so you can imagine the panic in trying to find your stuff before the building got locked for good.

In another part of the building I saw many boxes of hard drives. The normal type [the modern HD & SSD types we have now], also the old-style floppy disks for Microsoft machines of the 90s, as well as a small kind about the size of 4 fingernails’ width in black, grey, maroon and blue. These last ones were something I’ve never seen before, boxes and boxes of them put out in that hidden part of the building for quick destruction. Along with them I saw lots of paper files, records, bank info, company paperwork waiting for destruction and I thought “Lord, what are these people doing! If they destroy this stuff then where is the proof of how they’ve even operating for the past who knows how long?!”

That first dream ended on a high note of panic in the business district were in. I saw companies right and left of us streaming out tons of distraught employees just like us; I guess the rich company zone we were in had not escaped the sudden recession at all.

I had a second dream after this. I saw a mine, a deep hole in the ground with just a ladder going into it and about 10 or 12 workers standing around very sad and upset. Their foreman was telling them that the mine was no longer operational and they didn’t have jobs anymore. They looked like people from Paraguay or that region of the world, men who showed up to work only to be told the mine had gone bankrupt and they were all immediately *unemployed*.

These men were so upset that some of them were crying, others were crushing their caps in their hands in distress, pleading with the foreman in their language. They told him that they understood if the mine can’t pay them right away, they still wanted to go down and work. Then that work-time could be given to them as a credit until the company could pay. But the foreman kept trying to make them understand the meaning of ‘closed, bankrupt’- he kept saying NO, the mine will not be able to reopen. The company has no money to pay you so you do not need to work.

It’s the RECESSION, he said, waving his arms and speaking slowly, trying to make them understand that something SO BIG had happened, that the foreign mining company pulled out immediately, leaving everything abandoned including the workers. But these men just could not accept it. 

I don’t speak their language but I saw that eventually the foreman realized he could not convince them that it was a hopeless case to do any more work since nobody would ever pay them. They just could not process the idea of “The mine is gone forever”, “There is no more work”- so he gave up and said “Okay men, go down and work”., When he said that all of them wiped their tears and went down the ladder into a mine that no longer had any salary to give them. I felt very bad seeing this. 

When I woke up this is what the Holy Spirit clearly explained to me: 

A worldwide recession is coming. A crash that will be felt around the world, greater than the financial collapse of 2008 and with even more far-reaching implications and repercussions that CANNOT BE STOPPED OR FIXED BY ANYONE. I repeat, this next crash cannot be stopped, fixed, mitigated or lessened by anything. It is going to happen and in the days, weeks and months following it is going to roll its way around the world until there is no one and nothing that is not impacted in some way by it.

The Lord let me know that even the measures of 2008- wicked, short-sighted and selfish though they were, because they only protected a certain class from destruction and let everyone else “fail”, even those measures will not be successful this time. This recession will touch everyone, every business and every home around the world.

As He was speaking I felt the only places that won’t be impacted to the point of destruction are places that have a small “debt sheet”, a low or moderate-sized government debt, and even then it will vary on the type of debt the government has. Two countries that were put on my mind were Japan and also Tonga which is a small island someplace that probably uses 80% its own products rather than relying on iPad export money to survive. I have seen on at least 2 occasions that though this crash will be especially devastating for European nations, the Japanese yen will go through “shuddering” [extreme shaking] but their money will not totally fail.

These 2 countries came to mind strongly, leading me to believe it’s not just them but all nations that are like them in how they operate, [i.e.cautious, self-restrained] that will see less effects of this financial crash. If the government balance sheet is sensible enough before recession, it will survive better than one with an insane balance sheet of trillions in debt like the United States has. 


These two dreams show several things. One, when big companies become aware of the impending crash they are NOT going to be upfront about it. There will be no national updates or warnings to the ordinary man. Big business will know the economy is about to implode but all they’ll do is try to minimize their own risk and lighten the balance sheet by making gashing cuts in staff and expenses. They will even go to the extent of destroying company records to erase the paper trail of how they ended up in gross financial distress, so that afterwards they can blame faceless factors without having to shoulder any responsibility for how their reckless spending (and borrowing) affected the national bottom line.

It also shows there are much higher heads at work than chief executives and corporate boards. The economy has ‘puppet-masters’ that come in at the knife-edge of crisis to DICTATE (not advise) what is to be done. I saw these ‘higher heads’ telling corporate executives what to do [probably to keep them afloat personally] but the bottom line is: The economy does not fail “naturally”. It fails with a ton of help, a ton of insider orchestration, “rules from Control” and specific determinations about which trees can be saved and which ones will be cut down by an economic recession. 

The two dreams also show that this crash in Western markets will devastate other nations, especially those tied to or dependent on the US dollar. I have spoken of this many times and one such message is below “Money Down The Drain.”

The matter of worldwide financial crash has been extensively covered here on TMV Blog, here are only a few of the more recent prophecies concerning economic fallout coming to America:

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  1. donalddesilus says:

    thank you sister, this was an interesting and confirming read. both my wife and I lost our jobs in late 2021 for not taking the harm that causes harm. we have been trying to get back in the workforce with no success. The Lord has provided and we continue to trust Him. I trust the Lord will do the same with this upcoming crash. His will be done. The Lord Bless you!

    1. Joseph says:

      Hi Donald, if i may ask what is your trade?

      1. donalddesilus says:

        worked in the healthcare industry as program manager, my wife was a scientist!

        1. Joseph says:

          Trust the science… enough said! Thank you for sharing.

        2. Bienvenue Alexis Gahenda says:

          Shalom from The Heavenly Father to you, beloved sister, Celestial. I thank God for your obedience and for the way He uses you to warn the world. I stumbled on this channel almost a month ago but got hooked since then. It quenched my thisrt and satisfied my hunger.
          I have no comment, but a question/request. I kept wondering to get all these prophecies translated in my language for my people and in french because I also know that language.
          Thank you for getting back to me and God bkess you abundantly.

  2. Marl says:

    Amen , I also did not take the injections and lost my professional job after 20 years of service. But the Lord has provided with other employment. I have not lacked. I am depending on him as my provider.

  3. JesusForever says:

    Thank you for speaking the truth. We ought to start learning what plants are edible so we can eat. We will have to depend on our Heavenly Father to provide for us and he will somehow, someway.
    I’m wondering if Texas is gonna reject the mark of the beast? Here in Texas we have Godly values and believe in our second amendment rights.
    We’re gonna fight and won’t back down.

  4. Onyinyechi Onyeukwu says:

    For the love of money is the root to all evil… those who rely on money heavily will lose their minds. Those who live an uncomfortable life, not depending on the next dollar will be able to hold off longer than those who can’t go without it. Many will look at the poor and try to figure out how they have survived. I praise Yah that He is my provider. I can totally see this happening as one for sure thing will happen “no buying or selling” unless one has received the mark, name, or number or self destruction

  5. Esther Joseph says:

    Amen and amen, brothers and sisters hold on tight, the justs will live by faith. Thank you sister 😌 Celestial. GOD bless..

  6. Esther Joseph says:

    Amen and Amen, thank you sister Celestial for your determination to do this urgent job may the LORD bless you abundantly. Brothers and sisters hold on tight, the righteous will live by faith.

  7. Thembeka Molebatsi says:

    Thank you for God the message and your love for us.

  8. hi2584733592020 says:

    Hello prophet, I just seemed to dream of you.

  9. Khomisani says:

    Greetings woman of God. May the Lord Jesus use you more in these end times to awaken us.
    Forewarned is Forewarned. The Lord is very good and His mercy endures forever.
    God bless you prophetess.

  10. Ellen Hlatshwayo says:

    Thank you so much for this massages I have just started following you and learning a lot with an open heart.May God continue to use you mightily

  11. Benjamin says:

    Thank Abba for His mighty works.

    The psalmist, Splendour and greatness are His work, and His righteousness stands forever.
    Tehillim (Psalms) 111:3.

    Thanks dear Celestial. Yah be praised.

  12. Deborah says:

    This is a dream I had about six months ago.
    I was waiting at a bus stop, along came an American yellow school bus. I got on board – I had a wallet open.
    I asked the driver ‘how much?’
    He said ‘you can’t pay with those’ pointing to the notes in my wallet.
    I looked at the notes I had British Pounds and American Dollars.
    I thought ‘he thinks I’m going to pay with the British Pounds but I’ll use the dollars.
    The driver interrupted my thoughts and said ‘No, you can’t pay with those
    (Pointing to the British Pounds) because the UK is going to declare itself bankrupt.’
    I woke up knowing the British pound would be worthless – I don’t live in either of these counties.

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