Revelation 13 – August 5, 2020


Hello again on The Master’s Voice. I received two prophetic words back to back while on the prayer line tonight. The Lord spoke strongly about Revelation 13 and what it means for us as believers and for the world at large:

This chapter is about to come to life for all of you. Every last one of you, whether you are righteous or not, shall observe the manifestation of this chapter in your lives before too long.

Righteous and unrighteous alike shall see the advance of soldiers against the properties of private homeowners. They will use force against homeowners, the “private properties” of the United States shall no longer be counted or treated as private as military and armed forces will violate constitutional decrees that give a man the right to occupy, defend and own his own property. Military will enter the homes and terrify and apprehend the people, arrest them and bind them for no reason sometimes and force them to stay in their homes. Aggression and violent force will be used and people will cry out. They will cry out in surprise, in anger and in fear as they realise this is no joke and no “drill”, it is a real occurrence. They will cry out when they realise it’s not only happening in America but it’s also happening to THEM.

“Blood will run in the homes” says the Lord. “The blood of American citizens will wash their homes as the military and armed forces of this nation use forced entry to enter the homes of both the wealthy and poor and terrify them. People will fall and break bones, they will break their necks and their bones escaping for safety from the forces that have sworn to protect them. Homes will be raided at night and also at any time of day, unexpectedly, military forced entry in surprise attacks that nobody sees coming.”

People will be hurt in armed raids and even those who think they are well armed and “ready to rock n’ roll” will be terrified into a whimpering, begging silence before the brutality of the state machinery. Terror will break the sanctity of the American home and for the first time in its history American media will be SILENT. They are complicit in this work, they are guilty by association. They know yet they will not report, they will not say anything or express any form of outrage that this is taking place. Civil liberties shall be wrecked by the hammer of judgement and the privacy and ‘ordinary sovereignties’ afforded to each citizen by the Constitution will fall.

Revelation 13 shall be fulfilled before your eyes. Read with understanding says He who sits in glory. This is the word of the Lord, amen.

This is the end of the prophecy, please read Revelation 13 soon. Read it multiple times and if you need to “switch down” your version to understand it better (as in go from a KJV or NKJV to an NIV or NLT for clarity) do so. Knowledge is better than shame as my mom always says.

Revelation 13 has heavy themes:

# The Rise of the Beast (and with him, the Beast system);
# A strong demonic propaganda coming from the mouth of the beast that will even dare to mock God and say all sorts of things about him and his church;
# An actual war against the church, which will be more than just verbal. v7 says the beast made war and OVERCAME the saints, this means they were defeated. The beast establishes his authority over them and over all people of earth;
# A second beast who moves in demonic signs and wonders;
# Forced worship to the demonic image of the first beast;
# A FORCED MARK that controls all money and economic activity;
# Death for anyone who refuses to worship the image or take the mark

This is what (among more to come) the Lord says we will see fulfilled before our eyes. May we seek Him deeply in prayer and start getting ourselves in order, that we be counted worthy to escape these things. God bless.

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The time is shorter than ever we first believed- Heaven is not something cheap brothers and sisters, it comes at a cost. Yes Jesus paid the ultimate PRICE for the door to be opened, He shed his blood at the Cross for our sins to be forgiven and for us to have access to the road that leads to the Heavenly father. But there is still a COST to salvation- “If any man will be my disciple” says the Lord, “let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me.” (Matthew 16:24) In another place the Lord says “What good is it, what does it profit if a man gains the whole world but loses his soul?” (Mark 8:36) Indeed in these last days I’m always asking myself and others- Are we asking the right questions? Are we seeking the right things, is our key focus the gospel being preached to all nations or is it only about safety and comfort for us?

It is very scary to go beyond your borders, to step outside your comfort zone to be of service to God. Do you know how hard it is to care about others when you’re going through things yourself, how INTENTIONAL you have to be if you’re going to be of any use to God in these last days? You have a keep one eye on your soul, mind, motives and your own heart all the time, the devil is so crafty and he has endless ways to lie to people and tell them “You’re doing the best you can!” so that they can relax and refuse to do more. I’m not calling anyone to exhaust themselves with works. I’m saying, be careful. We are heading to the end of things as we knew them and eventually the end of everything. Deception is rampant and the beast with his beast kingdom is coming. All these we will have to endure before the glorious coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, let us be vigilant for the sake of those who haven’t come into the barn yet for safety. Amen.

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  1. Scarlett says:

    “This is what (among more to come) the Lord says we will see fulfilled before our eyes. May we seek Him deeply in prayer and start getting ourselves in order, that we be counted worthy to escape these things. God bless.”

    I do believe this will happen in our lifetimes….we can all see the changes coming so’s breathtaking. I have thought about this in times past, and tried to imagine how terrifying it would be to have jack- booted storm troopers in full combat Swat team gear barge into the sanctity of one’s home.

    The Lord said we would see this fulfilled before our eyes. But then…I’m trying to understand how we can also pray deeply to make ourselves worthy to escape these things?

    I am so concerned about all…but especially my loved ones, and the babies. I know what man is capable of when being controlled by Satan.

    Lord Jesus, grant us godly wisdom and discernment to understand and prepare ourselves for these things.

  2. Sandra says:

    Greetings to you all my brothers & sisters in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ. I thank God for using our sister Celestial to warn us of the things to come and for helping us all understand the masteries of Revelation 13. Sister Celestial we pray for you in our ministry, and we are using your revelations to help us alert us and to be aware so that we may know how to pray and prepare. These things are very clear to those that have the Holy Spirit and have ears to hear: #1. The rapture will be after the beast of Rev.13 reveals himself to the world, also that is revealed to us in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-5 #2. We will be here to suffer persecucion, #3. The # of martyrs of Revelation 6. Will be completed with us, #4. Revelation 3:10 Jesus will not take us out during the hour of trial, in the Greek it says that he will protect us while we are here during this time when each soul is being tested and tried. #4. The poisonous liquid everyone is putting in their blood with the needles is deadly physical & spiritual poison, do not take it. Thank you sister Celestial, we love you and pray that God will give you strength and protect you.

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