The Stock And The Store – August 22, 2020

For behold, the Lord, the Lord of hosts,
Takes away from Jerusalem and from Judah
The stock and the store, the whole supply of bread and the whole supply of water;

The banner verse Isaiah 3:1 means: I will take away the food and the supply, the provisions, the things you depend on. Here it is from the New Living Translation:

“The Lord, the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, will take away [from Jerusalem and Judah] everything they depend on: every bit of bread and every drop of water…”

It simply means: You will not have even the basic needs you require for daily life.

Hear the word of the Lord:

I will take away the stock and the store. 



This nation will dwindle.

Everything about her will go down.








Everything will weaken and loosen at the joints, and only those who know me will persist in FAITH to survive what is to come.

Food shortages are coming. Bare shelves will be seen in the nation. Trucks will no longer bring food to the cities, and your homes will lie fallow and empty. You are in new times: I will sustain the righteous but the unrighteous will feel every bit of what I am sending to judge and humble America. The righteous will feel it too, just not as keenly. Stores will be empty on purpose; they will not restock when they run out. Supply chains will be broken and food will run low. The farmers are being deliberately attacked and they will eventually fail in their duty to feed the nation.

The age of luxury, carefree living, “wants and extras” is over. Soon you will not even be able to get the basics you need to sustain your home. The farms will be choked and burned, their production will be halted and then you will groan with hunger. There is not enough to feed you all, and the wicked architects of approaching disaster know this.

I will take away the manicures and tight clothing and gel tipped nails. All that feel good luxury will be stopped and this nation shall be made contrite. I will humble you America. No longer will Americans get what they want but they will suffer the abject hunger, lack and social abuses that are common in other nations. Federal aid will not be able to cope with this need. People will be left to fend for themselves and the reality of the times will finally begin to sink in. 

I will take away everything you have been dependent on, and even things you have taken for granted. The right to have elections, to vote, to be a free and sovereign nation. America will return to her original condition- just as she began life as a child, a ward of the state of England, so will she end her days in the custody of foreign nations who will decide everything for her. They will decide what time she wakes up, what type of work her citizens do, and even how long they will live. For your abominations are rife (overflowing) before Me, therefore shall I give these shores peace. I will give my land rest, PEACE, when I send you away to distant places from which you will not return.

Thus says the Lord. This is the end of the prophecy.

The Bible says two or three witnesses confirm a matter and I always remind us that the themes on this blog are repeated over and over by God because He is serious about them. Almost every prophetic word on The Master’s Voice has a twin and in some cases, sextuplets. Please see The Empty Basket and A Vision Of America for more on themes of economic breakdown, failing government programs like financial bail-outs and welfare, hard-to-find food items, hunger, loss of freedom and the rise of a controlling state.

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Blessings from Celestial. 🌺


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  1. Laura Bessa says:

    Thank you for your acts of obedience to our Masters voice Celestial. I am listening and taking it to my heart before my Yah.

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