A Bitter Decree: The Mother of Seven – October 20, 2019

“For who will have pity on you, O Jerusalem?
Or who will bemoan you?
Or who will turn aside to ask how you are doing?
You have forsaken Me,” says the Lord,
“You have gone backward.
Therefore I will stretch out My hand against you and destroy you;
I am weary of relenting!

I will winnow them with a winnowing fan in the gates of the land;
I will bereave them of children;
I will destroy My people,
Since they do not return from their ways.
Their widows will be increased to Me more than the sand of the seas;
I will bring against them,
Against the mother of the young men,
A plunderer at noonday;
I will cause anguish and terror to fall on them suddenly.

“She languishes who has borne seven;
She has breathed her last;
Her sun has gone down
While it was yet day;
She has been ashamed and confounded.
And the remnant of them I will deliver to the sword
Before their enemies,” says the Lord. – (Jeremiah 15:5-9)

I continue the prophecies from Jeremiah 15 given this morning. This passage of scripture is very sobering. The prophet is clearly describing the devastations of war, when women have neither sons nor husbands left because of the merciless action of invaders attacking their men. A woman of seven sons will feel like her life has ended, like she’s been plunged into sudden darkness when all her military sons she’s so proud of (and their military dad) are taken away from her in one deadly swoop by a foreign army. ‘Widows and grieving mothers’ are a sign of particular national devastation- whenever the Bible says women, children and the old are the only ones left in a nation, we know there’s been a devastating event that took out all the men, and left the vulnerable members of society exposed. Those vulnerable ones are then taken into captivity and become the wives, servants and sufferers of whatever indignities their new masters seek to impose on them. “And the remnant of them I will deliver to the sword before their enemies”, says the Lord (see above). This prophecy is not limited to soldiers in the armed forces- this will affect every type of first resistance including local police, firefighters, Coast Guard etc. as well as Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and the rest. Any type of security force guarding this nation is referred to. 

As it is American pride in the military is so HIGH- even above state or federal pride. This nation’s faith in its national security and military ability is their paramount source of PRIDE, “their unbroken assurance of safety”. Yet I announce to you clearly in these words of the Lord: One day that pride will be struck so many blows it’ll be unrecognisable.

As I share these prophetic words I’ve been told by many people- online, in real life, even among my own friends and relatives- I’ve been told with every emotion from incredulity to outright laughter- “IT’LL NEVER HAPPEN!”

But here’s the thing. When the Lord God says something will happen? It will happen. Greater nations than America are now a footnote in history because of sin. We read about them and how they fell into unthinkable natural, social, political and military disasters, simply because they could not overcome their own arrogance and wickedness. Nor did they repent when the message from God came for them to do so. Greece and the machinery of Rome bowed their knees to conquerors in their day; the Assyrians fell, the Babylonian army fell, the Vikings fell, the British Empire fell, and even ancient Israel fell- all because of her sins! Much fiercer, braver, CLOSE CONTACT FIGHTERS than the American army have fallen to conquerors who overpowered them when their time came.  

The era of great fighters is gone; days where you had to face your opponent and prove your worth on the battlefield in order to save your life and your country are over. Now men fight from computer screens, wreaking havoc in nations they’ve never been to. It is at once the most efficient and most devastating age of warfare we’re in yet God says, AMERICA WILL FALL. That means, in simple English, try though she might and laugh though she may, she will fall. The prophecy is below, thank you for reading and God bless.

Hear the Word of the Lord:

To the people of New York City, Chicago, New Jersey, Delaware, District of Columbia, and the other American cities. To the people of the United States of America, and the Americas at large (i.e. Neighbours of the United States, be warned).

USA: You have wearied me with your sin. You have pushed every limit of fornication, adultery, pedophelia and gross sexual perversion until there is no more room in the heavens to receive it. You have been diligent, sealing every entrance against the word of God, silencing the voices I in My mercy want you to hear. I am the Lord- I said worship Me in holiness, but across all shores of this nation you abandoned My houses of worship to frolic in false temples raised up to every deity under the sun. In accordance with this you are judged, severely so. When a nation departs from the Lord its destruction is assured- so has it been with empires and civilisations one after another. You are no different. Your judgement shall not be overturned; even if the righteous plead for mercy they shall receive nothing but the timely deliverance of their own souls. Nothing shall be done for my holy ones except the fulfilment of the promise in Psalm 91:7-8.

These lands are awash and afoul with MURDER, the sin of cutting off life because of abortion, hatred, jealousy, covetousness, revenge, crime, BLOODSPORT, competition and to cover up household wickedness. The blood of innocents floods this nation, selfish ambition choking off any hope for forgiveness as children are sacrificed on the altar of LACK OF SELF CONTROL. You who are pregnant and abort the foetus, their blood is upon you, you will pay for it in full. Every abortion clinic, clinician, doctor, assistant and tech, anyone who participates will be judged for complicity in this sin- there will be no mercy shown to the unrepentant. Killing a human being invokes the mark of Cain [Genesis 4:8-15]. Therefore you are cursed with a curse; without proper repentance there can be no atonement of sin. Your blood guiltiness is high in My sight, and no forgiveness will be shown to anyone who does these things.

I see how pornography and sex with animals is “legal”, it is practised and people turn a blind eye to it. As long as you are not caught these things are commonplace, old news. Yet I hold it as sin to look on nakedness that is not yours or your partner’s in covenant marriage. It is also an abomination to lie male with male, or female with female. It is an abomination before the altar of the Lord to lie with an animal as you would with a male or female. Yet these things take place in private homes and public whorehouses every day, and there is ready consumption of it online, even involving children whose innocence in this nation has rapidly been destroyed. To find an innocent and uncorrupted child in the United States is a tall order: they have knowing eyes, wanton lips and brazen foreheads, almost all of them- therefore their punishment shall be great. To all who commit sin: My eye has seen each one, you have been marked, you will be repaid for your deeds. The sin of adultery, devastation of the wife and husband of your youth- you have been marked with a mark of unfaithfulness, you will be repaid in full. Your accomplice outside the home will receive double the judgement as you, for being one who troubles the peace of a covenant. Unjust laws, laws that trouble the nation, laws that trouble the peace of the foreigner and your brother who dwells with you, in the same way your own peace will be troubled. 

War will come to the United States: repeated uprising, civil violence, skirmishes, foreign fights that deplete resources and dwindle the army down to nothing as they fight battles in terrain they are not used to, losing their lives defending territory that is not theirs. American soldiers will number among the fallen- the bodies of servicemen and women will lie piled high in their cities on the day I return vengeance on this nation for its unfaithfulness. Soldiers will be overpowered with superior weaponry, superior training, and devices of the enemy they had not seen coming. Suddenly America, you will be taken. Suddenly you will be encircled and snared by your nemesis, your strong enemy from the high ground will overtake you and crush your kingdom into the dust.

Russia and China will conquer this nation; every stretch of it shall be theirs despite pockets of resistance that arise. Your people will be numbered, catalogued and taken into captivity- I tell you this – you will see this land no more, and when you are gone she will have rest from your abominations. You have defiled My offering of love in this haven of America- I gave it as a rest haven to you, but you have defiled its length and breadth. Therefore in due time you will be dragged across the water to serve masters you have hated, and their own hatred of you will burn with cruel efficacy against your men, women and children. Your light will be extinguished, your lamp stand will be put out. You will wander across the seas as slaves and die in captivity, and My eyes will no longer behold your WICKEDNESS.

 This is the word of the Lord.

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  1. Scarlett says:

    Sister, these judgments are very hard to bear, even though I know the Sovereign God is just and true. I’ve read similar warnings as far back as in the 70’s. America has been on the brink of a Holocaust for many years, yet America continues on, sleeping like a child in a death trap….unaware of the danger.

    1. Celestial says:

      These posts are sobering and are meant to cause repentance and corrected behaviour- AND YET- only those who listen to God in the first place will bother with these writings. The rest will keep doing these very sins, hastening the judgement.

      We can build our lives on this truth: Contrary to humanity’s endlessly shifting sets of standards Jehovah is SURE, unchanging, and ALWAYS FAIR. If these indictments come to the USA it means there is pervasive wickedness going on that YOU CAN’T SEE. It’s going on in homes, businesses, and underground such as I posted in “What You Never Heard Before, Pt 2.” It’s in high rises and hidden centers of power. Read the “Profanity of Profanities” visions- there is NO WAY this can continue. It makes life hard to bear. Aren’t you tired of living shoulder to shoulder with such things, knowing laws are being worked on to allow sex with little children and things like that? Too much is going on, even as the one who sees these images I know God hasn’t revealed the full range of what He’s passing judgement for. If God is holy He must judge sin; no-one can be allowed to keep sinning indefinitely. God bless you.

  2. Celestial says:

    Hello Scarlett. Thank you for all your faithful observations and posts on TMV blog. Yes these decrees are harsh, yet as I always remind us: God is a just judge. He’s not some angry, out-of-control comic book deity hurling thunderbolts or raining down curses on America unfairly. Jesus said: “Believe My witness about Myself.” God is a JUST JUDGE. What’s painful for us is not that He’s wrong about America, nor is He judging her unfairly. Abortion stats current hover about 56.6m deaths in total. Nearly 57m nonexistent people God made, cut off before they took a breath because someone wanted casual sex without after-care responsibility. Sister, what is the fair repayment for this sin ALONE? We tremble reading of judgement, but let us not forget the decades of sin that left God no choice but to judge us. If you’ve read similar prophetic warnings since the 70’s, yet in 60 years the nation’s condition is worse- not-better- then what shall God do?

  3. Reblogged this on pomegranatesandchains and commented:
    Rampant unrepentant sin…pervasive horrid perversions…have wearied our own dear sweet Lord. Punishment will arrive. America will receive just recompense from a faithful God who warned and warned that His words are true and righteous. This will help explain why America is not mentioned as being a key player on the world stage in Revelation. Twilight is here, and at the appointed time the midnight clock will chime and dark bitter chaotic times will arrive on our shores. God have mercy on our souls.

  4. Hélène says:

    I’ve never thought we are indestructible over here in the US. The ppl that ever think that make me smirk. They are so self important. They are deluded and think we hold the world together.
    Directly becuz of this mindset, we will be quickly obliterated while ppl literally lose their minds, faint in terror, clutch their chests from fatal heart attacks and suicide in large numbers as they gain understanding of reality. I know it as sure as I know my name.

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