Pestilence Is Coming – April 1, 2020

Surely wickedness burns like a fire;
    it consumes briers and thorns,
it sets the forest thickets ablaze,
    so that it rolls upward in a column of smoke.
   By the wrath of the Lord Almighty
    the land will be scorched
and the people will be fuel for the fire;
    they will not spare one another. – (Isaiah 9:18-19)

“The land will be exhausted. They will face crisis after crisis until they struggle to catch their breath. And yet there are more things to come.”  – (To Celestial, April 1, 2020)

I had various images this morning, can’t call them dreams, only one was a dream. I dreamt of the coronavirus disease, but throughout the dream it was referred to as “covid-15.” If it was written anywhere, on a patient’s tag or chart it read covid-15. My brain looking at these images kept trying to convert it to covid-19 to make sense of it but, the writing would shrug off my sleeping brain’s attempt to interfere and adjust itself to covid-15. Eventually I realised that the coronavirus disease was being shown from a previous year, previous occurrence- obviously a bad year- 2015. Once I realised this my consciousness stopped attacking the number and it appeared clearly on the bottom of the beds of sick people, on charts, and on sick people’s hospital wristbands- COVID-15. Eventually in the dream I saw new scenes of sick people and the tags given to them were COVID-19. Now it began appearing across my dream, on the news banners, wrist tags and other places as: COVID-19.

COVID-19 stands for coronavirus disease 2019. So you already know what COVID-15 stands for, and that means what I saw this morning is that this disease is not new, it has been here in the USA before but never talked about, publicised, or called its real name. I was curious so I did research and what I found is America had its deadliest ‘flu season’ in 10 years in 2015. You can read more on that here or do your own research on this.

God spoke to me about the disease currently in the earth. In images I saw people dying of covid-19; they were choking on bodily fluids and then their lives expired. But I saw worse, I saw another disease descend upon earth, its appearance was like fire and it burned humanity to a crisp.

I heard the Lord sayAnother contagion is coming, one far worse than the one on earth now. It will burn and consume them, write: ‘FEVER.’ I send the fever, the ague, chills and temperature.”

I saw people shivering terribly in hospital beds; they hugged themselves with legs pulled up and their teeth chattered. They felt cold and freezing yet their temperature reflected above their heads via a beeping, red hospital monitor: 105. 106. I thought what, how can someone can be alive at 106 fever? The Lord said: “Fever. Ague. Disease. Remind them of my word,” and I saw the photo of another prophecy I have on the blog titled The Pale Horse“.  Click the link and read that if you can.

I did research when I woke up and found this on one medical website: Hyperpyrexia, or fever of 106°F or higher, is a medical emergency. If the fever is not lowered, organ damage and death can result. In fact, if you’re experiencing a fever of 103°F or higher with other significant symptoms, it’s important that you seek immediate medical care.

The Lord said “A disease worse than covid-19 is coming. It will burn up the inhabitants of earth, it will make them like dry kindling wood and they will be burned.”

I saw how people died. People DIED of this new disease in droves and it was just terrible. Again it affected western nations, that’s what I saw. When people finally died of this disease they were dried up from fever until their skin was wrinkly and dry, flaky, like old paper or parchment. People aged and died looking ten times older than they really were. When they died their skin was flushed and retained a dull red colour under the skin- you could see it in their cheeks and face especially.

They looked like they were sleeping but they were surely dead and their bodies were HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS. I saw hospital workers removing bodies in hazmat suits, white suits- as they zipped these dried-up people in black body bags they worked slowly and methodically. The bodies were so contagious that even if any of their hair snagged in the body bag zipper and somehow came in contact with a living person they could get this disease. If the dead one’s skin so much as pinched in the zipper or got pricked in some way and blood flowed out and touched somebody, that person would fall sick. I saw the blood of a dead person being drawn for testing, it was thick as drying glue and very black. 

I knew watching these images that there was no cure for this disease, doctors were wasting their time trying to make sense of it. This disease came like a dry wind from heaven and landed on people, and man began to die a horrible burning death. The fever dried out the body and killed people, and sadly there could be no normal burial process. 

I saw into a place that was very hot: Bodies were left in black body bags, put into a large oven and burned. I saw the oven opening regularly after the timer on it ran out, more bodies were shovelled into it and then the flat metal door was shut, the temperature gauge set and the door sealed. Then fire raged in that oven and that’s how people left this world. That’s how people ended their lives. There was no giving bodies back to families, the government wasn’t even trying to imagine what would happen if highly contagious bodies were handed back to families for them to handle burials themselves. People got cremated amid extreme grief, mental breakdown and struggle as their families realised the last time they’d see their mother, father, sister, spouse was when they got wheeled into ICU in the last stages of this disease. I tell you grief in the nations was profound and very, very HIGH.

The scene changed and I saw a huge warehouse, I mean.. massive. Bigger than any Amazon warehouse, the place stretched out long as a football field and God put me at the roof to observe the sheer size of it. The place was filled with workers in white hazmat suits. Every inch of them was covered except their faces, which had eye goggles instead of sealed helmets. Their mouths were uncovered to talk to each other; they had blue shoe covers and blue gloves. I didn’t see what they were doing but they were like ants in that warehouse. 

The image blacked out into a black background with two medical shields on it. By medical shield I mean an insignia, a logo like a company logo. The logos were shaped like shields, black background, white logo. One shield was a medical dropper shaped like a cross- the top and sides of it stuck up and to both sides, and the bottom of the dropper had a drop of liquid squeezing out of it. But the second shield was twice as deadly- it has two thermometers side by side with the gauge right at the top. So I saw the first disease was one involving liquid, and the next disease would be a deadlier one involving heat

The two shields disappeared and God told me: Covid-19 is over. It is ended. It will soon taper down and die out. My people cried for mercy and I have heard their prayers. But judgement is against the land and this new disease shall come. It will burn among men and take its fair share until it too is commanded to cease. This is the word of the Lord. 

This is what I received this morning. As with all prophecy please take this to the Lord in prayer. The word at the top (about struggling in waves of crisis) was also given this morning; it mirrors a scripture I’ve shared many times on this blog:

Yet for all that His anger is not turned away; His hand is stretched out still. (Isaiah 9)

This phrase simply means- It’s not over, more is coming. Yes it’s terrible but even if you can’t believe it there’s more on the way. WOES. I have another prophecy, I’ll try and post it today. Let us stay in a mindset and posture of repentance God wants to see people sorry for their sins and everybody else’s sins, asking for mercy in our collective time of need. Amen.

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  1. Scarlett says:

    Reblogged this on Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary and commented:
    This is not going to be good news for anyone breathing a sigh of relief when COVID-19 abates, thinking that you can return to a normal lifestyle. No, there is more coming! Pray that the Lord will grant you time to prepare you’re hearts in prayers, fasting, and repentance for yourself, loved ones and others. Even the infirm can fast…as in leading a fasted lifestyle. Pray for godly wisdom and discernment.

    1. Celestial says:

      The Scriptures tell us that our world will experience birth pangs, and everyone knows that birth pangs only go one way – the increase to the point of unbearableness before reaching an expected end. Our expected end is Jesus Christ our blessed hope, who will return one day in glory to establish His eternal kingdom forever. May we all be counted worthy to be with Him in that kingdom, amen.

  2. Reblogged this on pomegranatesandchains and commented:
    Description of a future plague — massive fever and WOES that continue on as God looks down to see if we will cease our wicked ways, repent and turn to Him through His son, Jesus Christ. Why do we have to be so rebellious, arrogant, proud and smug. Tragic waste of human souls. God is STILL reaching out everyone. Take His hand!

    1. Celestial says:

      Thank you for faithfully sharing these words so more can hear them and take heed Pomegranates. God bless you sister.

  3. Scarlett says:

    I don’t understand why more people aren’t commenting….this content is so spiritually rich and edifying. Perhaps it’s just more than some folks can handle, or want to hear.
    ….I see eyes closed and fingers stuck in ears.

  4. Marcos R. says:

    Wow! This reminds me of a part of the plagues in the Judgements in the Book of Revelations where it talks about the sun burning men as a plague! Hmmm… Idk, just seems very similar somehow.

  5. pau voudrach says:

    In 1997 the Spirit of God said, I will send a mighty wind throughout the land. People will what eyes have never seen and ears will hear what ears have never heard. I always pondered on the Word spoken. I say now thjat I had no idea or thought that His Word was referring to what began last year. I have also read what God’s watchmen were warning us of things come, starting like a ripple on the ocean then the second wave will be higher and it will continue. Our Lord Jesus was telling us to clean out house (us) and repent of our evil wicked ways…

  6. Hélène says:

    If supposing the CV thing was real, it was a flu worse than other flus, actual deaths – then it didn’t die down for quite a while after Mar 2020. Then they switched to cases becuz flu season was over and the hysteria had to be kept up. I still run across ppl saying we’re in a pandemic. I just am flabbergasted. Now we’re in a carefully hidden plague of deaths from the shot but no one makes ANY mention of that — the hidden thing is working well and cognitive dissonance is high. It’s just a pandemic of variants now. Variants of a disease with a 99.4% of surviving it 🤦‍♀️
    The lunacy of this world is more than I can handle most days. Thank God He handles it instead, haShem is the sole reason I’m not locked up in a rubber room.

  7. Hélène says:

    i AM waiting for the fever plagues to be released. Those will be REAL. As in actually deadly. Truly, they’re coming.

  8. Nana says:

    Dear Lord, I realize that being a Christian doesn’t mean I never will have any problems anymore. But I thank You that, in these problems, You will provide the solutions. Help me to build my life on the solid foundation of Your Word, so even when I’ll be shaken, I will not crumble but will stand firm. In Jesus’ Name, Amen 🙏.. Thank you sister you helped me draw closer to my Lord and Savior Jesus christ. Many blessings to you. 🙏 /Nana /Sweden

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