Profanity of Profanities: Immolaters of Desire, Pt 4 -June 12, 2019


Immolate: To kill oneself or someone else with fire; to destroy something, usually by burning in a formal ceremony. To set alight with the intention to destroy.

I continue sharing forth the visions God gave as soon as I woke up today, June 12, 2019. Please read this series in order- Part 1 can be found here; each part is available to click as “next post” at the bottom of the previous one.


“Son of man, what is this burning in the flesh that I see? Why do the people rise up in their prostitution and dishonour me? Why do they profane the flesh I God have made in such revolting ways? I have made a man for my strength, and a woman for my glory, yet all I see is blaspheming of My temple. Rubbish, piled high at the gates- the eyes, the ears- all they hunger for is strange fire, and strange flesh. Pronounce my word to these people, you are altogether PROFANE.”

So I am standing in a man’s bedroom and his clothes are thrown everywhere. He’s naked in bed with legs apart, and he is manhandling himself. By the mercy of God his private area is covered with a privacy dot, you know those dots they put over people’s faces on documentaries so their identities cannot be seen. I cannot see this man’s private parts and I am relieved about that. He is oblivious to my presence, concentrated only on his pleasure and self gratification. I see another presence in the room- An angel of the Lord is standing over this man with a sword pointed directly over his heart. I see the man’s heart appear in his chest and I know from the angle of the sword that this angel will not miss. I can’t do anything, the man keeps sinning and the angel raises the sword to sink in it his chest. All of a sudden a bright blue light appears high in one corner of the bedroom- a hand raised in a universal gesture- “STOP.” This hand stops the angel: he doesn’t drop his sword, but he doesn’t strike the man. The angel is taut with anger and pent-up emotion; the hand restrains him but he’s still looking at the man with anger. This angel feels betrayed. The glowing hand stays upheld in the air until the man finishes his business, then it disappears. The angel puts down his sword and also disappears, and I am thankfully removed from the place where I was put to see.

THIS IS THE SIN OF STRANGE FIRE. Touching your own body in order to kindle desires, hungers and yearnings YOU were never meant to enflame in yourself. Once you have done this there is no other remedy but to finish satisfying yourself, because you are alone. THE BODY IS THE TEMPLE OF THE LORD– it was never intended as a self-starting engine. “For this reason a man shall leave his mother and father and cleave unto his wife, and the two shall become one flesh” – (Genesis 2:24) The TWO shall become one, not the one shall be one. This is the sin of strange fire among My people today- masturbation and self stimulation- both in the church and outside.

That angel was assigned to that man’s life! God gives each of us an angel at birth: “Be careful that you do not despise any one of these little ones, for I say to you [in heaven] their angels continually behold the face of my Father who is in Heaven.” – (Matthew 18:10) This verse is REAL- the same angel watching over this man since childhood was about to strike him dead for sin! If the Father (whom the angel takes instruction from) had not lifted His hand, that man would have been found dead from “heart attack” or some “natural cause” that actually was retribution for the sin he committed against GOD and against HIMSELF. This is proof of the constant mercy we get from God every day, yet we don’t even know it.

“Tell them to stop looking at pornography. Tell them to stop looking at images that set their portals on fire, images that set them into high gear where they find it impossible to come down again without SIN. PORNOGRAPHY IS WITCHCRAFT. It is a SPELL cast from an image in the distance upon your mortal bodies, and though you strive and struggle in its net you CANNOT break it off unless I the Lord empower you. It is a many tentacled demon- when you break off one arm two more will embrace you, until you are smothered and your temple DEFILED with images you cannot escape. It sets up camp in your head, driving out the salvation I set underneath the helmet to protect you. STOP looking at pictures depicting what you wish you could be, or do, or have! STOP this; it is kindling a “strange fire” in your bodies and that fire will kill you one day.” 

Lastly I see two men walking on the street in New York City. One playfully smacks the other one’s backside, they look in each others eyes hotly for a moment then burst out into giggles. The look means- “I’ll deal with you later”– it is a promise and a suggestion. They walk past me and the Lord says: IT IS AN ABOMINATION TO LIE WITH A MALE AS ONE DOES WITH A WOMAN. THEY HAVE LEFT THE INTENDED USE OF THE FEMALE AND NOW CAVORT AMONG THEMSELVES. They have become hardened in their brazen hearts. They have abandoned the rightful use of themselves and perform unimaginable things in My presence. Ah! I am weary of bearing them, the time to answer their burning for sin in the flesh has come.” 

Prophecy: I see maggots, worms and flies entering and nesting into the private areas of men and women, especially in the cities of the world. This problem will be prevalent in cities- WOE TO YOU!– says the voice of God. “I will answer your burning for sin in the flesh.” I see people start to have an increase in “nesting flies, ticks and worms” etc, in other words- rotting in their private areas where the same animals that nest in the trash bin and feast on rubbish, enters their flesh and feasts on them. I see doctors perplexed, revolted and in some cases, very angry. They are angry because they do not know what on earth could cause this to happen inside the human body while it’s still alive, yet they’re seeing it with their own eyes. All the doctors rush to put on the white protective mask when dealing with these patients, and a few of them throw up right in the consultation because of what they see. It is a judgement for the sins of sexual immorality, an answer from God for setting the body on fire with sexual sins. 

The Lord says those with ‘moving pictures’ of sexual immorality, pornography and sexual fantasies should beware. These are sins of the mind people can be driven mad by demons who multiply these fantasies until they turn very dark and begin to involve murder, child sacrifice and self sacrifice as their final “end”. These movies will continually play in people’s minds until they go and do what they see. Then they’ll be judged for those crimes by human courts and tribunals. Because of the heinous nature of the sex crimes and murders they commit many of them will be put to death by man’s own criminal justice system. Prophecy: There is coming a rise in deaths (suicides, murders) caused by people who started off watching pornography; those who commit these crimes will be dealt with harshly by the criminal courts, even with judgements of death.

Again, this is a problem I see coming to the cities, not villages or other less modern areas. I see child trafficking and prostitution becoming an even bigger problem, because so many people with demonic mind imagery can’t satisfy themselves with just looking. They need to partake as well so they take trips risking life, limb and lengthy incarceration to visit foreign “camps” where children are kept and raised like cattle to satisfy the massive influx of foreign visitors that are coming for their “fix”. The Holy Spirit showed me many things today; I am trying to list them as clearly as I can remember. 

Prophecy: There is a multitude of sexual sins performed by the body of Christ and by those who are not saved. This sin is an unbearable weight on the Lord Jesus Christ who has declared today that He won’t bear it anymore, but instead He will repay these sins sharply and harshly by a number of judgements, not all of which were revealed to me. The judgement of DEATH is one, the judgement of ROTTING INFESTATIONS is another. A third judgement is EXPOSURE– You will be named, and your sins and diseases loudly proclaimed even in front of children. God will make sure you are NAMED AND BRANDED so that you’ll have no place to hide. (The #MeToo movement is an example of this). Those who abuse children especially shall receive the ‘millstone penalty’- which is basically death by casting into the sea. Be aware that the sea in Bible prophecy often represents the whole of mankind- therefore I am announcing that those who abuse children will be rapidly uncovered from this time forth, and tried in courts and public tribunals before us all. Their lives shall be taken away, either metaphorically though jail time, or physically through death penalties, and the millstone of the Lord shall be hung on their necks as they are cast into the depths of the sea (thrown to judgement by human justice systems).

Prophecy: Vast rings of pedophiles and pedophile networks are about to be uncovered; this is the subject of a separate note. Be advised to WATCH OVER YOUR CHILDREN, as this is the time of the end. Satan is lurking so near to humanity, full of hatred especially for the people of God. Therefore do not be unwise with your children, but care for them as you do your own bodies and even more than that, for they are little and cannot care for themselves. May the Lord bless everyone who reads and shares this prophetic series to others, God bless you, amen.