Profanity of Profanities: Ministers of the Five, Pt 5 – June 12, 2019

Lightning strikes a knight on battlefield.


So I come to the five fold ministries scattered all over the world by the hand of Jesus Christ. 

“And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; to PERFECT [completely make ready, do a total work within] the saints for the work of ministry, to EDIFY [strengthen and build up] the Body of Christ: til we all come to a unified faith [In God], and to the knowledge of His Son, unto the full measure and stature of Jesus Christ:” – (Ephesians 4:11-13)

Son of man, say to the Shepherds of the churches: 

I have this against you, in that you know the truth which you did not buy. Freely it was given to you, freely did you receive. Yet you do not teach my Body. Their sores are not healed, their wounds are a stink, because you teach the opinions and traditions of men as truth, and claim it comes from ME. 


“Why are my people filthy? Why are they so profane? Why do they not know me, and offer me calves and bulls as if that is what I require from their hands? Have I not said, a broken and contrite heart is more pleasing to Me? Why are they so ignorant? I see they have worn a path to your door: 1 year, 2 years, 4 years, 5, 7 months, 8 months, 9 months, 12! Sitting in the holy place, yet they remain unchanged, unchallenged, ignorant and altogether PROFANE. They are not Holy, yet they are “serving” a holy God. To My Ministers of the Five, what is the meaning of this?”

So in the spirit I see a house set in the middle of the woods, with a well worn path to its door. It is a grand house; it looks like a mansion and it doesn’t belong in these woods. It looks like it should be sitting on a hill or something. I see what looks like villagers from all around coming to this house, carrying baskets- baskets of fruit, vegetables, fresh fish, some are leading a goat or little lamb by a string. These are merry people, joyful people, dressed simply, some of them better than others, but all of them are happy and friendly to each other. They are all coming to this house as they have done so many times before- to fellowship, to sing their songs, to offer their offerings to the owners of the house and of course, the God who dwells inside it. 

However Jesus is standing under one of the trees close to the well worn path, leaning against the tree with His arms crossed against his chest, gazing at these people with a bemused expression. He seems amused to see them going their way, like someone who knows an inside joke but hasn’t decided to share it yet. He is not at all in the house- in fact the people all walk in with their offerings of fruit and animals, the door is shut, and soon a loud sound of singing begins. When the music starts The Lord stands up from the tree, adjusts His clothing, puts his Hands behind his back, and strolls in the opposite direction out of the woods and goes on His way. The vision closes.

“Five fold ministry, you are disappointing Me. The diamonds among you are as hard to find as pearls in the blackness of the sea. I ordained you, anointed you and called you to be Mine. I gave you my secret manna to eat- DIVINE UNDERSTANDING, WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE– not to make you proud, but to teach My people these same secrets I gave to you. Freely you received, freely give I said. Yet the people I see before Me in these latter days are clueless, spiritually reckless and not at all prepared to meet their God. I AM COMING IN FLAMES BELOVED, for so it is written, even so the whole earth waits and is reserved for destruction by fire. That fire is ME. I am coming in thunder and lightning, the storms and floods, the wars and a fiery flame. I am coming in the judgements of arrows upon the cities, and the feral nature of the wild beasts under My command who will attack mankind in the time of the end. I am coming with heat under My feet, yet the people are NAKED and adulterous, and do not know the nature of the God they serve.”

“Ministers of the Five– the gifts I gave to men. The Apostle, and Prophet, and the Pastor besides. The Evangelist I created to cry aloud and spare not, why are you sparing? Why are you building panelled houses all of you, to recline yourselves and talk about your “numbers”? And Teachers! What are you teaching? You do not even know my Word! You distort my truth for the sake of gain, indeed, you are profane – all of you, save the rare diamonds I see sparkling like little glimpses of hope upon a dark beach.” 

There is a man I have seen. Idemudia Guobadia is his name. This man is my servant; He knows my holy tenets and has clung to them with the depths of his being. He is a mighty man standing in the breach of the cities of the world, interceding for their lost and calling the flock by their name. To this man I will give a sure house; I will belt him with the belt of my servant Eliakim, and remove Shebna from his place and set him there. He will bend the ear of kings, and give counsel to the heights, and My hand shall not be removed from him. This is the word of the Lord. 

So I see this man standing in the gap of a besieged city wall that has been pummelled with enemy fire. There is a serious war going on, on earth, and this man is part of the army God has called to turn the tide. He has a flaming sword in his hand, and the amour he wears is shining like silvery sunlight. His armour is distinctive and his name is written all over it in mysterious runic writing from ancient times. Although I cannot read the words I know it is his name, the whole armour is printed with it, and the spirits that are attacking him know from sight who this is in the armour. There are other things written in this writing that God has said about him, inscribed into the metal of the armour- Good. Kind. Loving. Humble. FAITHFUL. The word “faithful” appears many times on his armour, each time it is inscribed in a heavier script than the rest of the words; FAITHFUL is written in capital letters of this strange writing. He has many enemies coming against him. I see it is night-time already, the sky is full of fiery arrows from satan, and there is a fierce battle raging for humanity. This man is standing with other ministers defending the city walls, but beloved… The holes in the walls are ENORMOUS. The enemy is using heavy artillery, large flaming bombs that fly far and hit the bricks of the wall and set them on fire. Some people are commanded to stand with buckets quenching these fires as soon as they start, but the fires are very many and some of the bricks are burning unattended, blackening rapidly right in front of me. There are not enough hands to quench these fires, and the people of God are burning with the strange fire thrown from the darkness where the enemy is attacking from. 

Many of those called to defend the walls have fled, more are fleeing even as I watch- dropping helmet, shield, armour and pelting for the hills. These men and women are running fast with the rest of the citizens, to hide in the belly of the besieged city. The size of the gap this man Guobadia is defending is many times his own body, but he is running to and fro tirelessly, defending the gap he has been assigned. Furthermore I see the Lord lengthening the reach of his fiery sword, so that even if his body cannot make it to a certain spot to kill an attacker, the sword is long and reaches there for him. There are no breaches in his gap; he is sealing the stretch of wall he has been assigned. The name of this man is Idemudia Guobadia, and this is the word of the Lord to his life. 


Prophecy: I am announcing the word of the Lord. The five fold ministry is failing in their sworn and bounden duty to preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and as a result the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ is abandoning houses of worship. He has watched them play their games of praise and worship, seed and offering for years, smiling and laughing amongst themselves while their churches are empty and powerless. He has watched the pastors and prophets serve up their own opinions instead of the seeds of truth, ’til whatever the birds have not eaten is rolling unattended on dry and stony ground. The people of God are also burning with strange lusts and desires shot into their spirits by a powerful onslaught from satan; they are in church with all sorts of weird and profane ideas, beliefs, practices and habits. God says it is a stench to His nostrils. As a result, Jesus is walking elsewhere to bestow his presence, leaving the “fellowshippers” to their own devices. I am also announcing that the five fold ministers are failing in their duty to hallow God’s people- to preach HOLINESS, SANCTIFICATION, MERCY, LOVE, REPENTANCE, and all the essential good graces of the Lord as commanded by the Holy Scriptures, and as a result the people have been pronounced by God today as PROFANE.

To those who will listen and hearken from among the five fold ministry, this is the word of the Lord to you today. Repent, and do the work you used to do before.- (Revelation 2:5) 

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    the five fold ministers are failing in their duty to hallow God’s people- to preach HOLINESS, SANCTIFICATION, MERCY, LOVE, REPENTANCE, and all the essential good graces of the Lord as commanded by the Holy Scriptures, and as a result the people have been pronounced by God today as PROFANE.


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