UFOs & Aliens: “ATTACK” – March 20, 2023


This is a dream I received concerning the destructive nature of the creatures that call themselves “aliens” who will introduce themselves as ‘peace-makers’ to the world.

I dreamt that I lived in a low-rise apartment building (less than 10 floors) in a mixed residential area. This means a lot of private homes of different sizes mixed in with low- and mid-level apartments, a blend of taller buildings with private homes where people have fences and pets with their cars inside the fence, or some who don’t have a yard so they keep their cars lined along the street. There was one school, many small stores and no business district – just residential as far as I could see from my big kitchen window.

My kitchen faced the street so most mornings I had breakfast in the sunshine while watching people go about their day: some drove to work, others headed to the train or bus, big and small children walking to the school- I’d stand there, eat and just look. But that day the normally peaceful scenes from the window were transformed into total mayhem, people panicking and screaming due a chain of events nobody could’ve predicted. Out of nowhere the window became like a big TV showing what I didn’t want to see and wasn’t prepared for at all. 

It is a good thing to have a routine. One day, that routine might save your life. I’d woken up early and did all the things I normally do and that’s why in the end I was able to run while many people who were not prepared got trapped in their homes and hurt or probably killed. I was already ready for the day when stuff started happening; I grabbed my bag that had basics in it and ran for my life.

What happened during breakfast:

I was looking out the window at normal stuff when a sparkle of metal in the sky caught my eye. The sky was very beautiful that morning – blue, light clouds, light wind moving the clouds. Focusing, I saw a small silver disc object about the size of a snack plate come down slowly from a cloud. It came down smooth and silent but since I’d caught the glint of metal in the sky I managed to spot and keep my eye on it til it came right down about halfway, til it was closer to us than being far away in the sky.

This object opened into two- a top and bottom half like a yo-yo; it cracked all around and the two halves opened like a sandwich being separated. Long spikes like silver “sun-rays” came out all around it and slowly started to spin. Spin, spin, faster and faster, then suddenly on the ground one of the apartments got hit by something- POW!!– and the building lost a big chunk out of it. Cement just collapsed and the people on the street hollered in fright and some dropped to the ground in protective positions.

I looked in shock from the spinning disc and its rays to the apartment right across from me that had a smoking hole and a big chunk missing- all that was evident of that section that was hit was smoking cement dust, not even the big pieces that were blown off were visible. , I never saw anything come from that disc but what happened is when its rays reached very fast spin point that building got hit. 

Nobody saw the object up there, everyone was yelling in shock pointing to the blown-up hole when POW! Another building suffered a hit at the ground floor level. A massive part of its lower floor gave way instantly, making the whole building lean very dangerously. People in there started screaming in unison with those outside and by now a lot of people were running not into buildings but out of them. At that point the disc in the sky had reached such a high spin that all the spikes blurred into one piece and now I saw without a doubt that that disc definitely was the cause.

A strange thing came next: I began to predict the strikes, as in ‘newscasting’ the explosions about 10 or so seconds before they happened. ‘The next building to go is the cream 5-storey, two blocks away from here, top corner.’ POW! A chunk flew off that building in that exact spot and I ducked behind the kitchen island but continued from down there- ‘The next one is that little house with the red porch’ and POW! that house was blown in on its side.

There were no visible tangents for any strike – I did not see a light, ray, strike or any projectile come from the spinning disc to touch anything on earth, but since it started spinning the whole neighborhood was being blown to pieces out of nowhere.

Instead of seeking shelter indoors a massive crowd had gathered right outside my window in the street, and some had now seen the object. People were scared, some were so angry and so vocal – demanding that Somebody do something about that thing!” but the majority of people were still not looking up- they were looking at the mysteriously exploding buildings and crying or exclaiming with fear and concern over the people stuck in the buildings who could not get out because of collapsed walls.

Inside my house I picked up a side plate as if on autopilot and began to speak as if I was making a video- “The object from my perspective seems no bigger than this side plate you’re looking at right now [points at the plate], but in the sky it must be many times bigger given the distance between my window and where it is. The building across my street is next-“


Then I thought in my heart, Celestial, what’s wrong with you? And that was the thought that made me realize it. I realized the day had come, it had finally come where this was going to be the last time I sleep in a place I recognized. It wasn’t about making videos anymore, it had now reached to where I’d have to live out everything I’ve been seeing in my dreams over a decade. All of it was now happening outside for real.

I ran to the place I keep things and threw a few more basics in the bag, grabbed my laptop and some water, swung the bag on my back and went down the main stairs to the street. I went past all those people still gathered outside (because the rays weren’t hitting people, just totally ruining the buildings) and started a light jog to who knows where. Later in the dream I ended up in the ‘underground’, which just looked to me like every other underground in the movies where you don’t know anyone and you’re trying to find the person with answers who can tell you what to do next. 

Then I woke up from this dream, I was very glad to wake up from it because it was too real. I did not post it, only kept it because it made my heart kind of sore and grieving. That was nearly a week but I was not minded to share at that time.

March 26, 2023

I woke up today with a strange and heavy grief in my heart. It wasn’t exactly my present emotion, to be grieving anything, the feeling was related to all the aurora fulfillments I received all week [March 22nd – 26th, 2023] and I was thinking why? Why are so many from unrelated destinations seeing the same thing at the same time?! What does this say in terms of timing for us? How can this thing be appearing all over all the time like this?

I didn’t ask the Lord anything but heaviness was weighing on me, then as I sat down to put on my socks this morning Yah said this:

Share that recent dream you had, and tell them. Tell them that the angels are coming to destroy mercilessly among the people. Whoever will receive them they will destroy. They are masters of subterfuge and disguise, they can cloak themselves to appear human. They can look like your own family member – it is a favorite trick of theirs. They can look like a humble child or a lost youth in need of help, even an elder in need of assistance –  but you do not want to meet these things in their false form and you should stay away from them. The fallen ones are coming with their insatiable need to subjugate and devour FLESH and when they are among you on earth they will destroy. 

This is one in an entire series of alien dreams showing what to expect in the future from these beings. Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.

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  1. Daniel Samuel says:

    This is Daniel from Nigeria, Thank you so much sister Celestial for all you do for the people of God from all over the world. Since I discovered your YouTube channel and this blog my life have really changed. I have made a lot of changes in my Christian life in themes of my believe system and what to expect as you go fully into the beast system. I use to belong to a Church that teaches pre-tribulation rapture, so I wasn’t so concern about what will happen in the last days as I believe that we won’t be here when it all goes down, but your blog as changed all that and I’m better prepared now to face the days and years ahead with faith in Yah and His son Jesus Christ. May God continue to bless and protect you dear sister.

    1. Loyiso Makwela says:

      Good day, I’m Loyiso Makwela, I leave in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, On the 2nd of January 2019 I saw in the very strong dream In the dream I was taken to the near future , It was a broad daylight It was the great tribulation times I saw demons that look like bears all over the place over the whole city infact it was happening all over the world. These demons were commanded to destroy everyone according to their level in society Every demon was given a task to kill n torture humans n they were so organised. In the dream I could sense that it was in the middle of the tribulation times. So the was a huge demon that was assigned to deal with me but a young man tried to protect me from but that creature just ordered a demon beneath its rank to deal with the young man who tried to protect me n that creature ripped his body apart but it was not assigned to me but a higher rankings demon was. When it tried to advance towards me I woke up from the dream. God bless you

  2. Warrior says:

    was this greys or the pleledeins? either way we are full. They need to leave us alone. they are scattered in the cosmos they belong there. too bad our gov sold us out .we need buy weapons now.I also see these greys in my dreams.I fight them and they flee in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you Sister Celestial for all you do God Bless You.

    NO FEAR.

    1. Anita Berghofer says:

      There is no “cosmos” as such. They are right here with us and not faaaaar away. They are just behind the Veil or “the Wall” as Cern calls it. Go and read about the shape of the Earth and impenetrable Firmament.
      Firstly in Scripture then here also. There are prophecies about all of this.
      God said noone can leave Earth.

  3. Jesusmyblessedhope says:

    Dear Celestial,
    2 videos and a written blog in a day? Have a 😘 good night sister. God is always with you. Shalom🙏🏻

  4. Lucy says:

    God bless and keep you sister Celestial for sharing these warnings from God Almighty Yahweh in obedience to Him.
    I saw some strange looking people who have a global organisation that has a tv channel, and have gone global to recruit members and are out to deceive masses with a very strange doctrine of devils, global peace and security. Brothers and sisters please Pray, be true to The Lord Jesus Christ and live In His Ways, faithfully by His Word in obedience, and Be Covered In His Precious Holy Blood.
    God bless and keep you all In The Lord Jesus Christ’s Name, Amen.
    Check A-LL-A-T-R-A( remove hypens) , the organisation is named: C-R-E-A-TIV-E S-O-C-I-E-TY (remove hypens).

  5. Thank you🙏🏾

  6. Gali Nieves says:

    Sister Celestial, the Lord loves you so much. Your dedication and love for Him are very much appreciated. Thank you for sharing these difficult truths. May the Almighty Jesus Christ bless, protect and guide you always 💛🙏🏽🌼 Amén.

    1. Sunshine Ray says:

      Celestial, I thank God for your mouth every day. He has used you to absolutely change my life. After my terrifying experience with a demonic force in which Jesus Christ Almighty God saved me from, I was delivered up to your channel. I tried to NOT watch you, but Yah has another idea. You stomped all over me and I didn’t want to hear you, but the Lord Jesus Christ kept putting you before me. I am so joyful that He did because I was so wicked and headed to hell. Today….my life is transformed. Thank you for your obedience to Him. I am so grateful for you. Over that though….ALL GLORY TO JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY GOD FOREVER ❤️.

  7. KC says:

    Thank you for continuing to share what the Lord has shown you and for undergirding the message with strong admonishment to fortify spiritually with the Word, prayer and repentance. It still seems so surreal that all of this is unfolding. Preparation is a must. The prophecies are being fulfilled at a more rapid pace. Bank collapse and news reports of more budget needed to prepare for a possible (inevitable) war with China. Here is one such example: https://www.military.com/daily-news/2023/03/23/pentagon-budget-readies-us-possible-china-confrontation.html. Our Father is so kind to warn. Thank you immeasurably for being a willing vessel. You have helped me truly understand what it means to work out my salvation with fear and trembling. Thank you, Celestial. God bless you in every imaginable way. I pray for you daily.

  8. JM says:

    Mt. Graham, A Dimensional Portal On Sacred Indian Ground Where They Are Monitoring Something Approaching The Earth?


  9. LoriQ says:

    This is off topic. More chaos is coming. Trump has been indicted in NYC. His MAGA followers are going “to come unglued” – I pray for the safety of people in NYC caught in any “crossfire”. Trans Vengeance Day Gathering in Washington, D.C. is being held on April 1st. The anti-Christian rhetoric and vitriol in several tweets put forth by transgenders and their champions was beyond the pale. It opened up my eyes to how deep the rage and hatred is towards Christians in this nation. Apparently, anyone who is against their agenda and does not affirm their desire to change their gender is the enemy. No longer can we “agree to disagree” on subject matter let alone outright oppose an issue. Opposition needs to be silenced, squashed, murdered, killed until no opposition exists.

    Mainstream Media is stirring the pot. They want what their boss wants: blood, mayhem, violence, trauma, destruction, submission and complete dominance of whatever remains of the soon-to-be warring factions in this nation. Talking heads – vacuous, vapid, trained to read the news with authority, trained to spin their fabricated tales, trained to play their part in the take down of our nation. Don’t allow them to beguile you in any way. It is the seed of the serpent speaking to any not grounded in Our Lord.

    Do not let your hearts be troubled. Stay under the wing of the Almighty (Psalm 91). Continue to read His word. Continue to fast and pray for His discernment and guidance. His true prophets are speaking Truth, His Truth. Listen to them. Listen to the Word that Celestial is being given from Our Lord. Take in every word. If it stings, then seek Him and ask for forgiveness. Ask Him to show you what still needs to be done in your life. What corners of darkness still lurk in your soul that causes you to sin. Trust that it is very necessary to rid yourself of temptations, habits and addictions in this time. Cut sin out of your life. Repent while your voice can still be heard from Our Lord.

    LIsten to Celestial’s Repentance videos. Allow yourself to be shaken, allow yourself to be honest, allow yourself to fully repent now. Allow God to work in you. Don’t delay. Don’t wait. Don’t procrastinate.

    Sorry, Celestial, for the long post. I am just overcome with such an internal sense of Dread of what is upon us.

    1. Thank you so much LoriQ. I have tuned out the bulk of the world and only listen to the words of the Lord from Celestial and teachings from some older pastors- everything else I have blocked out. I appreciate the updates you all give. I can feel the sense of urgency in these comments/posts. I struggle with fasting still and giving up caffeine- I keep trying to battle my flesh and this is the kick I needed to step it up. Thank you for sharing- and as always Thank you Celestial for your obedience to Yah. All glory to God the Most High for the leading of this platform and His awesome, faithful servants to continue warning, encouraging and building up the body of Christ here. 🙌🙏

    2. Mary Leah says:

      🙏 TY. Well said. I’m going to copy and post elsewhere if you don’t mind.

      1. LoriQ says:

        @Mary Leah – Absolutely use if you wish. God Bless.

  10. Hat Friend says:


    Can you please watch this and tell me what you know/think about this topic? Surely it’s relevant.

  11. Summer r Davison says:

    How do we know its an alien if it looks like a child or teen in need?

    1. LoriQ says:

      Summer – ask our Father in Heaven for Discernment. Do not lean on your own understanding. I would ask if you have cultivated a relationship with Our Lord? Have you heard His voice? Do you know His voice, if He spoke to you? Lean on Him to measure your steps, to lead your way. Celestial, in some of her other blog posts and videos, has spoken about being on the subway, being right by persons that are filled with a demonic spirit. She hears the Lord tell her not to look at them or engage them (the lady asking for money is one, the two men looking for a fight is another – if I am incorrect, Celestial, please correct me). She obeys Our Father’s voice, He keeps her safe in a very dangerous city. All of us should be seeking the Lord at this time, now more than ever. What is here and what is coming, all of us need God to lead us, to open our eyes and ears to danger, to know what is of Him and what is not.

      “Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
      and do not lean on your own understanding.
      In all your ways acknowledge him,
      and he will make straight your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

      “Moreover, they shall teach My people the difference between the holy and the profane, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean.” Ezekeil 44:23

      “Do you hear the secret counsel of God,
      And limit wisdom to yourself?” Job 15:8

      “But He said, “On the contrary, blessed are those who hear the word of God and observe it.” Luke 11:28

      “Heed instruction and be wise,
      And do not neglect it.” Proverbs 8:33

      Ask Him, Summer, He will answer you. God bless.

  12. Ala says:

    Thank you for mentioning your “bug out” basics bag! If anyone has a good resource for packing a bug out bag they could share, I would be very grateful. I have been studying various lists and praying over what should go into these bags for months. I am adding little by little, but would really prefer to pack these bags and have God tell me what to leave behind/drop on the way (like Gideon’s army).

    1. MaryLeah says:

      ❤🙏 Gideon’s Army! Love that! Anything to do with cleaning water! Also, everyone might want to include 4 way sillcock key and wrench water keys, as most wells and water storage tanks cannot be opened with even a pair of plyers. These keys are universal. and PuriBag… Hope this helps someone.

      1. Ala says:

        MaryLeah, thank you so much! May God bless you for your help. I had no idea about water keys and the PuriBag looks easier to use for a family with littles like we have than the individual water straws we have on hand. Thank you ♥️

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