Emergency Powers – February 9, 2020


“I have preached righteousness in the great congregation: behold, I have not refrained my lips, O LORD, thou knowest. I have not hid thy righteousness within my heart; I have declared thy faithfulness and thy salvation: I have not concealed thy lovingkindness and thy truth from the great congregation.” – (Psalms 40:9- 10)

This post was received Feb. 9, 2020, uploaded March 17. See previous post for details.

So. The United States has sealed herself up like a clam with hurt feelings. Can’t go anywhere in New York, can’t meet with more than 49 other people, can’t do this, can’t do that. Media machine spinning fear out of control even by their own untrustworthy standards, and what’s the average person to think? I’m in a mixed mood about this.

Normal people wouldn’t have believed these things, and by ‘normal’ I mean ‘Completely indoctrinated by the world system and world view of life with no room to see, hear and learn how God the Eternal Father sees things.’ “Normal” has taken a back seat now, hasn’t it? The world’s biggest economy is putting itself on break. I’m watching it, I’m being affected by it, I’m superficially caged up at home with everybody else and yet my heart is saying “Really Heavenly Father, what is this? Heavenly Father, have mercy.”

As someone who’s seen these days prophetically and heard of them (and worse) from the Spirit of God, to see an actual taste of it appear in less than forty-eight hours is still astounding to me. I feel strange. I think of the posts I’ve written and experience a healthy fear of God. Because what we see now is nothing. What we see now is… child’s play. What we see now GLOBALLY mind you, is like a man taking a microphone and saying “Testing 1, 2. Testing 1, 2, 3,” before he later starts to sing the real song. What we see now tells me that God is serious. God means business. God does not give prophecy to keep me occupied – No – He is passing messages to all of us so we can pay attention to HIM and to ourselves, and make all necessary adjustment to our lifestyles for the foreseeable future.

I remember telling people about things like this, seeing them bless me with those highly indulgent sideways smiles… Of course Celestial. The U.S. will shut down. Russia will invade us and beat us in a war. Okay. Have another French fry.

People have thought I’m unhinged for years, and that’s part of the reason I’ve kept quiet for years. However the main reason I kept quiet is because prophecy belongs to God. I know we’d never think that from the absolute overflow of self proclaimed, dynamic “Jesus told me!” woodwork “prophets” that Facebook, Youtube and other online forums are now bursting with but… yes. Prophecy actually does belong to Jesus. It does. It’s not mine, not the other genuine prophets’ out there, it’s not anyone’s but God’s. And part of respecting God as the giver of prophecy means not running off to expose what He tells you in personal prayer times, OR running off and proclaiming things that ARE for proclaiming but not at that time. A prophet can’t get ahead of God, not ever. It’s not your information, your Spirit or your anointing. You didn’t write the Bible or the future; you own a total of 0 when it comes to speaking or fulfilling prophecy. It is all Jesus 100% of the time.

There was no need to speak because He never said “speak”. He just shared His heart with me regularly and told me to write it down. After some years it created a huge archive, then He said “Build a site and publish them”. I had vivid mental pictures of myself ending up in a federal orange jumpsuit during the entire production stage of this website by the way but, honestly who wouldn’t? To prophesy against a giant is daunting to anyone.

However God told Jeremiah: “You will go to who I command you to go to, and if you hide from speaking or act confounded [frozen and paralysed] before them I’ll make it worse for you.” (Jeremiah 1:17). I took that good advice for myself and finally did as I was told. Now here we are almost a year later, over 160 prophecies done and I’m still free! All is well.

Contrary to what I’ve seen some do (if they have any sense), there are ZERO “I knew it!” chills available when prophecy starts happening. Isaiah did not clap his hands as Israel sinned, nor did Jeremiah raise victory fists when Babylon showed up to enslave Israel. It is surreal to say it and then see it. There’s nothing to be happy about; this is not a “I was right” moment. Why? Because I Celestial wasn’t right. I don’t know the future. God however is always spot on about what’s coming next. He never gets it wrong, and that’s because HE’S THE ONE SAYING IT. That’s why we should honour God. He’s always RIGHT.

Below, is the prophecy: “Emergency Powers.”

This is the Emergency Powers Act. Your freedoms shall be taken away and everything that made this nation free will be done away with. The gates of the nation shall be shut. Thus sayeth the Lord: “And all Jericho was shut up because of the fear of Israel that had fallen upon the land. Nothing went in and nothing went out.”

So will America be, shut up and fear be upon the land. Emergency powers means no human rights, no personal rights anymore. It means all private and state level power sacrificed to the federal agenda- national security will be the trump card played to lock the nation down. Everything will be stopped- road, sea, air- nothing will work for a season to establish total control. This is not the era of JFK. People wept then as a nation and mourned in peace. This time protests and riots will erupt with vicious backlash and efficiency; people will roar with pain and upset at the upheaval to hit this nation and the police will be hard pressed to cope with that type of raw “from the heart” resistance. It is in the middle of all this that Mr. Barack Obama will rise and the emergency powers act invoked for the first time in its BRAND NEW FORM.

Americans you are getting a BRAND NEW FORM of emergency powers. No personal freedoms. No courts operative except to rubber stamp executive decisions. No legislative oversight. No bills sent through “due process’- things will be printed and signed into law overnight. Nobody is discussing anything with you anymore America, you will have to do as you are told.

Fright night is coming to the streets of America. There will be law and order forces on the streets of America; there will be harshly enforced curfew. People will have to go home at the exact hour the government says. Freedom of movement severely restricted, roads policed, neighborhoods closed off from one another to stop the spread of refugees.


Barack Obama is coming back to power as an emergency powers president. He may not use the term president but he will come with extraordinary support and have all the power and trappings of the office.

This is the word of the Lord.

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P.S. The Holy Spirit is directing me to leave the link to this prophecy: Comfort My People.

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  1. Scarlett says:

    Sister Celestial….this may not be the time and place to mention this, but lately, I’ve been seeing more and more pictures posted on various Face Book locales of very red sunsets, with various blues, golds, pinks and mauve’s shaded in. Mostly the violent red colors however. The Christians who post these, seem to think they’re a blessing from the Creator. My son called me to look at one here recently. I took one glance and went straight back in the house feeling rather uneasy. Very strange times we’re living in.
    God bless…..

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello Scarlett. Thanks for your comments, I appreciate them. What I can say is: there is convergence in many areas as the Lord readies his church for transition into the end time. So there’s really no “right time”, I feel many things will be happening at the same time as we go forward, at even faster pace than this. So the best thing we can do is remain watchful & listen for the guidance of the Lord. He will speak to each one about what to do. Stay blessed

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