An Original People – December 5, 2020

Image: Actor Michael Spears

For the men who were in the land before you committed all these abominations, and the land has become defiled. So if you defile the land it will vomit you out as it vomited out the nations who came before you. – (Leviticus 18:27- 28)

For a voice of wailing is heard out of Zion, How are we spoiled! We are left in great confusion, because we have forsaken the land, because our dwellings have cast us out. (Jeremiah 9:19)

I just received this message from the Lord, but I’ve been hearing parts of it for a few days:

I will drive the people of this land away from here. I will scatter them to the four winds and their cities shall be no more. Citizens shall flee America as a trickle and then a wave, first bit by bit as they realize life is no longer possible here, then in droves as human rights abuses and other atrocities make them fear for their very lives. America shall be EMPTY.

I will give the land rest from the things she has seen and suffered, for the blood that has been shed and the iniquity that has defiled every inch of her. This land has suffered great atrocities and even now they are still taking place- the earth is a witness to bloodshed and murder at every opportunity but soon that will be reversed. Look up and see your reprieve America, it is coming soon. 

I will scatter the inhabitants of the United States to the four corners of the world, the righteous and unrighteous. The righteous have somewhere to be, an appointment to keep, but the unrighteous will be taken away captives to other nations. If you think I will not do this then you do not understand the curses of the original people. I gave them this land as an inheritance, a place they could worship Me and for a time they did. They were faithful and celebrated festivals in My honour; their traditions exalted Me and they did not follow other gods. But they forgot me, they became delinquent and forsook the worship of the true God. They bowed down to idols and so I sold them over to their conquerors. They forfeited the land I gave them and became slaves. 

My people are a spiritual people- I communicate with them. They saw the coming of the invaders in ships but did not understand. They saw the arrival of the fire-sticks that cut down so many of them but they did not repent. Only when their numbers were decimated and their necks were in an iron grip of slavery, when they were driven from the land, then they grieved and mourned for their sins but it was too late. The invaders took over and so it has been ever since.

But now America…

I will scatter you to the four winds. Just as you received this inheritance by force you shall lose it by force. It will be taken from you suddenly, it will become the property of new invaders and you shall be sold as chattel over the seas to foreign shores. America (the land not the people), I am speaking to you. I hear your cries. Land of the free, home of the “brave”, the original American Indian. I have heard the cries (of the land, the actual soil of America) and I will answer you. I am coming to free you from the wickedness that has dragged you under. I AM Your help and your strong deliverer. Soon America, (the land not the people) Jehovah I AM will answer you. You shall have your rest.

The Lord God says this: Tell My people, the native American men and women, that I am their God. I am their Shepherd, I am the Chief of the tribe. I am the only leader, the Blackfoot and Chippawee tribe, I am your ordained leader and you shall worship Me. You shall not bow down to snake or owl or eagle or bear. You shall not worship or venerate (exalt) the creature, for the creature is merely the expression of the Creator. Tell My people I am coming, they must get their tents in order.

Order yourselves before Me, especially you men, order yourselves according to your rank and tribe. I, the Lord am coming among you for an inspection. Let no male be found among you who is an abomination, who is not a man, who is an alternative lifestyle person or who practices anything else I consider a sin. Cleanse yourselves and repent, return to the first rites, the first rituals as you used to do when you believed in Me. I will be seen among you again in these final days. I will gather you from all the places I drove you in My anger, I will forgive you, I will be tender with you, I will call you by My own name. You are Abraham’s seed, an original people; I will make you remember everything that the hornet and bitter affliction caused you to forget.

This is the word of the Lord.

Here are the pictures. It is all short clips, flashed quickly then the next and the next.

I see old style ships with white sails coming over the sea, and from far off American Indians are standing on top of high outcrops and things like that, watching them approach. At first it is only younger men climbing up to these rocks to look at them but then I see even old men insisting that the younger ones help them to climb these steep mountains. They are not content to believe what the others are telling them, they want to see it for themselves. So two or more men assist an old man with a stick and a blanket around his shoulders, not the chief but still an important old man because of the number of men trying to lift him. An old man with a very lined and weathered face, feathers in his hair, insisting he wants to go up the rocky mountain and see the ships approaching for himself. So the men make an arrangement and somehow get him up there to see it for himself. And he does see them and is quiet. 

I see a lot of Indians standing across a lot of mountains. They are not even the same tribe, they have different robes on, different colours on their belts, different styles of blanket weaving and even tones of skin. But they’re all standing on their own hill or mountain watching these very far off points of light coming in, and I can feel the tension and confusion among them: ‘What is it? What are they? Why are they coming here? WHY?’

And I understand from God that these people have been dreaming, they have been seeing this for quite a while before it happened and now it has finally come.

I see next a lot of struggling. Horses, shooting, dust, men yelling. A lot of fighting- American Indian men with no shirts on and wearing some tan leather pants with fringes, fighting boldly, fighting but dying in droves because their style of warfare cannot compete with the new style of war that has come. I see briefly a woman being dragged out of a tent, just her bare breasts as she is fighting, then that image is gone as she’s dragged on the ground by some men.

Last I see people naked with heavy chains on, pleading, crying, weeping very greatly and holding their two hands together in supplication. These are modern people. They are also being dragged to ships and I don’t want to describe any more than that. I have seen it enough times and said so. The Lord says in very clear terms that America shall be an empty place, He will issue some form of Heavenly command and in response events will happen here in this country that cause all her people to be scattered to the four corners of the world.

The last image was a time lapse of serious vegetation regrowth: tall grass, trees, palms and other jungle type of plants growing all over America. It went from being a fully settled, inhabited modern place, to having green grass, trees, jungle palm fronds and jungle type greenery and wildlife completely taking over it. The picture took place by the sea so it felt like I was in the forest looking out to the sea, watching the forest regrow and renew itself because there were no more people to chop down, plough, plant or overrun anything. The land had this happy, sighing feeling over it like “aaaahhhh…” and the greenery started growing until it closed up the view of the water before me.

For more on this see here: Buffalo Soldiers.

God said to tell the body of Christ that He is very very serious at this time. Very serious. The general tone of things I hear in my private time is: ‘If they think I won’t do what I say I will do, if they do not order their ways before Me, then they will receive without mercy the full consequences of their actions.’ This is the best way I can put it across to you all. God bless. 

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  1. Sgt. Carl says:

    Well… now I understand even more why the actual soil/ground/land has been defiled. If those young people are underground, the land witnesses that too. Because of the things I shared previously on the post: “Redacted Information Revealed”, I understand the deeper reasons why God is judging America, for her LAND, even underground, has been defiled. Now it makes more sense why. God bless!

  2. Cblackwood says:

    Yes indeed, Native American are of the tribe of Manasseh one of the son of Joseph. Their entire story is in the book of Mormon. Unfortunately, they created a false cult religion around that book and Christian refuse to read that book. The Book of Mormon is simply a history of the Native American journey from Jerusalem to the Americas….the Book is different from the religion of Mormon. Just like False Christianity is different from the Bible.

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