“A Changing World Order”: Prophetic Insights Of Global Conflict & CHANGE” – March 2022


*Usually the prophecies I receive from the Lord are very long- several pages with prophecy, visions, dreams and teaching wrapping all of it up. But I also get many short words from Yah during the day- an insight, a comment- each one like a brick that builds up the wall of the main prophecies. I collect these nuggets and when I have many of them, I make one video sharing all of them at the same time.

This video was made one year ago (March 30, 2022), detailing information on Iran, China, Nigeria, Syria and the future relationship of these nations with the United States. Messages are arranged from newest to oldest.

March 30, 2022

Syria will have a war with America. Not a military occupation or the kind of assistance America gives rebel forces in other countries. This will be an all-out fighting war where the capital city Damascus  is shelled mercilessly by the U.S. until it is destroyed, and the scripture will be fulfilled.

The Lord said: It is popularly believed now that Damascus is destroyed but that is not true. The Bible does not mince its language. When a city is counted as ‘destroyed’ in the Bible, no one lives there anymore. Not by choice, but because it’s impossible to live there. The foundations become ruined and its structures collapse. It becomes impossible to sustain life there and the entire place becomes desolate and deserted. The king who wins the war usually burns the whole thing with fire and ploughs the land over and sprinkles it with salt, so that it’s useless for agriculture and animal husbandry.

The scripture being referenced here is Isaiah 17:1 The burden against Damascus. “Behold, DAMASCUS WILL CEASE FROM BEING A CITY, and it will become a ruinous heap.”

Syria will get into an altercation [with America] that lead to actual fighting, troop movements and war, and Damascus will be destroyed. This attack on his country will drive President Assad to great anger and he will openly speak against and condemn America. It will also drive him into partnership with Russia.

AMERICA WILL ENGAGE IN HEAVY SHELLING OF SYRIA. It will be American rockets bombarding Pres. Assad’s cities and American troop movements affecting his soldiers. This man will be so enraged against the USA that he will forsake proper international etiquette and make openly angry statements and anti-American rhetoric on public TV. Yah says this will be evidence of a new era of politics: People will no longer hide feelings of anger, frustration, hatred or vitriol against the U.S. or use polite language anymore, they will go on state TV and say exactly what they have to say to this nation.  

America, you are this and this.”

It will be clear who they’re speaking to as a new era of politics is born of distinctly anti-American sentiment. The nations will fall out of love with America as the Lord has said, and many nations will be driven to make future choices based on their own national interest, not because they care about U.S. foreign policy anymore. Nations will also break traditional alliances and make new deals and alignments as a clear sign that the international world order is CHANGING.

America and Iran will also fight, an actual altercation not just words. It will not be a war but an altercation where Iran emerges the victor in terms of clear ‘points won’. This is because America is not expecting to be touched by any nation in terms of a physical fight but she will be. Iran will touch her, they will draw blood, U.S. soldiers will be harmed. God said Iran will “land blows” and for this alone they will be respected and congratulated by the Arab countries surrounding them, as well as secretly celebrated by many of America’s enemies. 

China and America will have a war of words. President Xi will not mince words in what he has to say to the United States – there will be a ‘war’ of sharp words taking place in the press. Anti-American rhetoric will be heard in many nations as America is rejected by a growing number of countries in what will be her inevitable march to the bottom.

Nigeria will have an increase in guerilla warfare and internal fighting. Their rebel groups will grow bolder and people will wail as they lose loved ones in daring raids, fires and explosions that leave many dead in unexpected ways. The main terror group in Nigeria is Boko Haram but the sense I had as the Lord was speaking, was that other groups will grow like poison mushrooms that also want attention. This will increase suffering as Nigerians are troubled on many sides by rebel militants. 

God said the government is not prepared for the increase of rebels nor are they equipped to face this type of terrorist onslaught, therefore Nigerians will grow exceedingly agitated in the face of what seems like government helplessness and inability to protect them.

There will be migration patterns changing the demographics of where tribes traditionally live in Nigeria – people will get tired of being bombed or facing explosives planted on their local transport, and will move en masse to safer, quieter areas. Yah said Nigeria is already in economic crisis but it will grow worse, they will experience financial crisis and being the biggest oil producer in Africa will not stop the black horse from riding in that nation. 

Black horse of Revelation: Means financial woes and trials to come to the whole earth.

This section on Nigeria concerning economic crisis is already fulfilled since January 2023.


March 20, 2022

The land will be chastised. The land will be scourged and all the people with it. The land will be blasted with heavy artillery and shelled until the face of it is broken and pockmarked. Large buildings will be shelled mercilessly including New York City and Atlantic City. For a few days I’d been seeing a military vehicle with a shape like a Hummer or jeep, with a rotating box with missiles on its back. This is called a rocket launcher (that fires from the back). The Lord said that Russia will bring many of these vehicles here and ride them all over America, destroying things.

March 15, 2022

There is a trap being laid for America. Her style is predictable and her enemies are drawing her in to destroy her. They are enticing her in the way they know that works best- PROVOCATION because she does not  use diplomacy in how she responds. Yah said “They waiting for her to reach her hand out to strike as usual- then they will grab that hand and cut it off. The hammer of the whole earth will be cut off and then she will know devastation such as has not been experienced by her people from the founding of the nation until now.” The vision I saw was this: 

I saw the country represented as a cartoon of those old time explorers. There’s a world map and the explorer stands on it with his hands on his hips, proud and drawn very tall. But this man, one of his hands was a hammer, and I saw him smashing many countries on the map. Wherever the hammer hit it left a crushed and broken indentation on the map, a big ‘pow’ symbol came up with every blow and an explosion mark. America hit many, many places – far more than the ‘official wars’ she is known for, only God knows the true extent of how this nation has coerced, bullied, intimidated and controlled other nations from her position of power. 

Every time the explorer used the hammer the metal heated up a little, each hit made the hammer move from dull grey [cool iron] to the gradually reddening color of iron that is heating up. The man had this crazy and bloodthirsty look on his face as he looked around the map for who to hit next- like someone playing whack-a-mole. He had hit so many countries that his mallet became red hot, a few drops of molten iron were starting to fall off it but he did not notice.

He raised the hammer to strike another place and suddenly I saw two hands holding a large sword, come down with all their might on America’s arm, not at the metal part but where the arm became flesh. The arm was sliced clean off and the molten hammer fell off as America toppled to the ground in agony and shock. The vision disappeared and the Lord said ‘The hammer of the earth will fall.’

March 5, 2022

Speaking of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: This is a pilot war. It is a test run. It is testing the boundaries of many things, mainly to see how the international world will react to “foreign aggression against borders”. Russia wants to see if it will be verbally condemned only, or if there will be troops sent, or if there will be sanctions- if so- what type and how long for. The Russians are measuring what type of punishment or international response will follow a blatant move of conquest, what form it will take and most importantly- can the aggressor [Russia] weather and survive it. 

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  1. LoriQ says:

    “PROVOCATION – because she (USA) does not use diplomacy in how she responds.”

    That statement reminds me of Donald J. Trump, in particular. He is not a statesman. He is a brawler, a pugilist, going off half-cocked without thinking or understanding how his words and actions will affect the pond he threw his rock into. His enemies know this and agitate and stir him up every and any which way they can. There is no diplomacy. Just a bull in a china shop.

    Many Americans (there are a few exceptions) are the same way. American politics is a blood sport. We scream, rant and rave during the political season. We call for bloodshed. We want the head of our political opponents on a pike. It’s brutal. It covers up the other sins going on behind the curtain. We don’t see through our political brutality – the war of words, the one-up-man-ship, the slander, the egos, the on-air spin vomited out by the talking heads. We just lap it up. Many say, well, he (or she) is the lesser of two evils (you’ve spoken of it before, Celestial). We vote. We think things will change. It doesn’t. Rinse. Dry. Repeat.

    We are getting what we give (and have given in years past). It grieves me. The potential of what America could have evolved into is lost forever. We had such promise. God blessed our nation. We were the land of plenty. The American Dream was a realization that could have been had by anyone coming to our country (hard work, perseverance, among other positive attributes). Yet, we shrugged off God, then we mocked Him. We opened our doors to satan. We spewed our filth across the world. We covered our own nation with the blood of abortion, human and sex trafficking, the transgender and LGBTQ+ agenda, big pharma drugs and the legalization of illicit drugs, and sown extreme confusion through the education system to our younger generations and vulnerable youth.

    “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.” (Matthew 5:14) Our nation’s light dims further until it will be extinguished. We are under judgment. Yet, many do not see or hear. It grieves me that people will not listen to the Watchmen (and women) that are blowing the trumpet. Many still laugh, scoff and mock God’s people. I pray that God will open ears to hear and eyes to see before: “He will not always strive with us, Nor will He keep His anger forever” Psalm 103:9.

    Thank you, Celestial. We need to hear the Truth from Our Lord as difficult as it is to hear. May He continue to shore up His people. God bless you and keep you safe.

  2. Hat Friend says:

    Celestial, I had a huge realization. Refer to the creature from the earlier entry: https://the-masters-voice.com/2021/08/27/forced-vaccines-the-coming-of-the-beast-august-20-2021/

    When I was sipping coffee and thinking about the city, I realized something: in astrology, opposite signs work together. In this case, many people think we’re in the “Age of Aquarius”

    Why is this relevant?

    Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, which is represented by a dragon. Leo is ruled by a lion. If you keep this in mind and remember that the Bible was written with awareness of the stars (The mention of Virgo for one and the wise men who surely knew) then you can see how everything is interconnected.

    To compare, the Age of Pisces began with the birth of Jesus and worked with the sign of Virgo. Think of higher spiritual knowledge (also remember the sign of the fish) working with humble practicality in Virgo.

    I hope this was helpful. If you want my sources, feel free to reply.

    1. Mary Leah says:

      The Hebrew mezzeroth is the correct astrological guide. Please review.


    2. Anonymous says:

      Post more sources please!

  3. Connie says:


    African leaders are already saying it out loud. A powerful 1 min 23 seconds.

    1. Flourish&Thrive says:

      Hhhh…. Thank you for sharing this. I suppose you have seen this from Ruto?

  4. Patrick Chumba says:

    Hi in Kenya

  5. Sandi says:

    Hi Celestial,

    I have been led to honoring the Sabbath on Saturdays. Praying you will look into this. I believe it is critical for believers🙏🏾🎁🗝.

  6. Sister Celestial, thank you for STANDING on the WORD OF GOD in its fullness, as the LORD JESUS uses you to minister to me and encouraging me to draw nearer to JESUS!

    Let it be known… The gay and trans issues are brought upon the peoples in a multi-dimensional spiritual warfare ATTACKS, albeit, by demons and high-ranking Fallen Angels. Not only do they whisper lies unto the average individual, but they also infect SCIENTISTS into becoming MAD-SCIENTISTS; and EUGENICISTS or DEPOPULATIONISTS to carry out their EVIL SCHEMES to lowering the population through the use of many different chemicals and vaxxxines, etc…

    The forefront battle lies within GODLY parenting according to the HOLY SCRIPTURES that we are to raise up the children in the WAY that they should go, but GOD’S WORD also states in Hosea 4:6- My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:…

    Thus, the multi-dimensional attack is on the individual’s IDENTITY that GOD shows us who we truly are in HIS HOLY WORD; and the direct onslaught attack is against the IMAGE AND LIKENESS of GOD to twist that image into something perverted…

    The multi-dimensional attacks include: Spiritual attacks, Sins of INIQUITY passed down 4 Generations, Chemical weapons in foods, drinks, plastics, cans, vaxxxines, treated water, and chemtrails, to name a few…

    In addition, many chemicals and vaxxxines have been used on the public to alter human endocrine systems alongside one’s hormones… wherein a male actually thinks that they are female or vice-versa…

    In fact during WWII, a “gay bomb” was worked on by the US military to chemically lobatamise and to alter the sexual-orientation of the Russian troops… Additionally, many military men and women have undergone many chemical and hormonal therapies that altered their sexual orientation… Alfred Kinsey did many horrifying tests and alterations to children, etc…

    Consequently, many chemicals are purposefully being used in plastics (see Britannica Encyclopedia quote) and metal alloys that increase ESTROGEN RECEPTOR LEVELS, as well as Soy products to alter the human species and their sexual-orientations…

    Yes, it is an EVIL SCHEME… BUT WE SHALL NOT BE IGNORANT of such devilry, but EXPOSE it… Ephesians 5:11…

    Blessings in CHRIST JESUS of Nazareth,
    Brother Keith Saint James. http://www.gexit.tv
    Quoted from Britannica Encyclopedia… https://www.britannica.com/science/bisphenol-A

    “BPA subsequently was found to leach from not only plastics but also resins in tin cans. Various conditions were found to facilitate the leaching…

    From the mid-1990s, numerous studies determined that both high-level and low-level exposure to BPA can adversely affect reproduction and development in animals by interfering with their endocrine systems. (The endocrine system produces and secretes hormones that regulate a wide range of processes, from reproduction and development to energy balance and stress responses.) Examples of findings from the vast body of scientific literature on the subject include reduced testicular sperm count in male mice, teratogenic effects in Xenopus laevis frogs, and damage to sperm and eggs in fathead minnows (Pimephales promelas) and to sperm production in male swordtails (Xiphophorus helleri).

    [Plastics and Tin can lining has been found in multiple studies that affect sexual-orientation of animals; albeit, humans as well…]

    BPA has also been discovered to exert very subtle effects on sexual behaviour in animals. For instance, healthy female deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus) were found to avoid males that had been exposed to BPA through maternal diet; furthermore, the males, outwardly normal in appearance, demonstrated impairments in navigational and exploratory behaviours, which support their ability to find female mates.

    BPA has been found to cross the placental barrier in mammals such as rats and mice, and it has been detected in human maternal and fetal serum and in human placental tissue. Thus, BPA can find its way into tissues and fluids in the human womb. Whether and how the chemical might adversely affect human fetal development, however, is unclear. Likewise, whether BPA adversely affects the function of the human endocrine system is a matter of debate. Much speculation centres around whether BPA is a true endocrine disruptor chemical (EDC) in humans (broadly defined, an EDC is an exogenous substance, one that comes from outside the body, that interferes with natural hormones in the body). Other EDCs, such as DDT and diethylstilbestrol, have been associated with congenital (birth) defects, reduced fertility, and diseases such as obesity, diabetes mellitus, and cancer in humans. BPA as well as bisphenol S and bisphenol F, which are used as alternatives to BPA, are associated with obesity, particularly in children.”

    GOD’S WORD states,

    HOSEA 4:6- My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me:…

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