“Underwater” – July 14, 2022


“IT’S A BIG CLUB, AND YOU AIN’T IN IT.” – Mr George Carlin, deceased


I woke up early this morning after some ‘economically difficult’ dreams. God basically told me that the economy of America is going to crash, which I’ve heard many times before, but also that the stock market is a rigged game where ordinary people stand no chance against carefully orchestrated personal bets and ‘insider culture’. I didn’t understand some of what I saw but I can still faithfully recount it for the record. I’ll start with the words of the Lord and the visions I saw as soon as I woke up.

Sometimes you wake up suddenly from dreams because of what’s going in them. You don’t come out of it peacefully, you jerk almost as if your consciousness wants to get out of that place. In my case my dream made me angry so I woke up irritated, only to see a cascade, a literal avalanche of water pouring into a white tiled bathroom. I couldn’t see any place the water was coming from, it seemed to be coming from the air. 

It poured from a great height not into any receptacle, not the tub, sink or even the toilet or a bucket. It poured on the floor in a nonstop stream and by what I could tell the bathroom was about halfway flooded. Water had risen above the tub and toilet and was continuing up the walls as high as it could go. There was nothing in this bathroom to personalize it, nothing on the sink or cabinets, no sign it belonged to anyone. Just an empty bathroom, flooding up to the roof.

The Lord spoke, these are His words:

Tell them the NASDAQ, FTSE, New York Stock Exchange, Dow Jones and any other form of currency and investment platform they’re trusting in is going to be flooded. On purpose. It’s going down. UNDERWATER. All of it. It’s impossible to make a fortune on these indices because it is rigged to favor the super-rich and super-wealthy. whatever anyone thinks he’s making on it is pennies compared to where the trades happen, the real trades. Money is exchanged in a private part of the Stock Exchange where ordinary people will never find it. The system is rigged and the rich know the score. Ordinary people can’t find where the money is traded, it is in plain sight and yet not visible at all.

People put their money there and the money is accepted into the general pool to legitimize, build up and sustain the circulation of money in the financial sector and even in the general economy. Their money is accepted into the board game as ‘chips’ to keep the card swindle going. But once it gets in there it’s not their money anymore. They think by having these apps in their hands that allow them to see and handle their investments, that it is their money, but that is an illusion. It is ‘the players’ money. It is the government’s money- the government is also a massive trader in the stock exchange under various names and aliases. It does not only go by USGOV. It goes by endless other names and aliases that people don’t know about; the government plays the rounds just like other players.

Rich people have an entirely different set of rules and views. Hear their terms and names for themselves- Super Rich, Über Rich, The Untouchables, “The Clan”, the list is long. They accept public money into the pool but play a closed and private game. They’re like players in a private club where the public is their endless benefactor. People just keep putting money on the table like an automated ATM request and ‘The Clan’ takes the money, draws it into the private part of the stock exchange and plays a game with it. They are doing private betting almost as a game and the supplier of ‘chips’ for the table is the unsuspecting public.

All this Yah was saying as the water poured and poured and the bathroom went under.

Tell them the Stock Exchange and financial trades will crash and take everyone still in it with it. The bathroom will go underwater and everyone still in it will drown. Let them know, the time is soon but “not yet.”

I saw somebody give me a sheet of paper. I was a young guy at a new firm in a very snazzy suit. We worked money there at a feverish pace and I could feel inside myself, looking down at my expensive suit and manicured hands, that I was very, very, very good at it. I made millions of dollars for my employer in only a short time. As a result one day when I went out to call a cab to get lunch, a man from inside ran out to me, an older guy than me, maybe his early or mid-40s. He was dressed even nicer than I was, he raised a hand to stop me and said Hey! Kid. You’re great. You done good. They want me to give you this. Use it and you’ll be set for life.

He handed me a folded paper, on it were a few trades from the Stock Exchange. I as Celestial could not read them, when I looked at the paper I only saw about four or five blurry spots like when you write something with pencil then blur it with your finger. It was all smudged, God didn’t want me to see the trades.

But the young man saw the trades and looked up at the older guy with mute shock, comprehension and gratitude. He was amazed because the man was showing him on the paper what to buy, how much, when to buy it and how long to hold it for. INSIDER TRADING the voice of the Lord said even as I figured it out. The paper contained the ‘crown jewel’ trades that would make that boy set for life, set for ten lifetimes. The older guy patted him on the back while grinning at his mute and grateful face and said, ‘You’re welcome kid. I’ll tell ’em you sent your regards.’

I next saw a sheet of paper held before me. I looked at the paper. It was paper, a white sheet with nothing on it. I was thinking, okay it’s a sheet of paper. I couldn’t see anything on it at first but then gradually, my eyes ‘sharpened’ and I became aware of transactions happening on the paper.

The only way I can put it is: Imagine a sheet of paper with little white ants crawling on it in blocks of squares- the entire sheet is actually little white ants crawling in blocks and the movement of ants is the movement of money, stocks, bonds, investments, currency, everything that makes up the global economy. On 99% of the paper the ants were so few. They crawled around, did a little of this and that but their activity was sluggish and not much to write home about, not much to notice at all.

But the Lord zoomed my attention down to the last block. The very last square on the sheet, I’d say the tiniest corner at the bottom right of the sheet. He zoomed it so much til I saw a world of activity, an entire universe of industrious black ants moving to and fro at lightning speed. It was the hidden section where the rich trade, buy, sell and make money. It was a HIVE of activity- alert and alive with money and transactions zipping between the ants at lighting speed. I was amazed seeing this.

The paper zoomed out to normal size and again it looked like nothing, I knew the white ants and black ants where there though. This time because my eyes knew where to look I gazed at the lower right corner and there indeed, I was able to see raised braille symbols, almost invisible raised braille characters in black, white, and grey- I put my hand out to rub the sheet and felt the braille that confirmed ‘Something is here, but not anywhere else.’

The stock exchange will crash, everything that is considered ‘money’ will go away and God said after that there will be the New World Order and the New Beast System with its own money, its own stock exchange and its own way of doing things. The rich will trade in both worlds (this one and the one that’s coming) and be successful. That has always been their way, God was telling me, to succeed no matter the playing field.

Now the dream I had, it relates very much to this and that’s why I woke up irritated. I dreamed I went to a banquet that was above my pay grade: fancy linen table cloths, fancy table china and fine glassware for drinking in. I sat down when it was time and a young man, younger than me by a few years, sat down on one side. The dinner began and as we were waiting to be served we exchanged small talk. He asked me what I was into and I told him. I asked him about himself and he said Well I used to work but I don’t anymore. I recently came into a lot of money and I think with a little bit of effort and caring about your financial future you could too. You could do better for yourself. 

For some reason I got so mad at this but I restrained myself and said, Oh and how is that? He said You have to know how to trade the stock market. You can’t just sit there in the general assembly and hope it’s gonna work out. You have to work hard, make good choices, pay attention to the indices, get in when it’s time and get out when you sense it’s going downhill. It’s a skill, you see. It’s about intuition and hard work. He looked so self satisfied like he was telling a knucklehead baby how to breastfeed and get fat like the other smart babies do.

I looked at this man and said some things. I had a mild outburst. I had no idea how I knew what I said but I knew it was true and the proof appeared at the dinner table. I said you arrogant dummy. You think the money you “came into” was gotten legitimately? You think it was by ‘hard work and intuition’ or whatever capital nonsense your uncle told you, that he made all this money he gave you?!

(Somehow I knew the uncle was still alive, it was not a death inheritance.) The uncle was not even an old man, he was about 55 and ‘gave’ his nephew a great sum of money, something well over $600,000 from what God was showing me. It catapulted that boy from ordinary to ‘I’m quitting my job to learn day trading from my uncle because now I can afford it. Now I have the time.’

The guy was looking at me so shocked, he really couldn’t tell why I was mad but he didn’t dare to say anything. I said YOUR UNCLE HAD COUPONS! COUPONS! HE TRADED ON THE MARKET WITH COUPONS AND EVERY TRADE HE MADE COST HIM ONLY PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR, THAT’S WHY HE WAS ABLE TO MAKE HIS FORTUNE!!! HE!! USED!! COUPONS!!!!

And poof!- at the dinner table appeared a rain of what looked like oversized train tickets, each one white with a red or black lengthwise edge about a quarter-margin thick, with marked in bold white ink: COUPON. They rained out of the air onto the young man’s plate and he jerked back, ashamed and horrified at the evidence of his uncle’s guilt pouring out of the sky in front of all of us.


Every coupon carried the unmistakable neat cursive script of a man’s name written along the border of it, the one who signed the coupon before entering its unique coupon code into a trade purchase. Then we all saw right there, it appeared in the air like a movie scene – the online transaction- a man’s desktop in front of us, late-night trading while his wife slept, how the shopping cart for a bunch of stocks dropped from like one million dollars to about 50,000. He clicked ‘purchase’ and got all those stocks in his cart at a price of peanuts on the dollar.

The coupons rained into the young man’s empty plate and ignoring everybody else I said your uncle is a thief and you have thief’s money. If he is the one giving you information you trade with, you’re well on your way to becoming a thief yourself. 

When I stopped speaking the tickets stopped raining out of thin air. I sat staring straight ahead waiting for the food to come while this guy tried to gather up all the paper that’d rained on him and do something to get rid of it. I felt bad for him to find out this way, I could feel how much he loved and looked up to his uncle but there was nothing I could do about that.

The Lord Yah says the Stock Exchange will fall. It will collapse and in financial language people will lose their shirts. I do not know how the stock exchange works so I can’t provide further context to what is written here. I know the exchange exists, I know people are in it. I’ve tried to learn it but it is too complicated and my interest never got far. What matters is understanding that what we think we know clearly does not match what the Lord has revealed here.

The market is going to crash. The volatility of the stock market will be exposed. They get severely discounted prices to trade. They get kickbacks in the market and share the tips on making money with each other. Also deliberate crashing of the economy occurs, weakening the structure from within so ordinary people can fail.

Water is flooding into the bathroom and the busy ants in the right-hand corner of the sheet know all about what’s coming. They just pretend to be following developments at the same pace as the rest of us because if they didn’t people would tear them apart. Make sure to read the prophecy The Leaders of Babylon (below) and Conspirators at the Helm.

Please see the other prophetic witnesses that line up with this one and put them in context:

The Black Horse (S & P dream)

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I will leave this video here for now as a further witness, until this prophecy has its own video. 





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  1. Elma Zanamwe says:

    Thank you dear sister Celestial. I for one am listening, and always look forward to hearing what the Lord has to say, although at times the words are heavy but necessary to take in. God bless you.

  2. I love to hear how God speaks and what’s coming next. I know how to pray and I pray that you are at peace and no longer irritated. BUT listen I was dying laughing at the COUPONS part. Like literally hollering because I read it in your voice, I could sense your annoyance and just see your face! He traded with COUPONS ! Keep doing what you do for the kingdom, you shall be blessed mighty 💕

  3. David Carswell says:

    Celestial…I taught myself everything about stocks, bonds, options (“puts and calls”), etcetera and did quite well in the bull markets of late 1982 thru 1989 and 1992 up until the “dot com” bust of 2000. Your dream FASCINATED me because I understood every word, thanks be to God. As recently as last Mondays, I pleaded again as fervently as possible, “PLEASE sell all mutual funds…cash-in your 401K, IRS, Keogh, and any certificates of deposit. Go ahead and take the 20% hit; you’ll thank me when you still have the other 80%. WITHDRAW FROM THE BANK EACH DAY the maximum amount allowed by law but be careful not to hit any legal “trip-wires” or you could go to jail (believe it or not). Get ready for a Wall Street HEDGEFUNDS / DERIVATIVES MELTDOWN that will be so horrific folks will jump from the rooftops of buildings or use a pistol to do themselves in. I can’t find strong enough words to forewarn you about what Lord Jesus revealed to me many years ago! The insiders plan to “short-sell” (execute tons of “puts” or options market bets that a stock or stock index will fall to almost zero)…and then
    MAKE each of them cascade in one week of total chaos that will wreck the American economic landscape completely and…permanently !!!
    I, myself, got out of all such investments fifteen years ago, but my younger brother (like MOST folks in their early sixties and falsely-thinking
    they’ll have rosy retirement “in a few years”) is fully-invested in stock mutual funds. This is the LONGEST BUSINESS EXPANSION in history and the party should have ended three or four years ago. But the Treasury Department (led by Janet Yellen, formerly the Federal Reserve Bank chairman) just kept creating more TRILLIONS, not mere billions, of currency debt notes backed by thin air…and feeding it to America’s
    five major “money center banks”…which, in turn, pumped just about all of it into keeping the Dow, NASDAQ, S&P 500, Fortune 500, Russell 2000 and other stocks indices moving artificially higher and higher. Not to come across as a clairvoyant…I saw all this coming back in 2014
    and Yeshua (not the Holy Spirit) said, “David…Chile is an unpublicized paradise, so MOVE there and help the Father and Me evangelize a
    a STUNNINGLY gorgeous nation whose total population is only nineteen million. Fortunately, I obeyed. However, my heart is still with family
    and friends back in Virginia…and I just want to SCREAM in utter frustration over the “blood in the streets” Freddy Krueger movie that won’t be a movie…guaranteed to happen before October first. THANK YOU, once again, for being an obedient servant of the Father and Son.

    1. Matu says:

      I believe you…. though we’re well into Oct, I sense the words you shared here will be fulfilled this year to early next year. We recently sold our starter home in Silicon Valley this past May. Home prices are steadily reducing in this inflated housing market. With interest rates increasing, fewer first-time homebuyers are entering the market. However, we’re in a good position bc we’re sitting on a ton of cash to buy a bigger home (with a backyard, our ultimate goal so we can garden). What advice would you give us? My husband wants to buy an “investment home” in a nice area for resale value. These “investment homes” are quite small, way overpriced with no backyard. I’m telling him (with my limited understanding of stock market) the market is gonna crash anyway, we’re better off continuing to rent until we find a home that’s big w/a backyard, now that we can finally afford it. What’s your opinion on this please?

  4. Anna says:

    Bathrooms: all the bathroom fixtures are durable and immovable. We don’t move them about like household furniture. They are “secured” to the building and attached to pipes – conduits they function by. The conduits allow water to flow in and flow out. We’re in charge; close the down-flow pipe, open the inflow pipe and fill the fixture; sink, tub, toilet. Reverse. Reverse again. The room and it’s fixtures are always in the same place and you’re in control. Until you’re not. And then the room is not safe; not safe to use, not safe to be in.

  5. amandachristine814 says:

    There is much talk about this from non-mainstream groups. This for sure is coming. Please start to prepare everyone. Keep faith and God will lead you.

  6. Joseph says:

    What you are saying is very true, ( of course, being that it is coming from the Lord) currencies are collapsing as we speak and so are governments. The euro is tanking hard and the yen is on the brink of total collapse. Sri Lankan government collapsed and the people are living in chaos. China economy and financial system is holding on by a thread, and her people are in revolt. Europe will not survive the winter due to the complete loose of natural gas supply. Many investors are swimming like rat to the U$D as a safe haven, thus propping it up to look strong, but BRICS is threatening the future of the U$D. Saudi Arabia is have serious discussions on future trade for oil using the Dollar. The only safe haven for the common folk is to buy real assets with your money before the collapse. Assets in the form of food, real estate, tools, physical gold and silver, ANYTHING TANGIBLE. The truth about fiat money will soon be uncovered, don’t be caught holding 100k’s in retirement just to watch it turn to worthlessness. The signs of the times are there for those who has eyes to see. The things I have mentioned are on the surface level, what lays beneath is even uglier. If prophecy is not enough to cause for warning just research a bit in what I mentioned. Celestial mentioned a time back that Japan currency collapse would be the first to fall and we are seeing that right now! God bless people and keep building our treasures for what awaits us soon.

  7. Shawna Ketcham says:

    The dollar and other currencies are going to be eliminated. It’s the only way to transition the “tech money” Beast system.
    The answer isn’t cashing out. The answer is Jesus. He is our inheritance he is our source. Judgments are set
    Holy Spirit told me this the “end of the end”
    Apostle John spoke of this time and we still don’t understand? I’ve seen Wall Street fall to their knees
    Invest in the kingdom and it’s work while there is still time.
    Ken Bailey on YouTube saw rolls of cash 💰 worthless. Check him out only a few videos but they are good as well. Gods grace is on our family even knowing who celestial is the road is indeed narrow. Few will find it.


    1. Joseph says:

      Mathew 24: 16-21 Plan now for what is to come, for when it happens you will no longer be able to make those preparations. Many of Celestial’s prophecies warns us to do as such. What use is $100K in the bank when the beast system is launched? Celestial is clearly saying this is happening soon. We won’t have time to exchange money for food, or anything. As it states in Mathew when its time to go you go, so prepare as such.

      1. Celestial says:

        Celestial is not saying anything. The Lord reveals His truths and I set no time on them. I say this only because this is how people bankrupt themselves in panic then say “the prophet told me.” If there’s one thing no one can fault me for on this blog, it is that I lack the “flog the dead horse” hysteria in Christianity today. From how people act out there we’re all going to die, *tomorrow*, all the time. I don’t know how they keep it up. Take all things to prayer but the beast system is not tomorrow. It’ll never show itself until the last iota is prepared & they know not even one farmer with a gun is left to resist. Jesus said, be people who know how to read weather & also the times.

        1. Joseph says:

          Thank you

  8. Phyllis says:

    Thank you Celestial. May we be obedient enough to hearken to the voice of our Heavenly Father.

  9. LoriQ says:

    Thank you Father for giving us this period of your Grace and Mercy. Our economy should have already collapsed given the disastrous policies in place. It’s a matter of when, not if. People need to Heed the warnings God is giving Celestial. This is not a joke. We will not go back to normal. We are no longer a nation of polite society. When the economy falls, all Hades is going to break loose. Please wake up! Please heed these blog posts! Most importantly, please humble yourself and REPENT to the Lord. Do it now. Don’t wait!

  10. Steven Shindler says:

    Hi Celestial,

    My wife and I are grateful for the uncompromising messages you bring to God’s people. I’d like to verify with you that I’m sending your gifts to the correct account. Your website gives the paypal address: mastersvoice@mail.com. I tried that on paypal and there were no results. Could you please verify that you’re receiving the gifts I’ve been sending on paypal via the account: “E?” It does have your picture on it.


  11. LoriQ says:

    George Carlin. A comedian that spoke much Truth when he was alive. Dave Chappelle is another one who boldly speaks of American society and all of its hypocrisy and filth. God sometimes uses the most unlikely conduits to spread Truthful commentary. I pray more Americans will wake up and REPENT before it is too late.

  12. Marty says:

    This might be a sneak peak at the new economic system.


    Stay UP. 🙏

    1. Jeremy Varian says:

      I wonder hoe much of being said was true, its too much for ordinary people to handle

    2. Matu says:

      The link is broken can you resend?

    3. elfmom55 says:

      Hi Marty, the link doesn’t work.

  13. Phyllis says:

    Just to let you know, Ghana has confirmed first cases of Marburg disease today 19th July 2022, and the people died.. For those who read the blog, remember the Prophecy by Celestial from our Heavenly Father about deadly diseases coming. Time to repent..

  14. eze33 says:

    The Lord lets his own know what they can do in preparation if they are capable and he’ll take care of the rest.


  15. Lupita Monzon says:

    Father, Son and Holy Spirit the just live by Faith send down your rain Revival to your people 🔥

  16. Peter says:

    Hi celestial! Is trading exchange by yourself a sin?

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello. The prophecy does not say that. It speaks of rampant unevenness of the economy & the coming result it. Please read again for understanding, God bless.

  17. Andrew Heynig says:

    Is this before civil war, invasion and zombies

  18. sking85e9e7ffb4 says:

    I used to work for a Russian stock broker Rencap which is mostly owned by ex-politicians; the money they play with is Russian state money that specializes in emerging markets. I was in IT so I got to cross the so-called ‘Chinese walls’ for compliance and was privy to some firsthand info that confirms what’s being said here. Russia has been extremely busy in the markets as well, most of it under the radar. That’s why African countries have not been saying much about the Ukraine War as Russia has been positioning itself as a global power for a while now financially and politically. They’ve been buying up all resources quietly through the stock market in Africa. So much to say but yes it’s all rigged, paper money backed by nothing. Shalom.

  19. Carey B. says:

    All prophets prophecy in part. The wealth transfer is real and it will take place. It has been confirmed over and over again to me. God bless.

    1. Onyinyechi says:

      The Word says there is nothing new under the Sun… where has this happened in the Bible or any of the scrolls. Every prophet in the Bible has all spoke prophecy that another prophet has spoken and it will be the same. Absolutely nothing new under the Sun. “What is. Man to gain the world and lose his soul”. People waiting on Satan to give a wealth transfer because that is not from Yah, however, the Word says you will not be able to buy or sell lest you accept the beast… seek ye the Kingdom and not money.

  20. Joseph says:

    The stock market is in it’s “Pump and Dump” phase. It will drain the world of its wealth only to consolidate it to single holders. It is a brilliant ponzi scheme organized by the powers to be to impoverish all rich and poor. Debt is the greatest method to depopulation, without money nothing moves, stores will forever be empty, no fuel, a crushed industry. Many citizens of the first world don’t understand where food comes from and the people who know will kill to obtain and keep it. After a year or so surviving like this what will you give up to have your easy money back? What options does your minds draw you to? The new order will “save” us from ourselves. It will be our “saviour”. We only think in the present. How many of us will draw to God when we see our children die or when we trade our wives for a unlabeled cans of something? How do we tame our selfish hearts in times like this when we can’t in good times. It will be times like this when when the sheep and goats are rightly divided. Do you love your neighbors? Jesus said “if you love me, keep my commandments” I fore one struggle to love God in good times, how will I be in dire?

    1. Mary Leah says:

      Joseph you are so correct! I went through six month without. It was homesteading on a piece of land I purchased. I had small comforts like a small generator for AC in one room but the gas prices shot up and depleted savings quick. I had water and hot water from propane, and a small solar system for lights. It was hard, very hard, and by the end I just wanted to flip on a switch or flush a toilet. It wore me down and by the end I cried a lot. I learned how to do many things like dutch oven cooking and even then I was not without food or comforts. It will be much worse when we don’t have any comforts and no food.

      1. Mary Leah says:

        Although I must say. This did prepare me and I would recommend kerosene lamps to everyone. it adds heat to an insulated room and lighting when needed.

      2. Mary Leah says:

        That sounded so gloomy and rather hopeless. That was not my intention. Because,. God did provide the entire time and I know He will again. I know God will cover and shelter us. He is our refuge and fortress, my God in whom I trust.

      3. Joseph says:

        I’ve always wanted to homestead but I have grown to enjoy easy. Growing up, my family was quite poor.( Not wanting to fish for sympathy). I have a large family and we lived without modern running water. We had to drain water from an old water heater bottom spigot. For some reason this did not supply water to the plumbing. We would use this water to flush the toilet, wash dishes, or heat up to wash off. We take for granted how precious basic utilities are. Something as simple as turning up a thermostat or taking hot showers. I commend you on your endeavors. Homesteading is tough, I hope to one day pick your brain on your experiences.

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  22. Natasha says:

    So the Lord says this is coming soon but not yet. I’m assuming this will be after the 2 good years?

  23. Esther Joseph says:

    Hi sister Celestial how are you ?
    I want to thank you for sharing all of your dreams with us. I really like GOD talking to you His truths to help us to be prepared for His return. You are His real prophet. Continue the good work, l have learned a lot, May GOD help you .

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  25. Angela says:

    Hello. I pray for you. I can clearly see how much you care and what a toll this all takes on you. Just know that there are some out here that truly support you in your calling. I just found your channel a few months ago and have been fixated on it. In 58 almost 59 and this is the type of teaching I grew up with. But can’t find it now, so thank God and thank you. Your sister in Christ

  26. Princess says:

    Thank you Celestial!

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