Profanity of Profanities: Immolaters of Desire, Pt 3 – June 12, 2019

And now we come to it.

CAVEAT: This word is a strongly declarative word with distressing imagery and young people should not read it unless supervised. I’d say they should not read it at all, but unfortunately teenagers and even some younger than that are both involved in these practices, though some are involved clearly against their will. Parents warn your children against sexual sin- you will be sad to see them fall into judgement later on. It is hard for me to see these things; it is upsetting people are doing this and that I have to see it. Please be advised, I am told to hold NOTHING back and therefore I will not. 

The Lord woke me up at 9:02 a.m this morning with the words- Immolaters of Desire. He said it twice more, “Immolaters of Desire”. I know that word “immolate”; it is not frequently used at all anymore. Here is it’s meaning:

Immolate from the Cambridge English Dictionary: To kill yourself or someone else with fire, or to destroy something, usually by burning, in a formal ceremony. 

I have seen an evil, the Lord said to me, among the sons of men. So I asked, “What is the evil Lord?” His response was to show me an image. I saw a person bent forward on a bed or stool, and another person was stuffing what looked like a string of pearls of varying sizes into their back door private part. From the shape of their bodies I knew it was two men doing this; I could see their hairy forearms and huge thighs, and I was upset why I had to see it. I said Lord ‘Why do I have to see this?’ His reply was, “Because they weary Me everyday with this evil, and my prophets show no sign of awareness this is going on. Therefore see what I see, that you will know why I am enflamed by their continual evil. These people do this to test my Spirit, they incite Me to continual anger every day.”

After He spoke I began to see pictures roll by like a high school presentation:

A woman on her back while another woman also used these same ‘pearls’ of varying sizes on her front area; (these things look like rosary beads but some of the beads are quite large, and they are connected on a string in varying sizes whose purpose is to.. apparently to give whatever form of sensations to the receiver.)

A woman bent double with a man behind her, using her back door private area;

Two men in the same position, and the sound they made was terrible for me to hear;

A woman tied to a bedpost with a man dressed as a burglar, approaching her naked with a “tool belt” around his waist and a burglar mask on. The man was very convincing and sinister in his acting, so much that the woman looked nervous and terrified but also happy. I saw nailed over this bed a black wooden sign that said: ‘THE RAPIST GAME.’ This couple were indulging rapist sexual fantasies.

People laying together in two’s and three’s, all in the same bed. Above some of the beds was nailed a black wooden sign with the words “MARITAL BED” and an angry nail driven through it, right into the wall. So I understood some of these people in groups in the beds were married people, because in the twining bodies I saw flashes of wedding rings. But some of the hands holding together were two men’s hands, one with a ring and one without. Or two women’s hands, both with rings. Married people leave home to be with others of the same sex, and their opposite sex spouses at home don’t know anything about this. Or they go and have affairs with opposite sex partners, who themselves may be married or unmarried. Or two of the same sex marry each other, and enter the bed together. Or the exchange spouses with each other, and share one bed together. All these defile the marriage bed with adultery, homosexuality, secret affairs and break their vows to the Lord.

Among those grouped in one bed I saw a man and a woman with the same type of ring- same band, same shape, same inscription- so I knew they were a couple. Yet there was another man (or woman) in the same bed with them, rolling in the sheets with them and having access to both of them for sexual purposes, even though they were a married couple who should have access only to each other. This means some couples are actively inviting others to join them in the sacred act which should only be between them. Some are bisexual and their spouse agrees for them to bring the lover to the marital bed for all of them to share one another at one time. 

There was a long row of beds, the Lord made me walk past all of them and look in each one. I saw many things and my heart filled with dread because I did not want to see. The darkness in these rooms hanging over the beds was terrible, and in those shadows I could hear the laughing and extreme excitement of DEMONS. Because the Lord was with me I was able to complete looking in all the beds and fled.

Children were in some of these beds, small children who do not know anything about these matters, they were only crying and crying. Some were not touched, only terrorised by adults and shown private areas of adults they should not see. These children WEPT even more than the ones who were touched, because their terror was of the mind, of not understanding what was going on and why they had to be there. Some were in their own bedrooms and when their room doors opened the children turned themselves into cartoons and began to play in their minds to avoid what they knew was coming to them- I saw silhouetted in the bedroom door the Big Bad Wolf, and the child turned herself into Red Riding Hood. I saw the Evil queen of Rapunzel come through the door, and the child turned himself into the Handsome Prince, and began to play in his mind while the hands of the grown woman were on his small body. Children experience mental illness, split personalities, and different forms of internal breakdown and instability because of sexual trauma early in life.

Some of the children were touched, but these children sometimes had no tears. Some were still crying because they were in physical pain, they were small children whose bodies are not ready or INTENDED for this kind of thing- but the majority had no tears because they had turned to STONE. They had turned to rocks – the Lord showed me these children as different sized ROCKS on their beds as adult men and women had sexual intercourse with them many times. The souls of the children had been damaged, fractured, broken and as a result their souls were hardened far beyond their years. These children were in the homes of their parents, godparents, step-parents, grandparents, grandmothers, family friends, relatives and visiting at friends homes. All  of them ranged in age, I saw one as big as 18 years old. The eyes of this girl were like a zombified doll; they had no emotion whatsoever. The girl was covered with tattoos on her arms and legs and her eyes were completely emotionless. I saw the spirit of death waiting for this girl, standing right by the bed- she was going to kill herself soon because she could not go on with the abuse anymore. The man on top of her was her father. Children become aggressive, “act out”, distanced, emotionless, “cut off” (unable to bond with society) or suicidal because of sexual abuse.

In some of these beds I did not see people, or only people. Many of the beds held snakes, pets and other things along with people (bestiality, people involving animals in human sex). One bed held a crocodile reading a newspaper. He was wearing expensive brogues and a Patek Philippe watch, his legs which were long and human length but scaly and reptile-like, were crossed with shoes on the end, and he was reading the Washington Post. I do not understand whether this means the occupant has a crocodile or leviathan spirit, or if it was an actual crocodile that can take the shape of a man when it wants to. The woman next to him was fast asleep and oblivious, and I saw the crocodile glance over to her from time to time with an assessing look on his face. And written on the crocodile’s heart were the words: “NOT YET”. This animal had a plan for this woman in the bed, she was oblivious, and the time of the plan is “NOT YET”. 

I saw many other things, the Lord highlighted specific things and gave a proclamation over them. They will be posted as the series continues, please pay close attention to the scriptures below

Marriage should be honoured by all and the marriage bed kept UNDEFILED, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterers. – (Hebrews 13:4)

Flee [run, beat a hasty retreat] from sexual immorality. Every other sin a man can commit is outside his body, but he who commits sexual sins, sins against his own body. – (1 Corinthians 6:18)

But whosoever shall cause one of these little ones who believe in Me to FALL, it would be better for him that a millstone were hung about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depths of the sea. – (Matthew 18:6)

Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be DECEIVED (fooled); no fornicators, or idolaters, or adulterers, or any who are guilty of unnatural sexual crimes, or homosexuals, or thieves, or the covetous, or drunkards, or revilers, or con artists (swindlers), will inherit the kingdom of God.

The Profanity of Profanities series continues. Thank you for reading- PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION. The blog is enabled with WhatsApp, Like, Facebook and Follow buttons at the bottom of every post. Please do not read and go away silently, tell other people so they can come and see what the Lord is saying for themselves. If they don’t believe you, that’s different. They will be held accountable. I am sharing because the Lord told me to warn others- likewise share these posts with others, or leave your observations in the comments section. Thank you and keep coming back.

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  1. I have seen the lizard demon manifest in a previous relationship. I became familiar with what drives some people to commit these acts. This lizard demon, I don’t know the actual name, when it appeared to me in a vision from the Lord was wearing a lime green one-piece leotard. The Lord showed me it would not stop until I was drawn in to these heinous acts. I got out. Another time the demon was a sleek black snake-type lizard. This lizard wanted glorification of and submission to the FLESH. When it manifested and tried to take control of me in my sleep, I got out. I believe the crocodile you spoke of comes in the form of a spouse; one where we don’t know the true intents of their heart but only think we do. This takes much discernment. Practicing true death to self will sever their control but you will likely also lose the marriage if your spouse won’t confront the issue. Been there.

    1. Celestial says:

      Thank you so much for this comment, indeed you have shared truth here.

  2. D says:

    Thank you Sis for being a true messenger. I am ever grateful to God for leading me here as my quest has always been to know the truth which makes men free. I am fully convinced that you are one of God’s end time prophets revealing Father’s Heart to the people He loves. As I read I must confess that my heart is broken; broken for the Lord and all that He has to endure because of our sins; broken over the sinful depravity of man; broken for my own children as I have tried to bring them up in the fear of God but seeing them walk away from him…. fearing for their souls; broken because I myself have fallen short at times and though I repented ages ago I am still wondering what does Father want me to do.
    Please tell me how I can support you. May the blood of Jesus cover you and keep you safe. God bless.

    1. Ciera Jennings says:

      I am so grateful to had come across your Youtube channel and now your blog. I praise YAH for your obedience to boldly a vessel of Truth.

      I have one question in regards to profanities in the marital bed. I understand that sodemy (anal penetration) is sin but what about oral between a husband and wife? Is that also considered sodemy?

      1. Ha says:

        Sorry that no one responded earlier. But oral sex is a sin! The mouth was designed for eating, speaking, singing, and praising God! Why have you allowed worldly practices to come in your bedroom? The marriage bed is supposed to be UNdefiled!!

  3. Loraine Gray says:

    Thank you my beautiful Sister in CHRIST.
    Thank you for your obedience in doing YAH’S Work. We serve An AWESOME GOD.
    Thank YOU HEAVENLY FATHER, For WHO YOU Are And For All YOU Do For Us. I Honour YOU MY KING.

  4. Yakeisha says:

    Celestial, I cannot imagine the great distress of having to see so much degradation and filth! It is immeasurable the amount of depravity and wickedness our previous Lord Yah has to witness in the world.
    Tears come to my eyes just thinking about how grateful I am for deliverance from former acts, sexual immorality, and unfaithful decisions I have made in the past that has grieved Holy Spirit. Thank you Yah for setting me free from condemnation, shame and living in the darkness about my sin. May this message truly penetrate the hearts and minds of those who are presently practicing these acts in Jesus name!

  5. Vee says:

    I was married and it was abusive. One of the days when this abuse was taking place, I saw my ex-husband eyes change to snake eyes. As i stared into his eyes the spirit saw that I could see him in his eyes and immediately left him. I called them snake eyes. Thankful that God showed me what AI was dealing with. He came from a very abusive household in which the father was perpetrator.

    I have heard men try to use scripture out of context when it comes to the bedroom to perpetrate using vile nasty objects in the bedroom. Such sadness.

    Thank You Celestial, I’m late to these Prophecies but starting from the beginning to catch up.

    I pray for God’s Mercy/forgiveness of my past and present sins.


  6. katlegoparis1 says:

    Jesus Christ my lord and savior

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