The Kings Of The East: “The Third Nation” – May 21, 2021


This prophecy was received as I prepared another word. I archived it right away, and only now because of the repeated word of God in my ear about those who will fly from two mountains and be united into one powerful end times nation that will fight America, only now do I bring out what the Lord told me long ago. I wrote how I felt when I saw this vision and that’s how it’s going to stay.

Let everyone know (as I have always warned everyone who comes here, over and over I have spoken Yah’s warnings to America and to others who imitate her policies and follow her footsteps)-


The eyes of the Lord didn’t open last week. He was watching before there was any life on this earth, that’s how old He is. Before God even created the angels to be His servants He was alone, watching. So let it be known that even for sins committed before the present generation of people came to life, God saw. He kept an account and that account will be answered on the day He calls the guilty for answers. Whether who likes it or not, believes it or not, that has nothing to do with me. This is the word of the Lord and it will be said exactly as it was given to me.

[Start of journal entry]

While I was writing the Lockstep prophecy I became curious to know more about that strange type of marching they do in Asia. I know I’m writing about Nazis but it came to me that Asians march this way too. I went online and the first video I found was Russians marching in lockstep, then I clicked a second video of North Koreans marching and nearly fainted. They were more than the sands of the sea. My heart lurched when I saw the Russian soldiers but when I saw the number of North Koreans taking part in one parade my hope faltered. I said to myself ‘We are doomed. We are finished. There’s no way we can fight these people.’

At that moment of watching a seamless flow of North Korean women marching in lockstep, carrying Kalashnikhovs, God interrupted my thoughts and said “The third nation I’ve never told you about, the nation that will come here to invade with China and Taiwan is Korea.”

“A UNIFIED KOREA, North and South will join hands as brothers and strike covenant over an agreement. They will become one nation. Brother will fly down the slopes of the mountain to meet brother, these people have suffered a lot. They’ve been separated for generations but now they will strike hands in agreement, they will fly down the slopes of the mountains and hug each other, and they will become one people. They will hug one another with tears and after that they will turn as one man and destroy America.”

I saw two snow capped mountains done in that very beautiful fashion of Asian art- minimal brushstrokes with blurred watercolors and one or two sharp lines to show shapes. Two snowy mountains sat right next to each other, and two men graceful as birds ran down the inner slopes where the two peaks met in a V. They had on those traditional clothes from the movies that have a lot of fancy strips that blow in the wind- one in a red outfit and one in black- long hair flowing as they ran to meet in the valley. They cried a lot of tears that got lost in the wind as they ran.

They will strike hands and have covenant. An agreement. There will be an official document. They will sign a peace treaty about unity, sharing of data, information and ‘cooperation’ and many other things. They will even talk about agriculture, farming. They will work together and there will be free traffic between the borders without any of that extreme level of border police, monitoring and separatist doctrine anymore. 

God says old people who last saw each other as teenage boys will fall on each other and embrace, weeping, brother meeting brother for the first time in 50 years. Old people will travel to see one another to patch things up before they die. That is what He said- a lot of people need to ‘patch things up before they die‘, to make peace before death, so there will be a lot of travel back and forth across the open borders to fix family relations and things like that. 

‘Relationship unification’ will be even more important than social and political unification. People will be extremely happy for this and no one more so from what I can see, than the old people. They are old enough to have lost all interest in political reasons for separation, they have lost all the fire of political activism as the years turned into decades since the country was split. They’ve stopped caring about politics and who was right, and instead grieved for family they lost over the dividing ‘wall’. They will be the happiest to see this moment in history- so happy that they will just sit and cry and cry as their family members bring people to them they haven’t seen in over 50 years. 

I shrugged hopelessly at this because my mind was still on the soldiers in those videos. I said Lord we are destroyed. Look at the people, they are like ants! We’ll be destroyed.

The Lord answered me and said: “Great rape will occur here. America will be torn as with bloody teeth. She will be uncovered in war and great rape and molestation will occur here. America has done my people a hard injustice, through slavery she made them naked and desecrated them even though they cried for mercy. Atrocities were done here, the fields were fields of blood and their cries raised up to me from the ground. Now it will be done to her.”

“The kings of the east will come here and America will be raped and molested. As she has done to others, do unto her; pour her a double dose of her own medicine and let it be served to her. I am the Lord.

For her sins have reached to heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities. Render to her just as she rendered to you, and repay her double according to her works; in the cup which she has mixed, mix double for her. – (Revelation 18:5- 6)

The last thing was the most shocking. The Lord said the ‘allies’ of Europe will attack the United States. I could not say anything. God said America’s trusted allies will raise their hands to her when she falls but I said- Lord HOW can this be? How can anyone in Europe go against historical alliances to strike this country? 

The Lord reminded me of the prophecy of the fallen eagle. I saw many birds, many nations attacking America at her weakest moment. They surrounded her and tore her eyes out, just as the Lord said to me now: “She will be torn as with bloody teeth”. Even nations allied with America have their hidden resentments He said; they are angry about being forced into many things through private threats and commands of the U.S.A. that they did NOT want to obey, yet they had to. I remember the eagle attacked by birds. I was stunned to silence, I record these things for the future. They are the heart of God as He is trusting them to me. 

[End of journal entry]

Therefore I declare by the spirit of the Lord, in the future the two Koreas will unite into one nation and come as one man with the eastern kings to punish America. God will pull these nations: China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan, here to the Western nations along with Russia, and together the ‘kings of the East’ will be God’s weapons of punishment against the nations that live like His enemy.

God will also punish America for the evils of slavery, for the atrocities which are methodically being erased from her history books and replaced with another truth, a more convenient retelling of U.S. history. There is another book that recorded the true version of events, the Watchers of the Most High keep record of every second of human history as it really happened, and out of those books the judgement of God will fall to the guilty as He has consistently said it will.

Every prophecy on The Master’s Voice has its witness- three, four, even five times the same messages and themes are given so no one can doubt whether it’s really God who brings the same themes over and over. Everything He says now He said before, years and years before, so that we will know He is serious. There is a day of reckoning for wickedness, for refusal to turn and repent; sin will not be tolerated forever because God is holy and must judge it. The witnesses are below.

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  1. Brooklyn Native says:

    Esaus judgment has come….
    Will edom be left with any descendants?

  2. nmangoaela says:

    Father Yah has spoken, who can dissannull?

    The United States of Babylon has nearly 800 military bases in other sovereign nations. It has created more chaos in the world, toppling more than 80 nations, all in the name of God and Country and the collective lie of democracy justifying the end.. The heinous crimes it has committed in other Countries. The MostHigh is Holy and Just and must judge sin.

    I am saddened for the righteous, who reside in America. But I trust the MostHigh, that He will preserve His people. I grew up in America when my parents were exiled from South Africa. I loved living there during the 46 years I was there. I alway knew in the back of my mind that I would permanently return to SA, my Country of birth, which I did in 2015. My siblings and their children and grandchildren still happily live there, unawares of the looming judgement over that nation. Though my eldest sister had a frightening dream about 20 years ago of war and soldiers in the streets of Washington DC where they live. This is sad. Sigh!

    Thank you Celestial for your obedience to share and take the time to write these insightful visions and dreams which are committed to you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    God is going to punish people for slavery whom weren’t even born or alive during that time?

    So, justice is to punish some future generation, not the actual people doing the sin?

    1. H says:

      Say you were the owner of a rich land that has oil and gold which made your family millionaires. Then one day, a poor family brought DOCUMENTS which stated that your founding father stole the land from his people. What would be the right thing to do?

      When I read comments about the Native Indian situations…Most of the comments say something like this…

      “Well that’s what happens when you lose a war. Ha ha.”

      “Not my problem bro. The superior white race won.”

      “Every people on the planet has been slaves or conquered at some point. That was then, this is now.”

      “WE actually did something with the land.”

      **That is the attitude that most Americans (typically white men) have concerning the Native tribes and African slaves being killed or enslaved by the U.S. government AND its citizens.

      But that won’t hold up in Yah’s court! The land should rightfully go back to the original STEWARDS or owners. If I found out that one of my ancestors stole land or property from a particular group, the Holy Spirit would convict me and the RIGHTFUL thing to do would be for me to pack up my things and get off THEIR land.

      The U.S. government’s response was to give out food stamps and move the tribes onto barren land.

      I am REALLY glad The Lord has a good memory of who the original stewards/owners of a property are.

  4. Anonymous says:

    1. Not all the land was stolen.
    2. Before there was a US Government, Native Americans migrated west on their own to get away from white people.
    3. Africans already had a slave trade and portugal brought slaves to Europe.
    4. Im part native american, north african, Irish, French and Italian. Am I to be punished or is the land mine?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Where do you want all the white people who leave America to give it back to go?

    Whites are not allowed to assimilate and call a country their own or its called racism.

    White people are the minority of the world. Where do you supposed they can have peace without being called racist?

    1. H says:

      The Lord Almighty has already said in the Bible in Revelation that this land will be made desolate. He has also stated that many people are voluntarily returning to the land of their ancestry. This polluted country has already been judged. And every race is guilty—white girls like Billie Eilish sing and promote songs about abuse. Black rappers sing about drugs, money, murder, and strip clubs. Whites and Blacks practice witchcraft (Wicca, Norse gods, Santeria, etc). People who have immigrated from India still worship their idols. Many Native American tribes are addicted to alcohol, and so on.

      This idea that Whites can not call a country their own, without being called “racist” comes from White history when they colonized non-white people. They acted like they were superior and treated themselves as masters over non-white people. What you’re seeing today in Europe is reverse colonialism. For instance, the British Empire had colonies in India, Pakistan, Nigeria, and the Caribbean, so most of the immigrants who are overwhelming Great Britain are from these countries. The blame is on the liberal British party who allowed this to happen. The white Swedish are learning this the hard way since most of the violent crime is coming from Muslim immigrants.

      *You need to do like the Asian and Eastern European countries, they only let in a limited amount of immigrants. Hungary is 98% Hungarian and Japan is 98% Japanese.

      White people are not the minority in many parts of the world. (I’m assuming you mean White Europeans, because the term “Caucasian” is loosely applied to people from India, the Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan, Turkey AND those of European descent.) White people have historically come from Europe and Russia. It is God’s decision if the natives in places like Australia forfeited their land because of worshipping idols and demons. The natives in Australia are about 1% of the population. The Native Americans in the U.S. are about 1.5% of the population. The original natives in Canada are about 5%. Due to genocides, wars with Whites, and disease. Make that make sense.

      At this point, only God can sort things out fairly.

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